" It is about Time- You are Special !"
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The Erica Statement
The Conclusion:
Richard: People have a right to look at themselves.
Individuality is allowed. This is something that
I'm the devil's advocate of both Pro and Con. I'll
go in each way. I'll show the goodness in each
thing. If you only care about yourself... okay, I'm
not going to sit there and Judge you and say:
"you are gonna go to Hell." I'm gonna say "well
let's see what we can get out of that ?" And even
though you care about Yourself, well- do you care
enough about yourself where the balances of what
you do: will come back to you ? Right. Then you
will see what I am saying. And what I am saying is
to "do something nice for somebody."
Your Hosts:

Erica Viecelli and
Richard David Renda
The Show
The Conclusion:
Erica: And like I've always said ...
there are a lot of things that we want to do in our
life that make us happy, and we don't. And it's
because I gotta work and I've got to do this. I've
got to put some money in the bank. This that
and the other. Then 30 years, 20 years, 50 years
be it when you are laying in your death bed and
you can't move and you're bones are aching and
Your Life is Flashing before Your Eyes,
I mean- work is not going to be one of the things
you are going to see. It's going to be all of the
things you wanted to do, all of the things
that meant something- that you're going
to see.
Work. The money. All that stuff. It's not
going to be there.

So you really want to have something to show
for it. In the Future you want to be able to
look back on your Life and say "I did this.
I took comfort in this. I made a difference
in this subject" -
whatever it may be.
The Erica Statement

Right. Right. Which is good. Because I was
thinking about it before. That I wanted to bring in
today... I don't know if I have enough Time to run,
but I'm going to do it and we'll see where we go
with it . . .

One thing we talked about was... when we talked
about "pictures."

Pictures. Yeah.

What are "Pictures" ? Pictures are the
representation of a moment in Time. Yes.
And that's what we're talking about. And
Preserving that. And when you see tornados
and towns get ripped up and then people go
back and they are so emotionally disturbed
and distraught by the things that they lost the
things that disturb them the most is: the Pictures
that they lose. Yeah. And when they go back
they try and get the "pictures" because: those
are the memories.

I had a friend one time. I mentioned him once
before. His name was Max. And he was 90 years
old. He had a heart attack and stroke. He lived
with his daughter. Shit balls. Incontinence. The
whole thing. I knew Max for a long time and I
couldn't understand. So I went out to visit him
one day and I said "Max. I'm here for- I have
purpose, a particular purpose why I'm here today.
I need to know: Why ? Why are you bothering to
struggle so hard to stay in this world ?

And he looked at me and he said, "Do you
really want to know Richard ?" I said "Yeah."
And he said, "For the memories Richard. For
the Memories."
That's how Life is.

Well I think the point I would try to get to people
is: okay, the surface things that are on the outside
they're important. But also Remember who
you are on the Inside.
Yeah. And get
in touch with that. Because that's really all
you have.

Because when this world is over-
your "self", on the inside: is still going
to exist. It's going to go somewhere. Like I
said I wanted to talk about what I call: "The PTD,
The Personal Transport Device." That's what
this (the human body) is: a Personal Transport
Device. One day this personal transport device
like these cars after being used for so many
miles it dies. But you can go out and get
another personal transport device if you had
a car. Well Life - you are part of Life, right ? -
provided you with the personal transport device.
You continue to travel through time. So after
the last breath, who is to say that you don't
wind up in another personal transport device ?
And go on further in Time. Who's to say that ...
that Time ends ? Most people who know what
the truth is about will tell you "the first thing
you'll learn after the last breath is: you're
still alive."

That would be nice to know.

So, okay ... Here We Are.
Erica. Richard.
We are beginning ...
The journey of the next ten thousand years.
And what we're going to say to you ...
And take a camera with you.

Right ! Right ! Take a camera !
Preserve it ! That's what it is about. Definitely.
You know ? Love your friends. Love yourself.
Love the people around you. If you don't Love
them all the time that's okay too. But you know
-remember who you are. Don't get so far away
from like Erica said, you get caught up in the
working and the day to day things and the this
and the that: that you don't pause - Really

I live in New York City. And I work constantly
on what I'm doing. And I realize sometimes
that I never even take the time to lift my head
up and look at the sky. Right. And it is
important. Like I said ...

It feels good on the eyes too.

"The Birds, the trees ... they sing at me." So,
why not listen ??? Like that.

Okay. I don't know how much Time I have so
I'm going to check. But on that note we're
going to say Totally Cool (r). Totally Cool (r)
Talks and "Totally Cool (r) Talks: Live ! into
the Future. Stay tuned."

Man oh man. What ? If we aren't good.
There's 2 minutes on that clock.
Really ? Ha - Ha - Ha. (end of show.)

Erica- when this was transcribed to type and
there were the last three words you uttered,
a "Weather Watchers" echo, "Ha ha Ha"
I could not believe my eyes.
Perfect timing. Full circle.
To your "being inside" I would say: You were
"chosen" Special by Life to do this session. I
thank you. The Universe thanks you. Blessings
be with you forever and ever. Two candle sticks
of a distant past. Signed ... yours truly,
The Word Of God.
Rev 19:13

The Path

3:19 - 20
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" It is about Time- You are Special !"
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