Of course when the Attorney did
arrive the Court Officer got very
chummy chummy with this "Liar
Liar" as they talked about their
big boats. Let The Pen say this:
"If The Word Of God a/k/a
Richard david Renda spit on any
individual that would mean some
thing very deep." Plus if it was
"Him" that spit on you he would
be the first to admit it. And then
of course. That too would be
written here. But sorry to say no
one was spit on. This time. But
would love to have Valicenti and
Sarah lie as they put their hand
on the "Holy Bible." Actually ...
Nature was really spitting on
Lite rain. Behold ... "he
come with clouds" saith the
Revelation. The Word of God
does get pleasure to see an
attorney squirm in the attorney's
effort to cover up his own
Criminal acts. And it would be
said this attorney is so low that
even his last name is not worth
printing. "The Word Of God" has
not smiled so much in one day as
today. As Judge Joe Brown said
to "Him": "There it is." Every time
Richard david Renda thinks of
this day it is guaranteed to always
make "Him" smile. Bigtime. Sent
with Love. Funny that the Judge's
Courtroom is the same name as
that of a wise King. Just another
coincidence. Another second
coming. What happens when
we see a railroad ??? A quick
story. Once an individual took the
risk of Lying directly to Him. The
next thing that happened: Nature
cut off his son's toes. Imagine
what could happen when you
"speak untruths": about "him."
Moral of the story ... If you
"think" it is worth taking the risk.
Be our Guest.
Some forget the term: "fresh air."
A Time for "Fresh Air." And
while a child is trying to grow up
the adult will hurt the World a
LittleTon more. Just look around.
Man and Woman can not even
pro-create "anymore" without
addressing dying from a sexually
transmitted disease or going to jail
because they gave birth to a child
but have little money. All this is
true, absolutely. It is a very sick
America. Think American adults
should re-examine their self being
and self worth. And how do you
go forward. Who will you hurt ?
Will - you do something good. Did
you ever get the feeling when
sitting in the forest or in a field or
on the beach that some one or
some thing is watching you.
But you know no one is there. Or
at least that is what you think.
Hummm. That feeling. There is
a difference between thinking and
knowing. Something is always
watching. Especially when you
get that feeling.
"The Greatest Adventure" ...

When You
Want To Know
The Official Site of God,
One True God.
The Brethren of Prophets.
Home of "The Prophets
Prophet." c. 2000+
The Word Of God
- News To Talk About -
- More to Come -
Busy working on other things. See ya soon.
Return To Portal Opening
History can be read the
correct way. Truthfully.

If you kill me again,
I have but one thing to
say ... "Thank you."

Some things are an observation.
Let me know when you want me to
stop calling all this "coincidence"
and call it "the next event" instead--

Next Coincidence
The so-called American Holy Ground:
The Courts and The Justice System
serve themselves with special
and massive corruption.
The Year 2001 came and it was said:
"It is people who should count."
And as the year came to March
"everything" defined itself. Material
wealth, and those finding it the "most"
important, did suffer more than can
ever be written.
And the multitudes
were called to the awakening.
Imagine This. Literally passing
"The Word" a sound vibration
into the womb
from a human
being's mouth on a woman's
stomach to the child. Ahhhh.
Imagine that in Science. What
would be the chain ... reaction ?

And care only if it effects them. They
lack awareness and the caring to have
the awareness they should have and
need. And those with strength keep
their might to appease the political.
As if money is everything. This
world and dimension of time is a bad
Land that finds selfishness a priority.
Are you getting the drift ?
The tide goes up, the tide
goes down. Now breathe.
With the Earth. Get the drift ?
You have engaged, brought
forward, The Holiest of Holy
Wars. What time waited
for. And who you started
it with was none other
than- The Universe itself.
I wish you all: good... luck
Watching The Wheels.
Many things get very Hot.
The Power Within ...
The Moral To All Stories:
Everything in Life comes back to you
as well as others. Remember those
words "Just as well." And Life itself
has its finger on your pulse and every
generation connected to you.
This Space progessively grows. Nature... Forces of true
power upon the conscience of humankind. All those
disrespectful learn the word ... mystery
Arielle - That is amazing.
You got there before me.
You were just waiting
for me to get there. See
what happened when
you spoke to me. Read
it any way you see it.
The way it is. Totally --

But if you are privileged with more
knowledge, then you can go from
here to there. And you know that.
Have a good time. Inside knowledge.
Two sides to the coin. Undercurrent
to the ocean waves. What you see
and what you don't. There is ...
always something to learn.
Learn all you can.
If you know of "the TC site" do
not bring people from there to here.
They are not to know the connection
unless they find what is inside their
"self" on their own --gets them here.
Sealing Your Fate.
Do what you will. Let's see.
A.I.D.S., Lyme Disease,
West Nile Mosquitos ...
What's missing. Balance.

One word ... it came in time to
be. TheWordOfGod.com . True.

Human History. Your human history.
Where you really come from.
Documented. Evermore.

You ask this Question.
The Word of God .com
how do I type that.
One word ?
TheWordOfGod.com --
One Word.
See. Life. Literal.
"One Word."
Someone said that looks like a
sword, you scallywags !!!
See the "R" upper right.
"I don't see it."

The Challenger
Space Shuttle
Event January 1986

photo credit: back page
New York Daily News.

Don't mess with
Mother Nature or
who she

What one would
think it says --

The Word is

"It's a fat fat world
with a real funky
funky Buddha
in it." Many Rivers
To Cross.

