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History can be read the
correct way. Truthfully.

If you kill me again,
I have but one thing to
say ... "Thank you."

Some things are an observation.
Let me know when you want me to
stop calling all this "coincidence"
and call it "the next event" instead--

Next Coincidence
The so-called American Holy Ground:
The Courts and The Justice System
serve themselves with special
and massive corruption.
The time to speak is.
Like literally passing a sound
vibration into the womb from
a human being's mouth on a
woman's stomach to a child.
Imagine that in Science. And
do you think Hell will come to
any who steal the child ... or
that the powers of all the
Universe might have something
to say about it ? Sounds. Like
a Real Life movie. Nature's vice.
Will. Squeeze tighter.

News Talk 1 - Year 2000
The Cornerstone.
NewsTalk2 - A Monster. A
Mayor documented in History.
And all who follow the Tyrant.
Written. Also, The Political

And care only if it effects them. They
lack awareness and the caring to have
the awareness they should have and
need. And those with strength keep
their might to appease the political.
As if money is everything. This
world and dimension of time is a bad
Land that finds selfishness a priority.
Are you getting the drift ?
The tide goes up, the tide
goes down. Now breathe.
With the Earth. Get the drift ?
You have engaged, brought
forward, The Holiest of Holy
Wars. What time waited
for. And who you started
it with was none other
than- The Universe itself.
I wish you all: good... luck
Watching The Wheels.
Many things get very Hot.
The Power Within ...
The Moral To All Stories:
Everything in Life comes back to you
as well as others. Remember those
words "Just as well." And Life itself
has its finger on your pulse and every
generation connected to you.
This Space progessively grows. Nature... Forces of true
power upon the conscience of humankind. All those
disrespectful learn the word ... mystery
Arielle - That is amazing.
You got there before me.
You were just waiting
for me to get there. See
what happened when
you spoke to me. Read
it any way you see it.
The way it is. Totally --

NewsTalk3 - Is it about the
child or the father ? Which
child, which father ??? And
Monster continued. The Story
of Humanity begins.

But if you are privileged with more
knowledge, then you can go from
here to there. And you know that.
Have a good time. Inside knowledge.
Two sides to the coin. Undercurrent
to the ocean waves. What you see
and what you don't. There is ...
always something to learn.
Learn all you can.
If you know of "the TC site" do
not bring people from there to here.
They are not to know the connection
unless they find what is inside their
"self" on their own --gets them here.
Sealing Your Fate.
Do what you will. Let's see.
A.I.D.S., Lyme Disease,
West Nile Mosquitos ...
What's missing. Balance.

One word ... it came in time to
be. TheWordOfGod.com . True.

Human History. Your human history.
Where you really come from.
Documented. Evermore.

You ask this Question.
The Word of God .com
how do I type that.
One word ?
TheWordOfGod.com --
One Word.
See. Life. Literal.
"One Word."
Someone said that looks like a
sword, you scallywags !!!
See the "R" upper right.
"I don't see it."

The Challenger
Space Shuttle
Event January 1986

photo credit: back page
New York Daily News.

Don't mess with
Mother Nature or
who she

What one would
think it says --

The Word is

"It's a fat fat world
with a real funky
funky Buddha
in it." Many Rivers
To Cross.

NewsTalk4 - The Answers Why.
The Monster is burned. Oh no.
Much more coming. What next ?

Earth Quake
Touch her
"Just as well"
and see what

Before The
Destructor "stole"
there were
no Mosquitos
killing people in
New Jersey and
New York. Now
there are. What
did she steal
from who ?
And now You.

Get The Point.
See the
Dragon Fly.
On to some
"Big Scenes."
Coincidence ?
spread ... The Word.
NewsTalk Mid-Year 2000. "Him"
moving Forces of Nature. And
turning. Keys. The pages of
Destiny, Fate, and The Mystic.
The Dead are restless.

And the dead "are" restless.
Learn To Learn.

Can you see colors ? Can you read
colors ?
There are certain windows
in Time. "The Pen" has 4. You see
two. What is said that is missing.
What two statements appear next ?
Do you know ?? "The Pen."
The Music Credit:
2001: A Space Odyssey.
From the Motion Picture
2001: A Space Odyssey.

