Richard David Renda:
"If you had the opportunity
to say anything to the world,
anything at all what would you
say ???"

Magic Johnson:
"I would say to be Totally
Cool (r), and have a lot of
hard passion doing it."
Be Here now...
Be Noticed.
Do Something Good !
c. 2000 Richard David Renda
The Official Site of God
We are painting P.E.T.A.
in a True Light "Shame
Shame PETA ! " Signed
4 "Him" -

Richard David Renda.

Fashion Scoops - February 9, 2000
WEAR FUR! ART THOU ? : When it comes
to picking their targets, the people at People
for the Ethical Treatment of Animals may
have some thinking to do. Two of their minions
stormed the catwalk at Oscar de Ia Renta's show
on Tuesday with fur protesting banners and were
tackled roughly to the floor by 7th on Sixth
security and an overzealous photographer who,
he claimed, felt de la Renta was being unjustly
put upon.

But the disturbance, and it was somewhat frightening,
barely stalled the show the audience even cheered wildly
when the protesters were dragged off the runway in a
pair of half nelsons.

"That just makes the show more exciting", de La Renta
said after the show as he was being greeted by Donna
Hanover. "I'm glad people clapped afterward", he added.
That means they were against (the protest)."

Ivana Trump, wearing a gray Dennis Basso suit made of
broadtail - that's a type of lamb - said the collection
was "beautiful and sophisticated, but young and with an

"I didn't like that protest at all", she continued.
"PETA is overdoing it. I'm very against using endangered
animals and of course I'd never wear a fur of that nature.
But this is raised on farms much like cows or chickens."

Noting the large herd of fur wearing women at the show,
actress Sarah Jessica Parker said, "I'm sure a lot of people
hid in shame." But Parker said she felt that it was unfair
to single out de Ia Renta for an anti-fur protest. "Why Oscar?"
she asked. "There are a lot of people who use a lot more fur."

For her part, Parker said that her character on HBO's "Sex in
the City" wears fur. And although she herself doesn't, "I don't
have any moral objection to it. And one should not decide that
one's moral compass is everyone else's."

Fern Mallis, executive director of 7th on Sixth, insisted that
the women must have had tickets to the show, since de Ia Renta
was aware of a potential protest and had cops on the scene just
in case. When the protesters stormed the runway, as event
producer Paul Wilmot put it, "That guy that looks like Steven Tyler
jumped them."

That guy is Richard Renda, who really does look like the Aerosmith
lead singer, but actually films a cable program called "Totally Cool
TV." Renda jumped out of the photographer's pen and raced toward the
PETA women as they waved their banners. He snatched away one of the
banners, then kept stumbling down the runway in such a strange manner
that de Ia Renta's staff thought he was part of the protest.

"Oscar's people tried to arrest me" he moaned later on. "But I hate
PETA people. When they can waste their time doing this instead of
feeding some starving kid, they've got a fight on their hands."

As for the protesters, identified by PETA as Robyn Wesley and Kala
Waples, they were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct,
according to a police spokesman. At press time, it looked as if
they would also be spending the night in jail because the women
were ordered to appear before a judge, and night court wasn't in
session on Tuesday.

IN OTHER FUR NEWS: Happily oblivious to Tuesday's fur
shenanigans, singers Mary J. Blige and Lil' Kim arrived at Marc Bouwer's
show wearing a pair of outrageous fur outfits. Lil' Kim wore a natural
fox jacket over an ostrich feather skirt, paired with gold platform boots
to match her hair, while Blige had on a pastel blue mink jacket, pink mink
shell and blue jeans encrusted with rhinestones and mink cutouts of her
own design, made by a designer called Nija. The duo said that they were
there to promote the MAC AIDS Fund, for which they just posed for an
ad campaign that breaks in April.