Earth Quake
Touch "The Main
Dish" "Just as
well" and see
what happens.

Before The
Woman "stole"
there were no
Mosquitos killing
people in New
Jersey and New
York. Now there
are. What did she
steal ? From
who ?

Get The Point.
See the
Dragon Fly.
On to some
"Big Scenes."
Coincidence ?
spread ... The Word.
And the dead are more than
restless. Learn To Learn.

Can you see colors ? Can you read
colors ?
There are certain windows
in Time. "The Pen" has 4. You see
two. What is said that is missing.
What two statements appear next ?
Do you know ?? "The Pen."

The Music Credit:
Total Eclipse
The Tsunami
Listeners Wanted
Kinetic Records.

The Story of Humanity on Earth
They kill their brothers and sisters.
They murder Prophets. Children
starve. They -humans- have wholly
shown by their own actions they care
little about anything but themselves.
But who am I ?
Respect Nature.
Touch the
Tornado and
just wait. But.
Take shelter.
Humankind must be careful
of --"reckless disregard."
A bit of In The Vortex ...
1977 - sound vibration produced by
the Human Voice that can make
TV screens oscillate perfected and
titled "The Word" a/k/a "The Word
Of God."
1981 - U.S. copyright registered
with Library of Congress "The Word
of God", "TXu" author anonymous.
1982 - "Spot" International Lizard.
1984 - U.S. copyright registered
Library of Congress "SR" "The
Word Of God" sound recording -
official: author Richard david Renda.
1985 - placed in choke hold and
held by throat until the human
body "stopped moving" completely
plus S.W.A.T Sunday and more.
1986 - "4" page CDC A.I.D.S.
warning in every mailbox in U.S.
"Signed 4" classified. Newsday.
1987 - signed permanently into
Law by New York State Supreme
Court Judge. "known In Law" as
"the second coming of the prophet"
1988 - into the Big Gotham. Anna
Wintour. Laurie Schechter. Plus.
1994 - present intro and officially
register in Law "Totally Cool
the trademark of Him.
1996 - September. Found Main
Dish. August 11, 1996 New Jersey
strangulation assailant fails in New
York at murder. December 3, 1996
"allegedly speaking." December 4
Skechers attempted murder fails.
1997 - August 12. An action figure
in action. Pervert claims "to fuck" a
1 year old girl. Government involved
1998 - "TheWordOfGod.com"
(launched November 22, 1999.)
1999 - N. J. appeal application
documents corruption / liars.
2000 - Spring. Totally Cool .
"History on Record."
July 4th. For "a Brief" and
some more plus.
Then ... a nation counts.
Go to: News Talk 6 ;
"Save As" ! ! !
Very Important. "Save as." - Pass it on -
Are You Giving God What
God Gave You ? Life. And
"Respect." Do you have a
problem understanding
What God Is. Let me help
God Is The Living
Mind of "The
All Universes.
The Quote:
"Do not let anyone claim to
be a true American if they
ever attempt to remove
Religion from Politics."
George Washington.
Life is escalating its own Power.

Go to: News Talk 8 ;
To know what is ahead of you
it takes one thing. You must
look. Like a good movie you
do not want to watch. You
peek. In between your fingers.
Temptation or Redemption.
Did you like the movie ???
Try real Life.

Coincidences are demonstrating.
"An example." You are getting
an Education. The point. And
then some, effecting all. "I heard
words." But none were spoken.
What is Jewish, of Greek origin --
yet is not ? Something between
You and The Universe. So. A
Nation counts. Or does it ?

The Universe thinks.
It -Was- said.
America. A Country given to people
by a course of destiny, accident,
coincidence. For you everything that
does exists was -is- a thought first.
Why would it be any thing different
with regard to The Universe ? What
does that tell you about America and
how it came to be ? And what it
really is. The Universe Thinks. Did
you ever think about that ? What
does that tell about how you came
to be ? Do you think that only you
can think but The Universe can
not ???
Holding your breath. The story
is "Creation's Grand Scale Plan."
Life is real. TheWordOfGod.com
is real. Obviously. It exists. The
fact that it came to be should by
that alone teach you some thing
about the Universe. If you ignore
what is really inside you - If you
attempt any further destructions
Life and the reaction of Nature's
wrath - set to balance - will chase
you until the end of time. The
Word is. Written. You can not
say you were not warned. Some
would like to think they just live in
this world then they die, every
thing goes black and they do not
have to think about anything. It is
over. That is not so. You will
continue. To think dead does
not mean alive is an error.

The Year that is called. 2001.
Where All Souls Begin To Count.

And generations go forward
2001 -- 2002 -- 2003 -- 2004 --
The Books Are Open.
All the Universe speaks.
To those who listen.
And louder to those who do not.

Demonstrations, Wonders,
Examples, Physical Manifestations.

Life is not about what you
"think", it is about "what is."
Must give Mother Nature
and the powers at hand the
just deserve ... How would you
know which is the dream or
where you were, until you wake
up ?
Try to control Life and it
reacts for the duration.

Beginning To A New Generation
- The Age of Electricity -
An education. And the opening
of 2001. "President appointed."
plus the links to Year 2000.
News To Talk About: 1 thru 10.
"Mid-Year News To Talk About"
intense with power progresses
forward as it writes events
before they happen and it
accelerates into the New Year.

Where does terror end ? When
we learn to bring families
together. The Future is.

