Ever read The Book of Revelation.
Out of the mouth of Chapter 19 is
the understanding. A little Jewish
Lady named Esther used to say to
Him, "I know who you are. You are
not fooling me." What did she
know ? The same person in your
life 20 years back. Jodi painted a
logo. Just a Bigger secret then.
See how lies follow you and
people come for truth decades
later. Do you think it is strange
that eventually "Jennifer": was
born ? I do. But she is not the
muse Talia. And Jodi ("A Special
Event" Jennifer) is not the "woman
who stole" the child. Be thankful
for that. A karma none would
want to carry. Saith The Word.
But - with respect: did you tell the
truth ? You are "a Liar's Mom."
How does that make me feel ?
How does it make anyone feel ??
Shall I save you (or damn you) as
you ask ? You are accountable for
your soul. Not others. You never
Lied to me. Save you for next time
-- Yes. Forgive you ? Think about
it. Signed, Him -The Word Of God.
Those who call Him: Richard or
Richard david, are true friends.
Others are not (** with exception).
How do you call his name ???
Some say ** Totally ....

Now take a seat in the back row.
In 4 years there was never dinner.
What Destiny did not allow you. In
my presence. Life sucked you in.
And Jerry is alive. We do not die.

On to The Next Adventure ...
When You
Want To Know
The Official Site of God,
One True God.
The Brethren of Prophets.
Home of "The Prophets
Prophet." c. 2000+
The Word Of God
- News To Talk About -
In The Beginning ...
The First Lady of
The New Millennium.
- More to Come -
Busy working on other things. See ya soon.
Return To Portal Opening
History can be read the
correct way. Truthfully.

If you kill me again,
I have but one thing to
say ... "Thank you."

Some things are an observation.
Let me know when you want me to
stop calling all this "coincidence"
and call it "the next event" instead--

Next Coincidence
The so-called American Holy Ground:
The Courts and The Justice System
serve themselves with special interest
and massive corruption.
The time to speak is.
Like a vibration literally passing sound
into the womb from a human being's
mouth on a woman's stomach to a child.

News Talk 1 - The Cornerstone.
NewsTalk2 - A Monster. A Mayor
documented in History. And all
who follow the Tyrant. Written.
Also, The Political Football.

And care only if it effects them. They
lack awareness and the caring to have
the awareness they should have and
need. And those with strength keep
their might to appease the political.
As if money is everything. This
world and dimension of time is a bad
Land that finds selfishness a priority.
Are you getting the drift ?
The tide goes up, the tide
goes down. Now breathe.
With the Earth. Get the drift ?
You have engaged, brought
forward, The Holiest of Holy
Wars. What time waited
for. And who you started
it with was none other
than- The Universe itself.
I wish you all: good... luck
Watching The Wheels.
Many things get very Hot.
The Year 2000. The Beginning
To A New Generation - The
Age of Electricity
The Moral To All Stories:
Everything in Life comes back to you
as well as others. Remember those
words "Just as well." And Life itself
has its finger on your pulse and every
generation connected to you.
This Space progessively grows. Nature... Forces of true
power upon the conscience of humankind. All those
disrespectful learn the word ... mystery
Arielle - That is amazing.
You got there before me.
You were just waiting
for me to get there. See
what happened when
you spoke to me. Read
it any way you see it.
The way it is. Totally --

NewsTalk3 - Is it about the child
or the father ? Which child, which
father ??? And Monster continued.
The Story of Humanity begins.

But if you are privileged with more
knowledge, then you can go from
here to there. And you know that.
Have a good time. Inside knowledge.
Two sides to the coin. Undercurrent
to the ocean waves. What you see
and what you don't. There is ...
always something to learn.
Learn all you can.
If you know of "the TC site" do
not bring people from there to here.
They are not to know the connection
unless they find what is inside their
"self" on their own --gets them here.
Sealing Your Fate.

Do what you will. Let's see.
A.I.D.S., Lyme Disease,
West Nile Mosquitos ...
What's missing. Balance.

