Someone told us of a story --
about a woman who was claiming
hardcore ... "poverty." She had
no bills to speak of, someone was
paying everything for her. She
had a job and $15,000 in the bank.
This was "poverty." Put to The
Word one would wonder how
that makes another hard working
woman who has nothing but bills
feel ? After hearing about this
person claiming "poverty" with
$15,000 in the bank how does it
make a woman (or a man) feel
who lives with 3 children in a 1
room apartment in the projects ?
Or ... how does it compare to
those who suffer in Africa,
Russia, or anywhere in the Hells
of this World ? $15,000 in the
bank is far from "poverty."
People with monetary wealth
have "the" responsibility -from
the core- to help those who are
suffering and to help those who
are striving to achieve something
good. Of course. Unless any rich
person wishes to push that hand
of "Karma." Now the rest of the
World has the responsibility to
recognize "the greedy." As they
will destroy many futures. Word.
This is a matter called. Heart.
Some men and women fall short
in that department. But then
there is that old piece of wisdom
that do warn: "What goes around
comes around." (What happens
when you reach what is -- final.)
Ahhhhhhh ... Ask your "self":
What will you face in Death ...
and who ?
Until we meet again.
Stay warm. Be well.

Life is real.
is real. Obviously. It exists. The
fact that it came to be should teach
you something about the Universe.
If you ignore what is really inside
you - Life and the reaction of
Nature's wrath -set the balance.
Some would like to think they just
live in this world then they die,
every thing goes black and they
do not have to think about anything
-- it is over.That is not so. You will
continue. To think "dead" does not
mean "alive" is an error.

Go to the mirror some time. Look
at yourself. As you see inside your
eyes hear that voice say to you ...
"God does do nice work." Then look
at yourself again. Wasn't that fun.
For a number of years peoples
were warned. Life Does Bite
All that was found was
The People full of themselves.
Too busy hearing their own
thoughts. As if Nature's only
purpose of existence was to
entertain them. The good news
is America and the World are
seeing The Spirit at work. What
it means to have feeling and
remember who you are.
When you want to know what
will happen next, you have to
A politician, who on November
26, 2001 (at a Public Meeting)
called a female American citizen
"a Jerk" because he did not want
to face the issues also said shortly
after the New York World Trade
Center crumbled to the ground:
people -are- "getting through to
God." Others do also know the
statement: "falling on deaf ears."
Was the politician talking about
God ... or Jesus ? Considering
God and Jesus are 2 different
entities: like you are not your
. "Many antichrists" think
Jesus is God. Certain Churches
sell that pretense. People should
get to know God also, considering
that is their maker.
Let's play personal War. Greg
a Lawyer said
You are: "No one."
Do you think you are "no one" ?
Your path and travels brought
you this far, and in fact: "You are"
by decree of the Universe "The
Chosen." "You Are extremely
Special to God." How do you
know this ? Look where you are.
Literally. A time of Electricity.
And -- one
of a kind in all the World is saying
to you: "You are very Special."
And know this beyond your dying
breath: you are surely more than
"No One." Much MORE ! There
is a true one and only God in the
Universe. It is the brethren who
represents that. The lawyer Greg
said "bring it on." "Blind Fool of
your own Hubris. It is done." As
you saw. September 11, 2001.
The truly intelligent read here.
And then there is "picture of the
day" telling a story of Life. Those
working with Law should notice.

The Final Destination.
The travels in Life reveal pure
truth. Keep the faith. These
times are about: the cleansing of
the soul. The Final Revelation.
NewsTalk 5 - Year 2001 Capitol
Event. A bullet through the heart. A
Mentor falls from Grace. West Nile
Virus shows. The Heat is on 90 plus.
4 days breaking records. Prophets
Krissy Taylor and Rico Puhlmann.
Know the difference between The
Voice Of God and The Word Of:
God. "Slimphoney" in The Universe.
Real Life is stranger than Fiction.
Unique it is that Life at times
makes you
think about things
you do not want to
. Ask your
"Why ... Are All Of These
Weird Things Happening To The
World ?"
Some forget the term: "fresh air."
A Time for "Fresh Air." And
while a child is trying to grow up
the adult can hurt the World a
Little ton more. Just look around.
Man and woman can not even
pro-create "anymore" without
addressing dying from a sexually
transmitted disease or going to jail
because they gave birth to a child
but have little money. All this is
true, absolutely. It is a very sick
World. Think American adults
should re-examine their self being
and self worth. And how do you
go forward. Who will you hurt ?
Will - you do something good. Did
you ever get the feeling when
sitting in the forest or in a field
or on the beach that some one
or some thing is watching you.
But you know no one is there.
Or at least that is what you think.
Hummm. That feeling. There is
a difference between thinking and
knowing. Something is always
watching. Especially when you
get that feeling.
"The Greatest Adventure" ...