Meanwhile, Toni Braxton, whose latest single, "He Wasn't Man Enough,"
breaks on Monday, showed up to support Bouwer by wearing one of
his looks. It turns out, she said, the designer had rescued her from a
potential fashion nightmare during her Super Bowl halftime performance
last month, when she was supposed to wear a Disney-created costume to
match its Epcot-themed parade.

"When I tried it on, the dress didn't fit", Braxton said. "So rather
than having them recut the whole dress, I called Marc and he sent
me a beautiful dress with a great train. I was a little worried that it
might be hard to walk in, but I just wrapped the train over my hand
and it looked great."

For the record WWD, I did
not take one sign down:
I took both. Look at the
NY 1 News video footage.
Let's try a quote. Maybe
you can see a point of view,
"Better fare hard with good
men than feast it with bad,"
Thomas Paine.

The Last Word: On the PETA issue, let
it be known to the world, not only was
PETA majorly wrong for what they
attempted to do: They are "Liars." Get it
from the horse's mouth. On the PETA
site I am told they claimed they got a
"gallon" of paint on the runway at the
Randolph Duke show. They succeeded
at nothing . And they went down- again.
The only paint that went anywhere was a
bit of splatter on Philip Bloch famous
Hollywood Fashion Stylist and my darling
Elsa Klensch CNN newswoman doing her
job. Sorry Elsa. I owe you a shoulder
rub. Nice going PETA. The only thing you
got this time was VERY BAD PRESS, a
mark on you soul, and a lot more people
with hatred for you. Cool ! Totally Cool (r).
Can't wait to see what God has in store
for you next. I only hope that me or my
Angels are around. So now I smile. "I
created the Line." I did create the line.
But I did not create the tree. You and
your buddies come get me. Just like
you all did a man 2000 years ago. Only
this time: you will burn in Hell. I give you
my Word on it. I am The Word Of God.
Whether you like it or not. And I will
always be. Now you are all the wiser.

A BIG BIG Thank You to
the New York Post, The
New York Times, WWD
(Women's Wear Daily),
and all the Press People
who get -in a good way-
The Word out ! And
Special Thanks to NY 1
News and to all of the
"Lensmen" and
"Lenswomen" that I
would call "my friends."

Not to be forgotten: To
all the hard working
models... I bow before
you. Thank You.

Next time someone
tries to hurt you like
PETA did, you call and
I'll introduce them to
my maker. And they can
deal with God. I will
not lift a hand. I am
just an employee of a
very powerful employer
and that is the same
God that brought you
here. So see, we
all get there anyway.
Sooner or later. First
Hand Experience.

He or she who Judges
shall now be Judged-
Forever. Be Humble
and Live ...
Oh, and you declare War on me ?
"I don't like your tactics." You
want war. Let's see. Aside from
me, you can fight with The Hell's
Angels, Every Motorcycle person
and every person that ever wore
a leather belt or shoes. The
Hell's Angels like their Leather
Black. Mine is white- with skull
and Cross bones. Get it ? Got it ?
Good. If you do not, the future
will make sure you do.

There have been much more
intense men that have tried to
hurt me before the PETA People.
At least they were a Challenge-
You are not worth my Breath.

Blow by Blow: by
Richard Renda

Everything written in this
column is fact and can be
verified by viewing the
New York 1 - NY 1 News-
video footage of the Oscar
de la Renta 2000 Fall
Fashion Show, Februrary
2000 in slow motion. The
only thing you can now
get that you can not get
from the video is what
considerations I, Richard
Renda, Totally Cool (r)
took during the "2
seconds" it took to decide
to make the move to go or
not. One: you were in my
shot. Two: I did not like
what the signs said or
their intent. Three: you
were in our house trying
to destroy Oscar's Show.
And 4: you were factually
a physical threat to the
models coming down the
runway and to all those I
know and don't know in
the audience. When I see
someone being raped, I
do not sit there and let it
happen. You can bet my
Life on it and yours.

