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History can be read
many ways. Truthfully.

If you kill me again,
I have but one thing to
say ... "Thank you."

Some things are an observation.
Let me know when you want me to
stop calling all this "coincidence"
and call it "the next event" instead--

It is between all of You and The
Universe: The issue of What is ... ?

Next Coincidence
by "coincidence" demonstrating
"an example" like: are you getting an
Education, shootings and then some.
America is suffering. Made to burn
with pain ... and it is to get much
worse. Mac Hunter said "I heard
words" when none were spoken.
And others heard. What is Jewish
and of Greek origin yet is not ?
The so-called American Holy Ground:
The Courts and The Justice System
serve themselves with special interest
and massive corruption. Perspective
out of proportion. In the written opinion of
The Court of the Highest Order the matter
is set forth for disposition as declared in
the decree of The Prophets. Without
evidence that gives way to change -let it be
written- this declaration shall remain final
and shall be the History of all humankind:
those in the time we called Earth. There is
no time left. The time to speak is.
Like a vibration literally passing sound
into the womb from a human being's
mouth on a woman's stomach to The
Child. What have you done ?

You nailed a being to a cross. Yet,
ye have learned little. On the second
death you took from the being his breath.

News Talk 1 - The Cornerstone.
NewsTalk2 - A Monster. A Mayor
documented in History. And all
who follow the Tyrant. Written.
Also, The Political Football.

The Story of Humanity on Earth
They kill their brothers and sisters.
They murder Prophets. Children
starve. They -humans- have wholly
shown by their own actions they care
little about anything but themselves.
And care only if it effects them. They
lack awareness and the caring to have
the awareness they should have and
need. And those with strength keep
their might to appease the political.
As if money is everything. This world
and dimension of time is a bad Land
that finds selfishness a priority.
What Greater Crime Could You
-The Human Beings- Commit ...
beyond having "stole" the
daughter of The Word Of God.
Tell me. I want to know. Logic.
There is none.
Who is Talia ???
Who Is Richard David Renda ?
And in human History is it not true people
nailed someone physically to a cross ?
No ? You lie. It all comes back. You want
to try that again. Remember March 8th.
"A breath from nowhere filled the lungs of
a Lifeless body."
Are you getting the drift ?
The tide goes up, the tide
goes down. Now breathe.
With the Earth. Get the drift ?
You have engaged, brought
forward, The Holiest of Holy
Wars. What time waited
for. And who you started
it with was none other
than- The Universe itself.
I wish you all: good... luck
Watching The Wheels.
Summer gets very very Hot.
The Power Within ...
The Moral To All Stories:
No greater insult may be made against the
Universe itself then to steal what is property
belonging directly to the Universe itself.
Think about it. You murder each other.
Have succeeded in every atrocity that
can be the most evil done to humans.

And you nailed a being to a cross.

And then you were Judged. Others plead
for Humanity. And you were given the
chance. You judged yourselves into
damnation. But based on those souls
that plead for you and for forgiveness:
a small stay was set forth. Which then ...
was created to demonstrate the most
profound deepest hubris of all.
Then the man said "You (literally) murdered
." And who was that man, what was his
title. A name written ? Cover up God's
handiwork ?
How angry is the Universe ??
Forces of Nature. Ahhh - now the picture is
becoming complete. The picture is over.
Everything in Life comes back to you
as well as others. Remember those
words "Just as well." And Life itself
has its finger on your pulse and every
generation connected to you.
This Space now progessively grows. It will start young but
when it is done Nature will have power upon the conscience
of human awareness. And all disrespectful shall suffer one
way or another ... through all time.
Arielle - That is amazing.
You got there before me.
You were just waiting
for me to get there. See
what happened when
you spoke to me. Read
it any way you see it.
The way it is. Totally --

3 unclean spirits. 1st man the Monster
and Vincent washed out. The Beast
lost his memory. Many antichrist
can be born again. The Master
builder is Trump with good intentions.
Want more ? We have all been here
before. Cosby Stills Nash Young.
Could you play a radio in the 1600's ?
People should look at what is really
happening. Salvation ? Soon it is
all on deaf ears. I heard no words.
NewsTalk3 - Is it about the child
or the father ? Which child, which
father ??? And Monster continued.
The Story of Humanity begins.

But if you are privileged with more
knowledge, then you can go from
here to there. And you know that.
Have a good time. Inside knowledge.
Two sides to the coin. Undercurrent
to the ocean waves. What you see
and what you don't. There is ...
always something to learn.
Learn all you can.
If you know of "the TC site" do
not bring people from there to here.
They are not to know the connection
unless they find what is inside their
"self" on their own --gets them here.
Seal Your Own.

Do what you will. Let's see.
A.I.D.S., Lyme Disease,
West Nile Mosquitos ...
What's missing. Balance.

There is nothing to talk about.
"Return the map.".
But who's counting ????
"Signed 4" in the flesh
The Prophets' Prophet.
"The Word of God" alive.
Richard David Renda

One word ... it came in time to
be. TheWordOfGod.com . True.

Human History. Your human history.
Where you really come from.
Documented. Evermore.

Now look at New Mexico and The Flames
of May ... Year 2000. Nice title.
See NewsTalk 4. Download ... Save As. "Important !" Pass it on.
You ask this Question.
The Word of God .com
how do I type that.
One word ?
TheWordOfGod.com --
One Word. Life literal.
The Word of God
one word. See ???
Someone said that looks like a
sword, you scallywags !!!
See the "R" upper right.
"I don't see it."

The Challenger
Space Shuttle
Event January 1986

photo credit: back page
New York Daily News.

Don't mess with
Mother Nature or
who she

What one would
think it says --

The Word is

"It's a fat fat world with a
real funky funky Buddha
in it." Many Rivers To Cross.
April 20, 1998 "I heard" no
"words." April 27th "The
People" heard words. In
"the arm pit of America."
July 6th, 1998 there Nature
"was too cold" again. Wholly
Corruption. On Holy Ground.
April 27th, 2000, a monster
heard something of "him",
"the face of death." Book of
Revelation say something
about who has "the keys to
hell and death." You stole.
Have you ever heard of "the
Spirit" ? Have you ever heard
of The Holy Spirit. He lives.
Like you ? And the keys in
him, all the keys. Like time
forever. There is a LittleTon in
between here and there, and
What did I hear you
say something ? "...the core...
politics... I made a mistake."
What are you all going to do
to make good ??? What is...
Call this the extended play.