When You
Want To Know
The Official Site of God,
One True God.
The Brethren of Prophets.
Home of "The Prophets
Prophet." c. 2000/02 +
Sound Link.
The Word Of God
- News To Talk About -
Busy working on other things. See ya soon.
Return To Portal Opening
The so-called American Holy Ground:
The Courts and The Justice System
serve themselves with special
and massive corruption.
The Year 2001 came and it was said:
"It is people who should count."
And as that year came to march
"everything" defined itself. Material
wealth and those finding it the "most"
important: did suffer more than can
ever be written.
And the multitudes
were called to the awakening.
Imagine Reality. Literally.
Sounds of a vibration
transmitted directly from a
human being's mouth - on
a woman's stomach in to the
womb, to reach a growing
child. Imagine that in Science.
Then ... comes: what next.

And care only if it effects them. They
lack awareness and the caring to have
the awareness they should have and
need. And those with strength keep
their might to appease the political.
As if money is everything. This
world and dimension of time is a bad
Land that finds selfishness a priority.
Are you getting the drift ?
The tide goes up, the tide
goes down. Now breathe.
With the Earth. Get the drift ?
You have engaged, brought
forward The Holiest of Holy
What time waited
for. And who you started
it with was none other
than- The Universe itself.
I wish you all: good... luck
Watching The Wheels.
The Power Within ...
The Moral To All Stories:
Everything in Life comes back to you
as well as others. Remember those
words "Just as well." And Life itself
has its finger on your pulse and every
generation connected to you.
This Space progessively grows. Nature ... Forces of true
power upon the conscience of humankind. All those
disrespectful learn the word ... mystery
Arielle - That is amazing.
You got there before me.
You were just waiting
for me to get there. See
what happened when
you spoke to me. Read
it any way you see it.
The way it is. Totally --

But if you are privileged with more
knowledge, then you can go from
here to there. And you know that.
Have a good time. Inside knowledge.
Two sides to the coin. Undercurrent
to the ocean waves. What you see
and what you don't. There is ...
always something to learn.
Learn all you can.
If you know of "the TC site" do
not bring people from there to here.
They are not to know the connection
unless they find what is inside their
"self" on their own --gets them here.
Sealing Your Fate.
Do what you will. Let's see.
A.I.D.S., Lyme Disease,
West Nile Mosquitos ...
What's missing. Balance.

One word ... it came in time to
be. . True.

Human History. Your human history.
Where you really come from.
Documented. Evermore.

You ask this Question.
The Word of God .com
how do I type that.
One word ?
Response: --
One Word.
See. Life. Literal.
"One Word."
Someone said that looks like a
sword, you scallywags !!!
See the "R" upper right.
"I don't see it."

The Challenger
Space Shuttle
Event January 1986

photo credit: back page
New York Daily News.

Don't mess with
Mother Nature or
who she

What one would
think it says --

The Word is

"It's a fat fat world
with a real funky
funky Buddha
in it." Many Rivers
To Cross.

Earth Quake
Touch "The Main
Dish" "Just as
well" and see
what happens.

Before The
Woman "stole"
there were no
Mosquitos killing
people in New
Jersey and New
York. Now there
are. What did you
all steal ? From
who ?

Get The Point.
Now Constance
can not work in
the World Trade

Game over.
See the
Dragon Fly.
On to some
"Big Scenes."
Coincidence ?
spread ... The Word.
And of course The Dead
are: restless. This does
not end ... ever. It either
reaches understanding
-or- it resolves (with all
extinct). Life Is like that.

Peace -- a special word ...
again: beyond lip service.

Can you see colors ? Can you read
colors ?
There are certain windows
in Time. "The Pen" has 4. You see
two. What is said that is missing.
What two statements appear next ?
Do you know ?? "The Pen."

"Love Leads"
Mystic Fiddler
Music Credit:
Lorenza Ponce
Vibe Records

The Story of Humanity on Earth
They kill their brothers and sisters.
They murder Prophets. Children
starve. They -humans- have wholly
shown by their own actions they care
little about anything but themselves.
But who am I ?
Respect Nature.
Touch the
Tornado and
just wait. But.
Take shelter.
Humankind must be careful
of --"reckless disregard."
Go to: News Talk 6 ;
"Save As" ! ! !
Very Important. "Save as." - Pass it on -
Are You Giving God What
God Gave You ? Life. And
"Respect." Do you have a
problem understanding
What God Is. Let me help
God Is The Living
Mind of "The
All Universes.
The Quote:
"Do not let anyone claim to
be a true American if they
ever attempt to remove
Religion from Politics."
George Washington.
Life is escalating its own Power.
Go to: News Talk 8 ;
To know what is ahead of you
it takes one thing. You must
look. Like a good movie you
do not want to watch. You
peek. In between your fingers.
Temptation or Redemption. Do you
like the movies ??? Try real Life.