March. Year 2001.
Mother Nature can do some "extreme"
things. Especially through Human
beings. A 4 hour Tornado. Powers of
The Universe would say "that was only
a very small demonstration. As it has
been. Only so far. The Future counts."
Every person has a direct relative
that is dead. Think what if they
were not dead ? Then think what
could happen if they reached out
in an action to influence people.
Moreso ... because they were
overlooked and you thought they
were not there.
You are in the inner world.
On The Surface.

Many things can happen: where
Life is concerned
. This is why an
ounce of niceness is important to
have in one's soul. It could come
in handy (many times).
If you can imagine all the people
for thousands of years that it took
to get you here and understand
the concept they are all alive -
now how many would that be
is not what we want you to look
at. We just want you to get that
concept. All your relatives -- and
everyone's relatives being - alive.
This is what you should look at:
How big do you think that actual
place is ? The place called "The
Core of Creation." The Space
itself. How Big is it ??? Think.
It has to be Big enough to hold
all people (beings) from millions
of aeons and huge spans of time.
How big do you conceive this
place is ??? Okay. Your mind
is expanding. It wasn't that
hard, was it ?
"A Penny For The Truth. 2 Cents
for a Heart." Kill a person and
leave "Him" with "41 cents".
OTHER $1580 ??? It is
RETURNED after the fact.
Don't worry. This Space
fills In. Space always
grows progressively. As
a fact. For you Scientists.

Also "Life is not about
what you 'believe': it
is about what really is."

What happens after the
last breath ? And after
that. Then what ? Think
about it. Use your mind.
Another good exercise.

"America was created"
dictated in time by Destiny
and the Universe to welcome
"The Spirit", not try and kill.
Someone told us of a story today
about a woman who was claiming
hardcore ... "poverty." She had
no bills to speak of. Someone
was paying everything for her,
she had a job and: $15,000 in the
bank. This was "poverty." Put
to The Word one would wonder
how that makes another hard
working woman who has nothing
but bills feel ? After hearing
about this person claiming
"poverty" with $15,000 in the
bank how does it make a woman
(or a man) feel who lives with
3 children in a 1 room apartment
in the projects ? Or ... how does
it compare to those who suffer in
Africa, Russia or anywhere in the
Hells of this World ??? $15,000
in the bank is far from "poverty."
People with monetary weath
have "the" responsibility -from
the core- to help those who are
suffering and to help those who
are striving to achieve something
good. Of course. Unless any rich
person wishes to push that hand
of "Karma." Now the rest of the
World has the responsibility to
recognize "the greedy." As they
will destroy many futures. Word.
This is a matter called. Heart.
Some men and women fall short
in that department. But then
there is that old piece of wisdom
that do warn: "What goes around
comes around." (And ... What
happens when you are finally.)
Ahhhhhhh ... Ask your "self":
What will you face in Death ?
Stay warm. Be well.
And The Good News Is:
A person's worth is more than
what is the measure of money.
Some might agree.

On CaLL.
NewsTalk 2 - Year 2001.
Begin as a fire ball. The Earth
Quakes. And quakes India more.
People learning things.
Plus --
The Story of The Red River.

Lesson 1: "The Truth Matters."
Lesson 2: "Save As."
Lesson 3: "Do not mess with
Mother Nature" (or Him).
Lesson 4: Ahhh. Saga continues.
The Message: We are Travelers
through Time and Space.

Much more to come ...
For Thousands Of Years - echo
- this cry thoughout all the Lands
and to all human beings great and
small, let it be known:
let none
take away your words. Ever.
Even when you are not speaking.
Let none stop you from speaking.
It is your right and it causes no
damage to those who have done
no wrong. Therefore let "them"
get all that they deserve. What
they do. Each individual according
to their works. And that you speak
Saith The Word. And your Word
Live Forever as well --
Ahhhh .....

Society has not learned to
unite families or become a
family. In effect you earn: no
blessings. Portfolios shrink.
God giveth and can take away.
Starts explosive. Pontius Pilate
makes a return debut "classified"
Signed 4 1985 Newsday rerun.
Plus the difference between
"I Heard Words" and "Allegedly
Speaking." A U.S. nuclear sub
levels. Out in deep water sinks
Fishing vessel. Ooops.
Nature demonstrates and
documents well. The power of
what is -- paranormal events.
Because Life is Judging you.
And will Judge every Being. Are
we getting somewhere. How
long has this project been in
progress to reach here. Answer:
a quarter of a Century and more
(for a little Revelation.) Some
things in life are "absolutely" real.

Go to the mirror. And Look at
your: self. As you see inside your
eyes ... hear that voice say to you
"God does do nice work." Then
look at your self again. Wasn't
that fun.

Now help The World.
- Save As -
The "Bullet Points" shooting
Education in American Schools
commenced. October 1997.
It Continued without resolve.
In "stable" communities.
To help wipe away The Tears.
Talking with Nature in the rain.
A song comes to mind that
might help some. It is: The
Hassels -- Maybe you can
download it somewhere (legally)
or purchase it. The Song is called.
"Crying To Be Heard." Give
this to people to find.
NewsTalk 4 - Year 2001 back at
the ranch ... Washington State in
6.8 Quake, Spring in February, Yo
Momma Renee Cox written, Foot
& Mouth virus, Dublin St. Patrick's
Parade cancelled, Tornado cruises
22 - 23 miles, bomb in New Jersey
school, 15 year old in California
School kills, paranormal event tape
The only way anyone can change
the Karma is you have to want
to change it. Time waits little.
Nature's demonstrations get
louder, closer to everybody's
homes ... and hearts. How does
a parent feel when they send the
child to school ?? Will the child
come home.
As it has been said, "Real Life is not
a game." Can you say absolutely
for a fact: what is beyond the last
breath ? Much to realize. To you
the children and the young adult:
you are not alone. Something will
be created for you, specifically
for you, something to help you.
Guaranteed. With love. Signed,

