No one here is going to try to
sell you Life, Religion, or
anything. Maybe you will find
yourself. This is an adventure.
A Real Life Adventure.
This site was to launch its first
entry July 4th weekend 1999 and
was basically ready at the end of
May 1999. But the Piper played.
And in the course of Destiny other
things needed to happen to set "an
example." Truth always shows its
face in time. Some words have
more than one intention.
If there is a product or
something you might
be interested in Links
will be established
connecting you to it.
How many times can you say
the word "Coincidence" ???
Nature is trying to talk to you.
Nature is talking
to you. But who
is Listening:
Spring 1999
Summer 1999
Fall 1999
A Short List . . . With Many Things In Between.
Littleton Shooting - New York Daily News April 26, 1999
J.F.K. Jr. Crash - New Yort Post July 18, 1999
Turkey Quake - New York Daily News August 18, 1999
Mosquito Virus - New York Daily News September 18, 1999
Taiwan Quake - New York Post September 21, 1999
Nuclear Accident - New York Post October 1, 1999
Xerox Shooting - New York Post November 3, 1999
Seattle Shooting - Newsday November 4, 1999
Prophecy - Newsweek November 1, 1999
The Female Who Laughed When More Than 20,000 People Were Killed
And Homeless in The 1999 Turkey Earthquake, said: "There Is No Such
Thing As A Coincidence." She should know. She caused it to happen.
Do you want to know who she is ???
How much can You learn ?
Get Past
The Little Book !
The People
The Book of Life.

Good or Bad.
The Piper asked if real names are
going to be used ? "Yes." Then
she asked, "Last names also ?"
The answer: "Yes." Faces too
if possible. In this manner the
Truth is preserved. People are
accountable. No exceptions.
We are real.
There is much to do.
Links will be added
on a regular basis.
For this, "The Entry
Levels" go forward
"The Point" is
made. A common
ground. We are
there together. It
happened. Then. . .
When you reach The Inner Circle come back to the very beginning
and play with all the Links. Get as close to The Core as you can.
"The Blessings Of The Heavens Are With You" saith,
Eventually you will click on any image to Take You Somewhere.
During these times Red hot links are Live. They will. . . take you there.
- The Spirit.
This is not
the Piper
* *
Recommended Ages: 13 & Up

The list continues . . .

Do you want answers
or do you just want to
make believe you
want answers ? ? ?
Noting December 6, 1999
13 year old honor student
shoots 4 at school in Fort
Gibson, Oklahoma.
It has something to do
with The Costly Tragedy.
And Karma.
December 7, 1999
17 year old student
shoots 4 students
in Netherlands
High School.
December 10, 1999
"JFK Fire Grounds Planes, Travelers"
Fire in an electrical switch box darkened
4 terminals at New York City's Kennedy
Airport delaying fights. American, Delta,
United, American West were affected

December 8 - 11, 1999
New Jersey Air Crash Kills 4
Sea Knight Helicopter Crashes
C141 Transport Crashes
It was once America The Brave.
Now it may appear to be
America The Plagued.
But it is Global.
This can be
God Is Watching !
No matter what you think.
Learn The Word: Humble.
It makes a difference.
The Power Of All The Universe Seeks Balance.
When you see then you take "notice." And you
find more.
How Powerful Is A Thought.
December 20, 1999
New York Post

Venezuela Flood Toll at 5,000

Entire villages buried in mud.
The monster floods and mudslides
rocking Venezuela have killed at
least 5,000 people... more than
150,000 have been left homeless
by the natural disaster -
Venezuela's worst this century.
by Bill Hoffmann
This Is Global.
December 21, 1999
New York Daily News

Death Toll at 10,000

Desperate Venezuelan Survivors
Hunt For Food, Water.

Venezuela - The death toll from mudslides
and flash floods that swamped Venezuela's
Caribbean coast last week rose to at least
10,000 yesterday. For the fifth straight day,
desperate and hungry survivors in the port
city of La Guaira wandered in search of food
and water, both in short supply.

At a news conference later, Foreign Minister
Rangel said the death toll could reach 20,000.
"There are bodies in the sea, bodies buried
under mud, bodies everywhere," he added.