Coincidences demonstrating.
An example. For a Time. The
Point. A Worldwide Education.
And much more effects. What
comes from within and what is
the meaning of -- within. Where
you come from. One Hunter said,
"I heard words" when none were
spoken. On The Record.
is not Jewish and Greek yet is ?
Between you and the Universe.
The Issue.

The Universe thinks.
It -Was- said.
America. A Country given to people
by a course of destiny, accident,
coincidence. For you every thing that
does exists was -is- a thought first.
Would it be any different with regard
to the whole physical Universe ? It
took a thought to make it happen.
What does that tell you about
America and how it came to be ?
The Universe thinks. Did you ever
think about that ? How did you
come to be ? Do you think that
only you can think but The
Universe can not ???
Creation's Grand Scale Plan.
The Books Are Open. All the
Universe speaks. To those who
listen. And louder to those who
do not. Demonstrations, Wonders,
Examples, Physical Manifestations.
Ever hear of this syndrome: "R.C.S." ?
"Remote Control Syndrome." It is a
fun story. Enlightening. If your guides,
priests, or prophets knew not (know
not) of this syndrome then they actually
know nothing of: The World You Come
From. Think about that for a while.

Beginning To A New Generation
- The Age of Electricity -
An education. And the opening
of 2001. "President appointed."
plus the links to Year 2000. News To
Talk About: 1 thru 10. "Mid-Year News
To Talk About" intense with power
progresses forward as it writes events
before they happen and it accelerates
into the New Year.

Where does terror end ?
When we learn to bring
families together.
The Future is.

Mother Nature will do "extreme"
things. Especially through human
beings. A 4 hour Tornado. Only a
small demonstration. Powers of the
Universe would say. This is true.
You are going deeper in the
inner world. On The Surface.

Many things can happen: where
Life is concerned
. This is why an
ounce of niceness is important to
have in one's soul. It could come
in handy (many times).
If you can imagine all the people
for thousands of years that it took
to get you here and understand
the concept they are all alive -
now how many would that be
is not what we want you to look
at. We just want you to get that
concept. All your relatives -- and
everyone's relatives being - alive.
This is what you should look at:
How big do you think that actual
place is where they now live ?
The place called "The Core of
Creation." The Space itself.
How Big is it ??? Think.
It has to be Big enough to hold
all people (beings) from millions
of aeons and huge spans of time.
How big do you conceive this
place is
??? Okay. Your mind
is expanding. It wasn't that
hard, was it ?
"A Penny For The Truth. 2 Cents
for a Heart." Kill a person and
leave "Him" with "41 cents".

OTHER $1580 ??? It is
RETURNED after the fact.
"America was created" in time
by -- Destiny and the Universe
to see and protect "The Holy
Spirit." Not kill it. If Moses,
Buddha, Jesus, Mohammud
came to this Earth as human
beings then why would it be
that the Holy Spirit would not
come as a human being. Oh --
you did not think about that.
And what would that entity
bring to the table. We Are
Travelers Through Time And
Space. One day we should
discuss what the place is like
that, as a fact, you go to after
you die.
Many answers to many
things. What is heaven and hell ?
A world of beliefs is a world
of illusions. Mother Nature
is not trying to talk to the
peoples anymore. Mother
Nature is screaming at the
whole human race. People
in this World are a young
generation killing themselves.
The Pen writes ... beyond what
anyone thinks.
People are experiencing. A
person's worth is more than
what is the mere measure of
money. Year 2001 taught the
World that.
Many will agree.

Begin as a fire ball. The Earth
Quakes. And quakes India more.
People learning things. Plus --
The Story of The Red River.

Lesson 1: "The Truth Matters."
Lesson 2: "Save As."
Lesson 3: "Do not mess with
Mother Nature" (or Him).
Lesson 4: Ahhh. Saga continues.
The Message: We are Travelers
through Time and Space.