You decide how you want the
Universe to Judge you.
Because The Universe is
Judging You.
The Warnings were posted. Add nothing
good get nothing good.
Life gives each
and every human being: "one" second
chance. You are Responsible for
Your Own Actions.
(A reprint. Those not in this world are
heard. Though much is not said, for what
can not speak and needs would find it rude
if it could be done yet was not. Some items
given to be spoken are refused, withheld.)
Turn the page.
That which constantly threatens
and breaks The Law while using
it unjustly. In that State. One can
find many answers. New Jersey
hit a direct line, was touched.
Sparks flying. Short Circuited.
Electricity overload. Signs of The
Word "Suddenly." A City sees
the Dark in the Day. "New ark."

Wisdom. One good deed can
create a good thought which
can change a million bad events.

March 16 ... Ends a week for
Millions of people hurt by money
itself. Stock markets spiral. More.
Heard the story. A person saving
for 30 years buys 1000 shares of
stock let's say at $ 150 a share.
They pay $ 150,000 of their
savings. The stock suddenly,
in a short amount of time, is
$ 3 a share. Worth: $ 3000.

Is the Value of a person
measured in Money ?
How would you answer it now ?
Don't get too comfortable.
Life is not pleased.
With the powers of "Suddenly."
Foot and Mouth virus has now
Marched into Countries of the
Middle East. Looking very
Global. News video of workers
forced to "wash the soles" of
International Travelers. Nature
forcing Americans to "wash the
feet" of others. Say that is not
"Biblical Proportions."
The Pen does write "Mother
Nature did not go through all of
this work to get you here just to
have mankind destroy the earth."
Nature is reacting. Remember it
was always said: "It did not have
to be ... this way."

Historians find many lies are in
the realm of a certain Constance.
Special people will say we know
of Him and you may not. They
are not to blame. They will have,
do carry, knowledge. They speak
with Him during this time. Then
there is that voice. Again. It is
that voice in your ear. It is that
same voice, that echos. "Where
is your Heart ?" Point to it
is the answer.
NewsTalk 4 plus - Year 2001
Audrey Bloomberg Radio entry.
School Bullet Points, bombs
multiply. Hoof & Mouth March
around the world. Stocks plunge.
Equations. Ooops again. Explosive
Hornet kills bystanders. Messages.
A muse Talia. And much More.
Learn. Some Words Are
Priceless. Like a math and
science equation.

Have you ever heard that quote.
"I get quiet when I hear a Train
Coming." Iowa March 17 Amtrak
Train crashes. In a place called:
Nodaway. No-da-way.

Asked those on The Other Side if
they wanted to send a message.
The Pen refuses to post what was
said. And based on their message
sent one giving good advice would
say "hold on to your seat." With all
the sorrows deep within and all the
feeling for mankind when those
wrong can not honor their self with
Repent no power -would - change
what humankind will bring upon
itself. Sometimes it is The Word
that tells the stories of "When God
throws the monkey wrench in your
Life" and then what happens. The
Prophets' Prophet continues. With
"Goodness." And a smile. See.
Anyone with a smile (lately). Then
comes the next day. When they
forget Life do not.
Lipton. Milk. No sugar.
Heard the story of a child. The
child's Grandfather takes the child
away. Also it was heard he took
the child away from the Land
where the child was born. It being
brought to The Word it was asked
"How can this be ?" The Word
responded: "They pay for what
they do. Time always proves its
Point. A man who takes another
man's child is not a man - only
another animal." A man who
takes another man's child will
always have the fear of being bit
by what grows into tomorrow.
Offspring seeking balance would
go to stain his grave as the truth
is told from family to family. In
Luke, brought to our attention is
this that never happened then - in
the time when those words were
written - but is happening now:
Earthquakes, Volcanos, disease,
wars, killings, floods, famine, etc.,
"all in one Generation." (Luke 21:
9-11, 22-23. Interesting. Yet,
one would also note. Old World
teachings go only as far as they
could. As it would seem. To
be continued. Those people and
prophets knew not of living in
a World with Light from the
Universe and what Electricity
brings, with exception. Any
authorized reading from there
can only be the King James
Edition 1611.)
Oh and those on the other side
had something to say about that
man who "Talks To The Dead"
on TV. They say, "He is a Flake."
Or was it: a Fake. Something.
Like that. Why would they say
this ?