The Word -- coincidence.
Lady of the Mille.... words do
mean truth in this world, time,
Space, Universe. And it tells
who lies. You "know" ??? What
people in "The City" feel ... you
are heard. You "know" not
as much as you think. That
statement should tell you much.
See what happens ....? Many
can be monsters when we see.
Maybe some are "never too old
to learn." All about intelligence.
And the level of it. The word is
being watched. Everybody's
words are being...

and accountable. Life is recording
it all. As usual. Where did you
think you got the idea of inventing
"the tape recorder." Time gave it
to all. Like keeping records on
your soul. Totally recorded.
Try private practice.
With honest intentions.
A good beginning.
Like new starts.
"Footprints" move forward.
May. Year 2000. Be The
Beginning To A World
Without The Massive
Threat Of Nuclear War.
Monumental Treaty
comes together as
a United Nations.
I must remember to tell you
all (or someone else will)
the story of events that
happened August 12, 1997
in a Courtroom ("official").
The story would be called
"A Changing of Clothes" in
mid "arrest." Superman in
the telephone booth. What
may be called: An Action
Figure. A Figure In Action !
May 25, 2000 should be
an interesting TV day in
Manhattan. June 1 also.
Each Individual being,
every person should
remember. We are all
of one Family.
Literally: Spread THE Word ! ! !
Of course Life kept a Space here.
America thought it would finish
the school year 2000 without a
thought. A 13 year old 7th grade
honor student who never missed a
day in school religiously in Florida
got a thought on the last day of
school. He shot a Senior teacher
dead at school with a .25 caliber
semiautomatic handgun. It won't
end. Blame it all on the Russotto.
Like The "Main Course." This is
The "Main Dish." - Classified -
You were warned. Life does
not play games. Profoundly
Not to be Challenged
or assassinated. ...NIce word...

Glad today's educational
standards and guidance
say something. Oh, The
don't need no help.
Getting an Education.
NewsTalk4 - The Answers "Why."
The Monster is burned. Oh no.
Much more coming. What next ?

A Private Conversation.
A True Story. Facts.

Let me get this straight.
You took "The Daughter Of
The City Of The World."

You took "The Daughter
Of The Word Of God."
Without his knowledge.

You "stole" "The Child."
And then you hid the child
from "Him" ??? Nuts !

You hid the child from its

What Nature gave it.
And you made The Child "A
Hostage" still - in a Foreign State.

Now the United States Government
controls "The Child." This is bad.

Freedom is in rage. Much trouble.
The dead became restless.

And who is the child's
blood ? The Word. One
Word. Thewordofgod .com

Yet The Bride came to NYC 2000.
Literally, she met "Him" again.
(Natasha photo, Esquire 60th: Neil Kirk, Rainbow Room)
Who is she ? New York City. See.
The Runway. A Monster. Species.

All this already happened on this
planet. "Oh my God !" The Vortex
in Time. He's here. Is he angry.
Is God angry. What can we do ?
Who did all this "mesh", mess ...
Vincent Main Dish.

And The Monster Mayor in
The City Of The World allowed it.
Let it happen. But he pays dearly.

Oh he is paying for "News To Talk
About 2, 3, 4." Death came to his
door between 3 and 4. Immediately
after all was written - not before.

First you are told. Then it comes.
We see.
Did you see the News Footage of
The Storm that hit The Empire State
building June 2, 2000. 2 Years to
the day of a certain official Court
Transcript and its events, what

He lives where "the bell tolls."

Another demonstration of raw power
for everyone who watched "Him" call
the storm in as he stood on the water
in the middle of New York Harbor. A
Thousand feet from Liberty.

Many watch as it The Storm marched
across the waters and came directly
to "Him." The winds were literally
blowing people around. And the
lightnings were everywhere. He did
not see we were there watching.

"He stood upon the water and to God
. The mystery would be finished."
And many people saw. OM. Revelation.

I was there. I saw "Him" raise the storm
with his voice and mighty hand and the
forces of Nature joined "Him." We saw
it with our own bodies wet. Holy water !

We were there. It recorded in History.
Did you see the video of the lightning !
Striking ! ! ! Has anyone been nice to
"Him" lately. Or must we all pay for
these evil others and their misdeeds.

Only if you let them -it- happen.

Like you did.

News To Talk About 4. Wow.

What power !
Don't mess with Mother Nature.

(Lillian may be waiting for you.
All of you.)

And the dead: are restless.

He is a traveler through time,
and Space, documented.
Totally. Cool.
The Music Credit:
Robbie Williams
I've been
expecting You.
EMI Records.
The Music Credit:
Robbie Williams
I've been expecting You
EMI Records.
Earth Quake 7.9
date: June 4, 2000
Indonesia dead and injured.

June 5th, 2000 CNN Headline
"Supreme Court strikes down
grandparents ..." Put that on
your "Main Dish."
Act not in
the best interest and with
corruption. Nature's coming.
Bigtime. Once in motion. Too
late ...forever. We go on.

Think there is a Turkey in
town who wanted to bring her
"arms" into my Country -my-
Space. So Lazareau, irina
you shouldn't be within 10
miles of me. You cause death.
See ? As usual. Thank you.
June 6, 2000 Turkey Earth
Quake 5.9, more dead and
injured. 25 aftershocks from
5:45 to 11 a.m., strongest
measuring 4.5: Are you sure
that wasn't from 5:44 -
and really a 4.4 ... well it's
close. Who comprehends ?
Must be preparation

