Of course he was married. And -that- man forces a "Decency Commision" on a free society. People should live
"His" Standards (while he maintains his professional practice as the philanderer) ? Forget. That individual did cause
many to do without the necessities (for years) and children to suffer. Hitler in America. "Dictating" to God how
Life and Nature should be. He faces Him, The Word of God: in the flesh. On Video ! Richard does curse evil
through all time. Many are afraid of this Mayor. Cutting the ribbon. But let us personally introduce you all to a
Far Greater Power -- "My" Maker. The Power of what is: one true God. I am not very popular in some circles
because this The Pen speaks truths -- as those ruling your freedom will sell you lies to get your vote and have you
believe in what they Fabricate. Certain politicians are like having The Beast come to a costume ball in Angel's
wings. And you are Jesus: walking through the desert. Is this image Art. Is this kiddie Porn ? Once you have
collected all the vain opinions, look at reality. Judge this World like you are a God then TheWordofGod.com will
come (as you see) and ye shall truly be judged forever and ever. THE MAYOR was. THEN he BEGAN his slow
JOURNEY TO DEATH. Very "Suddenly." Lesson learned. You never want a bad man to die right away. You
want to keep that around so he can feel his own being die as he killed more of Life's truths ... every day. Did you
get "The Message." Big Brother people should realize at this point, with all the intelligence they have gathered: God
can do to their own sons and daughters and families what Hells one would never want. Beware. "The Wrath of
God" is not a statement of kindness. Signed, In The Blood of The Prophets. (Mr. Mayor: take your "Dictatorship"
and shove it right up your dark alley. Also PS: This writer would not write that, at this time. The dark alley is direct
from God. Men of evil being are a splinter in God's body. And God is very much just waiting. In time. So ... it is
written. Pure History. From The Word to "The Pen." The Earth Breathes. And is "On Call." Kindness is a
certain wisdom.
c. 2001. All rights reserved.
Be Unique.
You Are
In The Beginning. The
Age Of Vision. The Age of
Revelation. The Age of
Technology. The Door Is
Open. Year 2000. A Story
Told In Pictures.
In The Beginning. The
Age Of Vision. The Age of
Revelation. The Age of
Technology. The Door Is
Open. Year 2000. A Story
Told In Pictures.
A penny for the truth. 2 cents for a heart.
41 cents.
Some call it priceless.
This will always remain.

To The Beginning
Portal Opening
Site recommendation: ages 13 and above.
Exercise Your Mind.
Be Here.
The Word Of God .com
The Word Of God (c. 1981)
All Rights Reserved
Picture of the Day
Picture of the Day ...
Many Worlds Of Paranormal
Many Worlds Of Paranormal
Site recommendation: ages 13 and above.
See ya soon ...
See ya soon ...
A picture speaks forever... if it is
not damaged and it is appreciated.
The Photographers:
( you must ) pay attention to
Mother Nature. She has her
own way of speaking. Images
of experience.

Take another breath. The
value of it.
Enjoy the day.
Be Kind To Someone.
And smile. You will like
it, if you let yourself, even
if it feels strange
. Try it.
No one is looking.
Did you like that ?
Try it from time to time.
It is good for you.
When you look at yourself
in the mirror,
every now and then just
smile (for no reason)-
The rest will come to you.

Time never forgets. And also...
It remains for a long Time-

And it is talking
to you.

Depending on the picture,
if it is of fine interest, for
whatever reasons
, it may
be chosen to be posted
for: up to six days. But
it may also be gone in
a day. Depending on
what is happening.
Life is like that.
Stay Tuned.
Copy lines at top of pages are
written mostly by the Creator of
this site. Courtesy Placement is
for Companies chosen for their
merit. Copy lines are the exclusive
copyright property of the herein,
all rights reserved.
The difference between a picture
and a memory is: The memory
exists even when the picture
does not ... with evermore
clarity when the
individual is gone.
The memory, in
Time, is always
Found. You will see.
What's in a picture ???
" What the hell you want to choke me for ? "
Ernest Hemingway c. 1932
Winter Take Nothing

Do you want to know a secret ...
do da do-

To participate in the Company
Placement Program contact:
A memory is like a picture,
sometimes it is: misplaced.
Learn about what you hear,
what is in the Universe. You
become better equipped.

Here... argue with your
Maker. Only ...One...True...
God. That which is: The Core
of The Universe. Not my fault-
this is a front and center
seat --
looking out.

" Which is the dream ...
how would you know ??? "
Red pill or the blue pill,
you took the Red pill.

Fact: Who Wakes
Up After The Last
Breath ???
Fact ... EVERYONE.
Rev. 19:13 (KJV+ "official")
One thing about Life ... it is
interesting how things come
to you. The Institution of
Basic Scripture assist
for - your history - written
through generations. See.
The Official "KJV",
others altered.
We were told directly.
The Universe

Or heed not warnings
as one might notice in
these Modern Times
The Wrath of God
in all of History tells
you --
"be Humble or
individually all
individuals will be
sorry." All in Time.
That you can see.
- Now you are -
Things waiting to happen are
perfected. A certain manner.
Life is...
not about money. It
is about the "intellect." You
can take your money with you
all through time. If you look
around you: you see.

Words of wisdom ... "It is not about
what you think. It is about what is"
Life is truly Amazing.
set monitor display
pan and scan look
800 X 600 pixels,
or ... whatever.
Some things are just black and white. That simple.
And How did you get here ? Life brought you.
The Power Of Within.
photo credit, both
Black and White
below: Abbey Drucker.
Isis Wills
- inner pic -
Forging an open field
of Splendor and Wonder.
But remember, these
links are hidden secrets
being shared. Take care.
The Age of
This Link will take you to
the photos appearing Year
2000. They could tell a story
reading down the left or
right column or the center.

This is the Next Adventure.
The beginning. Where you
do count. What year was
that ??? Leading. Into
The Greatest Adventure
2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 ...

David Hebble
This Is Not
This Is Global.

Be Unique.
You Are
Sony Press office
c. 2001+ Richard David Renda
Music Talent:
Black Market Music
Virgin Records
Passive Aggressive
The Decency Commission
"A Cry For Help"

photo by:
Mary Ellen Mark
2 of 4 to come
Is This Kiddie Porn ??? The Mayor of New York City - year 2001 - may say so. Imposing upon the Peoples:
A "Decency" Commission. To tell you what kind of ART this Mayor says you are ALLOWED to look at. With his
permission. (Right. Art. Did you ever see a cow with "horns and utters", in The City of the World ? The Universe
looked at that and saw: "A Perverted Piece of Meat." Hoof and Mouth to follow.) Sources tell stories of when
that Mayor was a Federal Prosecuter. What he used to do with "the other" girls in the Elevators.
"A Cry For Help"
introduction by
Andrew Cuomo

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