How does this look ?
Looks Red to me !
You just found a Treasure.
A Jewel. Who will save your
soul. I will always Love you

What you clicked on was The
Word "Red". It was only one
word of instruction. Some
would think it was not meant
to do anything else. But see,
it does something ? It takes
you somewhere. Seek and
you shall find. And you
found something.

This is especially for you, with
you in mind. And do find
something that is and will
always be. For those in search
of the Adventure, the answers,
who you are, and what comes
next: We are all alive. Life is
Alive. So now let us share
some personal thoughts....
Very Red.
In seeking it is about what you
find when many others say,
"there is nothing."

You and those around you
will have more than before.
The Word is: prepared.
You are rewarded.
Going forward.
More than empty pockets.
The Power of Real Knowledge.

It builds Faith. Strength.
Not necessarily: Belief.

Belief is a Power in itself.
And it can be an illusion.
Real Knowledge will give
Your beliefs The Greatest
Power. In turn- You develop
a wealth of power. A reserve.
The what is High Octane.
Because what you believe in
is: True.
No Doubt.

Listen to Mother Nature
around you. Don't speak.

Whisper quietly.
Learn much.
I met a person. Someone that
I liked and might consider "a
friend." I am not going to say
who it was for reason. It could
be a boy, a girl, a man or a
woman, young or old. It could
be anyone. This person was
having a conversation with
someone sitting in a Cafe.
As I was walking by I heard
the person make this
statement: "I am an Atheist."

I turned around and said
"once you get to know me I
will prove to You God is a real
thing. And you will not have
to believe in it either." That
person just smiled. They
knew me. I am real. This
is where you get real.
So I thought about it.
Some Atheists have a difficulty
with believing in something
they can not see.Or maybe it
is some thing they can not
understand ... (sometimes).
Doors of deeper wisdom
become closed. I said I would
show that you can Conceive
that God does exist and you
would not have to believe.
All the answers would be
right in front of your face.
The Foundation. But I like
to explain things by using
demonstrations and
examples. They tell a story.
Considering there is a broad discussion that applies let us
start here for a moment. The issue is: Just Because You Can
Not See It Does Not Mean It Is Not There. Do you want to see ?

I could use electricity as a demonstration. As you can see you
use it every day, still: you can not see it. You only see the
things it powers like the light bulb. Without it you are in the
dark. But I wanted to show you something that is much more
personal to You. Something you can touch (kinda). It is
something you can not see and yet something -You- really
need. Actually something you or your family and friends can
not survive without. And it is right in front of your face.
Literally. Okay, let's see.

How about an element that is extremely obvious and often
overlooked ... taken for granted: "AIR" ??? It is all around
you. You can not see it. But you Must believe it is there.
Even if you disbelieve it will be what it is, still there.

Try this: Put your hand over your mouth with one hand and
with the other hand hold your nose closed. Now disbelieve
you need someone / something you can not see. How long can
you hold your breath ? In a few minutes you will need -need-
is what I said: something that you can not see ...
A Breath of Life. At the raw level. The Power Of God.
Now you can believe in something that is not but still is.
A breath. Much like God. Just because you can not see
it does not mean it is not there. The Earth Breathes.
The tide goes up. The tide goes down.
You want more ?
What does an image
make you think about ?
Seeing is believing or
is it ???
Are you In The Dark ?
Now Breathe.
Some people can not deal with
things that are "unbelievable."
And we can say some people
have a problem dealing with
things that are unbelievable-
even if they are absolutely
true (real). Now ... why ???
Y2k. We forgot the year
2000 even though it was
Going to happen.
Belief itself- has a problem
with something that is
unbelievable even though
it may be true because
belief itself can not believe
in something that is:
unbelievable. It is a
contradiction to Belief's
own existence itself-
merely because it is
"unbelievable." In many
minds Belief is a "not
to be disturbed" entity.
But that is only "in
their minds."

Where people are
concerned more lies
are believed then truths.
That is weird. Like in
the land called America,
parents are not officially
recognized "by Law" as
parents until the family
breaks up and dissolves.
Then an order of custody
enters the record and
parents are only at that
time recognized in Law
as parents. That is a Fact,
true. Even though it is

Any society that is
based solely on belief
steals from itself much
prosperity, especially
when the proposed
belief overrides absolute
truth ...because it was
unbelievable. And it also
overlooks what is:
Belief itself is
a driving power
of a human being.
Truth adds more to it.
Are you a smart person,
an intelligent person ?
God can be real even if
you can not see it or
believe it, whether you
like it or not. What if that
is true ? What then ?
Think about it. If you
could comprehend God ...
how much power do you
think God has ???
If you are so smart.

God sent me here to write
this to you. And I am
officially Court certified
(many times): of sound
mind. Just overworked.
Beware... The misuse of
the power of "Belief" can
create a shield of clouded
illusions which you may
not see- distortion that is
being used against you
for many things (including
to get your hard earned
funds, your vote, and take
away yours rights). The
use of the word "belief,"
when those say it in
phrases as such "I believe
that..." generally is not a
only what someone
or some group wants you
to believe. Some things
are just fact. That is
Only what is real is true.
And what is true ...
is real. Believe it or not.
Spin Doctor
lawyers, and
the deceitful
say, quote:
"I believe
this (or that)
is True."
Remember it
may not be so
...and in fact
it may be the
farthest thing
from what is
the Truth.

Instead of
being used
use your own:
What did
God give
you ?

A chance .

... It may depend on
how well you can see.
Just because you can not see it
does not mean it is not there.
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