One word ... it came in time to
be. TheWordOfGod.com . True.

Human History. Your human history.
Where you really come from.
Documented. Evermore.

You ask this Question.
The Word of God .com
how do I type that.
One word ?
TheWordOfGod.com --
One Word.
See. Life. Literal.
"One Word."
Someone said that looks like a
sword, you scallywags !!!
See the "R" upper right.
"I don't see it."

The Challenger
Space Shuttle
Event January 1986

photo credit: back page
New York Daily News.

Don't mess with
Mother Nature or
who she

What one would
think it says --

The Word is

"It's a fat fat world
with a real funky
funky Buddha
in it." Many Rivers
To Cross.

NewsTalk4 - The Answers "Why."
The Monster is burned. Oh no.
Much more coming. What next ?

Earth Quake
Touch her Miss
"Just as well"
And see what

Who "stole."
See the
Dragon Fly.
On to some
"Big Scenes."
Coincidence ?
Try this ! At a medium volume.
Infant technology.
Just a little
something for Mother Nature.
It is her day. A Sound. History.
June 15. Year 2000. Posted on
this day for Mother Nature and
the Forces that are. A gift.

spread ... The Word.
NewsTalk Mid-Year 2000. "Him"
moving Forces of Nature. And
turning. Keys. The pages of
Destiny, Fate, and The Mystic.
The Dead are restless.

And the dead: are restless.
We are travelers through Space.
Documented. Totally. Cool.

There are certain windows in Time.
The Pen has 4. You see two. What
is said that is missing. What two
statements appear next ?
Do you
know ?? "The Pen."
The Music Credit:
Makin My heart Go Boom
Deja Nu
on Collectables Records

The Story of Humanity on Earth
They kill their brothers and sisters.
They murder Prophets. Children
starve. They -humans- have wholly
shown by their own actions they care
little about anything but themselves.
But who am I ?
A memory.
See. Nature.
Learn respect.
Touch the Tornado
and just wait. But.
Take shelter.
Humankind must be
careful of --"reckless
The balances of Life. You go against
that. Your problem. You think God
does not exist, is not the power of all
power ... then you will: get the point.
In many ways. Justice. And. God is
real. The corrupt protect the corrupt
and forget their own soul. But you all
let Them >> destroy yours. Sweet.

Ye The People - were warned. This
is just documentation. Nature wanting
the truth of the human race told. As is.

May be we can make another point.
Everyone is here at the same time.
From many Lifetimes. The reason:
To teach you all a lesson.
What Nature should waste time ???
Teaching you. One by one.
The Word is very specific.
Well chosen.
As is the punctuation.
More than one meaning.
One thing reads into another.
A bit of what you may not know
1977 - sound vibration produced by
the Human Voice that can make
TV screens oscillate perfected and
titled "The Word" a/k/a "The Word
Of God."
1981 - U.S. copyright registered
with Library of Congress "The Word
of God", author anonymous.
1982 - "Spot" International Lizard.
1984 - U.S. copyright registered
Library of Congress "The Word
Of God" sound recording -official-
author Richard david Renda.
1985 - placed in choke hold and
held by throat until the human
body "stopped moving" completely
plus S.W.A.T Sunday and more.
1986 - "4" page CDC A.I.D.S.
warning in every mailbox in U.S.
"Signed 4" classified. Newsday.
1987 - signed permanently into
Law by New York State Supreme
Court Judge. "known In Law" as
"the second coming of the prophet"
1988 - into the Big Gotham. Anna
Wintour. Laurie Schechter. Plus.
1994 - present intro and officially
register in Law "Totally Cool
the trademark of Him.
1996 - September. Found Main
Dish. August 11, 1996 New Jersey
strangulation assailant fails in New
York at murder. December 3, 1996
"allegedly speaking." December 4
Skechers attempted murder fails.
1997 - August 12. An action figure
in action. Pervert claims "to fuck" a
1 year old girl. Government involved
1998 - "TheWordOfGod.com"
(launched November 22, 1999.)
1999 - N. J. appeal application
documents corruption / liars.
2000 - Spring. Totally Cool .
"History on Record."
TheSpacemanChannel.com --
July 4th. For "a Brief" plus some.
Then a nation counts.
Go to: News Talk 6 ;
"The Word Of God
Has Been Serious Business
To Billions Of People For
Thousands Of Years."

