Mingzhi Yang, Daisy Yang, Yang MIngzhi ...
born in Shanghai, China 1981. Arrived to
marry on American soil in the Millennium year
of 2005. A woman who did not deny
"adultrey." She who called herself "A
Fraud." And she who would not say she is
not born an "Adultertess." She was found
and judged by The Word of God. In her being
a Disgrace to all the human race and to all the
Asian Peoples of Earth. An example of what
womanhood has become and should have
not. An embarassment to all Time itself. A
Pretender and Betrayer to the power of and
existence of Love, and, Truth.
For the record of histories, hidden behind the spirits
of The Dead, are also written: Zheng Ming (MIng
Zheng) and Yilei Yang (Yang Yilei) - the parents so
proud of what daughter they have cast upon the
earth and with it their bloodline of communist minds.
Parents who brought this woman of ill repute Mingzhi
Yang into the world for the fulfillment of Prophecy.
For Judgement. As Judgement does come. For the
Great Pretender she is written cursed to and in hell
forever and ever. Thus never shall it be undone. The
same as the meaning of ice is. Judgement is upon all
human beings in that place found amongst the stars
and the heavens. A place called earth. So it too The
Universe has it written. The time has come. Behold ...
How do Dinosaurs say: Good night ? The answer is: they go extinct.
All The elements of Nature are turned ON, for reason.
Editorial Music Credit:
Atlantic / LAVA
The Spring 1998 transcript with the Jersey
shrink (Michael Peter Crain, M.D.) hitting
himself in the head ... and ... slamming ... the
clipboard on the floor is a lot of fun. Enjoyable
and mind boggling. Evenso, watching the
"video" as a loop people literally roll on the
floor laughing. Remember a psychiatrist is not
supposed to lose his cool, ever. Now have the
shrink -slamming- his clipboard on the floor or
hitting his self in the head over and over. How
does the statement go ... like this: Oh My God.

One day read the opening to the Transcript
December 3, 1996 Jersey City in Maureen's
Court- "44 Days" Signed 4 ... so noted. Plus
there is the December 16th, 1996 transcript
with the Hunter. Complaint signed and dated
Dec . 2 says it was Richard who spoke on Dec.
3 -- Now how can that be possible ? It wasn't.
Everything is from soup ... to nuts. Oct. 1 N.Y.,
Oct. 21 NJ, 1996 thru July 6, 1998 NJ (and Jan.
1999). There is also that second murder
attempt August 11th 1996 and the ... March 8,
1985 murder doubled the impact. "Stirring the
soup" is classified (also "Signed 4"). If they
hurt him everything goes fatal. Many have
known, seen it, for decades. It does not go
well for anyone. We learn to respect The
Forging an open field
of Splendor and Wonder.

Dedicated to Daisy Yang, Mingzhi Yang, Yang Mingzhi.
August 29. I-130 Petition. Hurricane Katrina
A Richard Renda
Production. Private
Stock / Everyday
Records c. 2004
All right reserved.
Richard david Renda
- editorial compilation
plus additional text.
City of The World

The Proof - God is
thinking & listening
Rainbow Tornado
Eric Nguyen
Smithsonian Mag
August 2004

Some of 2004
Spring Quakes
Times Herald

The Sun

Lady NYC
Richard Renda

Talia Russotto. Talia Russotto-Renda. Talia Renda.
Also known as "The daughter of The Word of God." (From Him that holds
"The Word Of God", U.S. copyright 1981 / 1984) And Him who also owns
"TheWordOfGod.com". Dictated by the course of Destiny and the powers
that make all things breathe. The ever present paranormal. You stole from
that. You stole the daughter of "The Word of God" - aka "Tali". 9-11-1996.
What do you think the Universe will do to you then -- has done, and is doing
to you for that injustice: that crime against the Universe itself ??? Talia
Renda. The birth certificate reads the last name correctly -as it is written-
Renda. "Talia Russotto Renda". Now go face your Maker. One day he that
is also known as "The Pen", a/k/a Richard David Renda, will go back to
where he comes from, where all human beings came from. And so will
you. And ... do you know who will be waiting ... for you. Guaranteed.
Understand the mystery. You travel through time. See ya -- next time ...
(P.S. Mother of Tali (a/k/a Talia) is Nicole Russotto - Bayonne, New Jersey.)
If someone steals something important ... you know what you must do.