The Story of Humanity on Earth
They kill their brothers and sisters.
They murder Prophets. Children
starve. They -humans- have wholly
shown by their own actions they care
little about anything but themselves.
But who am I ?
Respect Nature.
Touch the Tornado
and just wait. But.
Take shelter.
Humankind must be careful
of --"reckless disregard."
A bit of what you may not know
1977 - sound vibration produced by
the Human Voice that can make
TV screens oscillate perfected and
titled "The Word" a/k/a "The Word
Of God."
1981 - U.S. copyright registered
with Library of Congress "The Word
of God", author anonymous.
1982 - "Spot" International Lizard.
1984 - U.S. copyright registered
Library of Congress "The Word
Of God" sound recording -official-
author Richard david Renda.
1985 - placed in choke hold and
held by throat until the human
body "stopped moving" completely
plus S.W.A.T Sunday and more.
1986 - "4" page CDC A.I.D.S.
warning in every mailbox in U.S.
"Signed 4" classified. Newsday.
1987 - signed permanently into
Law by New York State Supreme
Court Judge. "known In Law" as
"the second coming of the prophet"
1988 - into the Big Gotham. Anna
Wintour. Laurie Schechter. Plus.
1994 - present intro and officially
register in Law "Totally Cool
the trademark of Him.
1996 - September. Found Main
Dish. August 11, 1996 New Jersey
strangulation assailant fails in New
York at murder. December 3, 1996
"allegedly speaking." December 4
Skechers attempted murder fails.
1997 - August 12. An action figure
in action. Pervert claims "to fuck" a
1 year old girl. Government involved
1998 - "TheWordOfGod.com"
(launched November 22, 1999.)
1999 - N. J. appeal application
documents corruption / liars.
2000 - Spring. Totally Cool .
"History on Record."
July 4th. For "a Brief" and
some more plus.
Then ... a nation counts.
2001 --

Go to: News Talk 6 ;
"Save As" ! ! !
Very Important. "Save as." - Pass it on -
NewsTalk 6 - The Piper plays in
the beginning and in the end.

Are You Giving God What
God Gave You ? Life. And
"Respect." Do you have a
problem understanding
What God Is. Let me help
God Is The Living
Mind of "The
All Universes.
NewsTalk 7 - Numbers: their
Meaning and their Magic
Silent Messiah Atom Sub
level what's a little rain.

The Quote:
"Do not let anyone claim to
be a true American if they
ever attempt to remove
Religion from Politics."
George Washington.
Life is escalating its own Power.
NewsTalk 8 - Let The Games
begin. But Who's Counting ?

Go to: News Talk 8 ;
To know what is ahead of you
it takes one thing. You must
look. Like a good movie you
do not want to watch. You
peek. In between your fingers.
Temptation or Redemption.
Did you like the movie ???
Now try real Life.

NewsTalk 9 - Games continue,
Bloodshed in old Holy Lands,
Year 2000 American Presidential
Elections, Family Divided. Dead
man wins. 100 million plus
holding their Breath.

with coincidence demonstrating.
"An example" like: are you getting
an Education, the point, and then
some more, effecting masses.
"I heard words" in Justice. None
were spoken. What is Jewish, of
Greek origin -- yet is not ? It is
between You and The Universe.
So. A Nation counts. Or does it ?

The Universe thinks.
It -Was- said.
America. A Country given to people
by a course of destiny, accident,
coincidence. For you everything that
does exists was -is- a thought first.
Why would it be any thing different
with regard to The Universe ? What
does that tell you about America and
how it came to be ? The Universe
Thinks. Did you ever think about
that ? And what does that tell about
how you came to be ?
Holding your breath. The story is
still Creation's "Grand Scale Plan."
Try to control Life and it reacts
for the duration. Let it Be. As it
will move forward it creates new
doorways. And then you can see
more clearly. Where you came
from. Where you go.
Life is real. TheWordOfGod.com
is real. Obviously. It exists. The
fact that it came to be should teach
you some thing about the Universe
-- by that alone. If you ignore what
is really inside you - it will chase
you. If you ignore Life calling it
will chase you. And more when
you do not see it. It is Life that
will set You up. If you attempt
any further destructions Life will
chase you until the end of time.
The Word is. Written. You can not
say you were not warned. Some
would like to think they just live
in this world then they die, every
thing goes black and they do not
have to think about anything. It
is over. That is not so. You will
The Year that is called. 2001.
Where Living Souls also Really
Begin To Count ...

And generations go forward
2001 -- 2002 -- 2003 -- 2004 --

The Books Are Open.
All the Universe speaks.
To those who listen.

Demonstrations, Wonders,
Examples, Physical Manifestations.
Welcome ! To The Vortex In
Time. Well ... hello there.
Life is not about what you
"think", it is about "what is."
Must give Mother Nature
and the powers at hand the
just deserve ...
How would you know
which is the dream until
you wake up ?

and 2001 begins also
NewsTalk 10 - All that has been
written comes to be.

Come with the Koran, come with the
Lotus Sutra, come with the Torah,
come with the Holy Bible. In your
arms as a human being come not
with metal jacket bullets or stones
and blood on many generations.
Gain a blessing.

"The Word Of God has been
serious business to billions of
people for thousands of Years."

If the Universe brought in someone
to develop
who do you think the Universe would
send ???
Think about it. For a while.
It will come to You.

