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History can be read the
correct way. Truthfully.

If you kill me again,
I have but one thing to
say ... "Thank you."

Some things are an observation.
Let me know when you want me to
stop calling all this "coincidence"
and call it "the next event" instead--

What is Jewish and of Greek
origin yet is not ? It is between
You and The Universe: The
issue of
What is.

Next Coincidence
by "coincidence" demonstrating
"an example" like: are you getting
an Education, shootings and then
some. The Hunter said as Renda
did show to judge "I heard words"
when none were spoken. And
others heard. (transcript / tape.)

The so-called American Holy Ground:
The Courts and The Justice System
serve themselves with special interest
and massive corruption. Perspective
out of proportion. In the written opinion of
The Court of the Highest Order the matter
is set forth for disposition as declared in
the decree of The Prophets
There is no time left. The time to speak is.
Like a vibration literally passing sound
into the womb from a human being's
mouth on a woman's stomach to a child.

You nailed a being to a cross. Yet,
ye have learned little. On the second
death you took from the being his breath.

News Talk 1 - The Cornerstone.
NewsTalk2 - A Monster. A Mayor
documented in History. And all
who follow the Tyrant. Written.
Also, The Political Football.

And care only if it effects them. They
lack awareness and the caring to have
the awareness they should have and
need. And those with strength keep
their might to appease the political.
As if money is everything. This
world and dimension of time is a bad
Land that finds selfishness a priority.
What Greater Crime Could You
-The Human Beings- Commit ...
beyond having "stole" the
daughter of The Word Of God.
Tell me. I want to know. Logic.
There is none.
Who Is oh, "Him" again.
And in human History is it not true people
nailed someone physically to a cross ?
No ? You lie. It all comes back. You want
to try that again. Remember March 8th.
"A breath from nowhere filled the lungs
of a Lifeless body."
Are you getting the drift ?
The tide goes up, the tide
goes down. Now breathe.
With the Earth. Get the drift ?
You have engaged, brought
forward, The Holiest of Holy
Wars. What time waited
for. And who you started
it with was none other
than- The Universe itself.
I wish you all: good... luck
Watching The Wheels.
Many things get very Hot.
The Power Within ...
The Moral To All Stories:
No greater insult may be made against the
Universe itself then to steal what is property
belonging directly to the Universe itself.
Think about it. You murder each other.
Have succeeded in every atrocity that
can be the most evil done to humans.
And you nailed a being to a cross.
And then you were Judged. Others plead
for Humanity. And you were given the
chance. You judged yourselves into
damnation. But based on those souls
that plead for you and for forgiveness:
a small stay was set forth. Which then ...
was created to demonstrate the most
profound deepest hubris of all.
Then the man said "You (literally) murdered
." And who was that man, what was his
title. A name written ? Cover up God's
handiwork ?
How angry is the Universe ??
Forces of Nature. Ahhhhh -now the
picture is becoming complete ...
Everything in Life comes back to you
as well as others. Remember those
words "Just as well." And Life itself
has its finger on your pulse and every
generation connected to you.
This Space now progessively grows. Nature ... Forces of
true power upon the conscience of humankind. And all those
disrespectful shall suffer, do suffer. Period. End of report.
Arielle - That is amazing.
You got there before me.
You were just waiting
for me to get there. See
what happened when
you spoke to me. Read
it any way you see it.
The way it is. Totally --

NewsTalk3 - Is it about the child
or the father ? Which child, which
father ??? And Monster continued.
The Story of Humanity begins.

But if you are privileged with more
knowledge, then you can go from
here to there. And you know that.
Have a good time. Inside knowledge.
Two sides to the coin. Undercurrent
to the ocean waves. What you see
and what you don't. There is ...
always something to learn.
Learn all you can.
If you know of "the TC site" do
not bring people from there to here.
They are not to know the connection
unless they find what is inside their
"self" on their own --gets them here.
Seal Your Own.

Do what you will. Let's see.
A.I.D.S., Lyme Disease,
West Nile Mosquitos ...
What's missing. Balance.

But who's counting ????
"Signed 4" in the flesh
The Prophets' Prophet.
"The Word of God" alive.
Richard David Renda

One word ... it came in time to
be. TheWordOfGod.com . True.

Human History. Your human history.
Where you really come from.
Documented. Evermore.

You ask this Question.
The Word of God .com
how do I type that.
One word ?
TheWordOfGod.com --
One Word. Life literal.
The Word of God
one word. See ???
Someone said that looks like a
sword, you scallywags !!!
See the "R" upper right.
"I don't see it."

The Challenger
Space Shuttle
Event January 1986

photo credit: back page
New York Daily News.

Don't mess with
Mother Nature or
who she

What one would
think it says --

The Word is

"It's a fat fat world
with a real funky
funky Buddha
in it." Many Rivers
To Cross.

I must remember to tell you
all (or someone else will)
the story of events that
happened August 12, 1997
in a Courtroom ("official").
The story would be called
"A Changing of Clothes" in
mid "arrest." Superman in
the telephone booth. What
may be called: An Action
Figure. A Figure In Action !

Each Individual being, every person should
We are all of one Family.
NewsTalk4 - The Answers "Why."
The Monster is burned. Oh no.
Much more coming. What next ?

News To Talk About: 4. Wow.
What power !
Don't mess with Mother Nature.