Touch her "Just
as well." See
what is next.
Saga continued: June 9, news
release - 3 newly confirmed dead
West Nile Virus crows in N.Y. ;
June 10-11, 90 degrees; June 12,
55 degrees & rain. Cool, hot, rain.
Cool, hot, rain. Hot, cool, rain -
more rain, more hot. Sounds.
Like must be a "pattern." Set-up.
The Universe coming. 90 degrees:
a right angle. Mosquito breeding
environment. Hummm... The New
York Post tries
to Lull people
into FALSE Sense of Security
instead of "total precaution":
"N.Y. may avoid Nile Virus'
worst bite."
By mid August they
will be singing a different tune.
the point may get Them.
For some
"Big Scenes."
God - ya gettin a little too
busy, I am running out of
room ... Space. And I am
working myself to death.
160 hours in 7 days. Even
you rested a day. Funny.
Vortex density.
June 14th, 15th, etc...
News report "Wild Fires
grip Colorado": more than
13,000 acres burned. Wild
fires also rage on California
along with gripping 103
degree "record" heat. Wait
til ya hear what I have been
working on (any moment):
History on "record." How
many States burning, at
least a 4. I did warn you.
Arrest the August 11, 1996
"attempted murderer" (Mr.
Monster you were never
appointed Judge and Jury)
and "Expose" who is "The
Pervert Caller." Let Justice
have a day. Or guaranteed
The Court of The Highest
will exercise Time
and Justice with more
horrors than you all can
imagine. Haven't you had
enough. No guess not.
June 14th, 2000 Earth
quake hits California with
a 4.2 ...many aftershocks.
Just a little something.
Mother Nature does have
a day. June 15. Year 2000.
So noted. Sound. History.
It might seem you know little
about real Life and should know,
learn, a lot. Be willing to. Or be
taught. We have forever. And so,
you all can be damned. Watch
the presence of Nature grow
Grander, stronger, and respond to
your deeds. Why don't you go kill
another tiger. Make no difference
and you will see those 2 words
printed, blessing all. And then ...
there will be "no way out." No 2nd
chance ever again. Have you seen
horror. Hey Mr. Monster do you
see death. I do not forgive as
easily as people forget evils done.
Send me back home and you
know ...I will just be waiting for
you there. Death brings all to the
same place. And even then you
will be alive, very alive. Think on
that for a while. Think on the real
importance of all that. And what it
really means. Who appointed you
Judge ? Who appointed me ? Ahh.
Want to meet your maker ???
The personal Introduction. Get
comfortable. We do have forever.
All of the time. Now realize ...
eventually, here or there you come
to me. See ? You know who I am.
Can you hear the bullet hit, the
blood pour from her body, and her
leave this world: depart ??? Can
you hear the bullet point hit her.
Can you hear the blood pouring
out of her. Can you hear her, feel
her, leave. She helped me much
put this tune together. Give her a
little respect.
Take a listen. And
learn all you can from Kayla. Give
her what she gave you. Time to
be there. Honor her and meditate
on her Space for a moment. She
will know. You are there. Thank
you Kayla. I will never let you be
forgotten. Even if the rest of the
world does. Kayla Roland.

And William (Bill) Clinton (see
Littleton, see Kayla) watch this,
until you face me one way or
another and say this "I am sorry
Richard" ("4" words.) I am writing
you in History for eternity - see as
it did follow you into this Life and
never lets up -ever. And I say not
Hail Mary to you as the 1st man.
I say as Swaggert said I would.
For you, here are "The Writings
On The Wall." Two very magic
words. Ready ??? Watch this.
" **** ***." Should I say it
again or just wait until the next
Life time ? Let me know. Now
you are awake. See the matrix
Mr. Smith. We have been here
before. See. And those words from
this voice will follow you forever
and ever and ever. As it does. I
love only that which is good. You
can be that ? Prove it. Or be "an
example" in Time. So be it. How
we doin' Kayla. I know Amadou
and Patrick are just waiting to see
Mr. Monster again. Big surprise for
that man. And we all saw that
monster recently got a hyperdrive
first class ticket to "suddenly."
Gets him there. I would not want
to be in his shoes, or was that
soles - soul. I would cleanse my
soul and beg -Beg- forgiveness.
Bigtime ! God plans it all. Wake
up now.
Ever here (hear) the song:
" I'll take You there."

The Staples of Life. "Old
Friends", very old souls.
We are travelers through
time and Space. Think not.
Watch what is: happenning.
Laws of Nature. Everyone
wakes up on a particular
day. Call it The Last Breath.

Much more intense than
The Last Supper.

I do have forever. Still.
It is mountains of work to
keep certain beings in the
Universe from creating
the road of their own
damnations. Can "i" have
a vacation. No.. Sorry.
Too much to do. And
what's your responsibility.
The Target should be
"prosperity." Not me.
Oh such: fools forgetting.
Learn about this "a new
." It is called, the
time we are in "Save As."
See ? Nature now shows
that to you everyday.
Literally. The Word. Get
the Big Picture ? Hello.
A full circle. If nothing
else... I do love traveling
through Life.

The Greatest Adventure.
Mr. Monster - The Koran speaks
of "The Pen." You should see
mine. "All The Time." It just
came to me. "From The Heart."
Amazing. How Life is Literal. I
can show you the way to: Peace
of Soul. I'll send you "The Pen."
But not from me, from Life itself.
Maybe you can sign a Law that
protects Human Rights instead of
taking them away like you always
do. And maybe you won't let the
Main Dish attempted murderer just
walk away like you have.
Oh watch this: although
this was done officially on
legal paper, hidden and
swept under the rug
by The Monster let me
do this in a global public.
I don't want your God
damned money. I want
The Truth. This is a
formal criminal complaint
against Vincent Russotto
of Hudson County,
Bayonne - New Jersey
for the "attempted
murder" with aforethought
upon said person: Richard
David Renda, at Lenox
Hill Hospital in New York
City. " 4 years ago."
Put that in your hat and
wear it. Now war with
Nature. She bites.
I have no weapons. No need.
Only the truth, time, and intellect
eternal possess the elements. The
Dynasty of Life. Part of my family.
An "Apology" would have been
fine. But Kayla and the LittleTon,
and all the rest ... John Jr., and
after that August 12th -- they are
all owed much more. True
Justice. Light a candle. Say
a prayer. Make some kind of
Donation to a children's charity
and. Then what ???
Tell Your Friends To Send
This Thru Space Everywhere.
And Tell 'em To Tell Their
To Send It Through
everywhere and so on.
And so on. Never Break
Preserve Freedom.
Preserve Expression. Preserve
"Save as." Something
about yourself.

