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February 2000

Press Release

The Fashion World makes History...
Totally Cool (r) makes History !!!

Feb. 8, 2000 - The Fashion World makes History. Two Representatives of
the anti-fur group PETA appeared at the 12 o'clock showing of Oscar de la
Renta's Fall Fashion 2000 Runway Collection in the Tent Complex behind the
42 nd Street Library in Bryant Park - 7th on Sixth - to make their statement
and usual disruption in front of the National and International Press Corp. But
they did not get far. They got arrested.

Two female protesters came out from the spectator bleachers and onto the
runway at mid show to display their signs. A moment later Richard Renda
Executive Producer of Totally Cool (r) broadcast Programing, New York's
Hometown Cable TV News and Entertainment Series, "Something that comes
from the heart", made a statement for The World of Fashion and for Nature
when he came up out of the press box and ripped their signs out of their hands.
Before the 2 protesters knew what was happening they were whisked away and
arrested. Richard Renda has made his own statement, "if these people can put
so much energy into their actions they should help feed the starving children or
the kids killing each other in school. This was Judgement Day. And they went
down. Fur has kept human beings warm for millions of years. Thank God."

Note: This is the first time in Fashion History, in Human History that someone
has stood up - in public - against PETA and had their own voice and acted: with
disdain for anyone who approves of PETA's misplaced priorities. This is History !
The Fashion World does have a voice and it is You.

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Do A Good Thing.
Letter To P.E.T.A.
New York Post
February 9,

New York Post
February 9, 2000 - page 3

This Picture has been
altered as I have taken the
Liberty to spray paint the
P.E.T.A. signs here on the
web so they read "Shame
Shame P.E.T.A." Richard
David Renda- what goes 'round
comes 'round. Fair Use.
Sometimes we have to go
through Hell just to get to
heaven. No one gave you
the right to Judge ! You
are wrong. Read my
"quote" in the New York
Post- page 3 February 9,
2000. They got it right,
word for word.

GoTo the main page of -
goto the bottom and read
the "Open Letter." Then
goto "They Create."

Now bring something
positive to the table. Go
to school. Learn science
and medicine. And bring
ways forward that can
make the animals more
comfortable in their times
of need. Then present
that. There is something

Hate and destruction is
coming to an end. See
what it did in LittleTon,
Colorado April 20th, 1999
? Where were you when ?
Human Beings were
plunging a man with a
stick ? Did any of you
protest then ? I remember.

"Signed 4"
Richard David

P.S. Now click on The
Name Written
on the top
of this site's main page
"The Word Of God." Do
you have insight ? Take
the journey, or, are you all
just full of yourselves ???


Lensman takes an angry
shot at anti-fur protesters

page 3 - The New York Post - February 9th - Year 2000

The fur flew at designer Oscar de la Renta's high wattage
fashion show yesterday when two animal-rights protesters
stormed the runway and were tackled by an outraged
cameraman. The young women from People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals chanted ( but were not heard) before
a capacity crowd of fur and leather clad socialites, celebrities,
and fashion press.
De La Renta - who had only one
fur garment in his show, a small
jacket made of farm raised Russian
sable was unfazed by the fashion
statement. "In retrospect, I think it
added excitement to the show", he told
The Post. Vogue editors Anna Wintour
and Andre Leon Talley - both outfitted
in fur - rushed out the back entrance
of the Bryant Park tent after the brief
ambush. The (failed) raid was mounted
by Robyn Wesley, 32, and Karla Waples,
25, who jumped on the runway clutching
plastic signs. Cable-TV producer Richard
Renda, who was taping the show - which
was attended by actress Sarah Jessica
Parker and Ivana Trump - went after the
protesters and pulled away the signs.

"It's totally outrageous and uncalled for",
he said.

"Nature provided us with warmth by way of
skins. If they're going to spend their
energies destroying people's works, then
they should spend their time helping hungry

De Ia Renta was backstage when it
"All I was really conscious of was the whole
room clapping as


the show went on afterward, which tells
you how people reacted", he said.