Much more to come ...
Starts explosive. Pontius Pilate
makes a return debut "classified"
Signed 4 1985 Newsday rerun.
Plus the difference between "I Heard
Words" and "Allegedly Speaking." A
U.S. nuclear sub levels. Out in deep
water sinks Fishing vessel. Ooops.
Nature demonstrates and documents
well. The power of -- paranormal
Because Life is Judging.
And will Judge every Being. Are we
getting somewhere.
How long has
this project been in progress to reach
here. Answer: a quarter of a Century
and more (for a little Revelation.)
Some things in life are "absolutely"
real. Okay, breathe. We have
billions of people waiting to come
into this world. The future is
unlimited on the road Forward..
NewsTalk 4 - Year 2001 back at
the ranch ...
Washington State in
6.8 Quake, Spring in February, Yo
Momma Renee Cox written, Foot &
Mouth virus, Dublin St. Patrick's
Parade cancelled, Tornado cruises
22 - 23 miles, bomb in New Jersey
school, 15 year old in California
School kills, paranormal event tape.
"Real Life is not a game." Can you
say absolutely -- for a fact: what is
beyond the last breath ? Much to
realize. To the children and the
young adult:
you are not alone.
Something will be created for
With love. TheWordOfGod.
Signed 4.
You decide how you want the
Universe to Judge you.
Because The Universe is
Judging You.
Life gives each and every human
being: "one" second chance. It
is your Life on Earth. You are
responsible for what you have
done and what you do.
nothing good get nothing good.
(Those not in this world are heard.
For what can not speak and needs
would find it rude if it could be done
and was not.)
The Pen does write. "Mother
Nature did not go through all of
this trouble to get us here to have
humankind destroy it."
is reacting. Life is Alive. About
bad things ...
"It did not have to
be that way." There is a voice.
You hear it. It is the voice in your
ear. The Voice.
That echos.
Where is your Heart --
Point to
it is the answer.

NewsTalk 4 plus - Year 2001
Audrey Bloomberg Radio entry. School
Bullet Points, bombs multiply. Hoof &
Mouth March around the world. Stocks
plunge. Equations. Explosive Hornet
kills bystanders. Messages. A muse
Talia. Ooops again. And much More.
"When you let bad things
happen only one thing can
come out of it. Bad things.
Old American proverb. Never
touch -him- unless invited.

Going forward - The Pen gives
what to think about.
NewsTalk 4 More - Year 2001
You meet "no one." Godless Countries
collide. Payne Stewart's clothes. The
Value of a Person. Americans washing
the feet of others. Hoof & Mouth around
the World destroys more than a million
animals. More "Bullet Points." School
shootings. No da way.
On CaLL.
All peoples should remember
these words "A Free Society"
and "Entrusted With." Forget
not who you really are in the
NewsTalk 4 echoes - Year 2001
Who invented who. China Tail clipped
by 4 prop plane. Red River Overflows in
America. 11 days with "Regrets." Ohio.
State of Emergency. Train Derails. Jay
brings Louis and Simon Srybnik up
from the Dead. Hummm. 4 of 4.
When any Parent in America
can become a Felon just
because they give birth to a
child but have little money:
you started an extremely
dangerous war: with God
and that Power. If America
did not notice. Then came
the West Nile Virus. Not
before. Taking the point
It continues ...
Some say. Armageddon.

It is said, "Find good things in your
life. And learn what not to be
like. The bad things that you
" Never forget God. And
that you came from where that
Power lives ...
People should remember where
they come from. Sometimes
even Judges forget
they are
being Judged. Speaking truth is
not rambling, it is words some do
not want to hear while others do
Care about what happens. Life
provided the tape recorder to
show you Life can record Life.
What is the mind of the Universe.
Remember all this is only the
surface level. Now look into your
own eyes. Deeply. Can you see
your soul ? Do you remember
what it was like when you were
children ?? Not where you were.
But how you saw Life ? Nature
was Big. It rained outside as you
peered from the window and
could not go out to play. Books
are written many ways. The High
Priest banded collar black shirt is
a nice effect. And what is really
underneath ??? Totally Cool .
Human history. Human life.
Home of "The Highest Order."
An official Fact.
Clearly. Writing a new book. It is
called. From the Spirit of Truth.
The Lamb's Official Book of Life:
TheUltimateBookOfLife. Or it
might be: TheOfficialBookOfLife --
What will it say about you ?
Picture of the Day
Death is not a closure. Only
a moving: from one place to
another. As each individual at
one time in their life will learn,
and experience. Life goes on.

Learn about your self.
A Ghost Train in Ohio. No rain in
40 days. People Magazine did the
Mistress. China plagued with bird
virus. Nkosi Johnson, Muhammand
al - Durrah. Who did the choke hold.
Many secrets within.
NewsTalk 7 - Year 2001 Earth
quake, Volcano, etc. The Prophets'
Prophet sees his name changed on
Official Record in Solomon's Court,
Communist China is to Host the 2008
Games, Armyworms and little critters,
Cataclysmic is written. The New
Executive Director introduced The
Main Dish to Him (Totally).
Is Life what you think or what
is ? Must give Mother Nature
and the powers at hand its
How would you know
which is a dream, or where you
were: until you wake up ? Try
to control Life
and it reacts,
in a major way.