Earth Quake
Touch her "Just
as well." And
see what
On ...to some
"Big Scenes."
Just a little something.
Mother Nature does have
a day. June 15. Year 2000.
So noted. Sound. History.

Save As: "Important !" Pass it on - spread The Word.
& mid-Year 2000 Download
What is. This ... Beginning.
News To Talk About 4.
NewsTalk Mid-Year 2000. "Him"
moving Forces of Nature. And
turning. Keys. The pages of
Destiny, Fate, and The Mystic.
The Dead are restless.

And the dead: are restless.
and Space, documented.
Totally. Cool.

There are certain
windows in Time.
The Pen has 4. You
see two. What is said
that is missing. What
two statements appear
next ? Do you know ??
"The Pen."
My apologies to those who are
concerned. Sorry it took so long
for me to get back here to you
all again. I have not figured how
to get more than a 160 hours of
work accomplished every seven
days in human time. Between
worlds. Creating The Formal
Presentation of "the continual."
In a Loop. Another display of
"The Parallel." Life. "History
on Record." Some thing good
for all of mankind. I was busying.
Making the machine come alive
for you. Now silence need not be
silent any more for hundreds of
millions. Moreso, for those with
just an everyday computer and
connection to The Internet ...
to The World. Like you. Hear
the sound silence knows ???
In The Court of the Crimson King.
- In The Beginning -
Second half. Year 2000.
- or -
The Sound was a:
"Monster / Suicide /
Now you Hear ... a
"Stranger In A Strange
The Shelter
People on Shelter
Records. The Voice
is. Leon Russell.

The Story of Humanity on Earth
They kill their brothers and sisters.
They murder Prophets. Children
starve. They -humans- have wholly
shown by their own actions they care
little about anything but themselves.
In Memory: " 3 Lullabies ..."
Lauren Bessette, Carolyn
and John Kennedy Jr.
Soldiers in The Army of Prophets.
Blessings be with you through all of Time.
(July 16, 1999.) The Comforter.
Piper -- you are reading this. I have a
message for you. Calling 4. You on the
line. Got a message also from John and
Carolyn for you.
They wait. You know why.

Without evidence that gives way to
-let it be written- this declaration
shall remain final and shall be the History
of all human kind: those in the time we
called Earth.
Mom and Dad are disappointed in you.
So they say. "Personal." I tried to explain it
to them. Did not work so well. You had no
respect for what will always be. "You would
have taken away."
(11:11 a.m. Month 7, Day
16. Year 2000 A.D. )
People want me to speak now. Oh and there is much
to say. Like the TV show airing with The "Child" In Me,
Nadine Child, said so much. So the mosquitos are
making "a killing." Sorry, I meant "the point." And
now you want me to speak, now you want to Hear
what Nature is saying. Maybe --- only may be ... later -
Creeping silence. YOU WERE WARNED. First you
are told. Then It is written. Then. It happens. Called.
An education. You are getting the Point ! But what
happens now from here and what is happening: YOU
DID. And if you do not fix it. Even if you could kill me
this is: the Order. It wills. Never stop. You can not beat
Nature. Never. You people with your bold egos full of
your self. Am I angry. Instead of wasting money with
spraying this war you already lost and are losing even
more: it is time to come clean. To Educate People with
fact. The What: you don't know. Help me. Protect all.
And Learn, the Word: "save" and "save as" or let Mother
Nature show you the forces of where you come from are
to be held: with great respect. A point to be well ... You
teach nothing but greed and self greed. You think the
mosquitos are the point. It is only the beginning. Years
to come. How do you want them to be. You want to
kill me. I am "The Word." Oh. Sorry. It should say:
you want to kill me again. And you "think" you can
justify your act. (acts.) Then you steal from powers
that are of Nature ? Consider this Judgement Day.
You live. I just sent electronic Mosquito repellents to
Stamford. Overnight. This could get very serious if
you all do not work with me. Why listen ? Who am I ?
The Word Of God. Simple.
I am busy. And you -many- care not. But I care.
So the problem ? You against me and all I am to do.
The day I raise my hand to God and cry for comfort
you all will know the first page of The Book of
Revelation. But you did it to yourself and to all who
would come.
I do not have the Time for this. Maybe I will. Change
my mind. Here is a story. 2 days ago a woman who
knows me not came upon me on the street and said,
What is happening with the mosquitos you did it. It
is your fault. I said: "May be some truth. But no. It
is your fault. You did it. You did not care about your
country, you did not care about the system to see
that it worked right and because of that you made it
so you all "Stole the daughter of The WordOf God."
I said "may be true. But no: you did this. You all did
all of this." She knew. I spoke the truth. Now Count
6 weeks. From beginning of July. There is when the
point becomes what you can not stop or have control
over: Nature. Try this: all up the Hudson river. All
out the Sound. All shores. All rivers, all ponds, all
puddles. But the best: miles of subway tracks with
one day of rain. Miles of standing water...deep water.
You all are wasting so much money. For every
dollar what happened cost me, it will cost you one
million. Where does the buck stop. See how costly.
Now you want it to change. You want salvation to
reach this world. Then You help me. I see nothing but
Lip Service. It do not weigh. You fool people, but never
this Kingdom. You know where I come from. You can
argue with My maker. Your maker. You want answers.
Read "Picture Of the day" and "Mid-year" News To Talk
About. Watch Politician cover up language."Not known
to be harmful to humans" does not mean: it is not. It
means no one is telling. All truths. Let me see you start
spending more money on Educating people and beware
of spraying what you do not know about. You will cause
even more damage. I see you really Educating people
then we talk. Otherwise: silence knows. I saw. The
Monster speak for the First Lady. Is it New Heart ??
Birds of a feather. Beware. Be aware. You can not
buy your way into Heaven. Can only earn it. Or not.
If with the Bush you get the old North administration of
Liars who covered up the fact that AIDS kills you so they
could smuggle "arms" and "drugs" for the Contras - it
wills: wholly dangerous to all futures. Find another road.
God, Nature, and those raw powers are not fooled by
any Liar...or multitude of Liars. Walking a very bad road.
This is the time of what is really "Him" -Faithful and True:
The Revelation. See the Koran ? See "The Pen." I do.
Signed, Richard "david" Renda - The Prophets Prophet.
Go See
The Day"

