The Word vs The Great Pretender.
Asian who said 9/13 of herself, she was:
Cheap and a Fraud. From Shanghai, China.
MIngzhi Yang. Daisy Yang / Yang Mingzhi.
The Great Pretender. Forever documented
and known as such. Arrived in U.S. Feb. 2,
2005. Married on date of the "Choke Hold",
at the exact same time: March 8th. Written in
her own words: woman of "fake things."
Dishonored people and love. A Killer of Life.
Mingzhi Yang
Lawrence Street
New York

Liu Yue

Yang Mingzhi
Daisy Yang
Yue Liu
agent of
China Press
Daisy Does America
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Daisy Does America
in many ways.

Daisy Does America.
Year 2003 ...
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In The Beginning. The
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Technology. The Door Is
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In The Beginning. The
Age Of Vision. The Age of
Revelation. The Age of
Technology. The Door Is
Open. Year 2000. A Story
Told In Pictures.
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Ricki Lake - Live ! ... by David Hebble
Legend has it that the Native American Indians burned
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Glen Cove. Long Island, New York
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2003. Onward.
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The Shuttle Columbia
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Year 5. 2005
has begun.

"It is improbable that everything that can
happen is happening today." USGS - 2005.

The Great Pretender vs The Word.
The Universe did speak. And hells
came upon the Earth. bottom of page
Daisy Does America
2004 into 2005
New York City

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The Power Of Within.
- Bizarre -
Things waiting to happen are perfected.
In a certain manner. Life is ...
not about
money. It is about "intellect." You can take
your money with you all through time.
Look around you. There are the examples.

"is a human being coming into this World
from in between someone's legs, that's
What, you think when
you die everything goes
black ? Get real. First
thing you learn is: you are
still ... alive. Think about
"A penny for the truth. 2
cents for a heart." 41 cents.
Some call it ... priceless.
You must hear
the story of ... "Bizarre."
Pay attention to Mother
Nature. Has its own way
of speaking to you.

Do you really think this is
all a Coincidence --
Beware. Beware.
For the record of histories, hidden on the souls of
The Dead, are written: Zheng Ming (MIng Zheng)
and Yilei Yang (Yang Yilei) - the parents so proud
of what daughter they have cast upon the earth
and with it their bloodline of communist minds.
Parents who brought this woman of ill repute Ming
zhi Yang, yang ming zhi into the world for the
fulfillment of Prophecy. For Judgement. As
Judgement does come. As the Great Pretender
she is written cursed to and in hell forever and
ever. Thus never shall it be undone. The same as
the meaning of ice is. Judgement is upon all
human beings in that place found amongst the
stars and the heavens. A place called earth. So it
too The Universe has it written. The time has
come. And upon Yi lei Yang and Ming Zheng are
they forever cursed and damned to see hell as it
really is. Land of China and the place of Shanghai
shall be plagued to none shall go. Behold ...
and death.

Mountains Shake ... Waters Rise.
December 25 EDT - 2004 Asian Tsunami
What happens when
you as a person (any
person) swears to
The Universe, gives
their word to someone,
says it is "as good as
being written in blood",
and you say it in writing,
then once you have
what you want in the
coldness of your soul
you outright break
what is actually an
oath - your own word ?
What do you think
happens ??? It starts
with New Orleans.
Then the mountains
rumble. And more ...