Did the television need wires
to get a picture to you ? No.
Why would it be any different
to send a thought.
How are the dead doing ???
Oh -- they are doing well. How
are the people on Earth doing ?
Can you answer that honestly --
NewsTalk 8 - Year 2001 Names
written. Glasser and Baum. Bad people
who also took. Abraham run over. Keith
Moon, Madonna, Manale, OHM, Floyd
hurricane. Talia history. Empire State
Building looked like a candle. All lights
off. Aliens from outer space watching
New Jersey. "Volcanos" erupting.
Rain, Floods, Mudslides, more earth
quakes and West Nile Virus is making
the point. And there is much more.
Wild Fires. Heat Wave. 104 degrees.
"Always Chandra Levy All The Time."

If you kill me again, I have but one
thing to say ... "Thank you."

Let me know when you want me to
stop calling all this "coincidence"
and call it "the next event" instead--

History can be read the
correct way. Truthfully.

Many things get very Hot.
Next Coincidence
- More to Come -
Some things are an observation.
The Year that is called. 2001. Where All The Souls
Begin To Count. Generations go forward 2001, 2, 3, 4
A bit of In The Vortex ...
1977 - sound vibration produced by the Human
Voice that can make TV screens oscillate perfected
and given a name: The Word a/k/a The Word of God.
1981 - U.S. copyright registered with the Library
of Congress "The Word of God", "TXu" author
anonymous (withheld).
1982 - "Spot" International Lizard. Weekend rain.
1984 - U.S. copyright registered Library of Congress
"SR" "The Word Of God" sound recording 12-24-84
-official: author (disclosed) Richard david Renda.
1985 - placed in choke hold and held by the throat
until the human body "stopped moving" completely -
m-u-r-d-e-r ... plus S.W.A.T Sunday and more.
1986 - Space Shuttle. 4 page CDC A.I.D.S. warning
in every mailbox in U.S. "Signed 4" classified unfold.
1987 - signed permanently into Law by New York
State Supreme Court Judge. Known in Law as "the
second coming of the prophet."
The Highest Order.
1988 - In The City. Anna Wintour. Laurie Schechter.
And characters called The Magazine -----.
1994 - present intro ... officially registered in law
"Totally Cool ", trademark of Him.
1996 - Lenox Hill Hospital - August 11, 1996 - 2nd
strangulation assailant. Attempted murder fails in
New York. Found Main Dish hiding in Bayonne.
December 3, 1996 "allegedly speaking." Another
attempted murder fails Dec. 4, the Skecher's Event.
1997 - August 12. An action figure in action. Pervert
claims "to fuck" year old girl. Government involved
1998 - "" ( November 22, 1999.)
1999 - N. J. - application of appeal documents
corruption, liars, The Word.
2000 - Spring Totally Cool . "History on Record." - July 4th. "A Brief" and
some more, plus.
Then ... a nation counts.
NewsTalk 9 continues A Nation
is rocked, the World is shaken. In the
Old Holy Lands bloodshed ceased.
Heartfelt blessings. "Hell on Earth."
Rains. Facts. Lip Service.

NewsTalk 9 - Year 2001 Life
defines itself. Cataclysmic begins to
real. 4 commerical passenger
jets are stolen. Hit with Constance.
New York City World Trade Center
crumbles to the ground
. People
running for the Path. America's
Capital, Washington D.C. is also hit.
"And we know that God is
not Neutral" (The President of
America said in September 2001)
Nor is God a figment of some
Many understand.
Life is The Adventure.
This is
the Greatest Adventure.
There is much to share. In these times
in this space. (Some may say, "It is
all a coincidence" . . . but -- is it ?)
Life is really continual. Do
you know what that means ?
Every day you look in the
mirror. It looks back at you.
This is all real.
Welcome to The Vortex In Time.
The issue remains -- and those
who with aforethought corrupt the
Law of the Land. Where were you
conceived ? How did you wind up
where you are ?? News media video
documentation preserves beyond
your imagination.
(On the lighter side, how many times
can you say the word ..."Fun" ? The
Pen can tell a story of a person who
was told they said the word "Fun" too
much. How can you have too much
Fun ?) The Universe is major angry
would be putting it mildly. It was
said. Earn a blessing. When you
die the first thing you learn is:
you are still alive.
Believe or Not.
You do not ? Who cares ???? Facts
are facts. Get used to it. And get it
right. God does not need your belief.
God exists.