Col. Mario Arvalaez, commander of an elite
unit, said "When you stop in a moment of
quiet, you begin to feel the pain." The smell
of death was everywhere along the northern
coast, the area most heavily hit Wednesday
when mud, boulders and water came crashing
down a mountain. To help-

About 2OO, OOO people were made homeless
by the floods that affected the entire northern
coast. News Wire Services
December 22, 1999
New York Newsday

Unending Burials
Venezuelan Toll Could Be 25,000

Caracas, Venezuela - On a lush hillside in southern
Caracas, cemetery workers yesterday were digging
row upon row of graves as they waited for truckloads
of dead from the floods and mudslides that created one
of Latin-America's worst natural disasters.

There are unfortunately thousands of people buried
in the mud, and the final number we will never know.
The forecast is that we could have 25,000 or 30,000
(dead), said Angel Rangel, national director
of civil defense. Across the sun-filled valley loomed
the steep slopes of Avila mountain, from which mud
slides came crashing down last week.

With tens of thousands of survivors already evacuated
from the hardest-hit areas, the relief effort began
shifting its focus yesterday to recovering bodies,
avoiding epidemics and finding new or temporary
homes for 150,000 people. The Hispanic Federation
212 7420707 set up a special Banco Popular account.

Chavez received a call from President Bill Clinton
on his cellular telephone. He asked me to tell the
Venezuelan people that he was "praying for us ...
for our recovery," Combined Wire Services

"We are entering a second phase of
the emergency..."
This Is Global

This is Biblical - proportions

Hell and High Water

Dare We forget ...
The Year Of 1999

1.5 million people flee from their
homes in China due to rising flood
Runway Tragedy

December 22, 1999
New York Post

A Cuban airline DC-10
juts out eerily from a
street of modest homes
at the edge of Guatemala
City airport after skidding
off a rain slick runway.
Fatalities include flight
crew, passengers on board
and local residents.

Nature is trying to talk to you.
But who is listening ?
Dare we forget
the past ...
A Four Hour Tornado
I Heard Words
December 23, 1999 - CNN
5.8 Quake Hits Algeria

Algiers, Algeria (Reuters) -
The official death toll in a
strong earthquake rose on
Thursday ... The quake of
5.8 shook several western
provinces of North Africa.
A quake measuring 5.2 hit
the northeastern Moroccan
city of Oujda.
She asked Him:
"How do you think I feel
when you can control the
weather, have volcanos
explode, cause earthquakes,
and all the rest ?"

The response:
"What do you think - you're
the only one ? What you
think you are the first who
has had to deal with all this ?
Many others have been here
before you. And what about
me. How do you think I feel ?
Who are you to Judge. This
is Judgement Day."
What Next ???
Those Individuals
Who Were On This Earth
In The Year 1999 / 2000
Did Seal A Thousand Years.

They all had something in
common. They were all there
together. Called and chosen to
be there in that time. Now why ?
What can you learn ...
Tommorrow Always Comes.
The Word is: Forever.
Everyone Is Accountable.
Do Something Nice.
It Counts.

Terror, Terrorism, and Terrorists - Before one goes forward,
something to know... Henceforth any act that moves to intentionally
injure people will build only a profound Karma against the eternal
soul of the person and persons committing the intentional act. And
it accomplishes nothing more than that. This profound Karma shall
for all time forward cast a curse upon the soul of the individual, their
family, and those of their Homeland for more than a million lifetimes
plus. Let it be known. There is A Better Way. These are different times
we are living in. God and The Universe are Watching. Everyone Is
Being Judged. Think of your families, your friends, your future.
an individual learns what Hell really is the individual will think about
it evermore. As Beings in this human transport device our job /
responsibilty is to make this world a safe place for the billions of
people waiting to come in to it. Like you once were. No one has the
right to kill those already here. Allah preserves Life. Man destroys it.
Welcome to The Age of Life - The Age of Revelation - The Age of
Preservation. First Hand Knowledge.
Welcome to the next Ten Thousand Years.
Be one of those who helped make it happen.
Be included.
So Let It Be Written (in cyberspace),
So Let It Be Done (like never before).

God has been Honored, Allah has
been Glorified ... saith The Spirit.
Do no disservice.
The Power of Nature will bite you back,
like you have never seen before.
A Four Hour Tornado
I go back from
whence I come.
It is just a matter
of time. And you
come with me.
The question is:
with or without
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