What an interesting day - October 2, 2000
You may see that I just made Space so
this can continue on this column instead
of moving over to the other column under
more "Serious Business." What happened
is now "official" - part of The Court Record.
I see the Law the Court is being tested by
Life itself. It appears there is a legal case
with the Wisdom of a Solomon coincidence
developing except that both parties have
called (used) yours truly as "the witness."
In "evidence" as an "Exhibit" is a personal
written by me. (Exhibit "R" no less.
Can you believe that.) It spoke of a person
with a "cocaine chippy" and handling the
public for months with an open bloody sore
on their face without taking precautions to
keep the public safe from contamination and
The Fact "I make it a practice not to Lie."
Would you put a letter like that into The
"Public" Record ??? Not unless you are
filled with that much ego and forgot what
you were really doing to: Yourself. The
case was about the right for a woman
to own her own property and to have her
property cared for and recognized: as a
woman's right to own property. In short both
parties used "Him" "TheWordOfGod.com"
as an "official witness." "On The Record."
When You
Want To Know
The Official Site of God,
One True God.
The Brethren of Prophets.
Home of "The Prophets
Prophet." c. 2000+
The Word Of God
- News To Talk About -
In The Beginning ...
The First Lady of
The New Millennium.
- More to Come -
Busy working on other things.
Break time. See ya soon.
Return To Portal Opening
History can be read the
correct way. Truthfully.

If you kill me again,
I have but one thing to
say ... "Thank you."

Some things are an observation.
Let me know when you want me to
stop calling all this "coincidence"
and call it "the next event" instead--

What is Jewish and of Greek
origin yet is not ? It is between
You and The Universe: The
issue of
What is.

Next Coincidence
by "coincidence" demonstrating
"an example" like: are you getting
an Education, shootings and then
some. "I heard words" when
none were spoken. America
getting burned in the west.
The Point in the east.

The so-called American Holy Ground:
The Courts and The Justice System
serve themselves with special interest
and massive corruption. Perspective
out of proportion. In the written opinion of
The Court of the Highest Order the matter
is set forth for disposition as declared in
the decree of The Prophets
There is no time left. The time to speak is.
Like a vibration literally passing sound
into the womb from a human being's
mouth on a woman's stomach to a child.

You nailed a being to a cross. Yet,
ye have learned little. On the second
death you took from the being his breath.

News Talk 1 - The Cornerstone.
NewsTalk2 - A Monster. A Mayor
documented in History. And all
who follow the Tyrant. Written.
Also, The Political Football.

And care only if it effects them. They
lack awareness and the caring to have
the awareness they should have and
need. And those with strength keep
their might to appease the political.
As if money is everything. This
world and dimension of time is a bad
Land that finds selfishness a priority.
What Greater Crime Could You
-The Human Beings- Commit ...
beyond having "stole" the
daughter of The Word Of God.
Tell me. I want to know. Logic.
There is none.
Uh oh, it's "Him" again.
And in human History is it not true people
nailed someone physically to a cross ?
No ? You lie. It all comes back. You want
to try that again. Remember March 8th.
"A breath from nowhere filled the lungs
of a Lifeless body."
Are you getting the drift ?
The tide goes up, the tide
goes down. Now breathe.
With the Earth. Get the drift ?
You have engaged, brought
forward, The Holiest of Holy
Wars. What time waited
for. And who you started
it with was none other
than- The Universe itself.
I wish you all: good... luck
Watching The Wheels.
Many things get very Hot.
The Moral To All Stories:
No greater insult may be made against the
Universe itself then to steal what is property
belonging directly to the Universe itself.
Think about it. You murder each other.
Have succeeded in every atrocity that
can be the most evil done to humans.
And you nailed a being to a cross.
And then you were Judged. Others plead
for Humanity. And you were given the
chance. You judged yourselves into
damnation. But based on those souls
that plead for you and for forgiveness:
a small stay was set forth. Which then ...
was created to demonstrate the most
profound deepest hubris of all.
Then the man said "You (literally) murdered
." And who was that man, what was his
title. A name written ? Cover up God's
handiwork ?
How angry is the Universe ??
Forces of Nature. Ahhhhh -now the
picture is becoming complete ...
Everything in Life comes back to you
as well as others. Remember those
words "Just as well." And Life itself
has its finger on your pulse and every
generation connected to you.
This Space progessively grows. Nature... Forces of true
power upon the conscience of humankind. All those
disrespectful suffer.
Arielle - That is amazing.
You got there before me.
You were just waiting
for me to get there. See
what happened when
you spoke to me. Read
it any way you see it.
The way it is. Totally --

NewsTalk3 - Is it about the child
or the father ? Which child, which
father ??? And Monster continued.
The Story of Humanity begins.

But if you are privileged with more
knowledge, then you can go from
here to there. And you know that.
Have a good time. Inside knowledge.
Two sides to the coin. Undercurrent
to the ocean waves. What you see
and what you don't. There is ...
always something to learn.
Learn all you can.
If you know of "the TC site" do
not bring people from there to here.
They are not to know the connection
unless they find what is inside their
"self" on their own --gets them here.
Seal Your Own.

Do what you will. Let's see.
A.I.D.S., Lyme Disease,
West Nile Mosquitos ...
What's missing. Balance.

"Signed 4" in the flesh
The Prophets' Prophet.
"The Word of God" alive.
Richard David Renda

One word ... it came in time to
be. TheWordOfGod.com . True.

Human History. Your human history.
Where you really come from.
Documented. Evermore.

