Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
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02/17/2000 06:07


February 4, 2000


Ms. Ivy Supersonic
Supersonic Media, Inc.
New York, New York 10003

Dear Ms. Supersonic:

Thank you for the handmade hat and hat
box. They are wonderful reminders of a
warm New York welcome. It was thoughtful
of you to bring them to me.

With best wishes, I am

Sincerely yours,

HillaryRodham Clinton

You have got to Love this woman ! ! ! "The Word Of God .com", or the official
copyright owner of
"The Word of God", or The Mystic "Signed 4" , or / and also
the entity known as
Totally Cool (r) does not get involved in Politics or political
issues. Those entities are what is called: The Neutral Entity - unless provoked.
For reason that "Life's concerns" override and exceed political issues ...
sometimes. This posture
is maintained at The Highest Order. These entities,
the 4 named above, only come out and show themselves when
Life itself is in
jeopardy or has extreme concern- justifiably. But where this Lady, Miss Hillary,
is concerned: She should be touched by good graces and someone should
When people are so busy listening to only their thoughts they can not
hear the thoughts of another. I learned that by the time I was 15 years of age in
this Earthly time. Hear
The Prophet speak: This is a Lady - and as we call her
correctly "The First Lady of The New Millinneum" who has learned from
the path
of Life. She too has many faults as do all human beings. But she has
not as many as others and she has learned much. In watching her we can show
that there is still what for her to learn about Family and Family preservation in
this progressive world. Making it rule of thumb to observe a person- you may
find that the future is as much in the hands of Womanhood as much as in the
hands of any other existence. Therefore as
The Official Authority, in that light
I say, "many women still have the ability to learn and to be Great, and to be
honest." You have got to start somewhere. That is what makes a better
person. Human beings to be proud of.

Are You Here ??
Who Are You ?
Who Are You ?
Do You Know
Who You Are ???
Do You Know
Who You Are ???
The Word Of God
c. 2000 Richard David Renda
All Rights Reserved.
The Word Of God
Noted are the "events of coincidence" that is a power to be reckoned with.
It brought this woman here. And when she has the the Spirit to see people
and good works she is earning her place. For taking the time to write the
above communication Dear Miss Hillary you have earned this Country one
saving grace. Spend it wisely. And to you Miss Hillary, and for all who see
this, I say: "Thank You." Lots of Love.

You know where you are. Just look around.

connecting stories:
Alert ... Alert !
This story is being brought to your attention because we heard the
story break on CNN Headline News TV and New York 1 News in
New York City, both Time Warner News services- then checking the
CNN Headline News website where there was a mention ... but
when we clicked on for full story it was not posted yet. In checking
again a few hours later the News of the radiation leak disappeared
from both the TV and CNN Time Warner website. This is cause for
alarm and it would seem someone pulled the story to prevent the
masses from knowing what they should. Get concerned. When
people cover up what could be information that could save your Life
you lose more than you know. And people get hurt. Remember
A.I.D.S. was covered up for years and that was a cover-up that could
have killed your family, future, and loved ones. Be intelligent. Be
Concerned, And be aware, Stay Tuned ! ! ! We had to go to www.
News4.com and Reuters News to get the information.

Collectible News:
For a little Fun Stuff- Ty the toy maker of those lovable Beanie Babies
has some new entries to
the Kingdom of History and Heaven. At the
Toy Fair of The Future in New York City
critters were there. Sure to Fly
is a Brown-Black-Green Pterodactyl Dinosaur and it is cute ! And
guess what ? The Angel Bear "Halo" coming to Earth with shiny gold
wings ...
and a shiny new Gold halo. Heavenly. The Family grows !
Have you ever squeezed a "Beanie Buddy" ??? A wonderful hug.

Other News To Talk About:
Edited from "Reuters" News

Leak Contained at NY Nuclear Plant, Alert Lifted
Updated 7:23 PM ET February 16, 2000

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Radioactive air and steam escaped into the
atmosphere at a nuclear power plant north of New York City on
Tuesday night, plant owners Consolidated Edison said Wednesday.

Company officials said an alert declared at the Indian Point II nuclear
unit about 45 miles north of Manhattan after the 7:29 p.m. leak had
been lifted at 6:50 p.m. Wednesday.

"We have just declared the termination of the alert and have gone into
the recovery phase as of 6:50 this evening," a Con Ed spokeswoman

She said the temperature in the reactor, was cool enough to allow
closer inspection following the leak in one of four steam generators.

The alert was described by Con Ed as (half way there) the second of
categories of emergency at a nuclear power plant.

Officials said the radiation leak was minimal and residents in the county
of 893,000 people and other nearby counties were not affected- (if you
believe that). Some residents were reportedly alarmed when they heard
news of the leak.