Lesson 1: "The Truth Matters."
Lesson 2: "Save As."
Lesson 3: "Do not mess with
Mother Nature" (or Him).
The Message: Travelers thru
Time and Space.
Beginning To A New Generation
- The Age of Electricity
An education. And the opening
of 2001. "President appointed."
plus the links to Year 2000.
News To Talk About: 1 thru 10.
"Mid-Year News To Talk About"
intense with power progresses
forward as it writes events
before they happen and it
accelerates into the New Year.

History writes.
Where does terror end ? When we
learn to bring families together.
The Future is.

Don't worry. This Space
fills In. Space always
grows progressively.
As a fact.

The crossover to this slate was
going to start with Great Balls
Of Fire ! The first week of the
Year 2001 ends highly explosive
with a huge Fireball as a domino
moves suddenly on its own in a
town called. Hummm. "Truth
or Consequences." Extremely
explosive. A perfect spherical
Fireball. Captured historically
on video. Truth or consequences.
But as it is January 13. Year 2001.
It begins. Like this. Believe it.
Massive Earth Quake. Echos.
Across "Central America" 7.6 --
More than 1200 missing and many
feared dead. An Earth Quake so
strong it caused buildings to sway
back and forth in Mexico City 600
miles away. El Salvador town is
buried in Landslide. And as they
enter the Year 2001 California has
a drain on electricity. Resources
way less than 5 percent.
Was thinking about -- of the most
famous quotes that demonstrate
where we are. One of the most
favorite that The Pen writes of is
that of a State Judge saying to
"Him": You are guilty even if you
are not guilty ... New York State
official, on the Court record.

No need. Offer a defense. Destiny
is telling the story of who you all
are. It will be noted. And recorded
on the pages you carry.
Mother Nature can do some interesting
things. The Pen remembers. Like the
4 hour Tornado. End years. The Past
Millennium. The powers of the Universe
would say "that was only a very small
demonstration. As it has been. Only
so far. The Future counts."
Every person has a direct relative
that is dead. Think what if they
were not dead ? Then think what
could happen if they reached out
in an action to influence people.
Moreso ... because they were
overlooked and you thought they
were not there. To think that
"dead" does not mean "alive" is
an error. If The Word were
to say to the Dead "I need help"
what do you think all the dead
would do ? Imagine one hundred
million people split 50 / 50 right
down the middle ? You should
talk to the dead. They like the
company. And they are avid
listeners. They respond.

Also they want to know: should
they send you another message ?
Do you know what this is ????
You are in the inner world.

Okay let's have a bit of fun which
will go to an expanding of the
You see in blue beginning -
every person has a direct relative.
Now what if for each person 4
of each person's relatives say
from (not even millions) just the
past 300 years got together and
interacted on your -with your life-
in this world all at the same time ?
That would up the earthly soul
connection (count) from 6 billion
to 30 billion. And that is with only
4 relatives from each person's
past. What if there came more,
many more. It would be what
one might call. "... A sizable
electrical impluse level and many
other things." The Pen would
call it: "Life." Can it happen ???
Many things can happen: where
Life is concerned
. This is why an
ounce of niceness is important to
have in one's soul. It could come
in handy (many times). Now let's
say those that are dead but are
not came thru on the constant. To
educate you, to expand you. What
would it do to you ?
Now since you are using your
mind let us look at this. You see
and can comprehend having 4
relatives that are dead in your life.
And you can conceive they are
not dead. They are somewhere.
If you can imagine all the people
for thousands of years that it took
to get you here and understand
the concept they are All yet alive
- now how many would that be
is not what we want you to look
at. We just want you to get that
concept. All your relatives -- and
everyone's relatives "being" alive.
This is what you should look at:
How big do you think that actual
place is ? The place called "The
Core of Creation." The Space
itself. Think. It has to be Big
enough to hold all people (beings)
from millions of aeons. How big
do you conceive this place is ???
Okay. Your mind is expanding.
It wasn't that hard, was it ?
Enjoy the Inauguration. If America
is your Country: Be Proud of it.
It makes Mistakes as every other
Country does. But like every other
Country. It is where your Home is.
People grow.

Some of the biggest problems in
the World of The Modern Day
is who is reaching out for what.
Everyone is reaching to fill their
pockets. With little exception.
January 10 deep water Earth
Quake North West America 6.7
Breaking News ... January 11,
2001 -a woman died in New York
City from being bit by a mosquito
and contracting
West Nile Virus.
It was
revealed the woman was
in a coma since August 2000. The
public was not told until 1/11/001.
Remember this. What you don't
can kill you. Be aware.
We love Storytime. So we will
tell the story of "The Red River."
It is a short story ... and -- it
makes you wonder.
By the way. Do not forget.
Feburary 14. Year 2001
Happy St. Valentine's Day
Do something nice for some
Also "they" in the hereafter want
to know: should they send you
another message ? Profound.
California Earth Quake 4.3 with
aftershocks registering
4.1. That
is a familiar number. "A Penny
For The Truth. 2 Cents for a
Kill a person and leave
Him with "41" cents.
Don't worry.
This Space fills In.
Space always grows

