Great minds with great wisdom see the
special interests at play and see through
them. Opportunity to make real events
with good meaning happen. And the so
called "concerned" are shown for what
they truly are.

But ... the issue floating between two
Lands would find the high road. And
good faith returns a child back to the
biological parents as it should be. Yet,
for the child we should remember there
is the Legacy that will be of both lands-
destiny joined together. All is fair in ...
And, behold, ye all are seen naked.

When You
Want To Know
The Official Site of God,
One True God.
c. 2000+
The Word Of God
Let's make a deal ... to see
my own child. What a joke.
Psychic Sciences. A nice
Elian - the political
football "
4" months later.
Patrick Dorismond -
New York City
Innocent Dead Man.
People should learn to let
Life live and consider that.
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- News To Talk About -
- News To Talk About -
In The Beginning ...
Hillary Clinton
The First Lady of
The New Millennium.

New York City
The tyrant Mayor
Year 2000

This is a
Non - Political
history written.
" People died
Senselessly. "
- More to Come -
Busy working on other things.
Break time. See ya soon.
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When what is explosive goes into
motion... things come to the surface:
when the truth is examined. Talk about
a child's Mother
. By fact: a woman who
for the sake of her own desire to leave
the Land where a certain child was born
- she was in deep water. She died. The
child could have. She was willing to
risk the Life of a child. In one's hands.

According to those who were
there, this was not an accident.
The man who shot Patrick
Dorismond, as we are told,
pulled the hammer back -
took the moment to do that -
and then shot him dead.
New York City: The Land
of Criminal Cover-ups !
A child should be allowed to grow up
with their own Father. An issue in Nature.
Any peoples who deny this now suffer.
Revelation. Tested. What is separated
by water ? People who are not a child's
true father and mother and who would
dare take that from a child see not their
own shame.

History can be read
many ways. Truthfully.
New York City 2000
If you kill me, I have
one thing to say:
"Thank you."

We learn all America is not Disneyland. Let
It Be.
Life is serious. Is this all because of
Elian or because of another child ? Hunter
said, "So what if he controls the weather-
what does that have to do with the issue ?"
Who has that power, that relationship with
all of Nature ...

Goto ... Hillary - News to talk about
A land called Cuba at the end of the
1900's opened its doors to the Press
and to Commerce - making a bridge
possible to have productive relations
with a government that is a dictatorship
and a government where many people
are happy living and some others are
not. This page is a place where the
unspoken truths hidden are Spoken.
And America is tested.

Some things are an observation.
P.S. That is not an invite.
We all have a job to do.
You are supposed to
be here.

Fort what it's Worth. 2
Tornados. 4 Dead. 100 +
injured. Offices trashed.

Two 4.2 Quakes Rumble sleepy
Japan Volcano Spring 2000 ...
Let me know when you want me to
stop calling this "coincidence"
and call it "event" instead --

It is between You all and
The Universe. The issue
of: What is ???
Next Coincidence
The Karma upon all America and pending
is not about Elian. It is way deeper than
that. He serves the purpose by "coincidence"
of demonstrating "an example" just like the
unusual shootings. America suffers until ...
What is Jewish and of Greek origin but is not ?

The Mayor Who Made The Police
Work Without A Contract
For Years.
then it Exploded.
The Mayor who
Tried to control
the way people walk.

The MaYor who cost
the city $ 1,000,000 +
in a legal fees
settlement in
the "Sensation" art
Displayed at the
brooklyn Museum.
Hitler had
supporters and
many followers
too. Never
forget That.
The Man who is
criticized by federal
judges for trying to
take away freedoms
and constitutional
rights from everyday
History writes this
political Tyrant as
a man who made
some white people
feel embarassed
just because they
were born white.
The Man who covered
up everything:
fabricated crime
stats, Police abuse,
his own personal
deceit, and so much
more. People got
hurt, people died,
taxpayers paid out
Did you "Notice" or
note ? The bottom of
the main page was
pointed, posted,
written in print, and,
then it happened: not
before. And within
days. Tornados and
a volcano. "Now that
you have my attention."
Life is very interesting lately.
For everybody.
the man who
was too small
to apologize
to the family of an
innocent man he
caused the death of
because this mayor
needed to spend
$ 24,000,000.00
for "Condor"
to hunt down
people having
a nickel bag
of Pot (weed).
Since 1980 was so long ago ... when you
look at life from the age of 20 years old
in the year 2000: many were not here or
were just babies. Now with their own
opinions. For others who were here it
was only yesterday. A reality. If you dare
to remember.
Add on early April
quakes; New Zealand,
Taiwan, Turkey, etc.-
"In session." 40033084
The influx of Boat People brought more
disease, viral activity and with more
people it helps the spread of A.I.D.S. - for
the American budget to bear. In year 2000
communities sought to dictate whether
a child should be with his father (the
child's own biological blood) or not:
just because they do not like: (a man)
a government or the Laws of a Nation.

Different kind of education here. "What
goes round comes round." The parallels
of common ground. "Executive material."
Who is really "concerned." Building the
future is not by separating children from
their true parents - tearing down what is.
Balance is creating happy relationships
and "keeping Family together." There is
still the true face of those with their own
agenda. No compromise. See their shame.

The man who sent
police to a funeral
of the man they
Here is The
greedy leading
the greedy and
the blind ... at
the same time.
The man who used
and forced fear
on many people
for his own gain.
Death when a child was at so young an
age. Then there is the Community who
is going to dictate to all America what
they will comply with and what they
won't. Did someone say it sounds
similar to New Jersey ? hmmm-

1980 this Country called America played
host to many Cuban boat refugees who
escaped the Cuba they were unhappy
with. With it came the sick, the criminal,
and those thinking all of America was
a Disneyland. America gained more
underground activity - guns, narcotics,
and crack just to make a living.

People in America interfering in a child /
father life by separating the two spend
so much money for lawyers. Still there
is a time when a child comes of full age
where "The child can make their own
decisions"- find all truths: and begin a
new Life.

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