A Monster "notice" - Did you all "notice."
See. 833 John Kennedy Blvd. Bayonne. The
point. An exact. Mosquito. Point across
the river from Staten Island. Or was that a:
bee line path. Like following the Path. Rail road.
The Word is real. Becomes very Literal. See.You
"stole" from God and The Word Of God, which
means: You all offended Nature and here comes
another army. The Point of the mosquito is only
a Little part of God's "Little" army. The Salvation
Army did their part already. Now you get this
point. Once you get it: make sure do not really
get it. And you want to fight with me. Okay.

Let's start with Be corrupt ? Now The point -in
Fact- Literally comes to you. Looks for you. The
Word is just "watching." And it need not exercise
self aggressive. Nature speaks forces of Power.
Dear God. I write: still we see no Humble. To all
Nature, I call to you. And to the dead. As they
are alive. And well remembered. Cared for. I say
"Rise." Some one did speak the truth. I heard
them. They said "Vincent did all this. To You all."
Yes I say. Including causing the "bullet point"
educational school shootings. (See. All post
August 1997. October 1997 onward. Cara Corbo
"cursed to Hell" on record.) Girl Scouts of
America Nature spit on you.
Go camping now.
See. You "The People" messed with me. Again.
Did not Learn. See the Challenger in the end ?
And now you do not want to pay, pay the price for
what YOU DID. The tears I have seen. What
would a non corrupt Judge on the Bench do. What
would The Supreme Power of all the Universe, The
Supreme Judge, ruler of all Universes do: if you
hurt me ? Now think about that. Times that by a
thousand times for just surface effects. Cause.
And Effect. When Nature is at hand. The Word
The Effect. Is Cara happy she made the
point happen for you. Anyone see my Mosquito
Repellent ??? Has anyone seen my vacuum ?

It is only the Female mosquito that bites and kills.
Funny. In a Strange Way.
I am not part of your family. You are part
of mine. I live through all of Time. Have you
seen my Roses2.
or for a ride just see MyRoses. Ground zero.
Now we
are cookin !
See Nature
rule. Learn
I could write Russia mud slides death ,
more fires, more heat, more loss, Mexico
Earth Quakes, Chilly Volcano (Chile)
explodes, and beyond the sands points -
points to the ever growing deadly west nile...
but I won't. See ?
Did you know when I went to school
the Assistant Principle beat me
physically in the 7th grade because
I brought a calculator to school.
He "never" saw a long life. He died
of: suddenly
. Did you know the
neighbor at New York Avenue when
the Spot got lost she said on TV in
public "I'm gonna kill Him." She
was dead 18 months later. Should
I go on ??? How about the girl with
every bone in her body broken. Or a
man with legs crushed. There is a
very long list ,,, we can do more.
Down the road. There is time. And
a place for everything. Signed, Him.
This will. All resolve. One way or
another. Would you Like to see me
finish the passage in The Book of
Revelation: Behold, he comes with
clouds .... ???
Do not push your luck much further.
I go home eventually. Just as easy:
you can be sent to Hell - for ever.
That is Literal.

(Hey Timmy, I apologize for
having to take some extra hours
to get this posted. But I too
have to sleep and eat also...
at least sometimes.
"Mid-Year: News To Talk About."
June 2 is a key. Okay ? Plus
April 20, 1998 -and- the April
27th, 1998 Court proceeding
that was not: BUT WAS.
Packaged July 6th, 1998
... again "Too cold out."
There it is.)

In reality ...The Word would have
thought the A.I.D.S. thing would
have taught you all something ?

Hey 1st Man. Bill .... Abe says
Thanks." For preserving
his house. The Retreat.
Something good. "Save as."
Facts to help in today's World.
West Nile.
Symptoms take 3 to 15 days to
show. The results on you for lab
test to return for the west nile
takes 3 weeks officials reported.
You could be dead before you
get the results. Well, the Lab
results anyway. Do not put
"Deet" on your body and
beware... do not inhale.

