Go Forward into
the Future. See
what comes to
you next ...
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"Sometimes ... all I need is
the air that I breathe -- "
Erica continues:
Erica continues:
Go Forward into
the Future. See
what comes to
you next ...
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The Show
I said, "you know what I was thinking ? I was
thinking instead of just talking- we were talking
about the homeless and that you should know to
be aware of the homeless and the things around
us. And we should say What We Should Do. Not
just address the issue- but saying: what we
could do to help."
... and what did you say to me ?
Your Hosts:

Erica Viecelli and
Richard David Renda
Right. What we could do. Exactly. Which is
I thought so interesting because my head was
down and I was thinking that was the one thing
we did not cover. We covered the Elements of
what exist. But we didn't offer- we didn't offer an
avenue to travel.
An answer or some type of ... (Erica nodding in agreement.)
We offered an Education. But no avenue to travel.
Okay but what I thought was interesting is that
here I am thinking about it and then you pull it
right out of my mouth. It's like "Thank You very
much." What's more interesting because you
didn't - well, I know at a time you will see the
episode - but at the time that we're talking about
you had not seen the episode, the way I put it
together. And I had done a piece with Shaniqua.
Who had a little message to the people and in
the conversation that she had she talked about
that. I didn't realize it. When I went back I was
like, "oh my God." All of these things coming
together. But it made me really think about it.
And I want to not only give an offering of what
you can do with the Power of your Mind and the
belief that's inside. I wanted to give a simple
Like how could a person help ? What could
a person do to make the world overall- better.
We're ... we're not just talking about Little
things. We're talking about really Big things.
We're talking about: Changing The World.
Erica: Okay.
Making it a better place. Didn't you and I talk
about it a lttle bit ? About how some people don't
want to have children because they don't want to
bring people into this world.
Erica: They think ... they think that the world is
so messed up so why bring in kids.
Right... right. So why bring someone into it ?
So the whole idea is to really make an effort.
And an effort before Nature. And an effort before
the Universe. And show- that an effort is being
made. People will look to us and say "well show
us how ? Tell us what we can do." So you know
what's interesting ? I was working on the site
over the last week or so: "TheWordOfGod.com"
and you've got to have "the" in front of it because
it has always been like that since thousands of
years. It's: "The Word Of God." It's singular. I'll
give you the answer to "The Word" later, but right
now, that's the website. "The Word Of God .com"
I was working on it and I had put something there.
Then I realized that- well if I put it there I should
bring it here (on air) and I really should. This is
going to kind of take me into a certain area that's
going to progress a little bit. And I want to offer
the people something that they can do.
Okay but each individual "they" have to figure it
out (what's good for them in their Life) what they
can do. But what I am going to offer them is this

"If each person does one nice thing", and people
have heard me say this and I also said it with
Shaniqua, "If each person does one nice thing
in the world, if each and every person does
just one nice thing ... in The Collective of that
you have put so much more 'goodness' into
the world then what was there before."
There was really something you could do. It
could be anything. It just had to be one nice
thing. But then I took it a little bit further. I
said, "okay, did you get that concept ? If
you do one nice thing it puts that much
more 'goodness' into the World."

Well now try it every day ... and see what
happens. Put one nice thing into the World
or do one nice thing for somebody. Whether
it's opening a door or whether it's being sweet
to someone when you really want to bite their
head off.

Do something that takes a negative and turns it
around into the positive. And you the individual
have put more "Goodness" into the World.

You may think that such a little thing doesn't
matter. But It Does Matter ! It's all recorded.
Because Nature is accountable for everything
and we're part of that. And we are accountable
that's what is going to happen.
Erica: I definitely think that people should start
realizing that the Earth is Alive. And start being
just a bit more in tune. Instead of just looking at
it ... like work, and home, and this, and my car.
Take a little time out. Sit back. Think about it.
Think about it.
Sit outside. Listen to the sounds of Nature.
Have a little more consideration. The other day
I was going down the street and somebody was
opening a car door and throwing things out- I
mean, come on. I mean simple little thing like that.
Right. Exactly. Come on ... if you can't get over
to the garbage pail ?
Erica: Yeah. People just kind of forget. They're
just so wrapped up in their life they don't think
about where they are and what's really going on.
You have to be in touch with Nature.
Well it's like I said to you on the phone when we
were talking last night and I said -and I actually
said it yesterday afternoon also- I repeated it
twice... I said "Yeah. You know ? This is what
is important to me. The birds, the trees, they
sing at me."
Yeah, yeah.
Okay. What's in a Thought ? What is it
about ? What is really all around you.
And it's interesting that you come back
there. That the Earth is "Alive." If you can
concieve that you're Alive...
Erica: You have to start thinking like that ...
Right. Why can't you think that this is all "Alive" ?
Erica: Yeah.
It's a really Grand Picture ! So I'm glad you went
back there. Cause I was moving to something
which I'm going to go but I want to take this.
Remember how I always talk about how one thing
triggers another ? Okay. So you talk about the
Earth being alive. And someone says, "ya know-
it's a lot of bunk. Prove it to me. Show it to me."

I will show it to them. And I will give you an
example. A real life example that you can look
at any given time. Whether it's now. Or 500
years from now. Or a Thousand years from
now. It doesn't make a difference. It's History.

