This is just a test.
It is to see if there is
a sound Molecular
Structure. Can you
read me literal ?
When you look in the mirror
you see the reflection of the
gifts we have been given. It
is when our mental, physical,
and spiritual completeness
comes together like puzzle
pieces, perfectly. Then the
soul of every being joins the
pace of technology hand in
hand with intelligence. It is

I Ask You What is Bizarre ???
Is The Messenger Joan of Arc
Here ? Is The Enveloper Here ?
Could King of Kings be Here ?
Are The Wise Men Here ? Is
Mary Magdalene Here ? Is The
Great Harlot Here ? Is There
Satan Power ? Is Pontius Pilate
Here ? Is there an example ?
When you find one here again
they may all be here. And they
know who they are.
If that were true- to
prove it the Power of
Destiny would then have
Milla come to a "Totally
Cool" coincidence for a
renewal at the Crossroad
of awakening. If that
was to be in a three
Dimensional reality what
would we see. It would
speak volumes.
Prophecy. A Little Ton.
Crashed and burned. Dead
in the water. Gone to the
birds. What does it all
mean ? The definition
of Hope. It is up in
the air. In The Air
This Is A Test.
11-11 1999
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