"I'm very concerned. I have a three-year-old child sleeping in the other
room and I'm five miles from the plant and I'm wondering how much
radiation he was exposed to," Mark Jacobs of the Westchester People's
Action Coalition told WCBS News Radio.

Operators manually shut down the 975-megawatt nuclear power unit
after the leak was discovered.

Related Stories
Leak Contained at NY Nuclear Plant, Alert
Remains (Feb 16 1:39 pm ET)
Con Ed Declares Alert After Leak at Nuclear
Plant (Feb 16 7:45 am ET)

A Flip of The Switch. Have you ever seen the movie with
Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas called: The China Syndrome ...

When you can take time to
say "Thank You" that is a
good being. So noted.
How To Commit Murder ...
- An Exercise In Justice -
Another Example.
February 22. Year 2000.
Amadou Diallo
Look at your "self." Not
just the Americans, but
people... all people, each
and every individual..

Justify killing each other.
Mother Nature will get you.
One way or another. Try a
better way. Try something
else. Buy A Beanie Baby.
Deserves A Mention.

"How To Commit Murder
and Try To Get Away With

Eric Warner - Pat this man
on the back
. It is: Human
Dignity. Let the transcript
speak ... For all eternity-
to all human beings.

Eric Warner is the New
York City Bronx Assistant
District Attorney who in
the criminal trial presented
the case and most
importantly: the
final closing argument
of Amadou Diallo.
If one can understand this
- one can find Comfort.
Amadou Diallo was / is
a soldier in what is called:
The Brethren of Prophets.

He is what would be
termed, let it be written:
"A Holy Man."

Amadou did his job and
there when what was
was to be. He did
a good job. He was like
most children: innocent.
A pure Heart never to be
forgotten. To His Family:
I offer a song -the song of
144,000- to the Universe in
"His Honor." To you all-
the Universe feels for
what is in you and for
what you have given us.
"Eternity" is eternally
grateful. Amadou is well
cared for. There is no
pain. It is ours to bear.
If the Universe had a
voice that could speak
it would say: "Thank you"
in as much as it would say
"I am sorry." Peace be
with you. Take Comfort
in all that is said.
If a person does recall they find
the statement goes something
like, "A Penny For The Truth.
Two Cents For A Heart." A lot
of truth being spoken. And
found is a big heart. More
than 20 times the norm.

On February 4, in the year of
1999 4 Plainclothes New York
Cops killed a 22 year old man as
they blasted him in a barrage of
41 bullets. This is not about
cops getting away with murder.
This is about The System itself
on Trial in A New Millennium.
An age where Mother Nature is
speaking. Wasn't there another
4 in here somewhere ? Did the
criminal trial, although moved,
start on February 4- Year 2000,
a Year to the day ? But when
the medics picked up Amadou's
dead body 4 bullets fell out of
him. The Tale in Numbers. And
there is much waiting to happen
- much yet to show itself. The
timing. Your Maker Is Watching
you all
and there is nowhere to
hide. You have been warned.
On February 22, year 2000 Eric
Warner held two pieces of paper
in front of many eyes ... One had
a 4 on it. The other had a 1 on it.
They represent the 4 plainclothes
officers and 1 innocent human
being who -by Cops- is treated
like not a being and less than a
piece of meat. Also the 4 and the
1 represents each of the 41 bullets
intended for Amadou Diallo. Is
that all it means
? The Voice of ...
The Court of The Highest Order.
What did you think was going
to happen- what do you think is
going to happen... nothing ???

You can not cover up a black
Spot on the soul of America
and make it white merely
because ye people have an
ego. Not good enough. Try
a prayer.

When you cover up the real
work of God -and the proof that
God does exist- whether you
believe or not, you get many
lessons learned. First one:
Don't mess with Mother Nature.
You tried to cover up Murder
on March 8, 1985. But what
you really tried to cover up is
the Resurrection that occured
thereafter. Smarten Up.

We have a lot of work to do.
The unknowing or ignorant,
they share in a common
denominator: they can Learn.
Moral of the story: You can be
next. Any body can be next
Shot by a Cop. Ask "Spot."
Standing in front of "weapons
of death."

August 4- 1982. "Was Reptile
Victim of Cold Blooded
Murder." Spot shot by Cop.
March 8, 1986- Classified
publication appears in the
Times Mirror Newspaper
"Newsday" for a week.

"In Memory of Richard"
Signed 4.

It reads "4 plainclothes and 1
uniform ..." "A breath from
nowhere filled the lungs of
a Lifeless body. A year has
It is all in the numbers. Do the
math. 2 and 2 equals 4.

Then there is this ...
November 16, 1985

In print- Newsday,
Classified Publication:

"FOUR Years ago a top school
administrator threatened the
life of a - psychic who signs
his identity with a 4. Four years
later that school administrator
died: of suddenly... A Court
of Law higher than man and
powers ye are yet to understand.
Nature's Creator gives life and
takes it away. WE ARE TO
PRESERVE IT ... not let others
destroy it. Time never forgets.
And I prophesy again-
The only warning given is
"Dear America" February 8,
1986 reinstated.