More truth or consequences.
January 16. Year 2001. Massive
Earth Quake Echos
first Earth Quakes then mudslides.
Across "Central America." News
reports indicate more than 800
aftershocks in 48 hours. Mother
Nature. Like saying "my God." The
President of Earth Quake ravaged
Central America requested help and
3000 coffins. (American Football
Sports fans found that Sunday the
New York Giants took the game.
41 - 0.)
And to the First American President
of The New Millennium:
(First Man - Mr. Bill) the Universe
loves a being who does "not inhale."
Something about energy. Had he not
made Fathers or Daddies in America
"Felons" and "possible Felons" for
having children he would not have
been such a "Bad" individual. Evenso
many truths are written. Someone
should say ...
" Welcome to New York ! "
- Home of The Melting Pot -
Home of The International World
The New incoming Leader of
America does not smile much.
You should note expressions. Like
the expression on the News Anchorman's
face on Time Warner's New York 1
Cable News Channel at about 8:30 a.m.
January 17 when he announces that a
"Tremor" hit New York City at 7:34 a.m.
(Long Island City, Brooklyn, etc.)
Wondered what would happen at 7:30 --
Oh this has to be said like this ...
Many describe it like an Explosion
Earth Quake Hits New
York City Wednesday
January 17. Year 2001.
It is not wise when certain people
underplay this. Like -- they are
asking -pushing- for more, bigger.
Must be crazy or unintelligent.
Not smart. Life is alive and closer
than you think. A wake up call.
One woman said the Earth Quake
that hit New York City "had
Volume to it." "You could hear
it." One might expect a 2.2 but it
was a 2.5 (2.4). Good morning.
"A minor Event" ? - "Unusual"
None for "14 years." That's right.
You missed the one or two after
the March 8 choke hold murder.
1985. A nice park directly under
the 59th Street Bridge. L.I.C.
With regard to the New York
City Earthquake ... "move to the
midwest." No need. (My dear,
"You are adorable.") Gigi (Stone),
"Besides they have Tornados
there." Cute. ...Tell (mommy)
Sharon (Dizenhuz) The Word
does say "blessings" and The Pen
sends "love." The family grows.
Hear that New York Monster
suggest a 5.0 earthquake in dead
center New York City would not
hurt ? Only "buildings hitting each
other" ? Be in Central Park and
hope the gas mains do not blow.
That is reality. And that other
payroll mouthpiece said "no" size
quake hitting New York City
would hurt anyone in the City.
They said "go under a structure."
You would not have to go -- you
would be.

Best advice. "Just hold on. And
cover your head. It would not be
more than 40 seconds." Such is
considered extreme lengths. Try
to avoid falling objects. 2001
January 17 N.Y.C. Earthquake
epicenter strikes in the direction
of a very specific point, obviously
history wrote: "Gracie Mansion."
A Fault line they did not know
about. So they say.
Some consider Nature may have
thought that is where the Monster
lives. Must be a reason. Also.
The Word mentioned here the
1985 quake (a 4) before the news
Media found it true and the other
was in the Blue Ridge Mountians.
Just far enough away. A 5.2 (?)
Rattled and rumbled people out
of bed as far as Long Island.
(But you want a secret ? It was
Mark Wilkie that requested the
City and 10 million be spared.
For the sake of the lives: good,
bad, indifferent. And a Crumble
rumble was then voided. Let it
be written. For the record.)
So "Earthquake in New York."
Should not have got people too
shaken. Only a warning. A small
reminder. May be the powers of
the Universe does not Trust your
thinking -- plotting. The Pen is
something to be Preserved. Hello.
There is an "interesting day."