There is a Fact. Now think about
that for a while. How serious.
What happens after your last
breath ?

To The Brothers: I can not
leave you without giving you
what you want, the end of the
story: the message. It is simple
but it is personal. So, may be.
Think about it. The message:
" We are Travelers through
Time and Space."

And for the general message,
you know what that is: "save
as." Or La Computer teaches:
lose all. Blessings and smiles.
Upon those who learn.
"Save As" ! ! !
Very Important. "Save as." - Pass it on -
NewsTalk 6 - The Piper plays in
the beginning and in the end.

Return To Portal Opening

When you go out to Dinner
-most of the time- You do not see
who "prepared"
"The Main Dish."
Do You ??? They enter through a
different door. And many Times ...
The Main Course is Prepared well.
What happens when you treat badly
who prepares "The main course" ???
Some enjoy dinner. Some choke on it.
So the "facts" are documented.
In these times you can not change
what any of the Prophets have
said especially what is of The
Prophets' Prophet. Unless you
get it "first" hand. From "Him"
direct. "La Computer preserves"
that. So let it be written. Here are
the "Facts." Unaltered. First hand.
You can not get better than that.
Never let those of deceit change
these words written. You know.
You have been here before. But.
And ... How would you know ?
Which is the dream ???
Only after. You wake up.
Are You Giving God What
God Gave You ? Life. And
"Respect." Do you have a
problem understanding
What God Is. Let me help
God Is The Living
Mind of "The
All Universes.
You are A Living Being in that The
Universe which really lives. Not
some fictional beliefs many have
made themselves comfortable
with. People have been selling
you God
for so long you do not
even know What God Is and where
you really come from any more.
In this Space and In The True
Core of The Universe it is known.
"God Is Not for Sale." God is
some thing of your soul. The
reality of what is Your soul. And
the realization of who you really
are. Enjoy The Journey.
NewsTalk 7 - Numbers: their
Meaning and their Magic
Silent Messiah Atom Sub
level what's a little rain.

There are 2 roads to travel. The
good. And the bad. There is:
no in between. Even if you think
otherwise. Life is not about
what you "think", it is about
"what is."
. You can not undo
yesterday. Evenso ... Tomorrow
is yesterday. Nature does have
the power to bite. It also has the
Power to make humans "extinct."
Life is watching every one of you.
How much more serious can it get
than that ????
Peoples were warned. And all is
Posted. Except what waits within.
The Quote: "Do not let
any one claim to be a
true American if they ever
attempt to remove Religion
from Politics." Who said
that ? George Washington.
Are we escalating.
NewsTalk 8 - Let The Games
begin. But Who's Counting ?

Go to: News Talk 8 ;
A balanced mind knows there is a
difference between "Honesty and
Integrity" and Government. To
date: Government means Fear and
Force. Control. Not Honesty and
Integrity. There is also a big
difference between controlling the
Lives of people or truly caring.
To know what is ahead of you
it takes one thing. You must
look. Like a good movie you
do not want to watch. You
peek. In between your fingers.
Temptation or Redemption.
Did you like the movie ???
Now try real Life.

NewsTalk 9 - Games continue,
Bloodshed in old Holy Lands,
Year 2000 American Presidential
Elections, Family Divided. Dead
man wins. 100 million plus
holding their Breath.

by "coincidence" demonstrating
"an example" like: are you getting
an Education, shootings, and then
some more, effecting masses. "I
heard words" in Justice. None
were spoken. What is Jewish and
of Greek origin yet is not ? Who
covered up "Attempted Murder"
in New York City ?? It is between
You and The Universe. So. A
Nation counts. Or does it ?