Remember what happened when
"Storm F." was reinstated March
30, 1984
. 4 American Volcanos
Exploded. And the "Signed 4"
documentation "Goodness"
November 22, 1985 til the soup is
stirred with a Magic R. There is
"Dear America."

Nothing more need be said. See
micro film. Return what you -the
people- have stolen July 6, 1998.

Many people are playing a game.
But Life is not a game. It is serious.
Who will talk to Mother Nature on
your behalf when the Mosquitoes
and Nature's Army starts biting
back with The New Millennium ?
Who is qualified ?? It would be
unfortunate if Nature turned a
deaf ear on human beings. Be
well. There are some things
to do now. Talk again soon.
Dishonor what you have
and you dishonor your
own Maker, and where
you come from.
Do you want to turn the key
in the door a little more ???

Also on March 8, 1985 in the
name of "The People" 4
plainclothes and 1 officially
stole $ 1580.00 for 2 years-
but they left 41 cents.

The value of a human:
41 cents.
How does it go ? "A penny for
the truth.
2 cents for a Heart."
The real answer to "How
To Commit Murder ..."
and get away with it
is in the story called
"The $50 bet."
Amadou Diallo
A World of Coincidences- that
have inside meaning. What is
inside you ?

When the first 3 items of "News To Talk About"
were posted on this page February 2000 the
reader could wonder. What would be the
fourth story posted ?? Life is bizzare. Very
Real with its own schedule. " In Memory..."
By coincidence- the next story is the 4th
story posted for News to Talk About ... by
This Page Is
"Dedicated to"
and "In memory"
of a being, a human,
consciousness, Flesh
and Blood ... A Holy Man:

Amadou Diallo.
Eric Warner: To you
The Universe says
"It is a fresh breath of
Life having you here."

And I say unto you:
Thank you. Blessings.

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Anyone want to throw in
their 2 cents ?
How many times can you say
The Word: Coincidence ???
The what is being said ...
many secrets.


All the mosquito spraying last summer really
bugged Bronx President Fernando Ferrer.
Ferrer wants to quash any further use of
malathion, a toxic pesticide that may also prove
to be a cancer-causing agent.

Malathion spray was used to kill mosquitoes,
the beginning of the of West Nile fever outbreak
in the Westen Hemisphere, which left 4 New
Yorkers dead.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is
reviewing malathion's potential as a low-level
carcinogen, a cancer-causing substance.

EPA spokeswoman Nina Sabib confirmed that
the pesticide was under review as part of the
Food Quality Protection Act of 1996. (another
coincidence. 4 years ago. Like the birth of
a child. Nature has Timing.)

Currently malathion is rated as "toxic."

NY Daily News Newspaper
HOME DELIVERY 1-800-692 News

When asked about malathion during a recent
news conference, the mayor expressed no
worries. "I have no real problem with it",
he said.

Some Bronx residents did express concern
when city officials began spraying
mosquitoes to combat
West Nile fever.

People should be informed
if it's a cancer-causing agent.

-End of story-

Observation: The Mayor of New York
City, during 1999 days Manhattan was
sprayed: he left. He got out. He went
to Texas. For 3 days... and City
residents should close their
windows. No problem ???
(see above.)

Helpful Hint: To combat the spread of
the West Nile virus that mosquitos have
carried into the Millennium 2000 amongst
human beings, their loved ones, and their
pets -- If you are not an oils or chemical
spray on your body person: you may be able
to find the small cylinder shaped -electronic
clip on- mosquito repellent. It is battery
operated (a double AA) and it does work
well ... if it is the real thing.

Mosquito Spray May
Cause Cancer

A Little More To Say -
Excerpts from Story reported
by The New York Daily News
February 22, 2000

Juror Number 4 Removed. 1 of
4 Alternates Is Replacement.

On the morning of February 23, 2000
just prior to the Jury getting the case
the Judge removed Juror number 4. 1
of 4 alternate Jurors is the replacement.
Year 2000.
"How To Get Away With Murder"
which was a headline written here on
February 22 - Year 2000.
February 25 - 4 plainclothes cops get away
with murder.
4 Plainclothes Officers, after
slaughtering an innocent man in a barrage
of 41 bullets and taking his life were found
not guilty of any crime. A Perfect Example.
A sad day for Humanity.
Justice does not have a problem.
People have a problem with Justice.
Justice will get each individual for
their injustices when they are not
looking and least expect it. That is
It is real... Like the voice
within you that you hear.
March 2000- Con Edison
officials admitted they do not
know why this event happened.
A coincidence ? A warning ?
One accident like this and
The New York Hudson River
is History.

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