You have entered The Official Site of GOD

If you proceed beyond this point you are responsible
for what you find and what you learn.
Even if someone tells you about this site
or about any part of it.
You Are Accountable for all of eternity.

Let none destroy it.

It is special.
Very special. Like you.
One could go as far as to say
" it is the work of more than a million lifetimes. "
- Something about -
It is your time
Your time to arrive.
And you have arrived.
Living. Breathing. Thinking. Seeing.
However . . . you are now being told with Authority
You are all responsible for what happens to this world.
You and All The People will answer for it one way
or another . . .

Help Make It A Better World

Those waiting to come into it
are depending on you.
This site is not about "Belief."
And it has nothing at all to do with "Belief."
It is about fact. Pure Fact.

Nature, Science, Power, Understanding.
It is about Your Life
and about you Being Alive.
- The Journey -
Something about the path of destiny . . .
Your own personal destiny.
You are here.
This is happening now.
Not some five thousand years ago or
two thousand years ago
or fifty thousand years ago.
Only Now.

The Future.
The Awakening.
The Truth.
And The Revelations . . .
The Wrath Of Mother Nature.
- Profound Balance -
Every moment
that has passed in History
was merely a preparation
for getting you here today,
the what would be
"today" . . .
and what would remain tomorrow.
This is
A Time to Learn. A Time to Grow.

Life itself. And Death.
Where it takes you - those you love -
and everyone who dies.
Comprehend that.
You the individual must know
something about what is deep inside.
You got this far. Didn't you ?
It all has to do with
Space, Time, Matter, and Being.
Mathematical equations.
And you
- the individual -
learning the meaning of the word: Forever.
And what The Word "Forever"
really means to you.
Whether you know it or not.

It is all about
what is inside.
The Personal Relationship.

Everyday Life Unfolds
and reveals more
one - day - at - a - time.

And you learn.
You learn about yourself.
You learn about the rest of the world.
You learn about the universe around you.
And then you learn
There is no death.
"You are continual."
Life is continual.
You are continual.
The mathematical equation.

2+2= 4

See ???

Do The Math

If you look - you can learn.
Comprehend this . . .
whether you believe it or not:
The first thing
you will learn
after your last breath is that
You are still alive.
Also did you know, there are
only two ways to die ???
One -
with your eyes open.
And The Other -
with your eyes closed.

When there is no beginning to time,
and there is no end to time,
and time is eternal . . .
where is the core of creation ?
At dead center of course.
- A parallel dimension -
It will be what it is
whether you believe in it or not.

The meaning of absolute truth.

A vibration. A rhythm. A Harmony. Perfect timing.
Here is the real Crossroads of Life.
Where you take your own soul
and see it beat with a heart.
Pass The Word . . .
This is all very personal.
And nothing in your myriad
of endless lifetimes
is as personal.
Believe it or not
this was all prepared by God.
Like you were.
If one looks at the reality,
it is Literal.
"Just waiting to happen."
Welcome to . . . The Word Of God.

- This is a fair warning page -

No one is going to make it easy for you
to get into this site
But once you're in
you're in.

If You go any further than this . . .
- from here on in -
This is Holy Ground
for those
who are good,
for those that are the bad,
and for those that are
Whether you believe
in God or not.
You are here.

And . . . as a matter of fact
you have
made it here
through all Time
and all of Space.
The fact
You are
A traveler through time.

Look in the mirror.
The pure essence
of "a Being."

But now . . . in this time,
you are a Human Being.
There is no turning back.
- Let's continue -
Welcome to The Awakening.


This site is not dedicated to any one philosophy.
This site is dedicated to all philosophies and all peoples.
What you will find is
But it is
all true.
This site is dedicated specfically to one God,
That which is known as One True God:
The mind of The Universe.
The Authority invoked is
Official. It is Judgement. It is Final.
The day of Judgement has arrived.
And it will decide the future of all the World,
of all the peoples. Fulfillment and balance.
The threshold of your dreams.

The Wrath and The Winepress
The Harlot and The Word
The Bride and The City
False Prophets
A New Earth
If God were not real you
would not be here
in this place
called cyberspace.
Neither would I.
Surely a certain sort of consciousness.