You ask this Question.
The Word of God .com
how do I type that.
One word ?
TheWordOfGod.com --
One Word. Life literal.
The Word of God
one word. See ???
Someone said that looks like a
sword, you scallywags !!!
See the "R" upper right.
"I don't see it."

The Challenger
Space Shuttle
Event January 1986

photo credit: back page
New York Daily News.

Don't mess with
Mother Nature or
who she

What one would
think it says --

The Word is

"It's a fat fat world
with a real funky
funky Buddha
in it." Many Rivers
To Cross.

I must remember to tell you
all (or someone else will)
the story of events that
happened August 12, 1997
in a Courtroom ("official").
The story would be called
"A Changing of Clothes" in
mid "arrest." Superman in
the telephone booth. What
may be called: An Action
Figure. A Figure In Action !

NewsTalk4 - The Answers "Why."
The Monster is burned. Oh no.
Much more coming. What next ?

News To Talk About: 4. Wow.
What power !
Don't mess with Mother Nature.

Earth Quake
Touch her "Just
as well."
see what
See the
Dragon Fly.
On ...to some
"Big Scenes."
Try this ! At a medium volume.
Infant technology.
Just a little
something for Mother Nature.
It is her day. Sound. History.
June 15. Year 2000. Posted on
this day for Mother Nature and
the Forces that are. A gift.

spread ... The Word.
NewsTalk Mid-Year 2000. "Him"
moving Forces of Nature. And
turning. Keys. The pages of
Destiny, Fate, and The Mystic.
The Dead are restless.

And the dead: are restless.
We are travelers through time,
and Space. Documented.
Totally. Cool.

There are certain
windows in Time.
The Pen has 4. You
see two. What is said
that is missing. What
two statements appear
next ? Do you know ??
"The Pen."
- or -
The Music Credit:
Tripping Daisy
The Dangerous Type
from the soundtrack
"The Craft."

The Story of Humanity on Earth
They kill their brothers and sisters.
They murder Prophets. Children
starve. They -humans- have wholly
shown by their own actions they care
little about anything but themselves.
Without evidence that gives way to
-let it be written- this declaration
shall remain final and shall be the History
of all human kind: those in the time we
called Earth.
But who am I ?
A memory.
See Nature.
Learn respect.
(Hey Timmy, I apologize for
having to take some extra hours
to get this posted. But I too
have to sleep and eat also...
at least sometimes.
"Mid-Year: News To Talk About."
June 2 is a key. Okay ? Plus
April 20, 1998 -and- the April
27th, 1998 Court proceeding
that was not: BUT WAS.
Packaged July 6th, 1998
... again "Too cold out."
There it is.)

Preserve Something Good.
"Save as."
Touch the Tornado
and just wait. But.
Take shelter.
Be careful of --
"reckless disregard."
Ever hear of Moses. He had a
"Personal" relationship with "The Angel
of Death." How long ago was Moses ?
Evenso, he is still around. And they
did not even have the machine of ...
preservation: la Computer. Do not want
any connection to those who have
thought their hands of deceit corruption
could control or even try to control the
forces of Nature which brought forth
breath. It is very much about what God
demands. The balances of Life. You
go against that. Well. Your problem.
And if you think God does not exist, is
not the power of all power .. it sees the
point. Coming in many ways. 4. There
is Justice. And. God is real. The
corrupt protect the corrupt and forget
their own soul. But you all let Them >>
destroy yours. Sweet.

Ye The People - were well warned.
This is just documentation. Nature
wanting the truth of you all told. And

May be we can make another point.
Everyone is here at the same time.
From many Lifetimes. The reason:
To teach you all a lesson.
What Nature should waste time ???
Teaching you. One by one.
Do you need another point.
The Word is very specific.
Well chosen.
As is the punctuation.
More than one meaning.

One thing reads into another.
One point at a Time. Some thing
about a chance.
To be
continued . . .
You can never kill what is Forever.
It lives. Everyone passes on this
world. A matter of Time. We all
know. Time is ... no matter.

Now give God a prayer for
God. Anyone ever do that ???
Say a prayer to God for God
instead of always just for
yourselves ? Do it.

It goes like this: "Dear God,
thank you."
What you did not see.
1977 - sound vibration produced
by the Human Voice that can
make TV screens oscillate
perfected and titled "The Word"
a/k/a "The Word Of God."
1981 - U.S. copyright registered
with Library of Congress "The
Word of God", author anonymous.
1982 - "Spot" International Lizard.
1984 - U.S. copyright registered
Library of Congress "The Word Of
God" sound recording -official-,
author Richard david Renda.
1985 - placed in choke hold and
held by throat until the human
body "stopped moving" completely
... a/k/a "stopped breathing." plus
S.W.A.T Sunday and much more.
A.I.D.S info released end summer.
1986 - "4" page CDC A.I.D.S.
warning in every mailbox in U.S.
"Signed 4" classified. News day.
1987 - signed permanently into
Law by New York State Supreme
Court Judge as to quote, what
is written exactly, "known In
Law" "the second coming
of the prophet." Officially.
1988 - moved back into the Big
Gotham. Met with Ms. Laurie,
Anna Wintour, and many credible
worthy beings of great works.
1994 - present intro and officially
register in Law "Totally Cool
the trademark. Owned by Richard
Renda ...United States, France,
Spain, Canada, Japan and others.
1996 - September. Complete.
August 11, 1996 New Jersey
strangulation assailant fails
in New York at murder.
December 3, 1996 "allegedly
speaking." December 4 Skechers
attempted murder fails. Again.
1997 - August 12. An action
figure a figure in action. Girl
Scouts of America President
tries set-up and fails. Pervert
wants "to fuck" a 1 year old girl.
Government employee involved.
1998 - "TheWordOfGod.com"
(launched November 22, 1999.)
2000 - Spring. Totally Cool .
Secured distributorship of "Clip
on" Electronic Mosquito Repellent
"Personal Protection Device." And
"History on Record." Launched.
TheSpacemanChannel.com --
July 4th. For a Brief.
Go to: News Talk 6 ;
"The Word Of God
Has Been Serious Business
To Billions Of People For
Thousands Of Years."