Vincent Russotto of Bayonne, New Jersey -- has one
son and one daughter. He and certain judicial company
(government employees with whom he works ) commit
perjury -conspired- and "stole" a child (see October 21,
1996 transcript). "Stole" the child on ... 9/11 ... (1996).
Each time he publically declares his own last name as
that is the name of the child (when it is not), and it is not
his own son's child -- what is he saying about that child.
In Public. The owner of a model agency and others
claim that they believe -based on their knowledge- (the
"Court Employee") Vincent Russotto sexually abused his
own daughter. And America let all this happen and
much ... much ... more. Continue to cover up ? Vincent's
wife, Constance, used to work in the New York City
World Trade Center. Too many coincidences at the
hands of The Universe. What are just some of the
things that would happen to people if they commit a
crime against the Universe ??? There is the point - a
number of them. The World was faithfully warned. The
power of the Universe is more than angry. As you might
have noticed -- conceived. Then there is the "2003
To The Beginning
Portal Opening
Be Kind. Buy A Child A Gift.
Be Unique.
You Are
In The Beginning. The
Age Of Vision. The Age of
Revelation. The Age of
Technology. The Door Is
Open. Year 2000. A Story
Told In Pictures.
In The Beginning. The
Age Of Vision. The Age of
Revelation. The Age of
Technology. The Door Is
Open. Year 2000. A Story
Told In Pictures.
"A penny for the truth. 2
cents for a heart." 41 cents.
Some call it ... priceless.
Exercise Your Mind.
Be Here.
The Word Of God - 1981
The Word Of God .com

Picture of the Day
Picture of the Day ...
Many Worlds Of Paranormal
Many Worlds Of Paranormal
One thing about Life ... it is
interesting how things come to
you. The Institution of "Events."
Some things are just black and white. That simple.
The Power Of Within.
- Bizarre -
- inner pic -
This Link will take you
to the photos appearing
in the Year 2000 group.
They could tell a story
reading down the left
or right column or even
the center.

David Hebble
Be Unique.
You Are
Richard david Renda c. 1999+
Do you really think
this is all a Coincidence --
Beware. Beware.
Year 5. 2005
has begun.

This is the next Adventure.
"The Greatest Adventure"
2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 ...

This is where we left off.
Want Weird ?
See Globes

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and go
back into
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Richard david Renda


Water AP Alik Keplicz

Richard Renda

Two Points of View

Many Photographers

The Word

The Record, L.A. TImes --
Enrico Ferorelli

Stories in the list below are some portals of time in the order they appeared. Year 1
(2001) onward to 2002. 2+2=4. It comes together. Pick a link. A Global Coincidence.
Take the Adventure. When finished with one read, click your back button and return
here. Pick another. And go deep within the layers of the Universe. A journey learning
much. Very interesting. This is a small group from the whole INDEX. Of what is Destiny.
Take the full Journey
David Hebble

New York Times

Bettina Cirone

Richard david Renda

Pretty as a Postcard

The White Sphere

Sanjay Kothari

Sanjay Kothari

Take another breath. The value of it. Enjoy the day. Be Kind To
And smile. You will like it, if you let your self, even if
it feels strange. Try it. No one is looking. Smile. Did you like
that ?
Try it from time to time. It is good for you. When
you look at yourself in the mirror, every now and then --
just smile (for no reason). The rest will come to you.
September 12, 2001

Lyle Owerko-Gamma

A picture speaks forever: if it is not damaged and it
is appreciated. The difference between a picture and a
memory is: the memory exists even when the picture
does not ... with ever more clarity when the individual is
gone. The memory, in Time, is always Found. You will see.
A memory is like a picture, sometimes it is: misplaced.

Multiple Lenspeople

The Lights. The vision.
New York City

Journey of Spheres

From The Universe

The Village Voice

Brad Hick

Wilis Roberts

JFK Library

Yahoo Internet Magazine
Richard Renda

Time never forgets. And also...
It remains for a long Time --

This will always remain.

See ya soon ...
See ya soon ...
Picture of The Day. If it is of interest, for
whatever reasons
, it may be chosen to be
posted: up to 6 days, with exception. But it
may also be gone in one day. Depending
on what is happening.
Life is like that also.
Stay Tuned. Copy lines at top of pages are
written by the Creator of this site. Courtesy
Placement is for Companies
chosen for
their merit.
Copylines are the exclusive
copyright property of the herein,
all rights
" What the hell you want to choke me for ? "
Ernest Hemingway c. 1932
Winter Take Nothing

Do you want to know a secret ...

The Universe

Fact: Who Wakes Up After
The Last Breath ??? Fact ...
EVERYONE. Everyone.
Learn about what you hear, what is in the
Universe. You become better equipped.

