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Loving & Weintraub Public Relatations
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New York City
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To: Loving and Weintraub Public Relations,
City of The World -The Big Gotham- New York City

From: Totally Cool (r) - Richard Renda (695 Cool)

Att: Mary Loving, Harriet Weintrub, Veronika, and Andrea Pfister

Re: Andrea Pfister / Champagne in a Shoe / I Hate Negative.

"I Hate Negative."
- How To -
Destroy Negative.
Date. February 4th, Year 2000:

To Whom It May Concern ...

Dear Mary Loving and Andrea,

Okay- here is some of the video tape. I am sorry it was the long way
around to get this to you all. But I was on a project that required some
attention and a little bit of time, to say the least: www. TheWordOfGod
.com - Unique but not Strange. "...serious business to billions of people
for thousands of years

Okay back to Totally Cool (r) Andrea Pfister, there is more I am going
to do on the subject again on air so sit tight. Here is what was done
already. Dates: somewhere between here and there. I ran the show
shortly after the event and again a few weeks later. However - the first
week I did run this airing it received a few plays that week as a fill for
some open airtime slots. That show had only a small clip with Laurie
and Andrea which has in it what I will now tell you about.
Just read on. Part 2 of the airings. Totally Different from the "Takes
You There" series.

I do as some in between shows "Totally Cool (r) The Controversy
Series - Round The Table" Talk Show with guests or co-anchors /
co-hosts. So Mr. Andrea Pfister got a lot more airplay then what you
see in The Champagne show. Although I do not have the moments to
find the Talk Show tape now. Down the line I will or someone will.
Rather than finding it I'm going to tell what was done. What Happened ?
And I am going to do it here on paper because then this document
-letter- will be placed on the worldwide web for many to understand and
FOREVER this letter and its contents will be. And you tell Andrea: I
can never thank him enough. I lived for this moment.

You all can never know what this means to me, especially me. But I
am going to try and translate it to paper- at not too profound of a level.
Maybe someone else will get it.

Enclosed in the package you are receiving is: the Taittinger Champagne
"Champagne In A Shoe - What is a Sphere" show (aired tape) and as
promised the whole Andrea Pfister interview uncut. It is loud in there
and noisy. That is all I have to say. The rest is History.
What really happened: It was captured.

Now understand the words... "Be Positive. I HATE NEGATIVE."

People should learn to conquer negativity. And we would have it all
locked up. The future "Preserved." And the future is coming. And-
it is here already. In a much bigger way than people could ever
conceive in the wildest of dreams.

Thank you Andrea. Thank you so much. Because- we "captured it !"
And we captured negativity destroyed by its own power. Can't ask
for more than that... ever. The rest could be for people and a now
reality- The Pursuit of Happiness. To reach the Results may be
trying but the reward is Grand ! Thank You. You are one of my
soldiers and of the brethren of Prophets. Now you know who you
are. An Elder who carries The Word. Thank you.

Signed, Richard David Renda - The Word Of God - The Word Of
... me like you, like you all. In The Flesh.

Totally Cool (r) Talks and Takes you there. The Mouth of New
York !

(Glory Days - Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A.)
End of Letter.

There are some great Champagnes that I would recommend. As in
the comparison- wine is like blood. In a certain order: Moet Rose,
Veuve Cliquot, Don Perignon, my most beloved Cristal, and to drink
from a shoe -as the story goes - this is Taittinger, separate and aside.
That is what the celebration was. The celebration of 100 years to
honor the legendary dancer who drank champagne from a shoe. Into
the future we have walked.

Let me "show" you some of the creations that were made for this
event and let's drink from a shoe. It is the one thing that carries us
everywhere (again, pardon the pun). What's in a shoe.

Stuart Weitzman
Christina Perrin
Andrea Pfister
Nina - Delman
Taittinger Collectible
Champagne Bottles
Andrea Pfister
Here is the setting. The scene. The Event. We are in a Gallery - in
- in The City of the World. It is Andrea Pfister- (the brethren of:
what I call, "of the most amazing") fabulous Italian Shoe Designer
of this world that has endured the test of time, having survived the
demands of such an industry for "more than forty years" -and- Ms.
Laurie Schechter
who created the Rolling Stone Magazine section
and department, Conde Nast alumni, The First American Vogue Style
Editor in their 100+ year History and she is: The Creative Director
who put Allure Magazine on the Newsstand -literally on the map so to
speak- after Linda Wells 9 month prototype was thrown in the garbage
(credit where credit due) and I say "Thank you Lucy"... you know who
you are). I speak truths: absolute. She was the first Creative Director
that got it there And, for credit due I will never forget the inspirations
of this man- Alexander Liberman: The Fabric of what is a good
magazine, many good magazines (In Memory). I am "The Insider's
Insider." Preserving what has merit. And... Linda Wells should be
Humble, and, Pleasant because she does know I will tell the tale of
two stories. It is just a matter of how I tell them: The Thanksgiving
Day Weekend
and The Vogue 100 year Birthday Party. See I'm
Signed 4

(What is Conde Nast's address now ? And that has a special story
too. Look at the grid of the NY 1 News footage showing the map
aired on Television of the Times Square area when the Crane Fell.
See the streets shut down. The pattern. Now Look at the map. What
do you see ? It is "Signed 4." A Big Signed 4. Another coincidence ?
God works in mysterious ways. Making an Example. There is no
salvation without blood saith the scripture from the ancients. Ask
a woman. She knows. And "I gave at the 2nd." There are many ways
of speaking to a person.) Oh the story... Laurie Schechter, etc., etc.