There is a Fact. Think about
that for a while. How serious.
What happens after your last
breath ?

To The Brothers: I can not
leave you without giving you
what you want, the end of the
story: the message. It is simple
but it is personal. So, may be.
Think about it. The message:
" We are Travelers through
Time and Space."

And for the general message,
you know what that is: "save
as." Or La Computer teaches:
lose all. Blessings and smiles.
Upon you.
"Save As" ! ! !
Very Important. "Save as." - Pass it on -
NewsTalk 6 - The Piper plays in
the beginning and in the end.

Return To Portal Opening

When you go out to Dinner -most of
the time- You do not see who
"The Main Dish." Do You
?? They enter through a different door.
And many Times ...The Main Course
is Really Prepared. Well.

Just made a point.

What happens when you treat badly
whomever prepares "The main course"
??? Enjoy Dinner. Others choke on it.
The Karma continues
So the "facts" are documented.
In these times you can not change
what any of the Prophets have
said especially what is of The
Prophets' Prophet. Unless you
get it "first" hand. From "Him"
direct. "La Computer preserves"
that. So let it be written. Here are
the "Facts." Unaltered. First hand.
You can not get better than that.
Never let those of deceit change
these words written. You know.
You have been here before. But.
And ... How would you know ?
Which is the dream ???
Only after. You wake up.
Heard an Editor say...
"There is an Epidemic going on.
An Epidemic of Coincidences."
What is a white baseball ?
A Sphere Flying through the air.
Look familiar ?

What next.

Fans were Forced to find
shelter in the top of the
first inning.
Detroit (Reuters August 24) -
FLYING ANTS. "I've never seen
them come out of nowhere like
that. That was crazy," said the
Tiger's first baseman Dean
Palmer. "It was like a Cloud,
a thick cloud coming from left

"I couldn't blow a bubble because
I didn't want any bugs to get
stuck on the bubble," said
Mariner's pitcher Paul Abbott.
"I couldn't believe the crowd.
I thought we were going to get
bugged out in the first. It was
amazing -- a stampede from

Amazing. Did someone
mention Mother Nature was
talking to you ?
Hummmm....... think so. See
"The Message" to The
Brothers ???

Are You Giving God What
God Gave You ? Life. And
"Respect." Do you have a
problem understanding
What God Is. Let me help
God Is The Living
Mind of "The
All Universes.
You are A Living Being in that The
Universe which really lives. Not
some fictional beliefs many have
made themselves comfortable
with. People have been selling
you God
for so long you do not
even know What God Is and where
you really come from any more.
In this Space and In The True
Core of The Universe it is known.
"God Is Not for Sale." God is
some thing for your soul. The
reality of Your soul. And the
realization of who you really
are. Enjoy The Journey.
Ask your self from within. Do you
care what will happen to you. Did
you say "no" ? Ask your "self" ?
Is that your true self speaking ???
As it answers without learning.
A friend once told a person "bold
hardness is the blind stupidity of
inflated egos." Some see it as
inside the human being. Evenso.
It is not the True human being.
The true human being is inside
even if you know it not. The truth.
And what is raw ... Real.
Let's look at this statement
again: "The Word Of God
has been serious business to
billions of people for thousands
of Years."

If the Universe brought in someone
to develop "TheWordOfGod.com"
who do you think the Universe
would send ??? Think about it
for a while. It will come to You.
First it is written. Then.
It happens. What is a prophecy.
(for the record) Another point.
Was that "a double edged sword"
or "out of his mouth goeth a sharp
sword" ? Do you know where they
both are ??? Hint. In the same
place. Not A Riddle. A Fact.
A new slate. This is were The
Games begin. Enough. Let's
Dance. Here, you can carry
my Cross.

We are going to The Celebration
of Life and Time. Stay Tuned.

"Goodness." News To Talk About.
A Special Thanks To All
The World Leaders Who
To The Table to have their
issues, concerns, and desires
heard to have a more secure world
... The simple Desire to have a
Tomorrow. May Powers Beyond
all human beings protect your
route to reaching prosperity,
peace, and Wealth. The
Universe Is Watching.
The Millennium Summit
At The United Nations
Year 2000.
And let us not forget.
Congratulations "To The First Lady
Of The New Millennium." Hillary.
-- The only "First Lady" to Win
a Political Election. A MileStone
In History. Will she be a Human
being and not The Politician.

And Also Big Congratulation
to All The Clothing Designers Of
America - You Have "Made It" -
The City Of The World.
New Millennium Spring 2001 -
Welcomes The Men's and
Women's Fashion Collections.
Going Forward. .
NewsTalk 7 - Numbers: their
Meaning and their Magic
Silent Messiah Atom Sub
level what's a little rain.