What is The Hall of Prophets ???
How far can it reach out --
Life is in the reaction mode. "Biblical
." A dictionary survived in
America's Capital on September 11th, 2001
when a 767 jet slammed into The Pentagon
building. Does that not represent The Word,
preserved ?
If you keep putting intense on
top of intense. What happens ?
Nothing except what will be.
More intense. The equation
in math. 2 + 2 =
NewsTalk 10 - Year 2001 Stock
market loses 1 trillion dollars in a week.
No Survivors. Mass with no roof. This is
the 1st Wave. You could not imagine.
Consider this. If someone thinks
or portrays 5000 people as more
in value than the loss of any single
person this is a mistake. When
one person is missing or dead it
is as serious as 5000 missing or
dead. What it is in perspective
is one life multiplied that many
times. Every one is important.
With feelings ... and relatives.
People of good intention think
to use great wisdom.
No one bad ever really gets
away with anything. As the
elders do tell: it will come back
to you. When you least expect it.
Full Circle. Life can reach out
into your dreams, beyond your
imagination, as you sleep at night.
20, 50 years later. And haunt
more. Earth. Many secrets to be
found here ... and ... cherished.

Some adults do great evil because
they can say they "believe" they
had a good reason. Little children
learn to make "believe" too. In the
adult world it is called: a double
standard or in the purest state
it is called "a lie." Is there one
honest human being that in
absolute truth dare profess
"America can do no Evil" ? Or
that "America has done no Evil" ?
Be honest. And ... get over it.
A U.S. Government press spokes
person said: white houses do not
speak. But they do, in many
ways. You just have to listen to
hear. A White House official said
they "don't do predictions." A good
prediction is based on fact. The
difference between "going fishing"
and "catching fish." The Pen heard
a man say "we don't go fishing,
we catch fish."
Picture of the Day
For Thousands Of Years. Echo
this cry thoughout all the Lands
and to all human beings great and
small, let it be known: "let none
take away your words. Ever."
Even when you are not speaking.
Let none stop you from speaking.
It is your right and it causes no
damage to those who have done
no wrong. Therefore let "them"
get all that they deserve. What
they do. Each individual according
to their works. And that you speak
Saith The Word. And your Word
does Live Forever as well --
The Writings on the wall.
Ahhhh .....

NewsTalk 11 - Year 2001 Anthrax
mail in America, reaching worldwide.
And so much more ...
NewsTalk 11 continues Tali-ban,
Slugfest, Flight 587, Judges moved.
During this Holiday Season and for the
coming years, people all around the World
should ask of the Universe that they be
able to see one more day. To learn. And
that their children grow up to see the
same. On this beautiful blue planet.
A good Prophet does know that: not to
value Life is as if to spit directly in the
face of God. What might the Universe
do to those in the end ??? The right to be
alive and be free is what Life gives you,
personally. Others try to take that away.
If it is easy for any human to
create destruction -- how much
energy would it take to create
good things ... a World that The
Future can build on ? A bit of
talent, and, the virtue to care ???
No Culture, no heritage, will be
remembered if there is No World
for generations to grow up in.
Remember this: if God put you
here -in this time- you were meant
to be here. If you waste that or
intentionally destroy that you have
failed in your greatest journey.
"The Problem Is Bigger Than
You Think." There was no
"high state of alert" in
America. Now there is.

What happens when someone
stops you from breathing ? What
happens after that ? And then,
after that ????

In today's world do you feel safe
-or- are you just living ? There
is a Big difference. What is the
Depth to the true meaning of
Freedom ? And again, ask - what
kind of World will the children
grow up in. At one time you were
a child too. Or did you forget ?

Anything can change, suddenly.