This is the setting Laurie Schechter and Andre Pfister. The Gallery.
Soho. The room is noisy. It is a Celebration. There are transparent
round spheres hanging from the ceiling. Large bubbles with one used
shoe in each clear Sphere. Made to order. This is what happens to
people who are: the first chosen to be The Champagne sipped from
a shoe. I know they Taittinger would have not imagined they would
wind up here. I'll get to the champagne people* later, momentarily.
(As I am typing this by coincidence the song Chicago by Graham Nash
is playing. I am listening to Music Choice on Time Warner Cable New
York City
early morning February 5 year 2000 ABACAB. And the
words of that song Chicago has a certain sense of belonging - at this
time. "We can change the world, we can rearrange the world, it is
dying to get better...)

So Laurie is doing a Television interview with Andrea for Totally
Cool (r) broadcast Programing. And I am with the video camera on
and in the headphones. I heard Andrea say these words... (I will put
them in paragraph below at the end of the document / Letter.)

He said and I quote: "I hate negative." Let me repeat this statement
made: "I HATE NEGATIVE." Negative. Human negativity is a
wholehearted evil power. Negativity is an evil power with exception.
When it is a substance in science. Then it can go either way. To me it
is not important for me to only have the knowledge of how to destroy
negativity (personal notes: in the background right now is playing
"Get Together" by the Youngbloods. All coincidence ? "Come on
people now smile on your brother, come on get together try to love
one another right now. If you hear the song I sing..." Wish I could
have all the words to that song here. Another day.) Back to what
I was saying ...

It is not important for me to have the answer how to destroy negativity.
What was important was to capture it. Got it ? Capture negative
destroying itself
. Better yet, with its own power. Now that to me is
I lived to show the people something. Negativity can be destroyed-
it can be beat. That was one whole moment I lived my life for and it
was another milestone. Reached it. I literally captured evil being
beat and it was being beaten by its own power. Because human
negativity is a horrid existence that can -and- must be destroyed.

But negativity being so strong a power it gave birth to a second
generation of negativity: a second generation of negative power.
Also more powerful than anyone could ever imagine. (Imagine -
John Lennon.)

And like most next generations in today's world they are better and
much stronger: developed. The Word is: "Powerful." So since
negativity bred negativity, the second generation of negativity
destroyed negativity with its own power: negativity. Which in
retrospect is a good thing. And the job is done. Good won by using
the negative against itself. Cool ! Totally Cool (r) !!! Now capture
that and you have it (pardon the pun- no pardons) all locked up.
And remember, when you hate negativity: you are part of my army.
And the beast shall be no more. We already won. Now work on it !
And have some fun. But don't hurt people. "
I Hate Negative."
"I HATE NEGATIVITY." And it will bite you back. Conquer

(In the Court of the Crimson King - King Crimson.)
Visit later. Play around. Take the journey.
Never drink and drive. Unless you are on the internet ... Then you
can drink all you want, and what you want.

What is the Round Sphere all about- what is its representation ?
Simple. It is the Human Transport Device for The Hereafter. It is
your body. And you are alive inside it. In the sphere. And you travel.
From Here to There. Full Circle. Take a rest. Good night now.

(Tiny Dancer - Elton John - Madman across The Water. Broke the
nerve in a left guitar piano hand. Every picture tells a story.)
A lesson learned.

Now Live.

P.S.S. - This is My Life and the music playing is chosen by that the
power which brought us here. The background in Life. It is all a
Timeline. Mine. Ours. Yours. Did you learn anything ? Destroy
Negativity. You can do it. Start with yourself. And Like Andrea
Pfister be passive to the passion. If no one ever Loves you: I always
will. Even though sometimes one can not like what many people have
done to those who need.
Letter to Humanity: Beware the Wrath of
. Beware the Wrath of My God, your God. It is one and only.
And it is
very real. Judge me and your fate will be between you and
this one Nature's God
. You always see more after the last breath.
You were meant to be here. Remember what I say. "Live." There
is really only one Law which you will find as we get close to the core. It
may be a Small Message. A big e small message. Stay tuned. Be

(Old Man - Neil Young - Harvest.)

"I Hate Negative."

Laurie Schechter: "Last question. If you had the opportunity to say
anything to the world, anything at all, what would you say to them ???"

Andrea Pfister: "My Last Word ?"

Laurie Schechter: "The message to The World. The opportunity to
say something to The World."

Andrea Pfister: "Be Happy. Be Happy. I mean Happiness, Happiness -
(drawing a circle with his right hand) "it is all in a Positive.
Let's be Positive."

Laurie Schechter: "That is Totally Cool (r)."

Andrea Pfister: "Be Positive. I Hate Negative." (As he shrugs his
shoulders up once and walks away.)

Laurie Schechter: "Okay."

Richard David Renda: "Thank You !"

Laurie Schechter: "Andrea Pfister."

Richard David Renda: "Thank You."


This letter is dated at "end"... 6th day of February in the year 2000.
Signed: Richard David Renda - Totally Cool (r) - /

The Beginning of Locking Up the enemy. Human Negativity is
The Enemy.
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