"Earthquake In New York"
The Movie was on TV a few
weeks ago. Did you miss that ?
How come the bell in Herald
Square does not Toll since 2001 ?
Did someone forget to turn it
back on after they dropped the
(Crystal) Ball. Wonder.
Free America ? The New York
Archbishop now needs 24 hour 7
days a week NYPD protection.
You can not walk the Avenue in
Washington D.C. without going
through metal detectors and
having permission. And parks are
closed to the public. Land of the
Brave. Home of the Free
. People
have lost their memory. Horses
with blinders on their eyes. Is that
being Human ? Correctly stated.
It appears. As a fact. Land of
Fear. Home of the Fence
. So
what about moonlight and roses ?
Tomorrow it can be better if that
is the direction you travel. Where
you came from. Remember
where you are going. All your
past gone relatives worked and
put their lives into this world for
you to have the freedoms. Not
lose them. Little by little. As a
Country has. Freedom is not
to be given away in a tradeoff:
at any level, without exception.
Do not live Life in "illusions you
are clouded by." How many
fingers on your hand ? Are you
sure ? Five is the answer. Some
people can not even decide what
kind of sandwich it is they eat.
See all the truths ... Open your
eyes. Care about people and
Life around you. And Life will
do the same for you. January
19. New York City has another
earthquake. An aftershock.
Two daze ago New York officials
said they "doubt you will have
any." If they told you you live on
Mars would you "believe" Them.
The Pen wrote that the dead
people wanted to know if they
should send you another message.
Guess they did not wait for you.
There is your answer. You can
not hurt "Him" more. You can
only hurt "Him" again. No big
deal. Used to that. "A Time To
Demonstrations. Need
more ? "What" is your answer.
Life. Will. Accommodate.
January 19. Year 2001.
The New York Newspaper
"Newsday" front page copy:
A Time To Repent was in bold
type. If the Reverend keeps it up
America can make the Reverend
a Felon next. All he has to do is
be a father and not have money.
And you go to jail. That is what
America does for it's families.
And certain females knowingly
would use the government, the
Courts, and excessive police
force without justification as
a tool to get even or cause hurt
to the man who does not meet
that woman's approval. And they
laugh because they watch those
get hurt they wanted to hurt as
the real U.S. Constitution: burns
even more to the ground. So the
Reverend possibly becoming a
Felon is what the Reverend's
friend Mr. Bill did on June 24,
1998 for the Reverend also. He
does not realize it until now or
l-a-t-e-r. The reverend can sweat
through the future and know how
other fathers feel. That Reverend
is a man who fell from grace
hard. Will the little children feel ?
Will they grow up and ask: "Why
did you bring me into this world ...
why ?" Think about it.
It is amusing to see that some
would think this is the inner
workings of "The Word Of God"
or "TheWordOfGod.com ..." --
definitely not. The World was not
created in one day. You entered
just, hear it again "just": "The
Surface." In the Unfolding it sets
the pace. It appears California
in fact has less and less power.
And ... there is a City of Angels
looking for "The Light", to see
The Light. Something. Like that.
We all saw many others in recent
History looking to see the Light
also. All literal. Funny how that
happened, happens. On cue.
Rolling Blackouts and Golden
Globes do not go together.
Australia sees hail the size of
"tennis balls"
weekend of
January 20. Year 2001. January
21 Flight 88 with 140 people on
board -falls- off the runway at
John F. Kennedy Airport in New
York City. To that man who
pointed up at the platform (Press
Entrance) Fashion Week and said
"Do You Know Who He Is ???"
(1998): if it were "Him" that is
real You would not be forgotten.
Remember what was said to you
and how. Who Wants To Know.
And there was Silence. All this
seems cryptic ? Only if you do
not have certain pieces. Then
there are those who know
"exactly what is being said"
and what they see. One time
a Government Attorney said to
people in a Federal Court: "Don't
let The Prophet profit." What
did he know that you do not ???
Notice. He did not say: The "false
Prophet." He represented "The
Government." Governments do
not call people: "The Prophet." It
went right over everybody's head.
He said "The Prophet." What
does that tell you ? "The Prophet"
would not lie. No need to. But
notice. The Attorney was not
putting his Life (or soul) on the
line for anyone with any slander
called "false." Because "The
Prophet" might. Send that man
where he do not want to go. Or
talk directly with God about it.
When you are from "The Net"
and you jet into the snow, getting
the point -- you are still here.
Take the "event" as a message.
One wonders Sandra, have you
seen Him ? Crossed his Path ?
Have you ever hung on 22nd
and Fifth. In the rain.
Americans Citizens are fun.
The Chosen. In The City of The
Did you see Janet Reno
on NBC's Saturday Night Live ?
Of course.
Channel 4. In New
York. What will the future bring.
Someone said: Celebrating "The
American Spirit." "America was
created" to welcome "The Spirit",
not try and kill it. And 20 years
later. There is the 444th Day.
In Memory. Hey Jimmy Carter.
Mr. President as others might
say. Remember me. The Word
knows "Him." But can not shake
his hand, nor ever meet Him like
you did. There is the "reflection."
Adner. Relived. Old friends come
a long way. Travelers thru time.
In the Land of Queens and the
Land of Kings is there a hospital
called. "Saint John the Divine."
Sorry. Forgot ... he -delivered-
wrote the "Book of Revelation."
If it were: The City of The World
the answer would be "yes." There
is a Revelation come true.
The Story of "The Red River."
Some many years ago - but
well after many things were
documented, a program appeared
on TV. For time sake - say mid
nineteen hundred and eighty (in
the Doorstep to The Future).
It may have been a documentary
on PBS (Public Broadcast Station
Program ch 13). The Show was
about a place called "The Red
This was deep in China.
Communist Country. A Land
where there is little of what The
Free World calls "God." China, a
Land of Dynasty and Buddha. A
land where God is not to be talked
about at all. These are their long
and old established ways through
thousands of years. No "God"
allowed. The land itself was a a
color of muted tan and dry. We
traveled up "The Red River."
Along the side on the bank was
a small village. There was not
much there to speak of. Dust
and dirt. But in this little village
in Communist China there were
literally two 8' to 10' (bamboo ?)
sticks coming out of the ground.
(Maybe ... 25 meters apart.)
Stretching from one stick to the
other were tied two pieces of
string. One length of string was
tied on the very top of each of the
two sticks, from one to another.
The other length of string was
tied about a meter from the top
of each of the two sticks. The
string or rope itself was like
"clothesline" or something to that
effect. Now tied from one string
to the other string between these
two sticks are (maybe) 20 - 25
strips of material (like torn sheets
you use for the tail on a kite). The
distance between each piece of
