The First Lady
Hillary Clinton
This is a real

Jimmy Carter
might agree, it
is a small

It is not good
to Argue with
Mother Nature.
Hillary Clinton Goes Supersonic

In November of 1999 Hillary Clinton announced
that she herself would run as a political candidate.
Women do have a voice and Mrs. Clinton may be the
Champion who will protect all the rights of each and
every American equally- men, women, and children
alike. The right to walk. The right to talk. The right to
enjoy music. The right to dance. The right to express
one's self. The right to Art and Culture without
dictatorship. The right to earn a living. The right to
live one's own Life. The right to care about people
(not control them). The right to have equal right to
one's children. The right to have the Law upheld,
not corrupted. The right to the first amendment. The
right to have equal protection for all; not just women,
government workers, political contributors, or liars.
To ultimately protect: Life, Liberty, The Pursuit of
Happiness . . . and "Nature's God."

Hillary Clinton may choose to close her eyes to what
the future needs and play the game. Time tells all.

Everyone has the right to have a new home. Even
Hillary Clinton. Sorry about the treehouse. A new
one can be built. Welcome to New York. Welcome
to "the Heart of the Big Gotham."

In November 1999 someone on TV talked of 4 issues:
1. The Children - the children of America who
go hungry when we as a Land have so much.
2. The Homeless - many who do not even have a
shower to clean their bodies or a roof over them.
3. The Elderly and Senior Citizens - who gave
their lives to get us here and now must face worry
because they have no health insurance or must
spend as much as $700 or more just for a physical.
4. Prosperity - growth, education, and incentive.
The anchorperson relayed a good beginning for
those who really care. People have rights.
Did anyone notice that
a certain New York City
politician left New York
when they began spraying
for mosquitos in September
of 1999 and he failed to notify
the public that the chemical
spray changes structure above
70 degrees and is dangerous.
Lip service is Lip Service.
Compassion is shown in one's
action. Not words of illusions,
deceptions, or beliefs. True
Reality stands on its own.
It needs no belief.
This picture reminds me of The Front Row. Many Years ago.
November 24,
1999 . . .
New York City.

photo by:
The Hand
of Destiny
at a
Cool (r)
Life is like
In the above picture, America's First Lady of The New
Millennium, Hillary Clinton on her busy schedule takes
time to accept a fine feathered hat creation from famed
feather hat designer Ivy Supersonic: Totally Cool's
official Supersonic Lady. On November 24th, 1999, Mrs.
Clinton publically announced that she would run for the
New York State Senate.
Ivy Supersonic is New York's own real life cartoon
character that puts her feathered hats on everyone
like Pamala Lee in the white and pink hat worn at the
1999 MTV Awards. Other notables include: Dennis
Rodman, Larry Holmes, George Clinton, Alice Cooper,
Steven Tyler, Debbie Harry, Carmen Electra, Milla
Jovovich, Kid Rock, Jeff Goldblum, Maury Povich,
Quentin Tarantino and the beat goes on- just to name
a few. Who knows ? Next it could be you.

Ya Gotta Love her.
Richard David Renda c. 2000+
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