Birds dead in N.J., Conn., New
York, and many others. 4 more
reported. July 22 - 23, 2000.
1 crow, 3 bluejays.
Touch the Tornado
and just wait. But.
Take shelter.
Be careful of --
"reckless disregard."
Fire in United States.
New Colorado blaze explodes
with rage to triple its size in only
24 hours sending smoke 40,000
feet into the air and a plume of
ash covers the land. July 24, 2000
(in case you do not get the picture
clearly: 40,000 feet is "8 miles"
high). The dead rise as Indian
Spirits are uncovered in flames.
1 real rainy day in the Northeast.
Spraying down the drain and still
mosquitos grow. Rain predicted
all week. Nature wants what you
took. AND IT IS coming for you...
On July 24th year 2000 ..
NYC Mayor said, "no" west nile in
Manhattan. One of many rivers to
cross. Less than 24 hours later
West Nile Virus Mosquitos arrive
in Central Park. The Philharmonic
Concert in the Park is cancelled.
Should you believe the mosquito
just moved in overnight ? The
West Nile... one of: many rivers.
News reports >> many Rats in
New York City. The center
of the world ... The center
of a new Plague. May be
Time for a real Spiritual
Leader to be heard.
You decide.
Are you getting the point ?
Are you getting the point.
4 with feet on ground: Dead.
Air France sound super sonic
point: crashes and burns. 4:44 --
Everyone dies. The Super Sonic
Concord "transport device" which
moves twice the speed of sound:
is. What does have a point and
looks like a mosquito ??? The
Concord SST Jet does. God -
why do they not change from
their evil ways even when Hell
begins on earth ?? And still
there is no peace in this Earth's
Holy City. Expect more Rivers of
Blood. They never got passed
"glad that's over." Typical. Expect
more blood, more killing. Is the
Hudson River like the West Nile ?
Bigger or smaller. July 25, 2000:
France got the point. Who will.
Be next. Exploding. The human
soul in this world is needing much.
No one listens.
If you do not return to visit what you
should have never let leave the city of
the Big Gotham, according to The Law:
God is going to punish you all. Even
more. Much Much More. Slowly and
horribly. It is the Prophets that live and
are written through all Time. See. Ever
hear of Moses. He had a "Personal"
relationship with "The Angel of Death."
How long ago was Moses ? Evenso, he
is still around. And they did not even
have the machine of ... preservation:
la Computer. I personally do not want
any connection to those who have
thought their hands of deceit corruption
could control me or : even try to control
me and the forces of Nature which have
brought forward this breath, The Word,
and the Pen ...saith, The True Buddha.
But it is not about what I want: It is very
much about what God demands. The
balances of Life. You go against that.
Well. Your problem. And if you think
God does not exist, is not the power of
all power .. it sees the point. Coming in
many ways. 4. There is Justice. And.
God is real. If they must, all the dead
will haunt you all in your dreams and:
in your waking state more. So much
more. Do you not see my words come
true ? Oh, sorry. I forgot. Like the
Space Shuttle. The Magic "R." In
plain sight. You "don't see it." Must
be: "Just as Well." The corrupt protect
the corrupt and forget their own soul.
But you all let Them >> destroy yours.

Can't wait to see what happens next.
Ye The People - were well warned.
This is just documentation. Nature
wanting the truth of you all told. And
preserved. Nice history you all are
making. Having written. Think. We
heard something exactly like that in
a letter read out loud in the Courtroom
August 12th, 1997. Again. Sweet.
Justice has its way.

May be we can make another point.
Everyone is here at the same time.
From many Lifetimes. The reason:
To teach you all a lesson.
What Nature should waste time ???
Teaching you. One by one.
Do you need another point.
To crash and burn.
The Word is very specific.
Well chosen.
As is the punctuation.
More than one meaning.

One thing reads into another.
What is the only thing different in
Humankind and in all the Earth -
over the last 200 years, different
from the last 200 million years.
An element of Nature. To
become Mature. "Electricity."
What happens when you have
shoes with no shoelaces and
then suddenly you are given
shoelaces. What happens
after you finish your first month
of school in the first grade ?
Will America. Get passed the
first grade. Now. Or tomorrow
will. Never be the same. Want
to go fishing ? Do you have a
mosquito repellent ? I have two.
The only one you all are hurting
is your own future. And all
connected to you: forever. Bill
said a good father is not a
"deadbeat" just because they
are "dead broke." He didn't tell
you they are dead broke from
paying thousands of dollars to
corrupt attornies. We speak to
many fathers. (what am I saying,
all attornies are corrupt ... and
greedy. Never met an honest
attorney, have you ?) But...
what if you are beyond dead
broke and you are dead walking ?
Guess the world would have a
problem. Remember what Charlie
Meyers said "You got that right."
Every good tale has a good end.
But what happens when it is real
and Nature wills. You answer for
the what you did. The what you
do. All through time. Isis said
"scary." Are you scared ... Yet ?
Is there a viral mosquito with your
name on it ? Just waiting. Or will.
Something else get you. The
Universe does Expand. It does
not end. There is no end.
Grow up. All ready.
I do not want to write about this
but I am told: I Must.
One point at a Time. Okay ?...
The only difference now is do you,
will you, cause Nature to pump
it up. Or. Will Nature level out.
To be cool. Or bigger point for
months. With the Hunter -They
said. Him with "the weather."
Makes it cool. Mosquitos do not
grow the point that way. The why
and how they were stopped in
99. It was "Him." Makes it Totally.
Cool. Some thing about a
To be continued

Open to the public...

"The Word Of God
Has Been Serious Business
To Billions Of People For
Thousands Of Years."