material was equal from one to
another, for the full length of the
rope stretched between each of
the two tall sticks.
As the wind went through the two
sticks: the strips of material lifted.
Flapping lighly. This was in Deep
Communist China. When asked
what were the two sticks for ???
In a little dusty village up
The Red River they said:
sometimes as the wind blows
through them you can almost hear
"The Word Of God."
The Story of The Red River.
Legend has it. As fact.
TIMING. January 22 - 4 angels of
Death -fugitives that escaped jail-
are caught in Colorado. These are
the 7 from Texas that killed a man
for no reason last month. Did you
ever hear of very "hard labor" ???
There is "4" for you. "1" committed
suicide. 2 are still "on the lam."
Someone told us of a story today
about a woman who was claiming
hardcore ... "poverty." She had
no bills to speak of. Someone
was paying everything for her,
she had a job and: $15,000 in the
bank. This was "poverty." Put
to The Word one would wonder
how that makes another hard
working woman who has nothing
but bills feel ? After hearing
about this person claiming
"poverty" with $15,000 in the
bank how does it make a woman
(or a man) feel who lives with
3 children in a 1 room apartment
in the projects ? Or ... how does
it compare to those who suffer in
Africa, Russia or anywhere in the
Hells of this World ??? $15,000
in the bank is far from "poverty."
People with money have "the"
responsibility -from the core- to
help those who are suffering and
to help those who are trying to
achieve something good. Of
course. Unless any rich person
wishes to push that hand of
"Karma." The rest of the World
has the responsibility to recognize
"the greedy." As they will destroy
many futures. Word. This is a
matter called. Heart. Some men
and women fall short in that
department. But then there is
that old piece of wisdom that do
warn: "What goes around comes
around." (And ... What happens
when you are finally "a round" ?)
Ahhhhhhh ... Ask your "self":
How powerful is a thought ???
Hey Gina - what are the prophets
of vibrations
up to ? What they
do. Make music. It honors: The
Universe. Stay warm. Be well.
Some of you are going to love this.
Some of you ... well, any way --
January 22. Mexico Volcano
Explodes. With an Erruption
more than 4 miles high that
could be seen 40 miles away.
Perfect Timing. A Washington
D.C. man said "in the image of
God." Would love to hear what
"exactly" his image of God is ??
As the D.C. man would not have
the slightest clue "what is (God)
real." (Unless the D.C. man had a
certain file. Then he'd have a clue.)
Guaranteed. Also overlooked
Explosion in New York City Con
Edison Electrical Plant (earth
quake country)
Many United States Women are
angry -even fearful now - and
contend they have an enemy in
the White House as the American
President tells the whole World
January 22 year 2001 he dictates
seeking the overturning of Roe
vs Wade.
The Word is in favor of
"save as." Now define progess.
Does this mean that women
will be forced to return to back
alley doctors and the use of
"wire hangers"
, and a run of total
new Laws that will only again take
years to undo ?? At that point you
would have to advise a child not to
have children. Not good for doll
sales. And a major myriad of other
injustices. There must be more
in the offering to Life. Surely more
than only one bandage that leads
to many gushing wounds. Let us
look at America as a body. Okay
now together do math. A body is
bleeding to death from five places.
(Maybe) you stop some of the
bleeding in one place. The body
still bleeds from the other 4 --
Simple math, with non-progressive
results. Sounds. Like "The Stone
Age." To think is to think long
term. Over all. Today it is easy
to understand why a man has a
problem smiling in public. Many
individuals do not like the new
American President. The Word is.
Watching the balance. Americans
now look at the future.
A new slate arrives ahead of
Time. That is an interesting
statement. Stay Tuned. If we
look into the Crystal Ball we see.
On January 26. Year 2001. All at
one time. The Whole World was
shaking. Mountains rumble. In
24 hours. 4 Earthquake "events"
measuring 4.2 to 5.0 on the
Richter scale made History.
Locations: everywhere. Japan,
Greece, Mexico, United States
Lake "Erie." This was upscaled
with a tremendous Earth Quake
in Western India. Such is the
man who appears as a friend for
business or the woman who plans
dinner and does not. What do
they have in common ? Without
knowing each other. India.
January 26 -- Western India
receives 7.9 Earth Quake for up
to 2 minutes. A city of 4 million
rocks and the quake rumbling
through is felt for a thousand
miles. A quake for a Thousand
miles ???? Powerful. Thousands
upon thousands of beings dead,
tens of thousands hurt, crying, and
homeless. That documentation is
done. Do you think this can not
happen to you ??? Think again.
Mankind must show humble. It
is Judged in Nature, by Nature.
The powers of the Universe are
speaking. The story of what is
inside you. Demonstrations of
power writing History for the
exercise. Who is threatening
who ? The Island of the Lizards,
Galapagos was trashed by human
negligence running an oil tanker
aground. The environment again
forever changed. For the record.
In one week the Lake Eerie had
two earthquakes. Two for eerie.
To Erie. Too Eerie. If you could
look into a Crystal you would see
it was all there. Written. Before
it happened. Have respect. Also
many people are still looking
desperately to see The Light.
Including the City of Angels.
That is not figurative. Although it
might seem that way. It is fact.
More than Biblical Proportions.
(June 25th and July 6th, 1998.)
See. What has happened since
then ? It could get ... worse.
Much worse. Is that what
humankind wishes ??? More
documentation. More History.
California has reached its high
level "Stage 3" Power Alert.
More rolling blackout. Have you
learned anything yet ? Set the
course. Have it be. A good
direction -- only. Or one might
recall 15 years ago a certain
government tried to slander Him
in an every and any attempt.to
discredit Him by implying he had
A.I.D.S., even though he was not
Haitian, gay, an intravenous drug
user and had not come in contact
with the virus. Also on paper
fully documented by "them" in the
I.A. report offically. For ever
history. A smart individual, an
intelligent being can learn. The
value of being nice. And what
happens when you are not. You
want to play with Him. Unless he
loves you -- you better always be
nice. The elders think. All's fair
in love and war. We see who
helps. 250 hours work in 12 days.
Not bad. Are you helping ?
People should look
at correcting what is wrong,
undoing the wrongs, instead of:
compounding more new ones.
The wisdom of the Spirit. Was
almost going to write Neil Rosen,
NY 1, in here. Sometimes we
give him a half a wormy apple.
Sometimes he gets 3 apples.
But in fact he handled The Gift
masterfully..January 27. Some
voices have gone. "Silent in the
night." India earth quake reaches.
As many as 13 Thousand dead.
We heard Him say. 10's of
1000's. Reports confirm the
quake was felt 1200 miles
away. Tremors rumble the
region. America should help.
Not wait to send blankets. The
Comforter. The story of the
appointed and the anointed.