Rev. 19:13 (KJV+ "official")
Basic Scripture assist
for - your history - written
through generations. See.
The Official "KJV",
others altered.
We were told directly.
Or heed not warnings as one might
notice in these Modern Times The
Wrath of God in all of History tells
you -- "be Humble or individually
all individuals will be sorry." All in
Time. That you can see. Now you
are - Awake.
Did you ever hear of "The Matrix ?
photo credit both Black - and - White
below: Isis Wills
by Abbey Drucker.

If the enlightened consider that they may have lived one or two lifetimes before being here now, then like the equation that
is the example of pi - time would be endless. Maybe -- you have lived a million lifetimes or a 100 million lifetimes before or
even eons of lifetimes. A Revelation. And now
you are at the ... Cross Road. Again. Imagine that. Imagine ... Time.
" Which is the dream ...
how would you know ??? "
Red pill or the blue pill,
you took the Red pill.

What's in a
picture ?

Richard Renda

Life is truly Amazing.
Story of Spheres
Richard Renda


Things waiting to happen are perfected.
In a certain manner. Life is ...
not about
money. It is about "intellect." You can take
your money with you all through time.
Look around you. There are the examples.

A World of Mystery. And Timing.

All Rights Reserved
a little 03 ...
2004 Ends ... 2005 Begins
Picture of the Day
Revealing 2003 developments below:
"is a human being coming into this World
from in between someone's legs, that's

Morgan's Beach. Photo credit: Sony Press office.
Blackout 2003

Richard Renda

Question: So what is your religion ?
And, someone answered ... My religion
is "Totally Cool ". Think about it.
If you are always going somewhere ... then for that to happen you had to be coming from
somewhere. Where did you come from before you were born in to this World, this earth ???
(interesting question.) And if you came from somewhere (you should then know), you are
going somewhere. The journey continues. After the last breath.
Everybody has a history.
Esther hears.
What, you think when
you die everything goes
black ? Get real. First
thing you learn is: you are
still ... alive. Think about
Richard Renda

This Is Not
This Is Global.

Many Photogs

Judy & Friends

and death.

Mountains Shake ... Waters Rise.
December 25 EDT - 2004 Tsunami
Richard david Renda

Destiny Special

Post Times

New York Post

Sanjay Kothari

Christian Haase

Rick Padden

many documentarians

Various Newspapers

Richard Speigel

War 2003 Netscape

Civilian Clothes
Muscle & Fitness

Art Brewer

Richard Renda

David Eulitt

Svetlana Aronov

The Boulder

War and Bombs
Robert Cenedella

The Quotes

Pants Down
Shake Rattle Roll

BAM Iran Quake
The Universe

Richard Renda

AP / Reuters

The Asian Sea Tsunami - December 25 / 26, 2004.
editorial photo credit: Yahoo, AP, Reuters,
respected photographers and sources worldwide.
Many stories

Marsha Ivins

killed by Humans

Salman Amer

Some of 2004
Memory Hole

U.S. Armed Forces

many resources

The Magic R

Human History

And How did you get here ? Life brought you.
You must hear
the story of ... "Bizarre."
Pay attention to Mother
Nature. Has its own way
of speaking.

Be Kind. Buy A
Child A Gift.
The best transcript is one that is
called the "50-H", Suffolk County,
Long Island, New York with Paul
J. Baisley Jr and Richard Renda.
-- June 23, 1986. Signed by
Diane Iamascia (aka Johnson).
There is the Choke Hold Murder,
S.W.A.T. 3 months after the
Choke Hold ...and more, much
more. Talk about an interesting
Top Photos: Galapagos National Park Handout.
Words of wisdom -- "It is not about what you think. It is about what is."
Site recommendation: ages 13 and above.
The Photographers:

2004 into 2005
New York City

Before & After

Avalanche ...
hand of Nature

2000 Steps
Salvador Dali


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Time Warner

World News

Richard Renda

Ken Rumments


Arlo Guthrie

Daisy Yang

Richard Renda

Jean de Menezes

City Of Stars

Richard Renda

and Mingzhi Daisy

All the Prophets for thousands of years said: Someone Is coming.
Then -- it is all laid out -- on a Plate. And it - Every Thing has Meaning.
In Time when a guest is to arrive, for the main course, Life prepares.
The Whole World has gone Active.
set monitor display
pan and scan look,
800 X 600 pixels.
Best viewed on PC.
Deep Water Rains, Mud and Rock Slides, Earth Quakes, Lava Flows, Massive
Volcanos Explode, and the Bird Flu flies. Like Never before. What happens if there
is Life After Death and you find, at that point, you are still alive ? And you know it.
Library Way


Natural History

Richard david ...