Ask yourself one question:
What happens these days
if you do not "Save" ?
Send This Everywhere. "Just:
In Case" they try to get "Rid of
" as those of Big Brother
continue threats. A Main Dish.
Timing. This is supposed
to be 7th month year 2000
"News To Talk About."
Mr. Cash In Advance and hey Big
Brother -being evil gets you, gets
everyone: nowhere. In these times.
Forward. The word was being nice.
Not mentioning the two "missing."
Hard. Drives. You just found out ?
Must have been waiting to happen.
Waiting for you. Catch up. Secrets.
"Missing" in your life. Sounds. Ahh.
Familiar. You all ignore. What was
to be. Your job. Your true purpose.
Protecting Secret. So forth. Timing.
Effected. Let me see you be nice ...
yeah, right. Try the word: "trusted."
Remember the closing phone
conversation in the matrix. The
only difference is: this is ...the
reality. Not written fiction in the
dark. The true word -written- does
know what is next. This. A time
to journey -all the world- together
into new frontiers. Safely. Two
missing. Were you concerned ?
A "two words" Riddle. (Hint an official
"abstract" conspiracy 197.) And add
62498. Plus
1st man makes you a
criminal for having a child Mr. Revlon
- don't miss one month or you are "a
Felon." Maybe 1st man needs The
Pen. Start undoing what slanted evil
he wrote. Was that "family"
: like hey
woman I want your vote or was that
Have A
Cigar. Pink. Floyd. Learning
To Fly. Pay political Boat Tax money.
June 17, 2000 Earth
quake. Iceland (a very
"cool" place, literally)
moved by a 6.6, largest
since early 1900's.
June 17 etc. - I do hope. The "cool"
rain helps with fires rage Colorado.
Can not do more than that. I told you
... you started it. Now let's try a new
exercise. Do your job. Saw
"Fatherhood." Too little too late. I
guess those working in Congress on
John and Jane Q Public's money did
not get the
message of blood on the
floor (4). Undo the Main Dish. **
or else.
No Threat. No Promise.
A Guarantee.

** You Have "My Word" On It !
Who's "Word" ???
"The Word Of God."
The Power of My Maker.
We could go back to
2 words in a heartbeat.
Undo the Main Dish
corruption. Or ye will
cry to desire four my
rain. As I turn and walk
away. Period. Not smiling.
"4" Young Ladies to
sue New York City
because in the June
2000 Central Park
South assaults the
Police did not help
(swept under
the rug). Sounds. Like
a coincidence set up
from above.
But "The
Monster Mayor" set
The Police up for the
fall. Well. I get quiet
when I see a Train
coming. Classified.
What will people read about 200 years from now.
June 17th Iceland takes Earth Quake ... "4" Days Later
... another hit. Again a six point six. Millions of gallons
of -literally- pure shit dumped into our oceans by Florida
(America in deep water, deep shit.) And choke on this:
in the Year 2000 America "Executes People." that is
three. What is missing. John Kennedy Jr. died with the
Piper in deep water because of, it was "officially called"
by the government which rules The People: "Spacey."
Did I spell that right. End days of June 2000 Earth
quakes Under Japan Island. Thousands evacuated.
Crows Die, Mosquitos Fly. Now Elian and His
Dad can go home together. Anyone seen Talia ???
Moving Forward... June 24th
Year 2000.
George P. - After I turn on "The
New City" project "The Highest
Order" saith all The Forces of The
Universe (Life), All The Forces -
Power of Nature and what is God:
I am coming for "The Promised
Land." The Plan. Try coming from
the womb. Now go Literally. And
You, Nowhere: get in my way ...
ever. Need "i" teach you. 4 Ever.
The Word is Learn. Learn Fast.
See Mario. Reading books to
children. Good man. Very Good
man. Smart man. And see still
very alive ... with little trouble. A
nice eternity.
I would die to preserve
that. Oh right. Did That.
Do not make me go
"2 words" - Here. Now...
You are on "notice."
Onward. IF: you use
not wisdom what is a
Monster's fate. For
what will set forth,
happen to you, in
long duration will make
"Hell" look like Heavens.
To you. Elements can
take. "Beyond All Hells."

The Process usually
takes 4 years to build.
Windows. Like is The
Word. Beyond All Hells.
Fight with Mother Nature
or get out of my way.
Talk reality. This is
real. Very Real. As
real as real will ever get.
Serious. Do you not
feel it ? Try This.
With me or against me.
Go ahead be stupid. Be
against me. Makes the
journey, the adventure,
this Life, all the more
interesting. Watch me
smile. And when I do. I
am alive. Like You and
Everyone else. Very
Alive. Hello. Wake Up.
Feed me. The Authority.
This Is. The Matrix.
On July 14, year 2000 this slate upon
eyes is empty with silence and the next
8 weeks thereafter will be with interesting
upon the world to say the least. So be it.
Mr. Edward - I must say you are unbelievable. A prophet in your own right if
you can understand that. This is A Special Place. I am writing you in and as
I say "Thank You." From Your Hands to "Him" you carried, carry: "The Pen"
through Time. See I told you I carry my physical and intellectual property
with me from Lifetime to Lifetime. As same when they brought to me the vest
(aka "vesture" dipped in blood) Revelation to Revelation. And you can take
your money, titles, and properties with you after you die. "Your works" all
through time. As do we all. They should only know. Thank you for carrying
what you see is of me in a Universe creating:
"The Pen" literal. Allah said
ye peoples know, shall it come, see: The Pen. Must tell you: it always sends
a vibration of familiar when I hear my voice say to someone: Want to see
The Pen ?
George P. - Should conceive my
God and what a huge small world
it really is. Long time connected.
Like it could be his body guards
are my old friends. He would
have never known the who so
close. But I am a good person
to know. Epecially. IF: you need
a nice day without rain. or with
rain. Depending on what you
may need. friends are everywhere
Elian Hostage Saga: Closing note.
Elian is allowed to go "Home",
saith American Courts: only "after
4 p.m." June 28 he leaves: 4:41.
All children have fathers. America
tried (tries) to take that
away. Let
The Truth Be Known. Bad people.
Hey ilana - me finding
you ...just
a coincidence.
I did not realize it was all
on an "
Earthquake" site
until after email. Will post
communication for the
public when there is time.
Typos were about a 44
hour day that round and it
was last thing I did. Tend
to you. How's the Earth
quake lately ? Could be
a big scene in a big city. I
will. Not let it happen. For
the moment. This is only
prevention. Just a thought.
Talk sound. A TV screen
oscillate lately ???? The
Earth breathes. Try this.
The Universe breathes.
Should have arrested
the "strangluation
assailant" "attempt
murderer." And death
would not be upon
you. Too bad and ...
And on the Marks.
Leah Marks. Now you
want to see anger.
Life writing History. May be we will.
Even see "The Pen."
It is unbelievable that happened too.
Did I ever tell you ? Just before the
"Choke Hold"
government officials
Slammed" -slammed- my face into
a concrete wall. 5 of "Them". And you
know the worst thing ? They were: my
own fellow Americans. Everything comes
back to you.
And Ye get away with
nothing. See. "4 plainclothes and."
Want to see a real curse ??? At work.
In certain cases -situations- "sorry" is not
good enough. The Law taught all peoples
that. What is "The Wrath of God."