Now here are "2 seconds"
I figured...
1. That Fern would be
pissed at me. Something
to do with appreciation.
2. I open myself up for
3. I would be in the way
of everyone's shot for a
moment and ...
4. That those with hate in
their heart would try to
hurt me after the fact,
days - months.

Remember what I said:
"Try." How can you hurt
someone who has been
dead ? You can't.
Resolve ? I went.
And History was made.
"PETA's hurting people
tactics were taken down !"

What really happened ...
look at the footage: As far
as I was concerned I knew
that it was for me to take
down PETA and their
signs. But in my mind:
not to touch them- no
bodily contact. I figured
there was Security there
and it was for them to do.
My objective was: take
down the PETA signs.
And make the statement
that "Someone is going to
stand up to them." And it,
by destiny, would be -me-
The Word Of God and

I came up out of the
press pit and ran down
the runway. The two
girls had their arms raised
out holding the signs. I
grabbed both signs at
dead center of the top
line and forcefully ripped
down. I secured one. The
other girl was fighting not
to let go. I put my weight
into it and went forward
with a little twist. The
second sign broke free
and I had them both but
I was tumbling to the
ground being a bit off
balance. As I gained
center balance in a
forward fall I rolled the
signs up into a ball and
tucked them against my
chest and wrapped my
arms around them and I
hit the floor. If you look
at the video you will see
the second girl who
would not let go of the
sign coming to attack me
as my back was turned.
Rudy saw me move
from the other end of the
runway and as he came
down the runway he
scooped the girl who
WAS going to attack me
and he scooped the
second girl as he moved
forward in one motion.
He had them both and
they went down without
any thrust from Rudy. It
was all Motion. I NEVER
made contact with either
of the two tresspassers
in any manner.

Rudy continued up the
runway. The show was
not disturbed and the
threat was dispersed.
Mike and another Citadel
Security person carried
the two girls away without
disturbance to Oscar's
guests or injury to the
two tresspassers. Protest
outside my house. But
never come in my House
unless invited.

What would give them the
right to be Touched by
The Word Of God (in the
flesh) ? Obviously, none.

I took the signs, tucked
them under a chair so I
could go back and get
them later, keeping any
sight of them off camera
until end of show. Then I
went along the runway
back to my spot and
continued with the day.
Get your facts straight.
Totally Cool (r) is not a
fashion cable TV show.
It is an Editorial format
that covers everything.

It is about this:
"something that comes
from the heart."

Copyline: "Always Good
News All The Time."

We are the inspiration to
everyone else's "good
news" format. And we
created the first music
and fashion TV show -
Totally Cool (r) Rocks
back in 1995. We have
been on air since 1994.
Exclusive to Manhattan.

Subjects: Film, Music,
Environment, Benefits,
People, Fashion, and
Controversy. I once
asked Magic Johnson a
question, one of our 3
stock questions on video.
I have no faith in the American Justice
System. Why should I ? O.J. walked
away, didn't he ? Got away with murder.
Vincent Russotto walked also (but only
so far). This has only just begun. The
ASMP called me yesterday. What did
you declare on me "War" ? Bad move.
Justice does not have a problem.
People have a problem with Justice.
Justice is something that always gets you
in the future. Learn.

Fur Shame (on PETA) nah nah na na nah na

Feb. 10 New York Post - page 11.
It seems the militant animal rights activists at PETA
can dish it out- but can not take it. The anti-fur folks are
crying foul that the man who initially tackled their tag
team of protesters at the Oscar show was --gasp-- a
member of the media. They say that Steven Tyler-
lookalike Richard Renda, who videotapes some sort
of cable fashion program called "Totally Cool (r)"
(registered trademark 1994)- was completely out of line
in subduing the duo, claiming they were "roughed up."
A PETA mouthpiece (I love that, "mouth piece"- yeah
you earned a lot of respect) says: "Everybody is
outraged (that is why after Richard Renda was missing
for a day and he walked in at the Anna Sui Showing all
the "Lenspeople" cheered with a roar and clapped so
loud that it made him turn around and take a bow as he
stepped onto the runway. They the lenspeople - the
photographers -hundreds of them were overjoyed to have
Richard Renda there !) Oh sorry- back to the Post story...
"Everybody is outraged." PETA mouthpiece: "We've
had calls from The American Photographers Association
( who are now a cursed group - see how easy that was -
now watch their lives over time - suprises at every turn
and most when you do not expect it) a.k.a: American
Society of Media Photographers whose members ...
(who no one should ever hire a "member of" again)
...complained that Renda is glvlng Them a bad name.
(You mean no one knows who they are anyway.
But everyone has something that is Totally Cool (r)
to them !)