There is a Fact. Think about
that for a while. How serious.
July 27 - Boston announced killer
skeeto's have moved into cooler
country with luggage, family - the
relatives and all the powers Nature
speaks. More getting the point.
Do ye all peoples want this to go
beyond what it took to get the 4
page AIDS Flyer from the Koop.
A mind of wisdom would not. Life
breathing is not in the mood. To
play more games. In years to
come you will not be able to go
outside. That is what you want.
There is a Dynasty to Life and
America is going to Lead the way.
Or Nature does burn, suffering,
death, and even more than what
can be written by the word. 10
States burning in Flames (year
2000 to date 3 million acres.) Life
is not about money. Life is about
what is in you. What is really
you. All this is (Crain officially
said) "bad." According
to The Word: "It does not have
to be this way." Never did. This
was said. On the record. Evenso.
We could stop for tea.
Why things are looking like this.
One scrolls these dimensions from
bottom to top. You see. Every thing
wavers. In effect it moves, breathes.
The Book said. He comes with
clouds ...

3.1 inches of rain in NYC July 26.
Makes more. "History on record."
July 27 8:44 in the a.m. 40' wall
falls. Rail road >> trains are
stopped. Hummm ... interesting.
"One swoop." More than 4 inches.
It continues rain. A City Standing:
in standing water with many more
mosquito points. The Word: more.
And we have still not reached
"The Good Read" ... "Yet."
July 28. Year 2000 - John F.
Kennedy Airport Hostage Event
ends peacefully. National pilot and
co-pilot released. Hostage taker
gives up. Hummm. That's a
statement. NYC resumes
spraying chemicals in
Manhattan. Designated:
"4 mile area." Empire State.
Dealing with The Point (s).
Wondered how long it would take
for facts to surface and read ...
4+1 with feet on ground dead.
4:44 Super Sonic explodes. See
the dead rise. State of Idaho Fries.
Lightning Strikes. 10's of 1000's
of acres burn. Again within feet of
another Nuclear hot spot. It was
George P. who made it that New
York State children "Have" Health
Care, and: equal health care. It is
called "Health Plus." Invented that
after August 10, 1996. A thought.
Adults have no health care to talk
of. What they have is. Also, Lady
of the Millennium: responsible for
inventing "The 4 month plan" ...
How to take children from parents,
give them to people with money,
and call it "Foster Care." With
eyes open. History documents.
No child is born to be or should be
made a political football. Example:
June 24, 1998. Not in the 1950's
and surely not in the Years 2000
plus. "A parent: a Felon." And
you know ...? "Nature does have
what to say about it." It never
forgets what you all do. Written
on the pages of your soul
. Now
Look in the mirror.
9 more birds in Staten Island,
New York found carrying the point.
They died from the Mosquito virus
that kills human beings. (call it: 4
Years Later.) Heard that before...
And what is it that this "the word"
might want from you all ???
Answer, loudly: NOTHING, except
what you "stole". In effect, then
there is NOTHING you can take.
Big Brother: You should have
realized that after you took this
writer literally into the world of
"after the last breath." ("Big
Brother." I love saying that. Was
not allowed to say that in 1985.
Life is in Control. Nature enjoys
exposing "corruption." Calls it
Justice. And Nature takes time.)
How long can you hold a person
by the throat ??? Answer: until
they "stop moving."

How long did Authur Fuchs hold
Richard by the throat. The "official"
answer: "until he stopped moving."

But it did not end.
And it surely did not end there.

First Hand Knowledge.
What do you know ?
July 31 On the 4th floor WABC-TV
put out an "A.P.B. for the Sun."
"That's where we are." Not the 5th
floor. The 4th floor. N.Y.C. month
of July no days over 90 degress.
Who did the Hunter say, "so what
if he controls the weather" about ?
Last Event like that was: Summer
1996. A coincidence ? "4 Years
Ago." And do you know the date.
August 10, 1996. The SST plane
point with Tony on it was a touch
base. That's 3 points grounded
in a week. Nothing adverse could
have happened that time. Because
Tony was on it. A friend of mine.
Taught me how to paint a picture.
Hi Susan ! "Here Comes The Sun."
Sounds. Like a song by the Fab 4.
Califorina again explodes in flames.
A very nasty bill collector called to
ask that the curse and bad luck be
taken off. Answer: No. One time
someone said, "You should learn
how to talk to higher people." But
first learn who you are talking to.
I would add "or be taught: the hard
way." Did I ever tell you about
"The Mac Attack ?" Why should I
change the pattern. If you see the
Sun now will you admit it is not a
coincidence ? Future's so bright
we are going to need shades. If
you allow it to happen. Has anyone
seen my Silhouette --sunglasses ?
Never mind. Ed has them. Coolest.
Totally. signed (you know), "Him."
I never play games. PS: July 30th
Happy Birthday Donna Marie. And
PSS: You all still want to try to kill
me ?? You can never kill what is.
Forever. It lives. Everyone passes
on this world. A matter of Time.
We all know. Time is ... no

August 2 - Okay now you see the
sun. Are you happy.
Did I ever mention the only day in
all of this Life that I wore my t-shirt
with the collar backwards ? 1996.
October 21. Funny. Coincidence.
It was in Court. Is that "official."
Time To Respond