One would think with all the Space it
has been quiet. Not so. Mother Nature
doing just fine. On schedule you could
say. If you know this is a world of
design then you know there were 10
days in the Northeast "Picture Perfect"
with 1 day "heavy heavy rains." If you
were there you know it played good
sound effects. Also you may have seen
or you notice we were with many many
spheres. Of many worlds. 3 dimensional
flesh, blood, breath, run way. Of course,
we are back to school. Getting that
education. But to start this new season
America has gone from first grade (never
forget Kayla Roland) to the next level:
"Middle School" New Orleans. It may
not be coincidential to anyone else but
it is to some and on "the official record."
For fact, never in any extended time
does The Word leave the State that is
The City of The World. The Vortex In
Time. 4 events in this Life was a visit
elsewhere: California (etc.), Florida,
Washington D.C., "New Orleans." And
on the record: "Vincent and Company"
(Miss "just as well") condemned the
presence of you know: "Him" at NATPE.
Okay, where were we. Yes. Getting
more. "An Education." Starting this new
school season America begins a round
of "bullet points" with this: the Last
week of September. Year 2000. 2 boys
middle school -New Orleans- shoot
each other with same gun: at school.
We see how adults are reaching /
understanding the children and future
unfolding. Both boys: in critical condition.
One boy shoots another. The boy shot
takes gun and shoots. More Facts: "The
Cover-ups." NYC - Boy waiting for heart
transplant (in 2 weeks) dies at school
turning 16. Medical letter clearly states
this student is not to take gym class.
The boy dies at "gym class." The Point:
The New York City school Principal lied
to "cover up" and said the student died not
at gym but "on the stairs." How low has
human truth gone. Those paid to cover
up and lie do it for money. They Forget
concerning their being with what is to be
faced in the future. They "fail" to bare in
mind their own last breath will come. Life
does record every deed. It knows. And it
can not be fooled. You know what. It, Life
itself, is: always waiting for you to walk into
tomorrow. It is waiting for you. Waiting
with The Word many try to hide and hide
from: accountable. Everyone is accountable
... How can you hide from The Power that
pushes you through someone's legs to get
you into this world. Oh, to some that is not
special in itself ? Okay -- where were we ...
Bullet points. Now Mosquito points - to New
Jersey. You can say "Governor Whitman
truly knows what it feels like to be a first."
Watch History write for a fact this truth.
The First Person "confirmed" To Die From
The Mosquito West Nile Virus On The
Dawn of The New Millennium - Year 2000 -
died where ??? Where else: In New Jersey.
Union. The 2nd person "confirmed" "near
death" from the mosquito lies, also in New
Jersey. Exactly where ? Bayonne. That
said a lot. The Point. The exact same
place where "just as well" kept The Child
the "prevert caller" said "can't wait to fuck."
Nature really did make a point. What did
the scriptures say: "There is no salvation
without blood." Who is the two year
"conspiracy" that "stole" ? Let us do
that name again: "Vincent." Life has a
message. Also, you should learn. Never
try to kill The Messenger. Your Life may
depend on it. Don't worry Lady Lisa I did
not forget. Never do. As I said a few weeks
ago. I will write you. You know who you
are. Just watch. Onward.
Need answers. 4 lives of great value in a car drive
off the fifth floor and fall "4 stories." Dead. They
were "Nurses." From where ??? St. Vincent's
hospital in The City of The World. Now one might.
Get the idea that even the Saints do speak in a
certain manner and are they angry. What did
"The People" let Vincent steal, aside from the
19th Pct. covering up "attempted murder" ? More
than just the Saints are angry. On you, your
family, even your veggies: The City of New York
is spraying chemicals that are "not registered"
with the EPA. The Press corps told me outright
"everything in Staten Island is dead: no bees, no
butterflies, no nothing -- all dead." But they still
got mosquitos infecting humans. And now we
have one dead bunny. A rabbit was found with
the west nile virus. 20 years later: what then ?
Last week of the 9th Month.
Year 2000. We should recognize
many spheres. What about
volleyball. Any way.
Athletes who with the power of
their Life performed before the
World what is
the Living Human
. To many that participated
The 2000 Olympics - to the
many who shared it with the
World, to the fine coverage NBC -
TV (a/k/a Channel 4 in New York)
maintained, to the historical
interludes included: there is
Destiny's Example of what is
The Very Best. In peace. Not war.
And we note "Australia never
forgets its friends." If ye The
Peoples of this Earth can bring
your Spiritual being to meet the
level of our technicial age this
World may (does) have a chance
at the next 10,000 years ... plus
some. All you have to do is wake
before you die. Think about
that for a while. Are we learning.
Someone asked where am I doing
the show now. That is a strange
question. Why do you ask, or was
that a report to some Big Brother.
Can not find me --or-- actually:
concerned ? The answer was
"everywhere." You were told
nothing. You may see "Him"
smile. But trust ??? Give one
reason why The Word should.
Lady Lisa -- I met a being in this
Life. A being close to the journies.
Yet this being was across many
waters. Life brought this person
into a circle called "A. Riddle" that
is well written (documented) --
another corrupt conspiracy to use
the public and their monies and to
control. But the being who traveled
across the water to get here could
have really made a difference to
the World. That one being could
have made an extreme difference.
Outside the glass wall. The being,
The Word thought, could have
been "intellectual" and yet their
existence was vain like so many
others. Then false pretenses, lies
followed. The Word called this
being. "Bugs Bunny's Girlfriend."
Others used it as if it was their
own invention even though it
was not. So. They got a different
Christmas present. Life is never
business. Life is always personal.
What happened to the being ?
Lady Lisa beth -- That individual
became like many others as the
Earth gets closer to death. They
look at Life passing by from the
little box ... through a glass
window. Praying to some icon
that is God for Sale or one you
can pay for on Sunday morning
as they then go out to lie and
steal from Monday. Another beats
on people as they may also their
children. Does it have merit ? Not
in my book. A being like that and
beings who find their "self" more
important than Destiny's calling or
even more important than "Truth"
ultimately just become cast aside
as merely another of the myriad of
"lost souls." More long endless
journies in The Greatest Adventure
for "Them." But you do reach a
Lifetime where you are told who
you are. And what you are. Hey
Lisa -- In this story did that person
grow ? Yes. They grew "fatter."
Were they still Loved ? Yes.
Might even be Missing You.
When Life calls on a Destiny
to help save this World and
you think it does not matter.
"Think again you learn."