See ya. Next time.
Written. Then. It happens. We
learn why The Word said "See
Next Time. This Time.
One day later March 19. By
coincidence ? The State of
California announces another
round of "Rolling Blackouts."
Lost power. No electricity.
And literally many can not see.
To a point. And "things get really
." A Hot 90 degrees. With
no air. What happens when you
have no air ? Last time America
saw "rolling blackouts" in a state
was in January. Is it: the second
coming. Funny. March 20 -- The
City of Angels gets even. Hotter
again. Newscasts show images
(video) of Cities, America, with
huge sections cast into "Total
Blackness." Many others can see.
A real Example of being. In The
Dark. Also animals in middle
America were recently heard.
To have "lesions" on their lips.
Let's play personal War. This
Lawyer "Greg" said
You are: "No
one." Do you think you are "no
one" ??? Your path and travels
brought you this far, to reaching,
finding TheWordOfGod.com -
and in fact being with Him: "You
are by decree" of the Universe
that gave you birth as -- You are
"The Chosen." And "You Are"
extremely "Special" to God. How
do you know this ? Look where
you are. Literally. Here. A time
where there is Electricity. And
The Pen of TheWordOfGod.com
-- a man, "one of a kind in all the
World" is saying to You: You are
very Special. And know this well
beyond your dying breath: you
are surely MORE than "No One."
Much MORE ! There is a true
one and only God in the Universe
and it is Him who represents that.
And Greg also said "bring it on."
But God said: "Blind Fool of your
own Hubris. It is done." Mortal
Kombat. "A handful of people ..."
ends with "Exactly." Know this.
You ain't seen nothing Yet. The
truly intelligent read here
. Those
working with Law should notice.
For the first time in U.S. History
it was Him (you know him) who
saw 2 American Courts in one
week operate with Judges: most
would be proud to know. Fair.
And even. Somewhat honest.
Amazing. And one actually
"smiled." What is happening in
America ? Might. It. Have a
chance. The Word written with
intention. Can you really read ?
But can you really read exactly
what is written ? You will find
this really interesting. Revealing
Attornies who are supposed to
have a duty to truth and human
Life first ... pocket second. Many
in America have it backwards
and are willing to sell their self
integrity. It must ... give new
meaning to The Word. Integrity.
One man would like to think that
he in fact is not a "Liar, Liar."
This Liar said: "No one reads
TheWordOfGod.com" -- but his
associate, fellow attorney said:
"Lawyers are paid To Lie !"
Which of the 2 men is the Liar ?
We know only good souls have
their First and Last name written
here. Wonder why Greg was
brought to face Richard david
Renda and of course. What goes
with it. Can you imagine living in
America and you can not take
a bath for 5 Years ??? How do
you feel ? Call it. "Pure Gross
Negligence" majorly documented.
Living In America. What is the
price ? Watch this. Picture of
the Day
. Abstract Art. If "No
one reads TheWordofGod.com"
then "no one" will care. However.
Elements, forces of Nature, the
Universe, Nature, Nature's God,
and every blood vessel in your
Ancestors' bodies may beg to
differ. But you don't want to
think about it. Unique it is that
Life some times makes you think
about things you do not want
. In certain elevators you can
only go "down", you can not go
up. It is written. Human history.
Lesson #3 is with great truth.
See: "Webster's." "Luxury."
Define The Word. Welcome
to "A New Earth." Now you
are really alive. And not alone.
Almost forgot. The First Day
of Spring 2001 in the Western
Hemisphere. Look to the "City
in the East." New York. "A
Beautiful Day." Warm. Bright.
Like a White Bird.
March 21. You are not going to
believe all this but it is pure truth.
Again it happened. The Word
was wriiten here the day before.
By a course of events this the
then happens. It
must be a week for Attornies
The Word of God was at 60
Centre Street
listening to a
mountain of lies but could not
say anything. Next The Word of
God was then sent to 80 Centre
Street. En route, at a "Cross
Path" moment, in the Street "The
Word of God" looked at a Lawyer
and to his face said, quote: "you
are a Liar Liar. I listened to a
mountain of lies." Then it was
"Him" who said to Valicenti from
a distance: "I like writing history."
No other action was taken and
nothing more was said. The
Attorney told a cop The Word
Of God "spit" on the Attorney
and he was trying to have "Him"
arrested. Could you imagine ?
The Word then entered the
Courtroom and a Court Officer
4604 said to "Him": "Are you the
spitter." What was really cool to
know is that the others had not -
yet- reached or entered that
This is the first March as we
begin to Count. The Year is 2001.
A creeping feeling of silence.
That Virus of the Mouth Walking
- a round The World - Hoof and
Mouth has reached Netherlands
as on this day 21 they have
officially confirmed the first
"4" cases. Vermont, U.S.A.
destroying live stock as Mad Cow
reaches them too. These would
seem the warnings to the prelude
of what may be.
Hell on Earth.
The echo repeats:
It does not
have to be. Like that
. It is said
that "The Church is as much to
blame." Only solution is for people
to start making the wrong things
right. Which does not mean
covering up the wrongs or for
those who do the wrong. And
yet -- not to condemn. Only fix.
Ask yourself "Why Are All
Of These Things Happening To
The World" -- News To Talk
About ... Did a policeman on the
street forcefully touch Him "The
Word of God" on this day. What
will happen to The Whole World
next. The Pen would say. I
guess you don't listen.
can be fun. Big Apologies due.
More paper is just a waste of
Time. That you lose.
Noting that if the Universe did
think. Would the word "avenge"
be in its power. If it was in its
dictionary what would it mean --
To see it translated. Or does the
Universe have no meaning at all ?
How do you, how did you - Honor
the Universe ? Who's side are
you on ? Remember: You are
Dealing with The Universe. And
as it is taught. Each Day your
time does grow shorter. And
you meet your Maker. Called.
Science. Facts. 3/21.

If you do not care
you have another problem.