A Big Gotham Newspaper "The
New York Observer" wrote a story
on, as we quote the words they
placed in public "The Word Of
God" "King of Kings", me in print
August 2. Year 2000... page 2
with a mention also on the front
page. The writer whose name will
not be printed here -we will just
call that being "which way did he
go, George duh" (as you may
know what happens when you are
-excluded by name- from these
writings) ("written out of the book
of Life"), the writer "George duh"
discredited all the dead with a
statement quoted that said "I do
not care" about the prophets of the
past and that they are all "false
prophets." The writer stupid prints
I am "The Prophets Prophet." How
could I be The Prophets Prophet
and not care about the prophets
of past ? Like I said "duh." I am
here. And I am here to defend
their truths ... all the prophets of
the past and so to every breath.
I bow before those so precious,
so holy. And that writer said I was
"almost" "famous" for my actions
taking down PETA, a first in 20
years: Oscar de la Renta runway
February 9, 2000. I guess when
and as I am written in Newspapers
all a round the world, on BBC-TV,
Access Hollywood, most major TV
stations around the world, and on
Cosmopolitian TV Spain, Portugal
and others that is "almost." We
see the writer of that The Observer
may be thinking he could achieve
"almost" "famous" by telling the
Public where I am and the powers
at hand: a "direct line" to Mother
Nature he wrote. Also the writer
said I grew up on "Long Island." I
was born and grew up in New York
City. Where ? "Long Island City"
under the 59th Street Bridge. I
used to play in the Park along the
East River. There is a difference
between "Long Island City" and
"Long Island." So be it. We call
that difference "facts." If I was
that writer I would start worrying
about my soul. Life has all the
time in the world --and in hereafter.
More fun for the rest of. U.S. He
can become an "Example." And
we know what happens to those
that are made "an Example." They
are cast into Hell Eternal and
becometh known in the Universe
and written as such: "Lost souls."
Could be a hundred million Life
times and more. Before I allow
someone to correct the insults
of Past. Fun ??? Think about it.
And the Spirit follows. Plus you
never know when it will get you.
Could be 20 years later. But it
always comes. When you are not
looking. Like being hit with a brick.
P.S. And no one knocked or went
"door to door" or "called cops."
Mr Duh: In fact. You are Libel.
You slander me and all The
Prophets. In a Religious matter ...

August 2 - NYC enjoying the sun.
As you see. It has returned ...
Now: give God a prayer for God.
Anyone ever do that ??? Say a
prayer to God for God instead of
always just for yourselves ? Do it.

It goes like this: "Dear God,
thank you."
What you did not see. The
"fact checker" asked on
August 1, year 2000 to confirm:
1977 - sound vibration produced
by the Human Voice that can
make TV screens oscillate
perfected and titled "The Word"
a/k/a "The Word Of God."
1981 - U.S. copyright registered
with Library of Congress "The
Word of God", author anonymous.
1982 - "Spot" International Lizard.
1984 - U.S. copyright registered
Library of Congress "The Word Of
God" sound recording -official-,
author Richard david Renda.
1985 - placed in choke hold and
held by throat until the human
body "stopped moving" completely
... a/k/a "stopped breathing."
1987 - signed permanently into
Law by New York State Supreme
Court Judge as to quote, what
is written exactly, "known In
Law" "the second coming
of the prophet." Officially.
1988 - moved back into the Big
Gotham. Met with Ms. Laurie,
Anna Wintour, and many credible
worthy beings of great works.
1994 - present intro and officially
register in Law "Totally Cool
the trademark. Owned by Richard
Renda ...United States, France,
Spain, Canada, Japan and others.
1998 - "TheWordOfGod.com"
(launched November 22, 1999.)
2000 - Spring. Totally Cool .
Secured distributorship of "Clip
on" Electronic Mosquito Repellent
"Personal Protection Device." And
"History on Record." Launched.
TheSpacemanChannel.com --
July 4th.

So the "facts" are documented.
In these times you can not change
what any of the Prophets have
said especially what is of The
Prophets' Prophet. Unless you
get it "first" hand. From "Him"
direct. "La Computer preserves"
that. So let it be written. Here are
the "Facts." Unaltered. First hand.
You can not get better than that.
Never let those of deceit change
these words written. "Mr. Duh"
may get the point. You never
know. Then again ...

You know.
You have been here before.

How does it go ? Ignore. U.S.
At your own risk.

And ... How would you know ?
Which is the dream ???
Only after. You wake up.

To "The New York Observer":
You were told "not" to print that
photo you printed without giving
the photographer Richard Spiegel
his "photo credit." You gave the
"Lensman" no credit for his work,
on page or otherwise, and still you
"used." You never do that where
The Word Of God is concerned.
We don't know who you think you
all are. But many in the World
know who I am. The Word was:
"know." TheWordOfGod.com
"a fact." Living. See. "...Fools
forgetting." Mr. Richard Spiegel is
instructed -if he wants- to "invoice"
you according to standard industry
rate for such an act. Deal with
you. I will. In my own way. All in
Time. As you see. As you live.
Do the research. "Who are you."
Ask Keith Moon. See the cover.
It speaks. "Not to be taken
away." Forever.

"History on Record."
Mr. Duh - you want to try and save
your soul. Avenue church across
from Rockefeller Center. Pay one
dollar. Light one candle. Say a
prayer. Stay for a few moments.
Think about it. Just some friendly
advice. And hope. As we know.
"The Buck Stops Here." That
might. Help. A good beginning.
To a new square. One. But I will
not. Give "My" "Word" on it.
Write your own "Hell."
...See. You did.