Be a good person at heart. You
will get much further.
NewsTalk 12 4th letter appears,
journalists killed, old Holy land spilling
blood, teachers arrested in America,
spring in December, religious showdown.
January 5. Year 2002. Taking
it to The Bank. Young 15 year
old Bishop, a Florida Schoolboy,
steals and flys a small prop plane
from St. Petersberg to Tampa
(over a U.S. Air Force base)
and then intentionally slams the
aircraft into a high rise building:
the Bank of America. According
to news reports Bishop scribed
a 4 paragraph suicide letter.
Sink hole swallows barn in Iowa.
Ending the first week of the year
2002. Greece has 6 feet of snow.
Rain helps firefighters and calms
some of the 100 plus raging fires
surrounding Sydney, Austraila.
Thousands of people evacuated.
NY television news station wrote
the statement. "Tali-banned."
Talk about a true statement. If
you were really smart you would
see this literal. If you were really
intelligent you would surely have
a key. If you were in the know it
would all be even: more obvious.
If you held the truth then you
would have the answers to some
of the "why."
January 6. 2002. Sunday. Rain
in New York City. Surprised ?
(Also there is the story about a
weatherman in Rio de Janiero,
Brazil who is facing criminal
charges and could go to jail for
6 months. Why ? Believe this:
because he got the weather
forecast wrong. Talk about
an occupational hazard !)
January 1. Year 2 ... 2002.
The Holiday Season goes forward
with no serious threats or harm
in many Cities around the World.
The party in Times Square is a
lost memory for many. Television
event showing empty streets. A
control situation caused by the
last act of an outgoing hitler in a
Police State. But Mr. Bloomberg
sworn in as Mayor, of that City
of the World called New York,
takes a subway train to work and
accepts only one dollar ($1) as
his yearly salary. The previous
Mayor leaves New York City
with a "4" billion dollar budget
deficit. Security personnel shoots
self in buttocks at California
airport. Rare snowfall in Athens
Greece paralyzes city. Moscow,
Russia goes into deep freeze,
minus -11 degrees (F). Joking
about the unusual snowfall in the
usually warm southern United
States (8 to 14 inches Georgia,
North Carolina, South Carolina)
NYC newscasters laughed: "ya
all see ... the shovel ???"
January 3. Earth quake rocks
Afghanistan and neighboring
countries. It is said "all things are
connected." The 42nd President
of the United States (also known
as Mr. Bill), his Buddy was killed.
Run over by an automobile at
their New York home. "Buddy"
the pet canine, a chocolate
labrador retriever, was 4 years
old. Hummm. Omens. The Signs.
Does Mr. Bill remember what he
did to all children and parents in
America: June 24th, 1998 ? The
past always follows close behind.
As are the many powers of "the
creeping feeling of silence." You
have no idea what kind of war
you really started and America is
definitely cursed. In case you
hadn't noticed. It is obvious.
Recently it was said "the weather is
strange." (Snow in Hawaii ?) And
yet to be explored is the day of The
Showdown. Saving it. A good day
in History for human beings. Is it
strange that in the City of the
World one human being went to
appear and defend every human
being. All the powers that be, are:
on notice. The Universe you come
from records what occurs: within
the soul of every living creature.
India, Pakistan, fighting in an
unstable environment with nuclear
capability. Words to Kashmir in a
Led Zepplein are so noted "when all
will be revealed." Did you hear --
there was Snow in Arizona also ?
Crazy. A politician went to play
golf in Florida recently. It was: "too
cold" out. There was a message.
About "the gifts" God sends in to
this World. Hope you understand
what you see. Reading between the
lines -or- what is right in front of
your face. Life reacts even more.
As it is in major control and always
with the last word. There were
many messages from St. John the
Divine. You should know when you
are on Holy ground. And you
should know not to push or shove
when you are a guest in what surely
is God's sandbox. Of course, if you
think you are bigger and better than
God ... "you" can walk that path.
The results are always the same.
December 31. In the City of the World,
with the planet Jupiter overhead, the
Crystal Ball greets a New Year. 2002.
22 degrees (F). Dick Clark, music legend
celebrates 30 years New York Rockin'
Eve. Still. There are no fireworks in
Central Park. But there are in other
places all around the world, even in ...
The Magic Kingdom.
December 27 - 4 bodies lay dead on 34th
Street. Rivers of blood at Herald Towers.
Man from Jersey runs people over.
December 29. New York City prepares
opening to the public 4 viewing platforms
which enable people to see the World
Trade Center disaster site first hand.
Morgan Center Post Office confirms
the find of more Anthrax there. Mother
Nature dumps 83 inches of snow on New
York in just 5 days. Residents not allowed
to drive until streets are clear. (First they
have to find the car.) Interesting cross
road. It was him who was not supposed to
be there. Saw a statement written in the
realm of active paranormal. It read where
microfilms unfold, "I get quiet when I see
a train coming." Such is the smile. Only
hope you see and understand why you
had to give up smuggling arms.
December 23. Sunday. Rain in New
York City. Who said snow ?!!
December 25. Santa Claus is coming
to town. Christmas around the World,
a day that has many different meanings
to many different people. Pope John
Paul at Mass. Emergency evacuation
at LAX Airport. Fires burn 1000's of
acres in Australia. The Royal National
Park looks like a lunar landscape.
December 26. America's Indian Point