March 22. Need "More" Be.
Said. Land of The Buddha's
Lotus Sutra. A certain Library.
Educational Bullet Points in El
Cajon, California school.
. One More. Shot Gun. In
"a Stable Community." Sounds.
Familiar. Should be. Appointed --
When you are prepared to create
a "Spirituality Commission" it
works. Can you get Him to lead
it. How cool would that be.
Some say. Totally. The key
to unity. What is to be known.
There is a difference between
"Spirituality" and "Religion."
Might. Call it. A Loophole.
Imagine how strong "A Strong
Country" can be. What really
Strong does mean. Beyond
anyone's greatest expectations.
The Asset. Politicians come and
go. All the time. But ... it is the
Prophets and the Kings that are
wise that live written "forever."
Ask Moses or Solomon. 2+2.
Multiplies. 2 x 41. Equals. 82.
Makes sense. No change.
The problem is. Karma. "When
you let bad things happen only
one thing can come out of it. Bad
things." Old America proverb.
Never touch him unless invited.
Did you ever meet someone who:
Never lies. Education teaches.
The "Fresh Kills" Land Fill.
Closed. March 22. The only 2
things on Earth visible from Space
is The Great Wall and Fresh Kills.
In "New York." What's in The
Word. Speaking of space. Cosmic
debris. Valuable garbage. Begins.
Its Descent. Did you like that
Dawn. Mir falls from the sky. It
was written. "Hold on to Your
seat." Then Get Ready. CNN
Headline "Cause not known yet."
"Shine Structure Collapses."
Coincidence ? In The City of ...
Angels. 5 injured, 1 critical. An
Academy Award. On the red
carpet. John Paul - a catholic
Pope was honored in Washington.
William Hanna, a great cartoon
pioneer -- passed on from this
Earth. Rest in Peace. And his
talent remains with him. Always
Loved. Cartoonland. And It
on New York City. A
nice touch. Rivers of Rain.
When you do bad things bad
things happen. When the bad
continues it gets worse. A
certain Lewis March 23
something to a Lady about
something "had" "to be called."
Groundless claims filled with
"hollow assertions" plus outright
lies along with again a man in
Uniform manhandling "Him." And
Lewis just contributed to the
rumor mill. Mother Nature reacts
upon the Law community as they
continue threats on Him. Do not
blame someone else for what Life
does "to you" -- especially when it
is Life sending you the message --
not a person. From the Hand to
the Word to The Pen of my living
person - this is a complaint. You
have not learned the word: nice.
If Nature had another translator
I would tell God to send you all
to that person. He would. And
you would be right back to "Him."
What does that tell you ? But
being trained to do this - it is the
job. Our maker calls. Therefore
more need be said. Was trying
silence. Nature said "no." And
calls The Word to return to write.
More coincidences. It do not
make this person happy. 4 foot
wave rolls out up. Upon. Strikes
the U.S. Coast Guard. Law ...
Enforcement Patrol. Four into
The River. 2 live. 2 die. 2 + 2 =
4. It is taught. Within 24 hours.
Earth Quake racks Japan with
a strong 6.4 wake up call. 2 die.
More bad Karma generated.
Effects. Hiroshima. Livestock
destroyed as the Hoof and Mouth
virus continues March a round the
World has climbed to more than
250,000 and close to home. For
Russia has its own problems
suddenly. Explosive. In an order of
Events. Funny it is said the dead
talk. There is a box sitting in front
of me. In it are Payne Stewart's
clothes. His golf clothes. Sent
directly from his wife to have it
sit actually in front of Him (a/k/a
Richard david). Weird. So let it
be done. To Mrs. Stewart: The
Word would say one would think
your husband wanted you written
here. According to the hand of
Destiny. It must say something.
The dead speak in many ways.
Alive means alive. Forever --
does translate to mean "forever" ...
Forever. It means something to
you. Hope the next week is a lttle
kinder for every body. You have
a road to travel. Each person's
Legacy will remain for the children.
All the children. For all of the
Future. (If you can think past the
next 50 years.)
Of course ... as
always --
"The Adventure" is
Unique. The Truths. The Truths.
Not the lies.
People hanging on to Umbrellas.
In New York. March 25. (Private
note: wonder about the Spring
2001 Fashion Well. How does it
come together ? For you Wizards
who know what we are talking
about: "when the mystics are
around.") "Abstract Art" will have
to remain: Picture of the Day, until
the 27th. For Inspection. There is
a fun Deja Vu waiting to follow.
Since "no one" reads, try this.
A man from Canada (as his
email wrote) got a voice in his
head that said
he should go
to "TheWordofGod.net" which
led to what he then found. a/k/a
"Him." Here. In case "no one"
reads. The Word calls it, "A
Stranger interlude."
March 26. Big Flakes. Monday
begins its first full week of Spring
2001 with "Snow" in New York
City. And on top of that the # 2
train derails. 2 F-15 U.S. Fighter
Jets with a very
sharp point are
It goes like this. F-15's
crash killing 2 plus a U.S. Army
RC-12 crashes in Nuremberg
killing 2. 2 + 2 = 4 in one day.
The President of the United States
"before people" was forced (by
powers of The Universe), had
to -- was made to: pause for a
"moment of Silence" twice in one
week's time. To honor The Dead.
Living. History written. And you
want to fight with Him, insult Him,
discredit Him. It appears like -- the
Universe -- the place we all came
from before we were born has
much to say about it. A 10 month
old girl -a child- was shot dead
in The Middle East, the Old Holy
Lands. March 27, in the City of
The World -
Spring they say. But
instead ... reality:
22 degrees.
"Mr. Appointed" is questioned
by News reporter on the "rash
of accidents." Are you doing
anything about it. Or is anything
being done about it. At least
someone has taken "notice."
Some thing in The Universe is
happening. Figure it out before it
is too late. "Two trains on same
track collide head on." Results In
Belgium. More losses. One more
time. It did not have to be this
way. It appears. The problem
is growing. Oh, on the Herald
Towers subject: the Inspector
laughed all the way out the door
and said he was going to "tell
everyone" he knows "about this
building." Where is The Empire
State Building point ? Remember
Greg said to "The Word": "bring
it on." So you know what that
means. Wait for when it is asked
"Are you scared yet." Certain
"Official" Americans are messing -
playing - in God territories. Either
undo what wrong was done or
forever seal your faith. "
The Wrath
and The Winepress." Going on.
To Bigger things. Many tomorrows
will show. Just making sure it
was said. As God would like.
Before it happens. More History.
No change. In the path of all
How about a nice cup
of tea.
The Word of the week is:
"consideration." Now try that word
of the week: every week. The Pen
will give one warning when The
Word will flex maximum muscle.
And when humans ignore what is
a round. Then it will be too late.
For the moment. You are playing
in the sandbox. This is merely
an exercise. In dollars and sense.
How much is the value of 3 U.S.
aircrafts destroyed in one day ?
Including 4 servicemen and the
pain of their families ??? If any
can put a price on it, that says
many things. This Pen can not.
Even the richest and the most
powerful can not afford to pay that
price. Evenso. We know that old
saying. You Play You Pay. How
many times does someone have
"to die for your sins" ? The Time
has come. And "The Gods have
spoken." An interesting "Blurb."
There is a message there. Sent
... with love. Ahhhhh.
March 29 tid bit. Could have
posted prior but now is good.
Electric and Power. Alan and
Stuart holding The SilverCup have
a problem. With Sound. It gets
louder. Closer to home. And will:
remain. A project by selection.
Maybe when the boys made the
10 million plus dollars on the Diller
deal they should have helped
people instead of only themselves.
Karma will come in many ways.
It will remain also. For a long
The Word would agree
Electric is Priority, not Alan and
Stuart's pocket. They have fallen
from Grace. Guardians of
Silver Cup.
Huh. We have
all been here before. See. Alan --
"Totally" effected by sound. A
vibration. But aren't the Sopranos
from New Jersey anyway ? And
who are all these people to The
Word ? As we see "Him" call
these on first name basis. Tell
Uncle Junior, "Cool sends love."
A message to all the peoples.