By your own hand.
Documented. In Print.
History. Coincidence ?
Doubt it.

The Travels of Life are.
Never a coincidence.
So be it. And so it is.

Warned you.

(Erica K. knew months ago,
said, and wondered how you
would look at yourself when ye
peoples figured out all this was
happening. Ongoing for years.
That was for you to find. To us,
it is called: "old news." A good
Education. But. And. Well, Erica
Kandler. I guess you got your
answer. See me The Observer.
Becomes literal. More History.
Mr. FIB: for your files. Still, not
"The Good Read." Yet. It is
something. Been here. Done
that.) Guess we are back to
the reigns. Was it. The rains.
Remember me. "Behold,"
"...Evenso. Amen."

Has Life "Gone to The Birds."
The Point. And who will. Be next.

God wills. Nature rules.
The Pen. "You are ..."
August 3 - We get back to the
Sun in a moment ...First this. The
point growing. Puddles, standing
water, rain. Beyond the sands
West Nile virus explodes into 12
Counties surrounding Manhattan.
The environment chain is damaged
permanently. The virus spreading
and man can not stop it. No way.
No matter what. Nature's army is
everywhere. I told you. Wisdom.
Never start a fight with he who is
called. The Word Of God .com
People complaining of symptoms.
4 being watched closely. Birds
dying everywhere. If you do not
undo what you did God swears the
power of the Universe will hurt you
all so bad. (The whole Earth.) For
what you The People have done.
You will never forget it. You all
should have just let me be. You
are losing ground. Every day even
more. What do they say hell looks
like ? Flames across America.
Burn hotter and hotter. Americans
pay a huge cost. Every day it gets
more serious and more serious.
Soon there is no turning back. At
that point you will never be allowed
to talk to me. And who am I ???
Important. In a quiet way. You
were warned. No one undid the
evil you brought to The Word.
We see. So then slowly all God
gave you will be destroyed. Taken
away. You have "The Word" of
"The Word Of God" on it. That is
what you want. That is what you
get. Life says: you punish the last
man who "tried" with aforethought
to kill "Him" who the Universe
documents as The Word Of God
a/k/a Richard david. Simple. If
not. Let it be made very clear.
Nature, the Laws thereof, and the
powers of same: shall kill you all.
First there will be much suffering.
And now ...I have 2 words for all
who do not help and to all who
ignore and all who find little
important. The Littleton you saw
is nothing to what you will. Have
happen thru these years upon
U.S. and to come. And now. You
have "My" "Word" on it. This is
final. See. It is written. Daily
News. The Land is burned ever
more. How many of the States
burned would make one full third ?
You are 3-4 States away and the
peak fire season has not started.
Yet. Have you ever read The
Book of Revelation. You damage
this the real world and God is a
real thing. And you know what ?
I am not going to tell you all that
again. Demonstration lasts longer.
Okay. You all had your chance
and cared very little. What will.
When the day comes that
TheWordOfGod has no concern
for you and your disrespect of Life
that is when you know you have
real problems. Guess what ? And
if I were you all: I would be scared.
For generations and generations
to come. As all this is happening
your political showmanships will
do nothing as they too shall be
burned. Ask the Monster if these
words of "Him" who is "The Word"
come true. Would love to see that
mouth speak another Lie again.
Then the guarantee. He will lose
more than his balls. All is true.
Now, you can get many points.
Or was that: now many points are
looking looking to get you. You all
could have made this better. You
die. And as it stands: are cursed
in the balance of all Hells Life can
create. Let me see you stop that.
You can not. Only I can, may be.
So go get some politician to give
you salvation. Yeah. They will take
you right down the path. See ...
your Country of US burn in flames
like never before. A message
from God. What is the message ?
Since you do not listen. Then:
you can see. Hell. With your
own eyes.

All in effect. August 4. Year 2000.
Excuse me. I have better things
to do. You pay the price for your
ignorance. The Universe is angry.

Back to busy.

The Birds the Trees they sing at me

Mr. Duh - if for nothing else ...
now (at least) the word of God is
"recognized." For what it is "In
Print": New York History. To
you I will. Say "Thank you" for
that much. I would have been
"grateful" if you had not trashed
all the passed Prophets. Never
would I say -Muhammed- is a
"False Prophet." Life should cut
your tongue out. You said that:
by your own hand. Not in my
name, that of The Word: ever. My
being, and "The Pen" (which I gave
you), come as his "proof", as The
Living Proof: Muhammed was a
true Prophet. So the personal
issue, your soul: that stands as
you quoted me. You told the
World you "Were" warned. And
now let U.S. ask you: "What, are
you all crazy ???"
Or ... I must
be dreaming. You "All" "Printed"
that story "in Public" on the
"Newsstand" ??? May be you
are all "weird." I can see it is not
me who is "weird." It is Not my
newspaper. I did not "print" that
story in Public. Nor would any
sane person. Here is my sand
box, my Playground. So either
it is you all who are really very
weird and very crazy and so your
act of printing is the proof of that
or you just proved that there is
Big Truth. With some very Big
very Serious Talk happening of
pure truths. And the destinies
of all mankind. You all think about
what it implies. I do not have to.