Oh ... there's more.
Oh ... there's more.
Much more. What do
you think ???

Nature talking. Here
is the translation.
The Machine - the
computer nature
giveth - now teaches
you something new:
to save. Or lose it all.

This Huge Space beneath
here got here by accident,
coincidence, event ...
Appeared. Do you know
what all this white means ?
Do you know what you are
looking at ?? So now shall
we see what is written ...
what shall happen. " What
next." Waiting.

Life waits until you are not
looking. Then as always
comes: what next. You all.
Do not listen ...

Mother Nature talking to
you. Learn to "save."

Should we mention. Wild wild fires
burning Washington State 100,000 **
Almost got the nuclear reactor.
Need a little wind. But who started it ?
Or how about the "hostage" Priest ???
We won't mention it. On the mornings
of the end of June >> Year 2000. What
else. This is a phone line Direct to
The Core of All Universes. Put
that in your science hat. Think
on it. "Universes." And what
do I know. What you don't.
** 24 hour upgrade.
180,000 acres. Burned.
Something taught every day in the
Computer World. Welcome to The
Machine. It preserves. Now. And
for ever and ever forward. Think
about it. You are in a new world.
But you have been here before.
Don't be shy come back and visit
from time to time. You are
welcomed. Like time... Waiting
to happen. 2 + 2 =
Last day of June and 1st day of
the 7th month. Year 2000 Earth
quakes again Wok This hits
Japan with a 6.4 -- people shaken
up again. To say the least. Do you
know who the "Smiths" are ? Do
you know what the Matrix is ...
Hello Mr. Smith. This is the first
day of what is called a "four" day
weekend. Good morning. The
first July 4th for the next 1000
years. Are we all ready. Very
ready. As you do not bring -return-
the child "stole" "just as well"
back to connect with the core of
its origin, Life and the power of it
itself is going to show you: you
will wish what will now come had
not. As Life itself has shown you
to date but worse, 10 plus times
worse. Bullet Points on record.
Hey Mr. Smith -- you know.
My Big Brother in the "Year
of The Choke Hold Murder"
"classified" me "an accident
waiting to happen."
Today that
is what I would say was a Nuclear
Reactor forest burned in the State
of square one: Washington. This
is the morning of a New Dawn.
This is The Universe of a Real God
within. You Mr. Smith and Smiths
Do Not Own any Universe. As you
will be taught. Are learning. Return
The Child. Or. You have not seen
anything "Yet !" Jimmy Carter
remembers Mt. St. Helen's
explosive being. Sure he does.
Take a Picture. V.V.I.P. Section.
Now 180,000 + acres "Burn."
That was what is: literally called,
as you see "an accident waiting
to happen." "/notice.etc -"
The Word said, the Land
America: made to "Burn." As
you see The Issue. Written on
The Walls of Forever. In History.
Then It Happened. Big time and
Bigger Times. This is the history
4 weeks later. You want to push
the destiny and forces of Nature
further. Not very intelligent. This
will never end. It will go on in to
all your eternities. Until the word
is satisfied in all Time you have
learned. Resolve. Or chaos be.
As you saw. What came: when
two fires were put in Space.

Kill me here and still I will get
you here: and in the hereafter.
See. After the last breath.
Simple. Do the math.
So intense ...
Read it.
And this Hillary Clinton -
How would you like it if a
man called you and said,
"Chelsea's got a really
nice pussy. I really love
your daughter's pussy.
I can't wait to Fuck her -
Your Daughter." Do you
feel good. You liked it,
right ? Do you think Bill
would mind ? "Anyone
see The Muse: Talia ?"
"The pervert caller" said
he has and "The Family"
protecting that man.
If what is supposed to be passed
off and is to be carried by another
is not or if they are kept from
learning the input that is the right,
what was Nature's intentions,
instead of man's interference:
there will be no security for any
and all on all the earth as time
Marches forward. There is no
other reason. Such is The Word
the Universe gave. Year 2000.
They were well warned God.
Let the games begin. They will get
the point. The Mosquito points. In
many directions. The creeping
feeling of silence. And how hot
can it get. But that's not all. It
is never over. Just another
beginning. Good or Bad ??? Fate
in your hands. Welcome to The
4th of July. Good morning.
When You, That Mob, and
The People -specifically-
Christie Whitman cover
this act and this man to
protect in hiding: I Curse
You and all those named
for longer than you all will
ever ever want. And will
remember longer than
that. As will you all. Now
it is written. In The Sands
of Time. Far "Beyond The
Sands." Ask The Monster
what it is like to be Cursed
by The Word. Faithful and
True. -- more history . . .
The pressure is on. Push the
wrong buttons. Many peoples in
this world in these times want to
live haphazardly and negligently.
So be it. Not any more. Not
good enough. Without effort.
REMEMBER. This is Nature's


Who Is In Control ... ?
And what is in control.

Nature grace a smile on this a
2nd day: upon a Nation called
America, Home of The Brave.
Saith The Prophet's Prophet.
The first day was called:
"Global" January 1,
New Year's Day.

Happy 4th of July. Year 2000.

