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The Word Of God .com
This is the Doorway
that leads to The Path
that will take us into
The Great Adventure.
You are not allowed
to come in Yet
A good person would let you see
what is going on. Like when you
are building a structure and breaking
new ground. Even though the site is
closed to the public the builders cut
holes in the surrounding walls so
you can get a look see- into what is
going on ? Since the "notice" has
been hanging around in Space it is
the ghost in the machine.
What you are being let in on.

This is The Path. You have
to go through here to get
further down the road.
Because certain things
must happen a certain
way there is a Timeline.
And events are ongoing.
The Space you are now
going to enter is a massive
world of intellectual
existence. It will make you
think. And think carefully.
The "notice" is the route that
will take you to Authority,
Credibility, Foundation ...
past, present, and future:
full circle. There are many
paths to take but they all lead
to one place. The Revelation.
Once you go in you can not get
out because wallpaper, pictures,
and other things are "yet" to
happen. To return to these outer
worlds click your "Back" button--
(for the moment) ... It will take
time for you to digest what you
see anyway. So this is good.
And also there is so much to see
to keep you busy at the surface
level. Journey on --
You are being allowed to see
this because new events are
going to happen and this just
must be. The connect to
forward motion.

The next section coming "The
Entry Level" was complete
pre-summer in the final year
of 1900. The "notice" was
complete with the statement
"Nature will bite you back":
prior July 4th, 1999. But an
interruption set the pace...
now notice.
Even at this point,
you get more than
you imagine. True
it is.
Photo credit: (top of page)
"Birth Dreams"
Art Photography:
Andres Aquino

What To Think About.
Remember this is just a privileged look see. Because
pictures or wallpaper are not there be not critical. It is the
content that should concern you, your being, and your every
existence. The why you are here and the adventure in your
life along the way. If you read into things properly, you see ...
we are going many places. Life is continual. And this is
Literally: Life After Death. So be it. The Universe expanding.

The Official Site Of God.
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just touch "Birth
Dreams" for a
moment. See
...what happens.
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