December 3rd 2004
Mingzhi Yang wrote
and swore these
words to all Histories,
as it is written, quote: SO u got my "word"
on the forever and ever, that's true, yes.
The woman called Yang Mingzhi even puts
the word "word" in quotes. What does that
say about modern day womanhood -- a fine
example ? Subject, according to this woman,
upon marriage there will be "no divorce" and
swears "I will never leave you."
Mingzhi Yang, Daisy Yang, Yang MIngzhi born in Shanghai,
China 1981. Arrived to marry on American soil year of
2005. A woman who would not deny "adultrey." She
who called herself "A Fraud" and Cheap. Born to be an
"Adultertess" to her marriage. She was found and judged
by The Word of God. In her being a Disgrace to all the
human race and to all the Asian Peoples of Earth. An
example of what womanhood has become and should
have not. An embarrassment to all Time itself. A Pretender
and Betrayer to the power of and existence of Love, and,
Truth. Shanghai Fashion Weekly, Shanghai Fashion Times,
Shanghai Media Group, Channel Young TV. Mingzhi Daisy
Yang, Daisy, Yang Mingzhi an Adulteress forever cursed.
The Asian Sea Tsunami - December 25 / 26, 2004.
editorial photo credit: Yahoo, AP, Reuters,
respected photographers and sources worldwide.
An embarrassment to all
Time itself. A Pretender and
Betrayer to the power of
and existence of Love, and,
Truth. So noted: Shanghai
Fashion Weekly, Shanghai
Fashion Times, Shanghai
Media Group, Channel
Young TV. Everything
Asian. A Betrayal to The
American, American
Government, and American
Soild. Mingzhi Daisy Yang,
Daisy Yang, Mingzhi Yang,
Yang Mingzhi an Adulteress
forever cursed.
Although given the opportunity to deny being an
Adulteress, MIngzhi Yang would not deny it. She
used a marriage for her own purposes while
making many promises, none of which she kept.
Her goal was to take as many National Benefits
given by America to a spouse who marries an
American citizen. She used The City of the World
to commit her injustices, and fornications. "The
Pen" said it will not be. She was revealed. And
then ... Hells came upon the earth.
November 2005. CNN. Tropical Storm Gamma, the
24th Storm of the busiest season on record.
Late Season Wildfires triple in size as 4000 acres
northwest of L. A. with flames 30 feet high.
December 4, 2005 - 1st Snow hits New York City.
name is:
last name
Known as
in America.
Also goes
by the
Daisy Yang.
And yet,
this woman
can be called by many names. What to do
with someone who commits so grand a
transgression and major Fraud in so serious
a situation ? Annulment not good enough.
Worse than if you were to steal a child that
is called the daughter of The Word of God
and you worked in the World Trade Center.
I am here today to deliver a clear message. Marriage and visa fraud potentially threaten the national
security of the United States, said Bureau of Diplomatic Security Special Agent Tom Depenbrock. Marriage
fraud is serious -- Participants may think their single fraudulent marriage will not be discovered, but ...

The U.S. visa is one of the most coveted items in the world, and foreign nationals have acquired visas
fraudulently to enter the United States. Also the danger Marriage Fraud Poses to the National Security is
these crimes affect the American economy as well. These foreign nationals who enter the country and
commit marriage fraud or any other type of fraud are defrauding the United States of immigration benefits
to which they are not entitled. They also threaten the integrity of the system for others --
I want to reemphasize the seriousness of these crimes, Special Agent Tom Depenbrock said. They
threaten our national, economic, and personal security. No one wins, and the consequences are far
greater ... Marriage fraud also threatens Americans who live with a stranger who is now his or her new
"spouse." We have seen instances where the foreign spouse has gained access to ... personal information.
And left the American in trouble.

"When Words Have No Meaning, Human Beings Have No Meaning", Richard david Renda
Daisy Yang, "Nothing will ever come between us, nothing." And ... it was written, the words of - "never." Words
called deceit. The story of a woman who used America for her own personal gain and found she was exposed.
Do you know how to see what you can not ? The story is complete. The chain has been broken. Parents Yang Yi lei and
Zheng Ming who brought to this world a dishonor of womanhood. Mingzhi Yang, Daisy Yang, Yang MIngzhi - born Shanghai,
China 1981. A woman who killed a child and did not tell her husband-to-be about it... and ... the woman who did not deny
"adultery" soon after she took sacred vows. Arrived to marry on American soil in the Millennium year of 2005. The woman
who attempted to play games upon everyone. She who called herself "a Fraud." Daisy Yang, who could not say she did not
commit adultery while she used "American Men" to take what she wanted. The woman who said about a prior boyfriend of 7
years, she could not love that man because she made "more money." And it was him, The Word of God, who dare not Trust
her -- but pledged to walk the path life presented. A Journey to find what it was that life called "the unknown." The woman
born of her own worth, to be an "Adulteress" at the age of 24: even though she said she was older. She was found and
judged by the word. In her being, she was told of -- as a Disgrace to the known Universe and all the human race and to all
the Asian peoples of Earth. A true example of what is. An example of what womanhood has become and should have not.
An embarrassment to all Time itself. Written. A Pretender and Betrayer to the power of and existence of Love, the power of all
Truths. And God said -- now let the world and the Universe judge. As they themselves are judged. In the Time of Revelation.
So let it be written, so let it be done. And, so it was. As God had wanted. To show The People what they had become.
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Lawrence Street
Flushing, New York
No. We will just
expose you to
the World for
what you are.
On Jan 4, 2006
she signed a
sworn notaried
affidavit stating
the marriage
she plotted
was, "obtain
by Fraud."
The quote
from Mingzhi
Daisy Yang:
Hope u don't
think me bad
that I have the
idea of doing
"Fake Things."
a name written
seal and copyrights
ilana fiorenza
richard renda

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America In Flames

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see what you can not ???
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If you are a good person
in heart the Universe will
love you. If you are not,
the Universe will show
you for what you are.
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