Today records your works for
tomorrow. The Truth does matter
-- it is all connected. Unless you
are living on another planet. And
the truth is "no matter", or is it ?
All a science. The Universe thinks.

It -Was- said.

And finally. Not long ago you
could pray at the Mount, in The
Old Holy Land. Now you may
be shot or die there. Ask yourself
which you prefer, the sound of
bullets killing more people or the
vibrations and sound of The Word
connecting with the World ?

Do you know what is the scent of
the rose ?

America. A Country given to people
by a course of destiny, accident, or
coincidence ? But for you everything
that exists was / is a thought before it
did exist. So why would it be any thing
different with regard to The Universe ?
What does that tell you about America
and how it came to be ? What does
that tell you about your self ???
The new kid on the block you might
think could be cool because he is of the
next generation. One of the kids. Truly
of US. However, seeing the course
of direction, it is obvious the new kid
"hangs" with that old very bad crowd
of them bent on still hurting the lives
of people and building a government
of Lies. Looking for things to get better.
Holding your breath. The story is still
Creation's "Grand Scale Plan."
Try to control Life and it reacts for the
duration. Let it Be. As it will move
forward it creates new doorways.
And then you can see more clearly.
Where you came from. Where you go.
Life is real. TheWordOfGod.com is
real. Obviously. It exists. If you ignore
what is really inside you - it will chase
you. If you ignore Life's calling it will
chase you. Moreso when you do
not see it. It will set you up. If you
attempt further destruction Life will
chase you until the end of Time. And
you will seal your fate. Thinking you
are getting away with something when
in fact all is "being" recorded is ...
ignorance at its greatest accord.
This is The Time for people to grow.
Enough paranormal demonstrations
exist to make the point. More will
be a demonstration of anger warning
that Nature does have the power of
annihilation over man. Choose your
weapon, choose your path. Out of the
mouth of Him goeth a double edged
sword. On it is written The Word.
"Peace." Some would like to think
they just live in this world, then they
die, everything goes black -- and they
do not have to think about anything
anymore. That is not so. You will
continue. In this three and four
dimensional World you are given a
breath to live the travels your human
transport device reveals to you. You
are a traveler through time and space.
You walk on a planet we call Earth.
You should think about the world
around you. Life is a large picture.
Spoken with profound truths. From the
growth of generation to generation. It
is not about the next 30 years. It is
about the next 200 and what comes
thereafter. The heavens or hells this
generation leaves behind. Now you
are in the age of The Future
. What
will you do to help the human beings
that are here and the human beings
coming ... and the ones that were
here ? Scared ? Take comfort. You
will continue in Time. And know you
are accountable. Have you created
anything good today ?
Have you
helped anyone but yourself today ??
Have you done for the Universe ???
We wrap up The Zero Year.
The Year that is called.
The Year 2000.
In The Beginning ...

The Age of Electricity.
All the generations going forward
...now... begin counting, as a Fact.
2001 -- 2002 -- 2003 -- 2004 --

News To Talk About.

A chapter is closed.
The Books Are Open.
All the Universe speaks.
To those who listen.

Demonstrations, Wonders,
Examples, Physical Manifestations.
Welcome to The Vortex In Time.