Nuclear Power Plant goes -suddenly-
into automatic shutdown. Buffalo New
York gets 4 feet of snow. (4'.) That's
big ! "Torrential Floods" in Morocco.
December 18. The Church Burns.
"The Gift Shop" at the World's largest
Gothic Church, Saint John the Divine
in New York City erupts with flames
destroying irreplaceable Treasures.
200 Firefighters battled hell. "Nothing
short of a blessing" ... the main halls
survived. Saint John the Divine is
the author of the Book of Revelation.
December 21. Snow in San Diego
(sunny southern California). CNN will
no longer broadcast The "Goodwill"
Games. Airport stats: since October
30th due to security problems alone,
1,111 flights delayed. 408 cancelled.
December 22. In flight. Man aboard
Trans-Atlantic jet attempts to explode
C4 bomb he had hidden in his shoe.
Picture this in your mind's eye. Many
souls carrying many things on the backs
of many horses across many lands to build
the Cities that exist today. Souls of the
past, the sweat of their spirits -- all of the
craftspeople, do you see and feel their work ?
January 8. Historic Church
across the river in New Jersey
burns ... after 5 year renovation.
"The cause is ... a ... mystery."
A notable posting.
January 10. Quoting authoritative
sources "The Weather is looking
fine today ... across the Country."
Mild and warm. NYC goes way
warm -- 50's (F), more than
"15 degrees above Normal." Is
Mother Nature watching you ?
F-16 fighter jet suddenly stops,
crashes in Little Egg harbor
township over a major highway -
in ... of course, New Jersey. Pilot
ejects to safety. Remember when
Mr. Bill's plane disappeared from
radar (not once, twice), over ...
where -- why ? A ghost train
surfaced and is making more
news. It was the Path to the
World Trade Center. Coming
from a man of quality. According
to magazine sources Yves Saint
Laurent, a truly global clothing
and accessories Designer, at 65
says his recent retirement was
triggered by "disgust with the
Fashion Industry." A statement
which decribes only the tip of a
certain iceberg in these modern
times. But the truths will be told.
Some people still think money is
everything. (There is a story
here about trying to remember
a person's name 48 hours prior.
Yesterday along the Afghan
border in Pakistan a U.S. military
KC-130 refueling and tactical
transport aircraft slams into a
mountain. Here a candle is lit for
each of the 7 soldiers who died.)
Bridget calls. She had a dream.
Now help The World ... Save As.
What happens when you do not
save or "save as" on your computer ?
And if you do not save the earth as
Nature gave it to you, what happens
(when you do not "save as") ???
January 11 - Friday rain in the
City of the World.
January 13. Sunday. More rain
through the night. Ending the 2nd
week of 2002, a 13 year old boy
and a 16 year old were arrested
in Texas with bombs and bomb
making material to blow up
the school cafeteria. For an
education. The man appointed as
President of the United States
passed out. Most people did not
buy the story that "a pretzel" got
stuck in his throat. Big Brother
must really think the American
people are stupid because they
can be led around by News
Media spin press releases. Fact
is: the President saw black. And
fell flat on his face. Bruised
cheek. Swollen lip. Looked like
someone punched George W
in the face. 4 days prior aired
"punched in the face", Indigo 1.
The KC 130 had a story that did
not make The Pen happy. Also
love the "Psychic Ops" in New
York Mag January 14. A perfect
Confirmation. That was called for
added material. They should
have called it "Psychic Oops."
Read first page, as it served the
purpose. Viewers are jammed -
but can they tell (and tell by who)
and if they get a headache maybe
they should not think they are
better than ... As they are taught.
Otherwise. Remember "Time,
Space, and Distance" no matter.
A wormhole. Also if they are all
that then why did they not know
September 11, 2001 -- would
happen ? For the Cryptic reader
have you ever heard of the
statement "avoiding witch hunts."
Also have you ever talked to
God just to talk with God and not
because you needed something ?
Ponder this. Have you ever been
to a Funeral, the actual wake, and
kneeled next to the body. The
person is gone, there is no one
in there. Knock on their forehead.
They are gone. But they were in
there. Where did they go ? Is that
a place in your imagination or
some place real ?
A custody problem. In the Big
Gotham. January 14 - man holds
a Detective "hostage" for 4 hours.
Really should see the film called.
"The 10 Commandments." The
relationship between Pharoah
and Moses. Playing with power.
Do you think military might is the
solution to the problems of these
modern times ? Most that will
do is kill the whole future and
your own family with it. There
is something about The Word -
soulful- The Pen would say. A
certain Level of "Viewer" are
attackers. Not nice. Things will
not go well for them or those who
support their approach. Welcome
to the real World.
Things just
waiting to happen. Someone said
something about "God" not being
"neutral." Oh was it more Lip
Service. A true entity would tell
you to Beware ... and most of
all --Enjoy Life. Like a true smile.
It feels good. And can get you
many places. A false smile, like
truth, always shows its face in
time and leads to bad things.
Have you ever talked to the
wind ? Do you know how ?
January 16, 2002. "Time bomb."
"Emotional shooting rampage"
escalates in West Virginia. "Law"
student at the Appalachian school
kills. 4 students shot, 1 dead. The
Dean and a Professor also dead.
Suddenly. 1000's of people are
forced (evacuated) from their
homes in Jersey City, New
Jersey -for what could be days-
due to an oversized Tonka Toy.
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