New York Post continues ...
SHOWBUZZ doubts if "Totally Cool (r)" is a member of
such an august institution, while Renda has surely secured
a permanent place in the good graces of de Ia Renta and
the CFDA, if not the critter-lovers.
End of New York Post story February 11 - Year 2000.

(Personal commentary:
Some people are real fools. Especially when they
do not know what they are dealing with. Do your
research. Try Me -Richard Renda- in the New
York Post (funny) "August" 1982. See Spot The
Lizard. Then go see the Newsday- the 4 letters
(most importantly the 4 letters), one each week or
so, from the public. Then see the CoffeeTable Book-
on the 50 Years of Newsday. See my picture.

I am more than documented. I earn my points, not ride
on the shirttails of others like this so called: ASMP
or PETA. They just wanted / need free press and the
attention it would seem their mothers never gave them.
So, they used you all.

But the children of the future gain the Universe.
Totally Cool (r) ! What would you rather be: in
"good graces" or part of those who could have
chased Princess Diana to her death ? I was born:
in august. Does that count ? (Again I'm laughing.)

"august" Webster's dictionary: "grandeur."
In other words: full of them "selves."

I would not be part of an "august" "ass"ociation.
Not Godly enough for: me. This is "The Court of:
The Highest Order." The way the Universe likes it.

(Sorry about the parentheses comments but I
just had to throw my 2 cents in. I am like
that. Oh "2 cents": that is a Newsday classified
publication. Back in the mid 1980's Goes like this
"A penny for the truth, 2 cents for a Heart." Now
you have my "2 cents.")

I love to watch people who do not know
what they are talking about. Because
in these days -these special days- God: the
mind, power, and control of the Universe, and,
the Universe itself gave us computers, the internet,
and also video so the Absolute Truth can be shown.
And for the examples of the Liars to be preserved
forever, and for all to see in human history. As it lives
at least another ten thousand years. See ? It is called:
Fools Preserved. So I could say this to the being -you-
for all time... Do not be like Them -the fools- and do
not be with Them. And tell your children: be not like
the fools forgetting- all what was written.

Now -You Can: tell fact from fiction. And the Liars
from those of good heart. Eyes wide open ...

Mr. "Cash In Advance", PETA could never take me
down. You know that. So do not try to use them as
a future smoke screen or it will not go well for you or
America. Eternity is hip to that. I am not JFK or
Martin Luther King. Remember March 8th, 1985.
Intelligence minds should not be wasted, they should
be my -I would not say "friend"- but I could say

A Judge in a real Court of Law termed me: "true to
form." Blessings be with you.

Read the "Open Letter" at the bottom of the main
page to the Portal Opening: -
now you have knowledge.

What did I say ? "All The Wiser." End of report.)

In today's America teachers do not beat kids in school
anymore. But they did in the 1950's. We changed that.
We do evolve. People forget where they come from.

Women's Wear Daily
Mary J. Blige
Photo by
Lori Brucia

Not going to tell PETA what designer it is
with that beautiful White Mink below. The
Designer will not mind. Eat your heart out.
You know what they call this ??? I am much
more fun as a target than PETA going after the
working models. In my Kingdom we bite back.
Have you ever heard the phrase: "The Wrath
of God " ?

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