Not long ago people lived like people
and cared about people but selfishness
set in. And masses of people became
shallow. Little by little Nature took
away the gifts it gave because people
did not listen to the Universe speaking.
You used to be able to dream about
owning forest land you can walk on. In
the Year 2000 you do that and you get
Lyme disease. Which can make you
blind. It was never like that just a few
years back. You used to be able to
meet someone you liked and have a
relationship. In the Year 2000 you have
to ask for their resume and bio and find
out what kind of intimate relations, sex,
and lovers they have in their past.
Because you can get A.I.D.S. and it
will kill you, it will take away your years
on Earth. Not long ago, just prior 1999,
you used to be able to sit outside with
Mother Nature. In The Year 2000 the
Mosquito surrounding the City of the
World spreading North and South from
New York may stick you with the point
and any body can get sick or even
die from the Encephalitis virus the
mosquito now carries. This did not
exist a few years ago. Leaders should
start thinking -- about the Future.
Oh no, not Him again. Yes it is. Him
again. It was written. The Year is
complete. You can never kill what is.
Forever. It lives. Everyone passes on
this World. A matter of Time. We all
know this. However as a Fact: Time
is ... no matter.
Must give Mother Nature and the
powers at hand the just deserve ...
Week of December 11 America goes
into deep freeze. Weather people
keep saying over and over "The Winter
Weather. The Winter Weather." People
"believe" instead of think. The Fact is
it was not "Winter": it was "Autumn."
"Autumn Weather." California goes into
low power below 5% except for The City
of Angels. Young boy is run over by New
York City Train, Japan does massive train
crash. The 14th suddenly goes from 24
degrees in the Big Gotham to a sunny
60 degrees. For Him. The last soup and
salad. Then the weekend rains. A new
(personal) scientific discovery raises
certain levels. December 16 weekend --
A tornado builds to 7 football fields wide
as it rips on America for miles. Then a
400 year slumbering central American
volcano comes alive.
Working hard. Nature deep freezes,
floods, avalanches, and more worldwide.
Silence sitting quietly. Volcano explodes
for attention again the following week and
40,000 people are forced to evacuate -
flee from their homes. Texas to Carolinas
sees snow. Freezing weather killing
mosquitos. Weather people still calling
Autumn "Winter Blast." Now we have
proved this: isn't it strange how someone
can make you believe you are somewhere
you are not. You are not in Winter when
it was really Autumn. So easily fooled.
Use your brains. Look alive.
Now Winter arrives. December 25. Year 2000.
Midnight Mass. Rome. Behold, with clouds ...
It rains on everyone. Then Pours. A nice
personal touch. Called. Holy Water. (?)
ending the year 2000
And Harriet (Cohen), remember
what I did 12/28/000 when you
asked if I would forgive you and
the dead man for what you all did
on the doorstep of 57-20 69th
Lane (terrorized simple folk). I did
not say: Yes. I went Silent. And
changed the subject. It will take
more than an apology to pay for
that level of forgiveness. You
know what was lost then. Do you
have that hollow feeling inside of
you every day now, after 46 years.
Do you think it is an accident that
something brought "me" back.
And again your Life is before me
as we speak. You gave birth to
what caused that happening: a
long time ago. Since I did come
to you again it was obviously: just
waiting to happen. As Life would
have it. Upon a certain Time.
Funny you said something about
that voice.
NewsTalk 10 - All that has been
written comes to be.

History writes.
Where does it end ?
When we bring families together.

Come with the Koran, come with
the Lotus Sutra, come with the
Torah, come with the Holy Bible.
In your arms. As a human being
come not with metal jacket bullets
and blood on many generations.
Gain a blessing.

The Future is upon you --

Look at the statement again:
"The Word Of God has been
serious business to billions of
people for thousands of Years."

If the Universe brought in someone
to develop "TheWordOfGod.com"
who do you think the Universe
would send ??? Think about it
for a while. It will come to You.
Last week of December. Year 2000.
Seven Angels of Death escape a
Texas Jail, steal "weapons", kill one
worker, and vanish. Then One worker
carrying death into Boston computer
company kills seven angels, working.
Mother Nature writes. Saturday.
December 30. Snow Storm in New
York captures the East. That's a
Winter blast ! It was warm the last
four years.
It is time for what they call the
"transition of Power." They should
realize there is no transition. The
Powers of Nature is the only true
power that controls people and all
Life. Politicians who think they
are all that should learn all this.
Because they can be effected in
one note. Signed, The Lost
Chord. And onward we go.
To the next slate. The Future
should be fun, compassionate and
prosperous. Make it that way.
And enjoy all Life has to offer.
Created other than that and the
tables will turn to destruction.
Chose your Destiny.

Back to current.

Back to current.

The Power Within ...
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