"To be honest, I was mostly worried for
Andre Leon Talley. He was sitting in
the front row in an enormous fur coat !"

Fern Mallis, Executive Director of the
Council of Fashion Designers of America,
which sponsors the 7th on Sixth shows,
blasted P.E.T.A.

"They have no business destroying people's
shows", she said. "It's not the first time
it happened and I'm sorry to say it may not
be the last."

Wesley and Waples were arrested for
disorderly conduct.

Wesley and Waples have prior arrests for
storming Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld's
office and for interrupting Wintour's
acceptance speech at a CFDA ceremony.

De Ia Renta had never encountered the two
women before, but he's used to taking flak
for fur. "I have had lemon meringue pie in
my face in store visits in Dallas and Portland,
Oregon," he said. "I hate lemon meringue so
I told them next time to try a different flavor."

Dress in Fur - Fake or Not.
You Have
To The Woman who stood by the Press
and was heard bad mouthing me- you know
who you are. I don't give a damn about
your protecting your $ 250,000 a year job or
your ego. You took from me a few hundred
dollars I needed for tape and you took so
much more. Start putting back more than
into your job, as a good piece of advice.
Or we can have no happy medium. Learn
the word- humble. So I can be humble.
Deal with my maker. I am not nice until
someone is nice to me and those loved.
Bad mouth me just once again and next
time you are sent out
into a physical world
like this one I'll have God send you back
with your tongue cut out. And if you stop
talking to me the same rule applies.
Simple. You have your rules. I have mine.
Nature's Eternity.

You threaten me. You give me anxiety.
You forget too much. Try a big party at the
end of the very first week. A King and a
certain somebody sat at the end of a raised
runway looking out on a new world. Now
you remember Michael Jackson Pepsi
Burn, Michael J. Fox's escalating problem -
"To Catch A Fox", a certain Superman high
on his horse after he did Nun, and a Ghost
that used to hang around my house with
initials J.L. and he is not here anymore.
This list goes on...

Nature says: "Judgement. " See the
Andrea Pfister Letter / Document "I Hate
" to be posted in a short- main
. If that is not enough, I will chase you
all in your dreams- whether I am dead or
alive. No one ever gets away. We all wind
up in the same place. Surprise, surprise.

People have to put back into
where they got their talent
from- which made them rich.
With respect. They did not
make themselves rich. Nature
made them, gave them breath,
and everything that goes with
it... your talent, whatever it
may be. Put back into nature.
You earn points.
I go back from whence I come.
See you there. This is all just
documentation. And how God
proves he really exists.

Bill M. - When you said
these words, "I almost
believe him" - like "hello"
can be said in many
different ways - I had the
right to be insulted. In no
uncertain terms and in any
other translation you were
calling me -me- a liar. Oscar
said he is innocent ! Never
again think I would lie
about anything. It is your
credibility. Common sense.
Your people made me the
VHS. I do not have to lie.
Reality is colorful enough
when someone speaks
absolute truth.

Kim Bendheim - I have little
caring for you when you forget
where you come from. You
can take your ego and flush it
down the bowl and this is a
time where each individual
weighs the value of their soul.
Mary J. Blige
Richard Renda
Donna Hanover
Ivan Trump
Lil' Kim
Sarah Jessica Parker
Steven Tyler
Toni Braxton
and more...
Dear PETA- You want
to protest, be heard, then
you are invited right up
to my front door. But
don't you dare come in
my house. The tent is
our house. You made
a statement. I made a
statement "You're going
down." And you did. The
statement you made is
you fell from grace in my
presence. The festering
of Hate is what you do.
You only feed the fire of

Your destructive ways are
over. I invite you to my
TV show and I will give
you 29 minutes of air time.
You ever enter anyone's
house again I will set
forth a decree and each
one of you individually
and your families will be
cursed far into time.. And
there will be no turning
back. You do not like my
tactics ? You do not
know me. That was just
an introduction. Goto the
main page and find the
Intermission. To all those
that are evil: these are
dangerous waters.