You can not turn back the hand
of Time. But you can with
compassion hold the hand of
The Future. Otherwise, thousands
of years teach those that find
themselves greather than --simply
go to Hell. A balance in Life.
One might. Understand.
And The Good News Is ...
(TCBN) Welcome.
The Word does speak. Certain
people should see. The "events"
to the 26th that rocked a city
of 4 1/2 million inhabitants is a
quadrant setting. India and
Japan in one hand. Greece and
the Americas in the other. What
is in the center ??? There is your
warning. Here is a deposition.
The peoples in the middle east
had better stop their fighting and
abuse of the human transport
devices God has given. To all the
people. The blood spilling in the
Old Holy City and on that ground
stops or those involved Will be
fighting with their Maker and
against all Nature's powers this
entity invokes. With about as
much chance as the India quake
demonstrates. However more
powerful. One can echo. Stop
killing each other or Nature will
have the pleasure of killing you
first. As you can see. The Word
is written. An example is made.
You have been warned. January
27th received report from some
one driving in a "Blizzard" in the
They found it. Strange.
A powerful hand comes and
carried the negligence out to sea.
Saving the birds and the animals.
Galapagos Island threat reduced.
One hundred and eighty thousand
gallons of oil bad news headed for
the shore becomes the current
good news pushes even more out
to deep water. See. Not to shore.
Are you not to sure. We are.