The week before this world, this Earth turned
the new millennium into the 2nd... well ended the
2nd thousand years and then moving into 2000+
into the Future, the week prior to that Mother
Nature raged on the planet. Totally raged.
Notre Dame was ripped apart. I had mentioned
Marie Antoinette's tree was ripped out of the
ground. 200 years. 10,000 trees were ripped
out of the ground. The Chateau in France had
all kinds of things done to it. And it happened
in Germany. It happened in Switzerland.

Erica: It Happened Everywhere.
It happen in London. It happened everywhere.
A lot of earthquakes.
From Christmas. From Christmas forward (1999)
it happen. For a full week. Okay. And then came
this New Year's Eve Day. And the World actually
engaged in what I call "The Celebration of Life
and Time" like has never been seen before.
And the World got together in The Collective.
It actually started the day before New Year's
Day at 4 a.m. in the morning. A lot of the news
networks began coverage on the hour, every
hour on the hour ... worldwide.

But did anyone take note THAT WORLDWIDE
every Hour on the hour that those Countries
and in those locations Mother Nature shed
kindness. There were none of the raging winds.
Erica: Yeah.! Yeah.
There were none of the snow storms. There
was no . . .
It was actually
For a full 24 hours nothing happening.
Erica: Right.
It was beautiful. I mean ...
I didn't even take notice.
Music: coincidently playing
in the background.

"Sometimes ... all I need is
the air that I breathe -- "
If that doesn't say... if that doesn't show you
that Mother Nature is not only conscious: she's
"Aware" of what you're doing- and interacting.
She gave you a planet, a whole planet, a whole
planet: where you all as people could celebrate.
Worldwide. The same common ground.

The Celebration of Life and Time. And what
did she do ? She became co-operative. Why ?
Because we were doing a good thing.
We were Celebrating.
We were celebrating Time and Nature and Life.

We were doing a good thing. It shows if you do
more good things Nature will co-operate with
you. And it's something we have to learn. How
to work with our society and with the things that
we have. Okay ? And one of the things we have
a tendency to do is we get full of ourselves. We
get caught up in our own world and we snap
at people. And we're nasty.

Like around that holiday season I was in the pizza
place which I happen to call -everybody knows
this is where I do therapy- "my therapist." It's my
pizzaman. Because whenever I used to have to
do therapy from this -the second- which was the
second choking you don't know about, I did a
little bit of therapy because I had to deal with
post traumatic stress syndrome. And when I
used to get out of therapy I was so screwed up
I needed therapy. So I used to go to the pizza
place for therapy. This is where I would get my
therapy. So I went over to my therapist (Frank)
around this holiday season. I think it was, yeah
it was the day before New Year's 2000 and there
was a guy there with his girlfriend. There was no
table for him to sit and eat his pizza. But things
were rotating right away. There were people
getting up so that he could take the seat. And
I said "You know they're rotating. There's a
seat for you right there. There's a table."
And he was very nasty (to everyone else). He had
a real attitude. Like he couldn't give a damn about
anything. And his nastyness is all that mattered.
I looked at him and I said "You know... is this how
you want to start the beginning of a new thousand
years ? Is this how you want to start your future ?"
You said that to him ?
Oh yeah. I was like, at first I was like "You know this
is not the season to have this kind of an attitude and


blah, blah blah." And it wasn't getting me anywhere.
Niceness was getting me nowhere.

Was it really ?

It didn't make a difference. So I brought reality to
it and I said, "Do you want to start your next ten
thousand years like this ? You want to begin a
thousand years like this ?"

Being nasty.

"Or do you want it not to be like it was in the 1900's.
You don't need those bad things." And really what I
was... I think that I was getting at was something that
is really a long distance from people. And it's called:
unconditional love.

You know you don't get it a lot of the time. And there
are times when you've got to let people be who they
are. It's like when a mother or father is in a toy store
with a child and the child wants this or that. And
mom says "no." The child starts to scream. You
know, the parent does "if you don't stop screaming
you're gonna get it ! You're gonna this" (hit). That
did not build up a relationship with a child. And what
we're really talking about is building a relationship
with the Future . . . with the Future.
You have to have Patience
That's what I'm talking about. Building a relationship
with the Future. See ? You can't have an attitude on
the Future. You've got to, you your "self" have to go
forward into the Future with an unconditional Love.
Because it gave you something that you never had
before and that's a consciousness: In This World.
Whether you will live in another world or a hundred
thousand other worlds. Or a million more lifetimes.
Still we're here. And this is the consciousness we
have now. This has been given to us. We know it.
And it should be appreciated.

If People are going to take a gift that is so prescious
like that and trash it- well, then I would say: "You
make your own destiny. And I don't want to be
here to see what you do: or what is done to You."

So I think that it is very important. The message that I
am trying to get across to "people" at this point is
that "they are important." And the Time that they live
in is important. And every body that comes into the
World is important. We were talking about people
who don't take the time to look at the world around
them. And Time gets too far in front of them. Then
they realize -wow- they would have wanted to do this
before (whatever it was) because: it would have
been better in time. And they didn't.

What I'm going to say to the world is this: "if you
really wanted to do it then... then you better get
out and do it Now." Yeah. "And if you want to do
something now don't put it off for later. Because if
you put it off for later then you're going to wish that
you did it when you wanted to do it. We live in Time.
And you can never beat the clock. But you can work
with it. And it will work with you." And that's what
I'm really talking about. I am talking about putting
more into the world. A lot of people they don't care
about anything but themselves. Some people may
look at that as a bad thing. It could be a bad thing.
It could be a good thing.
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