When you Learn to work
together and do good things
all this will change. And,
not one day before. You,
the individual being given status
are charged with helping others.
The responsibility. God would
say unto you, "Do it not and
see what happens."
The Word Might. Look to J.P.
Morgan for an example. He
helped people. And liked it too.
Profound. America is the Leader.
Lest they have forgotten who
they really are. Yes, Alan does
know "Him." He just did not
know it was "Him" who is the
Sound Engineer also.
You can
read into that any way you want,
many ways if you are smart.
Like Natasha Henstridge totally
forgetting (blocked) that she ever
did a shoot at The Rainbow Room
or Radio City Music Hall, in New
York City. The number here is
60. What is an "Esquire." We
remember "Him" playing that
Grand Piano in the Rainbow
Room. And hello, sitting dead
center of a completely empty
auditorium in Radio City, fixing
the $1300 Gucci bag Natasha
bounced down 3 flights of stairs.
Have you ever sat dead center of
a completely empty Radio City
Music Hall ? You would have to
count all the rows and seats. But
on 49th Street ... "I see you on a
Silver Screen." Yet "there is a
price to pay. To get there you
must do exactly as I say." The
story and birth of a Species. All
preplanned. But Natasha would
have to ask. Who was she for
NYC 2000 ? And did she meet
with "Him" again. For a reason.
To be written Here. That was
In The City. But the "Marriage
Supper" actually took place in
the Home of Anna Wintour. Of
course, and a Rabbi committed
"Fraud" and "Forgery." But hey,
that's deep. Who would have the
right to be in between "Him" and
God anyway ? None. No more
will be said on these subjects. The
Universe is a big place. "It's A
Small World."
It has been an amazing journey.
It can surely be said. The U.S
President has learned to smile
when speaking with people. That
is nice. The News is status quo,
with exceptions. March 29.
Year 2001. The Word walked
into a Whitehall. Storage for
The Future. However it was
found. The peoples were robbed
of The Preacher once again. A
Sunburst did not appear and the
water -was- deep. The Pen is
telling a true
story of something
very specific here. It will show
true Humanity once again. The
Story of ... The City of The
World with "Monster" results.
Under Lock and Key. Also
on this day many years ago a
"classified" was placed in the
Newsday. It is called "Rumble,
Mountains Rumble" -- Signed 4.
It is also known on the Court
records as "C.I.A." - foundly
referred to as: Cash In Advance.
Next day it came alive. "Rumble
Mountains, Rumble." March
30th. Year 1984. Appearing in
print, for the first time. And then
4 American Volcanos exploded
on that day. But it was set to print
the day before. Another first in
History. Coincidence ? ABC-TV
Nightline called it: Day of Fury.
In the Year 2001. CNN Headline
News broadcasts this story (also
a first): NASA with Pictures that
proves The Earth Breathes.
Literally, you can see it. However
it was said here. The tide goes
up, the tide goes down.
Did not
need a picture to show you that.
If you have been here for awhile:
you have been ... all the wiser.
Does it feel good to know what
others are now learning ? You
Are Special. As The Pen is
writing this: the Earth does
breathe and a Music Man story --
CNN is "Breaking News" with
another educational "school
shooting" in America. And blood
flowing. In "a stable community":
Gary, Indiana. The Foot and
Mouth virus walks around the
World even more. As pen speaks
jet crashes. In Aspen. If the
Earth breathes can it be that it is
thinking also ? What. And how
those on it treat it. As it reacts.
Worldwide Human History.
20 years ago a notable was shot.
For the record.
Now March into April. Energies
pure active. The Preacher is not
going to chase the man in blue
to do his job. The Word "stolen"
means stolen. Let the Earth react.
April 3. Year 2001. When you
"suddenly" become cause for an
"accident" and that is what it is
called, it is proper to "apologize."
Moreso when a life is lost. Patrick
Dorismond should have taught
that lesson, over all. Humble.
Once you are on the "slippery
slope" some realize being on it
means you are already sliding,
falling, and headed in 1 direction.
Down. Worldwide everything is
being crippled. The Nasdaq stock
market index is down into the
1600 level. We can stop this.
Much to be said about those who
do not: the correct thing. However
onward. Cheryl and Greg will be
opened for discussion later. A
really interesting story, interlude.
And ultimately at least one Judge
will see Greg's point of view "was"
that anyone here is "no one."
Think that changed today and
even more ... as we go together
into many tomorrows.