And ...let it be known... what
comes. The day a fellow New
Yorker is arrested for throwing the
white sphere -a baseball - back at
that piece of pure garbage: John
Rocker -- and the boy is arrested
for returning the baseball the Cop -
police- did not want, on that day
a man shall come and he shall
declare to all the world and Renda
a verdict of Judgement upon and
against a human Monster. The
Year is 2000. The Monster is: The
Mayor of New York. And for all
Time that unfolds in eternity: so be
it, and that day shall come. The
Monster shall be. Willed to pay for
his crimes. As this Monster faces
his own death creeping. He is
paying. With the exception that
the Judgement that was Renda
cast: is a slow slow suffering,
leaving much, and much time to
think. This Monster continues to
walk the paths of many evils and
is Judged forever eternal and shall
suffer thousands of Lifetimes.
Henceforth. So Let it be. Written.
Mr. Monster, in case you did not
know ... that is why you were born
-here- in these times brought back
into this world. And it is here the
truths can be (are) written. The
whole of all of the Universe is
watching you carefully. Very
carefully. Here. Have a breath:
before you let them choke "Him"
again. Sorry, before you let them
try and murder me -"Him"- again.
Two words for you. Happy 4th.
But only one for me. "Written."
Rev: 19:13 - "He had a name ..."
And the Safir should keep his
distance. Go quietly away. Like
Mario. Lest Safir prefers his fate
and all of his family to be intensely
the same: more intense than what
the Monster shall feel and does
see. And a man said in a time of
Renda: "The Universe does belong
to "Him", all the forces of Nature,
and to his God. A true God. I am
just passing through." To Renda.
A verdict. "Him." My friend. A
friend from the Highest of places.
Remember this: I am not John F.
Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin
Luther King, or John Lennon. And
surely not David Koresh. This is
beyond beyond. The real thing.
Trained by my peers. The Best.
The Mac Hunter declared "Him"
on the legal "official" record of all
human History as: "Executive
Material." See. History. Renda
Judgement upon The Hunter.

You want to fight with me ???

What is in a Name ? Fact.
Or was that "War Without Tears."
I turn to face. Now. And say.
"I do. Want what was supposed to
be from the beginning - in this
Country, this Nation ... what was
called "America." The Destiny.
Complete "protection" of a being's
"Intellectual Properties": works.
With the actions on intense
Enforcement." Advocate this.
Or, "Fate is ..." Gore. We are
watching. Here and in what is the
Hereafter. Ask The dead. They
in many ways. Intellectual
A Network Solutions is to be
documented. Next on the list.
Dealt with. Did much damage.
Totally. But we are writing them
in too. Hurting people. As so, they
should have not. Be. The answers.
Totally Cool . The Winepress.
The middle name is not "Neil."
(Although it could be.) It is "david."
"Like, from the Book of ..." Ask
Esther. She is here too. Along
with Magdalene. They know who
they are. Ask Pilate. He knows
who he is too. All alive. "Give Me
Liberty or Give Me Death." Many
more here from before. Read me.
Very Literal. Mostly. And "cryptic"
-- (did I spell that right).
This is: The Land of
King James would be "Proud."
(See. I did not forget you.)

What is cool Isis ? Totally.
And who are you ?? What is
in a name ??? The Truth.
See The Cross ... roads.
Since we will. Deal with more
Gore. Never forget Grandma's
backyard Tornado. Spring ' 98.
That was being kind. Of a small
demonstration. Or try vanish on a
air traffic controller's radar screen.
While over New York New Jersey.
Not once but twice. Galaxy 4 was
a small example. Interrupt. Once
is: luck. Twice is: Skill. After that,
it is: Talent. Bill vanished June '98
also. What ? Did not think it would
be documented. All overhead. "In
Memory Of Richard" - "Signed 4."
Gore without tears.
The Best statement said was said
by "The Professional." Diane
Grodnitsky: "I finally understand."
Response: "You do ?
What is it that you understand ??
Diane: "I Understand: that Life has
you so sucked in that you could not
get out even if you wanted to."
Response: "Ahh ... I see. You do
finally Understand."

That's nice. Follow The Path.
Which is. Live ...being ...Alive.
Back to business ... more fires
burn. Now who wrote the script ?
You all will appreciate this. July
4th Year 2000 WABC - TV News
in The Eleventh Hour - "For the
time ever in History fireworks
roared from 4 different locations."
The Hudson River, Statue of Liberty,
South Street Seaport, and of course
34th Street, New York City. A Big
Big "Thank You" to all at Macy's
and A Big "Thank You" to R.H.
Macy. I used to eat berries off the
bushes outside the gates of his
Cold Spring Harbor estate.
The Monster's Daddy came back
from the dead upon request
"Him." (The dead do requests.)
And then the Monster said his
Daddy taught the Monster about
"Honesty." The Monster's Daddy
robbed people at gunpoint and
spent 18 months as a Felon in
Sing Sing prison. And the Monster
is the Mayor of New York City,
year 2000. Fact. Talk about
"History on Record." Or as the
statement goes "Music to one's
ears." Sing Sing ? And the
Monster's cousin came back
from the dead also to say he too
was a criminal who got into a
shoot out with the FBI. Results:
dead. And so they do speak after
the breath. The Monster used The
Word "Honesty." Yeah, he also
said "Facts change." There's a
lie. How many more lies can The
Monster tell ? He can lie his "self"
straight to Hell. As we all see.
After the 4th Nature says:
China Quakes
Iran Quakes
Turkey Quakes 4.2
Central America Quakes
5.9 rattles 4 villages..
Pair of Typhoons do
harmonic "Convergence"
out of season. Mudslides
in Japan. Lightning strikes
America. Another 10,000 +
acres burn. Massive Heat
Wave Grips Europe, (Nature
takes hold as the force of
elements speak
demonstrations) Croatia
"reached as high as 44.4
degress celsius" CNN,113
degress Fahrenheit, Italian
island Sardinia goes to 120
degress. "Dozens" of Wild
fires have "broken out across
the Aegean, Adriatic and
Mediterranean regions."
Then "a wind brings some
relief." AIDS Masses. Africa
Death. Neon alert. Many
huge signs posted in The
City of The World: NYC
"Infestation." Alert Water
Bugs. Flowing like a
river. All is touched.
Included. Working up.
Are you getting an Education.
Are you getting the point. If
not, Nature documents it all.
Like a tape recorder. Except
Nature writes it on your Life,
in your every existence. The
Word is. Preserved. Eternally.
What is in a name ? Many
names. Many things.
In how many days ? 4 Days.