The New York Times February 9 - Year 2000.
page B12 - Richard Renda (in black - center)
Above: Two anti-fur protesters attempted to distrupt Oscar
de la Renta at Bryant Park- 7th on Sixth, NYC. They never
got the chance. They had a run in with Richard Renda.
Then security took them away.
I want to say "Thank you" to: Ty,
Tommy, Mike, Rudy, Ian and every
one of you at Citadel. You all could
be the best. Ty- the only reward I
received from this was one: your
kindness. Thank you so much. I
can never express what it means
to me. Tears on my pillow. You
know I do not take rewards or
gifts very well. But kindness... I
appreciate that and that gift I am
happy to have. Enjoy the day.
Enjoy Life. It is the adventure.
And not to be forgotten: A thank
to all the volunteers and
workers at 7th on Sixth
2000. Much Love.

Hey Sexy- you know who you are.


This is a True Story
And the list goes on...
New York 1 - NY 1 News
Ch. 4 WNBC - TV
Ch. 5 Fox TV
E ! Entertainment
Cosmopolitan TV
The Metro Channels
Korean TV
BBC - TV (at Tea Time)
and others...
Access Hollywood
(February 17 & 18, 2000)

(say "Hello" to the Queen
for me. Now even she
knows I exist. If not, she
is not doing her job.)

The New York Times
The New York Post
WWD - Women's Wear Daily
Boston Herald
Oggi (Italian News)
and others.
The Press Corp in New York
from all over the world and all
the attending photographers
were smiling, gloating, and
bathing in the light of credibility
all week. Right to the very end
of Fashion Week Fall 2000.

They stood tall and proud. And
they had a Hero who stood up
for everyone, even the intruders.
And all were counted. This
band of professionals earned
A New Title. They are the . . .

Both, the Press Corp of Stills
and Video / Moving Images
people were one family. Those
"lenspeople" do good work
together and get the shot.
The PETA File
Oggi - February 12 - Year 2000
It is about time someone stood up to PETA and took them down. And the
world does have a Hero, but I would say: many Heroes. And ... me. I know
you Lie PETA and I know why. ("A gallon of paint" nowhere. "Liars outright"
is what I call you, in public ... in writing, right here.) You know what that
means ? Now everyone can know. I did the research. "Big Liars" and taking
people's money to do it- based on feeding fear. Is 13 million dollars in your
pocket a good enough reason for you to sell to the public major propaganda ?
What you needed to use the international press ? I guess -like me- some
things can't be bought. Little babies haven't gotten any press in a long time.
Well you got more. The gates of Hell. Protesters do what they do from the
heart. Not because they are paid. Those people you had on the runway -in
my way- according to your own website: they were Employees of PETA. Paid
to be there. You went down. A day in History. HA !!! Me and all the Angels in
heaven laugh in your face. In Worldwide Public I am calling you an "outright
Liar." And I say you have taken money to do it. People should not give you
a dime. Come get me anytime you want. "Signed 4" - Richard David Renda -
King of Kings -as Life would have it- in The City of the World. You can share
in the same two words I gave ASMP and they go right here: ...

When you see words in white on this site, generally those
words come from the core of the heart of Nature's God-
direct. Did you ever hear of Autowriting ??? God does
work in Mysterious Ways. Have Faith. You do not have to
believe in something that is real. Is will be what it is. As I
have said before, "whether you like it or not." Good advice:
better to like it than not. See ya... next time ! Trained.
The Institution of Life. If you are of anything evil it is best
to stay far far away from me.

Did I forget to tell you I had a discussion
with my associate on February 5, some days
prior to the event which is now known as
The PETA File. (see above ?) I said PETA
people were coming. I was asked, how did
I know ? Answer: I felt it, knew it, inside of
me. Did I say anything else. Let's see if they
Cross my path. Their representatives had
what to do with me on 57th Street, NYC
some months prior. Since I had what to say
they were running from me as I saw their
leather shoes and I ask why their energies
were not put to: Feed the children.

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