Silence Afterward

Yue Liu chih

Subway Smokes
West 4th Street

Paul Manning

Natural History

Some times, in human affairs, people gather their own opinions in thinking the interaction results in a by-product that is about how someone
feels. The outsider's opinion can be, as a fact, outright: wrong. And when it comes to feelings, that may not be the paramount concern for
those involved in certain occurrences. In the matter of profound existences what is most important is not necessarily about how someone
feels; where the greater concern is in an element structure. The concern may be because of an event ... what true and real "reaction" will
take place. There is the concern ... the by-product of the Event. Example: If you pull a core rod from the cooling system of a nuclear reactor
and expose it what will happen ? That is the comparison of how in some human events it can bring an effect to the earth that is unwanted,
yet still necessary. Because of some human affairs what (will) does happen is: a real physical reaction within the atmosphere of this earth.
A vibration that is beyond the simple level of electrical. And what the world deals with next is what becomes explosive. Not in a metaphoric
sense ... or in a manner of just words. What happens is a reaction that shows the strength of the inner mind, the earth, and the Universe as
a whole - working in concert. Some in their opinion would rather forever see The Pen dead. It would serve to cover up their deceits, illusions,
and make them happy. That will not happen before this is written, and was not to. If it did there would be no "design." And there would be no
true meaning to human life, or the power of it. What the Universe set out to show is there are a design and a meaning to everything. The Court
of "The Highest Order" is in session. Would you take the chance to deny The Universe its every right to exist at the intelligent level - and in turn,
because of your effort to prevent that level of existence from its rights, you would be the one who is to be Judged ? There is a deep story of
human life happening here. If you have the intellect to think - you may also have the intellect to figure it out: what the story is. When you do
figure it out -come to terms with the Truth- you realize your life has purpose. The Pen would share a secret moment with you and let you look
inside the fabric of all life. Would you turn away in ignorance or would you look: to understand ? Did someone say Rumble Mountains, Rumble ?
Date: Oct 29, 2005. 22:24:58 -0700 ... From: LoriA @ --- .com ... To: Richard @ --- .net. Subject: ... LoriA wrote: Hi -------, I hope to
be in NY in mid-November. It would be nice to have tea with you. How are you doing ? Hope things are well. Lori
The reply: Some things just okay. The rest of things (not so good). If you haven't noticed ... Asian quake, beyond the list of storms,
mudslides ... now
all I need is a volcano to add to the mood. Hope that answered the question. Here try this web site -- my life ...
an open book. (Latest event) A liar and (issue of) adulteress. Definitely do tea. Will write ya later. Love. And be well. Old friend. Signed 4.
October 4 into November 2005 ... so many volcanos turned active they can not be listed or shown on one slate. So we will start here.
144 Threats. Galapagos Islands - Sierra Negra Volcano begins erupting. Alaska - Alert Level for Mount Veniaminof volcano is raised as it
has been sending up ash and experiencing greater seismic activity. Also in Alaska - Three Volcanos Showing Signs of Unrest. Mount Arteale
... Ethiopia's only active volcano erupts. "El Salvador Volcano Causes Chaos." El Salvador -- Ilamatepec volcano erupted after a century of
dormancy. The real threat in the Cascade Range from Mt. Rainier is a surging wall of mud. "The U.S. Geological Survey calls Rainier this
country's most dangerous volcano."
November 2, 2005 - Hawaii - The Kilauea volcano lava remains visible at many places on Pulama pali but is not as bright as it was yesterday.
Activity at the East Lae`apuki lava delta marches along, with a number of lava falls visible on the southwest side of the delta this morning. The
delta has built out westward substantially,
starting 4-5 days ago. A quarter to a third of the delta's surface has been covered by new lava
flows in the past two weeks. When a lava bench formed by Kilauea Volcano collapsed 12 acres of land disappeared into the ocean.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005; 8:16 PM -- QUITO, Ecuador -- A volcano on the largest of the Galapagos Islands erupted for the third straight day.
The Sierra Negra volcano began erupting late on
Saturday afternoon, producing three lava flows
on Isabela Island, according to officials from the
Galapagos National Park. The Sierra Negra last
erupted in 1979.
SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador -- Ilamatepec
volcano erupted after a century of dormancy,
killing two people and strewing burning rocks
more than a mile from the crater. Thousands fled
the area last Friday as plumes of smoke and ash
rose from the volcano located about 40 miles
west of San Salvador. Some of the lava rocks
were the size of cars. Ilamatepec has been
dormant since 1904.