Oh, by the way. And ye people
know "TheWordOfGod.com" has
official certification papers from the
State of New York "Court ordered"
1987 ... (+ others 1996 - 1998).
Official authority way beyond what
you all offer. No ? Thank you very
much. Those that come in to this
Space know this is all just the
outside surface level. I have not
let any one into: "the site", sitting
waiting to happen. Ask youself,
What is the meaning of "within" ?
Documents, transcripts, Authority.
If a Lawyer decides you slandered
me or The Works of The Word of
God etc. and in public implied any
thing crazy: that would be cause
for an "Action." Also, Mr. Duh and
company you should really get
your "facts" correct. The Word Of
God, Mr. Richard david Renda
returned to the Big Gotham in
"1988." A matter of record. Duh.
Furthermore, the Lady is not my
"partner." She is my Associate.
Wouldn't it be kind of funny if "I"
asked you, How's the weather ?
Have you ever heard of the
"accelerated" "Example".

The Word is. "Accelerated."

Any one can "believe": what
they want. It is only in their
"REALITY" ! ! What is. Facts.
Like five fingers on a hand.
Did you have a nice weekend.
Sunday it rained a little holy
water. Back to business. I
have a world to care about.
Actually: a Universe or two.
What do you care about ?
Yourself ?

August 7. Year 2000

August 8. 2000. First day
NYC goes over 90 degrees
since June 11. NYC Police
Commissioner resigns. TC
Talks Live "Embarrassed" on
air passed Thursday and this
Thursday. Summer begins.
Virus infected Mosquitos
spreading north. Dead birds
2 miles from where ? Canada.
America choking and being
burned to no end. Wanting
snow in August. Should
mention flash floods in India
and Japan but won't. The
Earth speaks ...

August 10. Happy Birthday
Talia. How old are you ? 4.
A fact ...

The Heat is on the Northeast
United States. News reports
more than 4 million acres
burned west of the Rockies.
History Documents. Nature
always has The Last Word.
Every day is important. Have
you seen a Butterfly lately ?
August 4th - News reports 75,000
Lightning Strikes hit United States
in 24 hours. On this day every
State west of the Rockies is
burning in Flames. West Nile
Virus on East Coast is: confirmed,
has bit humans. Deadly. Are you
scared yet ? Are you "humble"
Yet ??? No not yet. Rodents
carry Arena virus on West Coast.
People dying. Nature is talking
to you.

Powerful Earth Quake Rocks
Russia 7.0 ...New York mosquito
Virus to 15 Counties. And as far
as Texas. Mass spraying causes
bugs to move inward toward
humans. Even more.
Karen have you ever seen Red.
note: Everything highlighted in
Red takes you somewhere.
Your call to me came in too late.
Judgement day came to you.
You said you did "not lie." But
20 minutes in my presence and
your true Nature shows its ugly
soul as I cited you for "lying to
my face." A friend said "Classic."
The day shall come where History
shall write who you are and what
you are. Count on it. Right. Karen,
history writes facts like this: "You
are a Loser." Would you tell us
you "believe" mosquitos do not
kill people also ? One thing you
are not and never will be, that is:
"Cool." Simple, you like the rest.
A big liar who got busted with her
foot in her mouth. Love it. Life is
so interesting. Now let us see if
You get the point: over the next
ten years. Life is more than what
you think. The mirror shows you
your self filled with illusions, belief,
and lies. Is there an honest person
in this world. One. For sure. The

August 9. Year 2000. "Mexico
City - A strong earthquake
centered near Mexico's Pacific
Ocean coast shook western and
central Mexico early Wednesday,
cracking walls, sending people
racing out of their homes ..."
What next ?
Guess I got my answer to what
next. This is what came next.
See. www.TagMag.com
August 10. Year 2000. That is the
way a News story should look and
the tone is beautifully honest, to
the point (pardon the pun), and
with Facts. This Lady Ann Shoket
gets four stars in my book. A cure
/ treatment for Simplex and West
Nile Viruses. That story is what
that rag "The New York Observer"
was supposed to write. "Thank
You" Ann. You are a dream come
true. An honest person. Wow.

August 10 issue.
Week of August 10 ending. NYC
forecasters said it would be "a
wonderful weekend." Until Karen
came along. Next day they said,
took a "sudden" "turn for the
worst." State of New Jersey got
14 inches of rain in a few hours.
Egypt 990 was shut down.
Bombs explode rivers of blood in
other countries, including Russia.
Texas executes another man. In
24 hours Tens of Thousands of
lightning stikes hit America again.
Shoot out in Brooklyn takes 4.
New York Post headline "Terror in
the Tower" elevator goes through
roof at NY World Trade Center.
Was that in black and white or:
brown & white. No. It is Terror
in the Tower - "Brown & Wood."
Another point made. More New
Yorkers are confirmed with the
Mosquito West Nile virus.
Opposite river to cross. People
refuse to look at their self. Or
admit wrong. Nothing new.

Half the Country ... every state
from the Rockies to Pacific in
flames. Hot. New York rain
makes History. 4.4 million acres
in United States Burning. And the
mosquito point grows. Final note:
2 Pipers
collide in Mid Air New
Jersey. One hits a house. A man,
woman, and a dog are untouched.
Everyone else perished.
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