More people cry, more people die.
It did not have to be that way. It
never had to be that way. Life is
what you make it. Do you make
it corruption, brutality, and death ?
Those guilty say "No." But we
see lies. You can Learn. We are
a Big Family. Hey my Crystal ball.
How's it going ? How we doing ?
Job getting done ?? Is done. On
schedule. What is next. A good
story ends "Happily ever after."
As the future does. Spring 2001.
A "thank you" from all and from
the spectators too. It is in The
Production that true talent rains
with outrageous beauty. Aside
from those responsible for "The
Electronic Nightmare" things
went very well. Love, The Many

Ooo Ooo Ooo. Have to say this,
just in case you think it is

My dear Ann -- What an honor.
What a pleasure. The fact that
Life would bring you to me. In
person. We were at the cross
road. You called my name. I
turned. Lifted my eyes. And
Looked. I heard You say "I am
Ann." And there you stood like
an Angel from within. That energy.
That meant so much to me. A
Special moment. -- So special.
None could ever know. The New
York Observer said who I am.
And. Tag, You're it. I love you very
much. Always will. May Nature
and all of Time Love You as much.
Also one more note. Ty, Fern,
Stan, Tommy, and to those who
I do love - and would die- to be in
the company of and would not live
without (you know who you are) -
Let it be written- YOU ARE OF
The Word to you all is as you said
to me. "Just be your self." Most
of the time. You are doing pretty
good. As I turn to bow, I bow to
the Honor and the Pleasure to
have known you all. Never forget.
I do not forget. Life is forever.
So, who would I bring with me
during these times ? Beginning 2
make cents ? The time of
Revelation. We are one family.
The Best The Universe Has. Nice
to see you again. Now you know
who you are. Be "The memory
of Life."
It is Written. In a certain
Space. The Word. By the way,
did you ever take the time to smell
a rose ? Just one time. A person
(transcriber) gave me "a dozen
white roses" in this Life. Do you
know why ? Because they knew
. They knew exactly
who they were in another Life.
Even then they could not forget.
Life is forever. The Living Proof.
Did you see the quote from
George Washington about Politics
and Religion ? May it remain
another week for those who would
"Burn The Constitution To The
Ground." America. Land of The
Free. Land of The Unjust, The
Corrupt, and Cover-ups. Truth
always shows its face in Time.
Oh right. You think you can fight
Mother Nature and beat Life itself.
Where was "1st person" confirmed
to die from the point of The West
Nile virus in the Year 2000 ???
Nature at work or Coincidence ?
There are 2 roads to travel. The
good. And the bad. There is:
no in between. Even if you think
otherwise. Life is not about what
you "think", it is about "what is."
History writes. Facts. You can
not undo yesterday. And evenso.
Tomorrow is yesterday. Nature
does have the power to bite. It
also has the Power to make
humans "extinct." Who in Hell
do you all think you are ? Life is
watching you, every one of you. To
those at Saint Vincent's Hospital:
as it is said, "the loss of one life
taken is one too much." But the
loss of "4" ... it did not have to
happen. That is the number of
those "soldiers of Mother Nature"
and they shall be. In Comfort.
A moment of Silence. A moment
to Remember. There is no end.
All is waiting.

Did you see the Athletes dive in
-- to the water ?

How many new to be born will die
before a person can make it into
this world from the womb ???
"RU" next. In America: Now even
more children may die, losing Life,
because of the modern Adults
"fear of the future." Or because of
personal wants. Think about this
... if your mom and dad were to
conceive you in these times, what
do you think your chances would
be on making it here ??? Having
a Life. -- Until we meet again --
("Heavy, Heavy rains." Those are
actually words from a song called
"Golden Union.") The Mosquito
points to New York in the Year
1999 to New Jersey in the Year
2000. That is. A Golden Union.
Ask George Washington. Did
you like that ? The way we bridge
a connection. "Full circle." What
was George Washington's quote ?
All written in History. The U.S.
Opens. Life never forgets Life
is forever. People do that.
Let's go beyond "A. Riddle."
Which Crain asked: At what age
should a child be told of the "bad"
things their mother has done ???
Nice question. Ask: at what age
should a child find that a State of
Peoples gave the child to people
who have done "bad" things, very
"bad" things ? As it is recorded.
"On the official record (and on
tape)." Preserved. When did the
mosquitos start killing people in
The Land called America ??? And
when did schools start getting the
Bullet Point education ? It must
have been after you took the child.
As history writes. No one gets
away with murder or attempted
murder. It is about Life. It always
comes back to you. No matter
who you think you are. Life is
talking. Life Is Talking To You.
To all the Jewish People across
the Lands, to you The Word saith
"Happy New Year." Welcome to
this The New Millennium. And
many Best wishes. But I say to
you all, this also. There is The
Story of the $10 Gold Piece. So
is The Book of Esther. On this The
Dawns of Future Time, ye must
stop the flow of human blood on
the ground of this Earth and the
Lands that are of all of us. From
the "Old Holy City to The New
City." The Word of God is as
much of your neighbor: as it is
of your "self." What was it The
Word has written. "Respect."
An interesting concept.