Near the end of the 1900's
Slime to The Hunter as a
fact (did not say "thinks" or
"believes"), he said : "Mr.
Renda controls the weather."
The Hunter replies on the
official record: "So what if he
controls the weather. What
does that have to do with
issue ?" Terrible respect
displayed. Slime on transcript.

When The Hunter gets the
point and sees what is after
the last breath so is the
answer to his question on
"The Issue." Answer ..."what
does it have to do with the
issues..." "Everything." You
are a "Fool Forgetting." The
Future writes. The World now
suffers more. And The Hunter
will rot in many Hells. More
Lifetimes than you can count.
The Space Is Closing In.
Seventh Month 8th day, going
forward. Year 2000. U.S. Missile
defense system is a failure - for
the 3rd time. Floods, Tornados,
the works. Wok this too: Islands
rocked by Volcanic eruptions in
Japan. The Monster Mayor in
NYC has not learned to shut his
mouth. Again he is after people
and gives his Word to fine and
make You
pay for, note: "Walking
Across the Street." (...of course
unless you do it his way, at his
control, according to his rules.
An insult. And God damned.) A
joke. Life went on just fine before
that Monster in Gracie Mansion
came and Life will surely will go
on even moreso after the Monster
Against Man is long gone. He is
Criminal. An Every Day Liar to all
peoples. Soon this man will want
you to pay for every breath you
take. Oh I forgot. He does that
already. Guess daddy will just
have to teach him another lesson
but now his Mom is called. A
haunting and there is more more
more ... because the man who
was Mayor in New York City was
a monster in Time: a kin to only
a Hitler, and not a friend of man
in anyway. (Except when for his
self and personal gain. Then this
Monster "pretends."). Ahhhh.
(for some good news)

Scientists rescue Comet
Chaser and the first man -a
Bill- heard my Lady America
coming out of the wilderness
and an Execution was re-
thought. Killing our own ...
Stopped. Once. Thank you.
Said with great concern.
Possibly 5 million more cases of
A.I.D.S. in American bloodlines,
according to recent news reports.
See my Interview with Dr. Krim.
For the results. In - 200 - years
humanity could go to total death.
Only Nature's other creatures will
survive. My problem. Which is
your Responsibility. Accountable.
I have billions of beings waiting to
come into This World. And now -
only in this time are you writing a
number with 3 zeros: The Year
2000. Still I see it written with
four, like this: In The Year 10,000
- 10,001. If but 200 years is what
shall be your "Fate" ... I swear by
The Word of God: you will pay
for it in so so so many ways for
lifetime beyond lifetime and every
lifetime again. Each and every
individual human being ...All that
have contributed to that end. That
is what I am going to say, God's
Word on it.
"Work: together."
Call me the supervisor checking.
I have billions of people waiting
to happen, waiting to come into
This World. And you are all: too
selfish, too self centered - too
vain. To no end. To destruction.
Like having dinner in a cesspool.
See that there is a better amount
of Histories to write. Saith
The Word.

You can not tell someone or
more importantly a child: "it is
wrong to kill another human
being" when you kill people.
Like telling the child a growing
adult "do as I say not as I do."
If you have a hard time imagining
what a Hell beyond last breaths
face ... let me help you, let's
begin, just as only a start here:
Screaming endlessly Screaming.
You screaming, your being inside
screaming and screaming with
no end whatsoever in a SPHERE
of eternal multicolor fire and
flames burning, from worlds of
contained terrible memories, to
be saved. Just start there then
imagine that is to start. And
many other beings there just
watching. Knowing why. No
pain in this world can reach
what is really Hell. A tear drop
of measure to what is a greater
truth. And if you could only
Writings On The
(Heat is on ...) Wild Fires
in Bulgaria total "more than
1500 in the last week" CNN
News reported July 11, 2000.
American Justice: Reading,
Mass. Father of "4" is dead
after being beaten and having
his head pounded on floor by
another parent who claims
kids hockey game was too
ruff (violent). The Courts let
the killer have a nice week
end at home with his family
while the father of 4 children
was dumped in a hole in
the ground. After the killer
pounded the head of the
single father of 4 children
over and over on the floor
without considering at any
time to stop: he called it
"self defense." Self defense
would be: "walking away and
going home without killing
a fellow human being."
Watching. History writes
what Americans are.
Way It Really Is. And the
"Pervert Caller" Governor in
New Jersey operates a State
of "Racial Profiling" while a
pervert is protected after he
claimed they were "having a
party" sexual abusing an 11
month old baby girl. Why is
the Earth reacting ? All the
quakes, A.I.D.S., and more.
Humans may be the focus of
this Earth's next flea bath.
And that is History. Human
animals who steal Life, Love
and other people's children.
And those living on the
righteousness of Miss
America's land to protect
Evil. Balance is something
that always comes.
In a
matter of Time. What is
no matter...
Who will stand when
Judgement is called ???

"Hitlerism" has a New Name
in Manhattan: The City of The
World. Their Mayor calls it:
"Politics." People working too
hard to pay bills and the high
costs of living. Working too
hard to care about caring.
They overlooked some thing.
The real meaning of Life and
what is: their own Freedoms
being taken away. Therefore
all of Nature will change the
world and human beings will
lose. They never seemed to
learn what the Computer
was really teaching them.
teaching them
every day over and over. Still
they see it not. To "Save As"
"save" as you go along or the
fruits of one's labors whispers
away out into the wind along
with the gifts it may bring.
Everyone must learn. To
"save." "Save as."
peoples should learn about
the Earth. Before ye have not
an Earth to Live on or Live
Newsweek Magazine said
it all. The way it really is.
In their November 1999 front
Cover Issue "Prophecy." The
real fact was stated in sum in
the last paragraph. The man
with a new name: The man with
"a Name Written ..." as the
quote goes is what is today and
is The Last Paragraph in the
history of mystery. Who they
spoke of and the why all in this
world is. And Newsweek was
in fact: mostly correct. Except
as I told them: Never, never at
any one time does The Book of
Revelation mention or use the
word "Antichrist", never. It does
not come from The Book of
Revelations in the Holy Bible
as the Movies protray. Just A
Manmade Myth. That word
"Antichrist" is used only once.
In the gospel of John ... when
he says, ye will know it is "the
last time": because there are
"many Antichrist." The Book
of Revelation is about The
Prophet of all Prophets, The
Word and the war of fates
against The Beast, the False
prophet. and their Armies to
come against "Him." As the
apostle John said: "Many
Antichrist" are Born Again.
And we know one Monster is
in The City of The World with
A Monster Sister State near
by. Yet ... it is all cursed: to
damnation. As we see. (No
changes and less than very
little effort.) You correct your
own wrongs. Lest we, my
Maker, and all of Nature will
gladly do it for you. And that
you will not want. To the
four children who had their
Father. "Murder in cold
blood", violently: I am
sorry. Life does feel your pain.
If, America, people can't even
get passed the 1st Grade
without killing their own fellow
American many shall suffer.
When does blindness end ?
We were given by Nature itself:
the power to see ... clearly.
May be it is The Adults of Society
who should do "Mandatory"
summer school.