Some things are open to the
public. Some things are not.
Like looking into a Crystal. The
deeper you look inside of it the
more you look inside your self.
Some people see nothing. Some
people can see into the Future.
What do you see ? Tomorrow.
Has The Pen ever told you of the
History behind the events of an
attorney saying, "What they say
happened to you could not have
happened." Ahhh. But what are
the rest of the facts in the story ?
That is where very interesting is,
and par for The Great Adventure.
Of course. Coming soon to The
Word near you. Are you having
fun ??? Well then don't forget:
help some one. The Word said
"50,000" dead -- before the 7.9
became an event. How did he
know ? January 29/30. Year
2001. Over the weekend. India
struck by a tremor in the 6 plus
magnitude. Has not reached a
certain level of this is over. Yet.
A day aftter that tremor another
Quake came in the 4-5 magnitude
range. That scares more. People
would not sleep inside homes or
buildings for fear it would fall on
them. Many cry, fall mountains
fall but don't fall on me. What is
an earthquake really ? A vibration
-- A strong vibration from Nature.
Do you actually know what real
force is. Like beyond the h-bomb.
Not the mere hells of what is
imposed by someone with a gun,
a belt, or a fist. Imagine real
Force. It is that same force that
pushes people through the womb.

Earthquake. The whole earth
shaking -- coming at You. Force
in massive proportions. Making
"a point." People need blankets
and water. Soon the smell of the
buried dead crosses the Land
of beings with the mark on their
forehead ? This next piece is
good. Call it alive. In a week
more earthquakes in major areas
target "attention." Although the
scientists note the quakes are not
related. Exactly. Called perfection
-- Then you have to say it is:
What ? You have to say. You
know. Think about it. It is. A
coincidence. Got the point.
What it is all about. Someone
once said to The Word: "There is
no such thing as a coincidence."
Exactly. Now the World is getting
somewhere. So ordered -- Using
your mind. What is it The Pen
and The Word wants ? When
you see. It will change and save
the whole World and time itself.
It is only one thing. Creates long
term domino effects. And life --
forever prospers. (Also "an earth
quake" is not the answer to the
question. Only an exercise.) But
"the whole world is shaking now."
Rumbling. Last week met people
who took Clapton -off- off the
helicopter. The one with Stevie
Ray on board that smashed into
the mountain immediately after..
Things come in time.
"What would an 8.8 earth quake
be like for 20 seconds ?" Depends
on where it occurs. Is that some
thing. Like a 7.9 for 2 minutes --
The "President appointed" goes in
the direction of The Spirit. And
for: religion. Is it the "far Right"
or good for all -- Really would
like. To know what is their "image
of God now." IF any of "them"
try to -sell- "Jesus IS God":
God is going to be really pissed.
Remember a LittleTon. Do you
all remember how America did
Burn for 7 months in the Year
2000. Nature has its ways. The
"appointed" will be written in
The Book. One Way Or Another.
Good things can happen. Believe
that. Because it is true. On a
note being saved. The monster
actually gained "1" point (blessing)
last week when he went against
that issue "up in smoke." Another
bad politician could have events
happen to them since they want
to control when you breathe ...
What and how. In the City of
The World. Woe to the new
Tyrants that try to "control" the
breath, or the Future. Like what
happens to those that try to
control the way people walk.
Clouds rise to burn the individual's
soul -easily- without the change
of Heart. Could you believe it ?
The Monster gaining a blessing.
The Greatest Adventure. Never
ceases to amaze. Let it be
January 30 -- Year 2ooo. CNN
World News - India. "Four days
after the Quake the stench of
death fills the air." "The bodies
just kept coming in." Now the
event shows it's power. Massive.
300,000 dead. Predicted total.
500,000 +. That is a "10 Fold."
As a child, what is it that adults
and society teaches all peoples ?
The Word. "Punishment." That's
their focus. Is that what societies
now also suffer. What they teach.
They should teach The Word ...
Compassion. Understanding. The
power of where you come from,
the power of Nature teaches too.
"You get what you give." The
Word teaches. "Overall." One
of the richest States in America,
California faces an energy crisis.
In 2 weeks "400 million dollar
emergency fund exhausted."
Is that Life saying something !
Making the point. What is it ???
Simple. It says one thing ... as a
fact. "The rich have no power."
You see. That's Funny. No ???
Life told you. It was all about:
"The Word." Now don't laugh.
"Even the very rich have no
Power." Maybe they have to
go somewhere else. I hear you.
L-a-u-g-h-i-n-g. There it is. Life
is in control. Something to know.
Life is not about what you think.
It is about: what is. The Prophet's
Prophet. Any living being who
wants can go argue with God.
"It is all about Time." Which you
have plenty of. Matter of fact.
All the Time in the Universe.
Time eternal. That is a lot of:
getting it wrong or getting it right."
Everyone wins when you get it.
Right. People should respect.
You learn that too. New York
is a nice place.

Governments should also see,
recognize: States that lose their
people ... also lose that amount
of productivity and progress. All
that may have come from each
individual's contribution. One
person in the World can make a
big -Big- difference. Can you
imagine the depth of what India
and the World in whole has lost.
(Another Earth quake monday
4.3 - 8:08 a.m., also reports of
5.9 in India's silicon valley.)
Mozambique in high water floods
kills more. Something about in
motion. Or Emotion. The Earth
feels. Some thing like that. It
gives. What to think about. P.S.
The 2 missing "angle of death"
escapees "on the Lam" gave up.
This is NewsTalk 2 -
Year 2001. Begin as a Fire ball.
The Earth Quakes and Quakes
more. Plus -- The Story of
The Red River.

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