To you Mr. Jason Bunin. Thanks
for The Coat. Dressed in White.
Or was it what the doctor ordered.
Hummm. Thank you. T-o-t-a-l-l-y.
Like it says when you see "Him."
"Until We Meet Again." With a
smile. And -- a "Ray of Light."
Cool ... What is something that
"comes from the Heart" ??? If you
know the answer to that: then you
are. Of many Worlds. You can
wake up ... before
you die. Life is continual.
Should this time go backwards.
More massive Earth Quakes,
Burning Lands, Volcanos, etc.
Learn a little ton of History. In
the early 1900's the flu killed 40
million people one season. Try
kindness. It is something that
must be massive to work. But it
must start somewhere. Human
beings should remember.

You get what you give. "10 fold",
and then some. All a matter of
Time. No rush. How much more
blood will spill. How many more
people will be hurt. Only those
The Falling Ones spill milk. The
Chosen Ones preserve it. For all
to enjoy. Things can get better.
If you work on it. If we work on it.
As does the Universe. In The
I think we see Spots. Or was that polka
dots ... Where did that extra Dalmation
come from ? Now there are "102."
Remember the Message ? We are Travelers
through Time and Space. What will you tell
your children ... more lies ? And their children's
children ?? And the great grandchildren ???
Do you think they will not find absolute truth ?
Do you think future adults will be that stupid ...
and not smart enough to see through the evils ?
Very Wrong. People see. Teach all the future
this. Save what Nature gave you. Save as.
Because. You are destroying it: Nature and
Life. Can't you see it changing right in front
of your eyes ?????????? The Point.
No one is that blind. Blessings.
I should be honored. Let's see. Respected
member of The Press. Does not Lie. A
respected Editor, and, Fashion stylist in
the industry more than 10 years - oh I forgot
and also a Television producer airing weekly
on Manhattan Cable for more than 5 years
(aside from everything else). Sounds ...
"Credible." Who would give The Courts a
letter stating they do cocaine from a witness
that is not a hostile witness or remotely
suggesting a hostile witness ? What is
interesting is that I know the man longer
than I do the woman. But I stand firm that a
woman has a right to own property and be
treated equally and as fairly as a man. Also
a woman should not have to live with the
fear that her property can be damaged and
no one do anything about it because she is
"only a woman." What is funny is someone
said I "verbally" spoke to a man: Valecenti.
When in fact, I have not spoke to this man
for over 4 years, other than Hello or Good
bye when unavoidable. When I have to
say something I do it in writing - so there
is proof. What did that just tell you ???
Would you like to see more past writings
surrounding this case ? What do you
think ? Does a woman have the right to
own property and not have it constantly
destroyed by those entrusted to care for
it ? I only want to know one thing since
the Court is being Snowballed as usual:
In Exhibit "R" when the letter ends it says
"see the enclosed" why was "the enclosed"
not included ??? Because it was an even
more revealing document -- so let us see
how smart the Judge really is ? Anymore
concoctions I need to deal with that waste
more of yours and my time. The Greatest
Adventure ... it is one thing: The Truth.