Mr. Monster can try to tell me
what to do. I will tell a where to
go. Better yet. "Wills" can send
a first class "admit one straight to
------- Hell." Invite. How do you like
it. Now. Feeling better ? Will
pass. You can ... Trust me. We
all Live. See. Even the dead.
Have you heard from Mom yet ?
She's coming. All around you.
And she will even get you in
your dreams. Really a kind
woman. She told me she does
requests. On account. You hurt
many and you hurt many children:
many futures. It is coming. And it
is coming for you with big sharp
pointy teeth. Try getting on my
good side. God is watching too.
I.F. You have not "notice"d.
At least, It Was A Nice "4th"
of July.

If I see you endlessly
floating throughout
Space for billions of
Lifetimes: will I pull
you back into a world
like this to ReMind
you "what bad" you
are ? Then "will" I, or
the Power that is my
Creator (my Maker),
give you "another"
chance to make things
right ?? What do you
think ???

All are accountable.
Do you care ?
Almost forgot, in a week
July 2000: the Monster
Mayor's motorcade hit
someone and a few days
later they themselves
suffered a hit and run.
That's an Event. May
be just a coincidence.
Just "Waiting to happen."
Almost like hitting you
in the face. Or kicking
you in the rear. All in the
timing. bad karma, bad
timing. Evil. And there is
more coming. "Fools
Life is not: all about money.
Of course, unless you are a
child in school with a Mayor
who enjoys cutting Budget
money and cares not if you
have books or those truly
capable of teaching you
"in his domain" of Hitlerism.
Why do I care about New York
so much ??? 7/12/000. For
the same reason others do ...
because it is "where it all
begins." The City of The World.
The City of The Universes. And
where did The Clintons' move
to (too) ??? In the Year 2000 ...
saith "The Heart of The Big
Gotham" - "From The Mouth of
New York !" "Totally Cool ."
Home of The Prophet's Prophet.
Bizarre. Where the point is.
And the bell tolls.
What is Bizarre ?
The definition of
"Bizarre" is: "A Human
Being Coming Into This
World From In Between
Someone's Legs. That's
Bizarre." That is Bizarre.

You can find that statement
on official Court record "on
Transcript" as it is being
happily stuffed down the
throat of The President
of "The Girl Scouts of
America" : Cara Corbo.
August to October 1997.
Then she quit that case
after (in writing also on the
record) she was
literally to "Hell."
Verbatim. And then, note
this: all the
school killing
began. Coincidence ?
A human being does know
Hell when they see it. Be it
their Fate. Are you getting
an Education. Yet ? You
all threaten "Him." That is
stupid and more, much
much more.
Need a little rain ??
Words have little meaning
on Earth and to the Human
creature. Okay. Let's see.
Elements of The Universe.
Forces of Nature. Humans
think they are above that ?
Ahhhhhh ........

Once a person does apologize.
And It comes. "From the heart."
It is not "Lip Service."
Immediately after do you know
what a being gets to say to the
"self." The Word was.

"Glad that's over."

Unless there is no apology.
Then will all just come back
and do it over and over again.
Always. Call it The Greatest

Learn something ...
The Sands Of Time Run Forever.
Plus the West Coast
has some Legal problems.
In The City of Angels.
Cleaning up. Exposure.
Finally the end of this Chapter:
"Mid-Year News To Talk About"
Year 2000 on A Note. July 13,
2000. Solar Flares Active
Explosions, "
Americans at
work again literally stomping
and stomping and stomping the
human being." And those who
are related to Law enforcement
tell you that is not what you see.
What, blind people ? Or as stupid
as bad guys want you to be ?
You answer it. This documents
it. Facts. And what lies. Oh, and
Americans preach Human Rights
to The World. But how about
another event of the Truth
"Exposed", a coincidence.
Nature "save as" stomping. 5
bullets in one man. See Him.
"Arms" never "flailing." I warn
Them. See this page in Life. Life
will "save" itself: and "save as."
With perfection. Documented.
Video, newspapers, endless
human memories. The what is
Perfect Timing of "Him." In "The
City of: Brotherly Love" "stomping
the human being." Event. A river
between good and evil. What side
do you want to be on ??? Write
your being into to The official Book
of Life. "It will" remember. Is that
will the action or you to remember,
as in willed it. Or will remember,
as in "hold for whatever is all
time." Or both. A matter of Wills.
And even yet: what you have
forgot ? Overlooked your own
breath and where it came from. A
time and a place for "Everything."
The Time is now. See. Everything
around you. All the gifts. Your
future has two path. Choose to
grow. Or choose failure. You will.
Be documented as "Bad." What
happens when a "Crain" sticks his
neck out." He gets it cut off and
captured on video literally hitting
his self in the head. Was that
Peter or Michael Crain. No. It
is Peter Michael Crain, M.D.
He said the Main Dish is "Bad."
I would not. It is everything
around the main dish. More to
Talk ... A Dynasty to do. Where
did you come from ????
The Country USA is burning at
Nature's wrath but The Northeast
is Totally Cool (r). Why ? Being.
Kind. Of "Him." My own
mosquito control.

Even still. A further education.
The point can be made to get
whom Nature wants. But once
the point is made there no turning
back. Ever. Think carefully. Long
lasting effects.
Good day Mr. FIB. How we
doing today. Sorry. Some
times Letter switch a round.
Damage from "The Choke
Hold." "He was not moving."
But you already know hat.
This is Life after the last
breath for example. See.
Do not destory your own
futures. Hand in hand.
Welcome Too:
The Core of Creation.

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