ADDIS ABABA - An 11th earthquake, measuring
4.2 on the Richter scale, jolted northern Ethiopia,
triggering eruption of the previously dormant Mount
Arteale, which has been spewing lava for several
days. An earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter
scale caused the eruption of a long-dormant
volcano in northern Ethiopia. Mount Arteale, the
only active volcano in Ethiopia, has been largely
dormant for the past six decades but has been
spewing molten lava since a series of earthquakes
began rattling the region. Large portions of Mount
Arteale's slopes and its surrounding areas are
covered in a thick blanket of ash and plumes of
smoke, resulting in the displacement of more than
50,000 Afar nomadics. Ethiopian Arteale below..
Alaska's Anchorage Aleutian volcano begins to quake. The volcano was last known to erupt in 1914.
Two Volcanoes Erupt in Democratic Republic of Congo. MEXICO CITY, Mexico. New Eruption at Mexico's
Volcano of Fire. Just prior to its recent eruption it sent ash and gas three miles into the air. Russia -
Kamchatka seismic activity on Russia's far-eastern Peninsula is threatening the local population and air
traffic in the area, local experts said. PHILIPPINES - MAYON VOLCANO manifested increased level of
restiveness on Tuesday. PALU ISLAND IN EASTERN INDONESIA, the volcano Mount Rokatenda has
increased activity since Saturday. Rokatenda has been billowing clouds of white smoke during the past
few days. Montagu Island - far from slowing down, Mount Belinda has been in a persistent state of
eruption. WASHINGTON - Saturday seismic activity had been increasing at Mount St. Helens the past
few days. Mount St. Helens volcano, after snapping back to life with a series of earthquakes, has been
churning out a dump-truck load of lava every second. Colorado Volcano Rated As 'Moderate' Eruption
threat. Dotsero Volcano Silent For 4,000 Years. WEST NEW BRITAIN, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Mt. Garbuna
started erupting with intense activity and an eruption column reported of up to 25.000 ft. The eruption
caught everyone by surprise. Villagers reported hearing rumbling and jet-like noises accompanied by an
earthquake on Sunday morning before the eruption. Its last eruption took place 1700 years ago...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This short paragraph posted by Ptolomeoon - Post Number: 1750013
Okay, let's review. We have the entire mediterranean area shaking, Pakistan hit with another 5.0+, the
New Madrid just popped off 4 small quakes in a row, a new volcano busting a move near the equator,
and Mount Rainier still acting jicky. Have I left anything out ?
The Great Pretender
vs The Word.

The "Fraud"
MIngzhi Daisy
Yang of
5 months later this woman disappears and
put herself in the Flushing, Queens, Asian
Community. Although given the opportunity to
deny being an Adulteress - she did not deny
it. She used a marriage for her own purposes
while making many promises, none of which
she kept. And she used the City of the World
to commit her deceits. Then "The Pen" turned
the page. And Hell came upon the earth.
I am here today to deliver a clear message. Marriage and visa fraud potentially threaten the national
security of the United States, said Bureau of Diplomatic Security Special Agent Tom Depenbrock. Marriage
fraud is serious -- Participants may think their single fraudulent marriage will not be discovered, but ...

The U.S. visa is one of the most coveted items in the world, and foreign nationals have acquired visas
fraudulently to enter the United States. Also the danger Marriage Fraud Poses to the National Security is
these crimes affect the American economy as well. These foreign nationals who enter the country and
commit marriage fraud or any other type of fraud are defrauding the United States of immigration benefits
to which they are not entitled. They also threaten the integrity of the system for others --
I want to reemphasize the seriousness of these crimes, Special Agent Tom Depenbrock said. They
threaten our national, economic, and personal security. No one wins, and the consequences are far
greater ... Marriage fraud also threatens Americans who live with a stranger who is now his or her new
"spouse." We have seen instances where the foreign spouse has gained access to ... personal information.
And left the American in trouble.

Then ... The Word did write. "When Words Have No Meaning, Human Beings Have No Meaning." "Rumble
Mountains, Rumble." And ... The Universe responded. How many times can you say the word: coincidence --
Love the pictures up top. One on
the right looks like a face in the
eruption. One on the left like A
Lava Wizard with arms raised.
What do you see in a picture ?
Art. An Expression of Life. Alive.
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