As you can imagine, this writer is on the
top of many Bad Guys Hit list. Nothing
new. The saga continues ... time to
wake up.
Oh and just for the record ... on the
day when it was written and posted
-- the "New Year" greeting -- here to
All jewish peoples across the Lands
this The Word and The Pen had not
known you all were killing each other
again and had been doing it for "4"
days. Found your new rivers of blood
on the Newscast that night. Is that
strange. Maybe you forgot you came
into this world from between some
one's legs. You did not do it yourself.
A power above and beyond you did
that. If "I" feel the electric of the
blood flowing on the ground which
caused The Word to The Pen, then
what do you think Life feels when
rivers of blood flow ?? Or are you so
vain to think Life does not feel -- only
you do ??? Read what is written.
More people will die because
many "Stole" "The Daughter of
The Word of God", "The Daughter
of the City" from the birthright.
One wishes it did not have to be
that way. The way it is. The
warnings were posted. Have you
ever seen "Him" demonstrate the
manner in which the execution
"choke hold" was done ??? When
you see it you realize. What you
have done is: Beyond "murder."
American. And Mr. Bill ... June 24,
1998 - you make a parent a "felon"
because they do not have money.
You rot in Hell. Or, you undo what
you did. A parent "a felon"
because they gave Life. You
are really sick. The Word for you
is. "Selfish." What is the meaning
of "is" ??? As President in your
book "is" is "a Lie." You are an
example and kids -those that are
not stupid- as none are- they got
a good education from it. Learned
"not to respect." No matter what
you think. I hear younger ones say
it. All you cared about was you.
"Respect." An interesting word.
Have we reached the middle of the
month yet ? Not Yet ......... Now
if I looked into my Crystal. I would
say that was a heavy conversation
Yeah ... but is it in your blood
Did you notice there is no period
or question mark at the end of the
last sentence. Well. See. You can
read it with a period. Again. You
can read it with a question mark.
See. (?) Which would you use ?
But can you get The Word to tell
you if it were "Him" what would he
use ? Now I would say. "The pulse
of The Earth is beating." Hey --
"Lady of The City" do you think
The Word would write The World
into The Book of Life faithful and
true and not write you in. Ahhhhh
Think again. You are written as
you see from Time to Time but not
direct where what The Word has is
"a Title 4 you." Oh. But you saw it
written then. Was that from above.
Lady of The City. As you see
many live Life with a smile moreso
when they are literally touched by
The Word and so acknowledged I
see you smile now -better see you
smile now - in Life ... and "forever."
Let's do a fun unusal story. On
this day a being came into the
circle of The Word. It would be a
unique convergence. Of course.
October 4. Year 2000. There
rarely comes a Time where a
human being begins a telepathic
wavelength and a conversation
with another before the two people
ever come to meet. If that happens
and they do meet it reveals some
thing. (Oh no, not again.) It reveals
that it is something that does not
happen. Wrong. So this being
goes to Him TheWordOfGod.com
and is told things that should not
be known. Especially by "Him."
In "the meeting" one man and
one woman have a number of
exchanges and conversations but
he knows more facts about her
then -as she knows- he possibly
could. How is that possible ? As
the time goes on she sees "Him"
thinking but he is not looking at
her. And ... she can hear "Him."
While he is thinking he hears her
hearing Him and turns to see she
is. -- Piercing through. She knows
she can't do that. But she sees
she is doing it. Her own best
witness: Herself. When "The
Vortex" was complete and the day
was done it was sealed with -- a
kiss and -- a hug. Something very
unsual about that Embrace. Felt
something. The reminder. Looking
at a works on paper: the embrace.
Something to do with very Forever.
An old friend. Time disappeared.
It wasn't a dream. It was real. Or
were you just told a story. Only
one person can be as close as
"Skin Tight." So much to say.
And nothing need be said. Some
times. You Just Have To Think
About It. Enjoy the day. Funny
this found its way here.
Pia - was it mentioned you would
be written. May be. I forget to tell
you I already wrote you in. Long
before I told you. From Him to you
what was said. "Master Booker."
How did you reply. "Master of The
Universe." That is called. An
interaction. Watch. I say "Totally."
You say ... what ? So it is written.
You were warned. All is Posted.
Except what waits within.
October 6. Year 2000 - Quake
Hits Japan 7.1, 7.3, "knocking
people off their feet." At least it
didn't knock them out of their
Shoes. Two men buried in
Landslide and other adverse
effects make the point. Reuters
"Tens of thousand of Quakes have
jolted the island chain in recent
months." But and only after
"Wok This" was "open to the
public." A coincidence ...
May be you should read the last
paragraph in the 1999 Newsweek
Magazine cover story "Prophecy."
And apply it. Every day this gets
more serious and more serious.
Even if you "don't see it."
Welcome to weekend rain. The
City in the East. Weatherman
says Rain for 4 days. The Word
saith little. Just making another
point. Last week friends went
Tuna fishing. Rough sea went
flat, cooperative. Hummm.--
need something ? The Observer.

People still fighting and spilling
blood in The Old Holy Land (s).

Middle East Gone Explosive.
October 8th. Year 2000.
11th day of fighting. Blood flows
on the streets of the Old Holy City
once again. A 12 year old boy
in the cross fire is shot dead
senselessly against The Wall
while video records it. Life
preserved it. He who is without sin
cast the first stone. He who is
without God fires the first bullet.
Shelling has begun. Many dead.
More hurt and dying. You are here
as it was foretold. Americans lost
for pure leadership and Spiritual
enlightenment. Leads to one
thing. 2 + 2 = 4. The Holy War.
More fighting. More dead. Men
taking lives speaking Godless
words filling their pockets with
nothing except the value of a
dollar and who rules what. Unrest
fills the streets of New York as
protesters cry. The screaming for
The Killing To Stop. Old World
Philosophy begets Old World
Results. Tell the Story of Life. The
Story of Life continual. What is
Bizarre ???
People are dying
from people killing people. Any
child can get hurt. Any time.
As can any adult. So Life shows.
Unless you have the power to read
The Future. How do you make
people who don't care: care.
AIDS, Lyme Ticks, Mosquito
Points ... War.
When some tried to cover up the
March 8th murder resurrection
they thought they could cover
up God's handiwork. And the
fact that The Power of Universe,
Nature's God: Is Real. Like most,
they forgot to think. I am The
Witness. Where did the breath
come from ? Visit a Holy Shrine
with troops. What next. Will we
watch a little girl on video - die
from the fighting. "Nice history"
you all are writing. In these times.
It is easy for humanity as we know
it to end. Pushing the buttons.
Just keep fighting. This is not a
time to go ... Remember. This
is a Time to row.
The Quote: "Do not let
any one claim to be a
true American if they ever
to remove Religion
from Politics" -- George
Tokyo 4.1 - Quake Explodes
on Japan again. October 11.
Secret. Coincidences. Point to
a conversation about signs of The
Beginning. The Word said "Cole."
And the spelling was like that

October 12 - Breaking News.
4 American Sailors dead, 12
missing, many injured.
Two men
in a boat come up along side the
Battleship Destroyer USS Cole in
Yemen. Not to row, but to go.
They stand up. Salute To America
and explode bomb ... ripping 20
by 40 foot hole in the USS Cole.
More serious and more serious.
First it is written. And it happens.
There is no Justice. Then. There
is no Peace. In all your vanity.
America still in deep water.
Deeper. See.
Mr. Bill. Karma.
If America had blessed timing -
were blessed- you would have
known it was coming. Death would
have been stopped. Did you learn
anything ? Did Jimmy Carter ever
take the writer's hand. The Word.
The Pen. What did you America
"The People" steal from all the
Universe ?? A Heritage. And
you want to be blessed peoples ?
"4,3,2,1" American Space Shuttle
The Discovery was delayed three
times since Thursday. But on
this day comes the number 4 and
lift-off is complete. Another piece
to the International project in place
-- Never forget those who have
died or your Life has no meaning.