But before going on to News To
Talk About, Let it be said that -in
fact- The Word has appeared in 3
New York City Courtrooms in two
weeks. To see who Life is testing.
Seeing "The Pen" one could say:
"Judges were literally on the line."
Those proved to be one thing:
honest. And with a level of truth.
In their self. To be in the presence
of such peoples, The Word is
honored. If you want to know how
each Judge fared, as you know
the rating - call it: like this. "4"
star material. People of The
Highest Order. Will pen their
names in full (when you are not
looking). To the lady. "Is a bell."
A smile upon "Him" is a sunny
day. Thank you. Posted "Bearing
2001." Picture This. Then Worlds
collide. Not before. What happens.
Godless Countries. Riding on the
airwaves and your timing brings
you to a "cross" road ... way in
the sky. Talk about weird events.
U.S. spy plane crashed in mid-air
with China. April. China jet is
History with pilot dead. U.S. spy
plane dropped 1000's of meters,
lost the point (cone of the plane),
and the American crew captured
in communist China. Sensitive
equipment on board is as for
another coincidence now "stolen"
and hostage (used) by a Godless
people. Sounds. Familiar. First we
deal with perjury and then we deal
with "stolen." The long term plan.
Ask yourself: are the dead alive ?
To be continued. International
Event. And you want to chance
more balance of Karma. Not fun.
Some say this The Pen would
enjoy "Conversations with God."
Even though others should hear
the converstations between Him
and God. Much More. Exciting.
Did you ever feel a conversation
with God ??? April 4. Year 2001.
There is something in the making
that is really "good news." Do you
know what it is ... Stay tuned.
Funny how things are. Certain
Monsters of "Decency" in New
York have given "Chosen" pieces
of Art more attention to that Art
then those pieces could have ever
dreamed about getting: Nationally
and Internationally. Stranger is
watching the decency commission
give even more Media attention to
something they say they do not
want you to look at. And. So you
see. Life itself playing with them.
A Decency Commission to tell
someone they should not look at
some thing. And then what does
someone do ? Look. It seems
"no one" thought about 2 + 2 = 4.
More to happen. Lots to do.
"Hang In There."
A Mr. Powell reached out to
China with the word that spoke a
caring for a loss of life. Do not
think we do not know what day it
is ilana. More for April 4. At 4
a.m. The title of the Book was
1984. On a separate note. When
the Saga continues it makes for
a more profound picture. The
SilverCup had to get a Judge to
help with their problems. They
had to go to Court and fight.
Now that is Justice. Over sound.
Could call it also. With a stay of
execution. Good news. Nice park
on the waterfront -- in Queens
under the 59th Street Bridge.
You can watch the tug boats go
by. The movement of The City.
Hoof and Mouth reaches big
numbers. According to News
reports: "forced officials to
slaughter more than a million
animals." The Story of Nature.
What will it do next ...

April 5, 2001 - Some can see.
The World Is Changing. With
Much Regret. And as unusual
as it is. The Pen shall move to
another slate. Under a normal
mode this happens once a month
around middle of the month.
Since there is Much More it is
appropriate to open new doors.
The World is in an international
crisis. The Dow index did rise
nearly 400 points, missed it by 4.
Evenso, this was good for some.
To feel. Onward ...
This Talk 4 2001 has grown
large. It does continue ... It
was Him who said "hold on to
your seat." When falling in
mid-air that is what you do.
Also there are those seats
that take "stock." All things
are watched closely. Time
here is limited. Do we see
learning has begun. Now
come, go Forward. The Word
"regret" has to do with and
plays in "What Is Love": The
Power Of . Therefore it is
called again. As such it will.
Appear next airing. Those
Wise can realize not to push
any "events" further, to begin
to display respect (or at least
"courtesy"), and resolve what
will continue. Leveling The
Playing Field. Power vs
Power when God is really the
Ultimate power. As shown. A
losing battle. Unwanted Wars.
Something about remorse ...
regret. It is the one thing we
never do. The Word "Regret"
always transends the words we
are "Sorry." It is the deepest
form of apology known to all
the Universe.
Today the
President of The United
States expressed "regret"
and spoke. The Word.
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