What happens when you take a
Life ?

Killing leads to killing. Which
leads to more killing. One person
killing another person for killing
solves nothing. It just kills. And
compounds world hate. When
Americans support any "Killers
of Children" then they themselves
are "killers of children" also. But
the true American be not a killer.
True Americans are those who
would grow, create, preserve.
And watch with their own eyes.
From the Heart. With at least
one ounce of kindness More
Bullet Points in. The old Holy
Lands. Where neither side is right.
October 12. Year 2000. 5 p.m.
CNN "Tension in the Middle East
Explodes." Ahhhh. Humans. So
easy they forget
. Life. "Save as."
or ....
Are we escalating.
To the families who those they
love are the departed - remember.
They gave their Life for you. The
1 dozen white roses received in
this Life, The Word saith: "I give
those to you. And to your loved
ones." Signed, "Him." Another
child dies from men firing bullets.
More tanks killing people in The
old Holy Land. History writes
the truth by showing preserved
on video the so-called Holy People
of Moses are not Holy People.
Fact. They are: killers of Children
and people. The Death toll rises
in attack on Destroyer. Families
in many Lands cry. Everyone is
killing everyone
. Where does that
get anyone
? Where does it end ?
Bring families together. Issues --

Come with the Koran, come with
the Lotus Sutra, come with the
Torah, come with the Holy Bible.
In your arms. As a human being
come not with metal jacket bullets
and blood on many generations.
Gain a blessing.

The Future comes --

Anger. Can rule emotions. And
reaction. Think. The road of soul
pursues one element and only one
element: peace, peace, peace.
If you do not stop to look at the
trees there may be no trees to
look at later. Think. Breathe. If all
peoples do not pause aggression
you may not hear the sounds of
music again or a dog barking or
the sounds of your own family
members. When you listen Life
is the sounds around you and the
sounds inside you. This is True.
4 years ago was another Friday
the 13th. It was in September.
A notable day. The day "just
as well" "stole."

Friday the 13th - October 2000.
"War Games." Tic Tac Toe. Or
a nice game of Chess. What you
did not see ... Under the water.
Officials learned. A 20x40 foot
hole is really a 40x40 foot hole.
The Destroyer's name was Cole.
The little boy's name was Cole.
But not the Cole being talked of
on the 11th. Is there a connection.
News To Talk About. The Earth
quakes. The only way to win.
Listen. To the "Signs." Mountians
Rumble. The Sixth Sense
Middle Month. extended play --
Going to the next slate ...
October 16. Year 2000. Birthday
wishes to "The Great Harlot."
Today you have The Word judge
The System. And so, it is some
thing official. The Fee. Over the
next 3 days does the market lose.
For every dollar ye "The People"
cost me you lose a million. As is
also the hourly rate. And for The
Message. 2.2 Earth quake New
Hampshire. A warm up ? Games
should not be played with Life.
Next event in the making.

Governor of Missouri suddenly
dies in plane crash to mark
political "Town Hall Meeting"
Debate. Crashed and burned.
In Jefferson Country. Jefferson. As
in President Jefferson ? Someone
else said: "Yes, Jefferson. Like in
William Jefferson Clinton." Really.
Rain. Lightning, Floods, High
Water, and etc.-- Europe Swiss
Italy hears mother Nature "rain."
Mudslides. Two thirds of Italian
village gone. 16 dead, 25 missing
equals 41. But the Toll rises. Rain
in 3 days is: more than is seen
in 6 months. Very Intense. How
much rain.
Monday. Italy Rains
4 inches an hour. Channel 4
News: "Train derails" sending
"Passenger cars flying." In
England. "4 people dead." The
deadly Ugandan Ebola virus
returns and is killing people.
Middle East Meeting Politician.
Talk of non-violent movement.
An idea. Will never stop people
from ill feelings. Understanding
the soul does that. The Bridge.
To Carry. This will. Go on for
years. Or until what you "stole"
sees happy resolve. Which, at
the pace you are going, will never
come to be. The War continues.
The saga continues. Was it
written: "You started a Holy War."
With and against: The Universe
itself. How much blood will spill.
Such egos. How many people
dead in the last 2 weeks ???
One 12 year old boy too many.
"Good luck"

This space is an open space.
For silence. The sound of
the creeping feeling.
Back to current.
This is Serious ... A Sub way
Series. The Hugway Series.
First in 44 years. New York
vs New York. True Justice !
Hey, Lady of The City. October
17. Year 2000. How was that for a
birthday gift. The 4th inning. And
remember. "Call me in when we
reached the 7th inning." See what
happened. You all watched. Did
someone say: Let The Games

And we go on ... Turn The Page
Back to current.

The Time of a Pilgrimage.
A Universal Celebration
Understanding Life. Who you are.
Where you come from. What is
your value. Solves a crisis. If you
do not have TheWordofGod.com
in modern dialogue you do not
have the true keys. Modern times
modern results. That old 5th Ave
Church can do nothing except
hold the hands of Politicians.
As usual. What did you say,
"nicole attack" or was that "the
Cole attack." When Nature's God
plays word games the Universe is
showing you anger. You have still
not learned The Word: humble.
No Truce. Clean up your dirty
Justice in your own America and
watch the whole world change.

It is all about "Balance." And
people are dying. Killing each
other. Even more.

The Word does not get mad, it
gets Even --
Back to current.

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