Technology would not exist.
And I -as a person- would not be writing this to you.
But I am here. I have made it. I have survived.
I am writing it. And you are reading it.
More living proof.
See ???
Check it out.
By completing that very action,
the reading of all this,
comprehending it,
you have become
the living proof God is real.
You have seen his Creation.
That power has brought you here like a magnet.
You have become part of The Awakening.
As you yourself
being the actual proof
- living -
you gained personal knowledge.
Life planned all of this.

Now whether you want to admit it
or not, you do know
God Is Real . . . first hand.
And that power is extremely profound.
But the proof gets much more intense.
That is
what is
All of this was part
of the Universe's plan.
Do you See ??? You do get there.
The Challenge is
to reach
The Core.
And how close you can
come to it.

But and However
it was all only waiting to happen.
Like you were waiting to happen . . .
Like you were waiting to come
to this earth.
The proof to that truth is also simple.
You are here.
And therefore the proof is real.
You exist.
You can touch yourself.
And you can touch others.
You were just waiting . . .
to get here. Read me Literal.
Just -waiting-
to happen.
As is the same for this time and space.
You were supposed to be here.
A Revelation.

It is all a plan.
The Grand Scale Plan.
Only a matter of time.
The Story of The Highest Order.

Every professional scientist can confirm
the Universe operates at "The Highest Order."
Humanity is so smart and so bold
- filled with ego -
it overlooked something that became Y2K.
The Year 2000.
-Notice and Be Advised-
At This Point
Do not go forward
if you are not prepared to face
The Great Adventure
all that it speaks.

The Time Has Come.
You are
to read the treasures you find inside
as it is: your life.
You -an individual being- do have
a one to one relationship with
the person
that all this happens to.

so much happens.
And it is . . . History.
You Are Watching

you are watching what is
Happening All Around You.
You will see things that you
are not allowed to...
the inner workings of Life,
the inner workings of your own Life.
Together in one place in one Sphere.
These modern day times.
What will effect you.
And now
you will see it
your own eyes.
The World in which you live.
We are all connected.

Some call it "bizarre."
Those with greater
knowledge or respect
call it "unique."
Everyone learns something
about themselves.
They are going somewhere.
In one real life event
people spoke and said
"I heard words"
when there were none.
Life vs. Evil.
The Place where truth is so precious --
so rare.
You could even say that
"truth" is "so precious"
it rises to a level of being Totally Cool .
"Something that comes from the heart."
- and -
"When you hear the creeping feeling of silence
nowhere can you hide."

Everything you will find
in this site
will be pure facts.

The involvement of movie stars, celebrities,
models and supermodels, socialites, editors,
politicians, tyrants, the press, and
everyday people . . . all people.

" Officially and Publicly Documented "

Events as they really did happen.
In Legal Terms: "Cured."
What are ultimately
major Events that have
already happened and that you
do not even know about.
The World of Targeted
Paranormal Psychic Events.
Magnitude Proportions.
Fondly Known on
Official Court Records as
"Biblical Proportions."
Nature Speaks.

You are being
invited to be
a witness.
Put yourself there.
No one said this would be easy.
You Must Make The Journey.
And Comprehend. Understand.
You are being allowed
sit in
The Inner Circle
- And Then You Will Reach The Core -
The source of your own soul.

A universe where the power of thoughts
are what makes things happen.

through this
truth in reality - in all the universe -
The One and Only OFFICIAL Web Site
with its layers of knowledge
- and with its authority -
you will
develop a relationship with
The Power of Within.
It is yours. It is personal.
It is
One to One
Sometimes you may get rattled.
Sometimes you may say
"that can not be true."
But remember,
what if
for one moment it is true ?
What if it is all true ?
What if it is happening . . .
What then ???
In the Discussion Chamber you find answers . . .
The mysteries of "Why ? "
strange things
have been happening in the world.
In the Secret Chamber you will
go places and see things
no one is allowed to see.
You are an invited guest.
Clear your mind.
And Hold On To Your Seat !

Behold -- he comes with clouds...

The herein contained is for educational,
informative, scientific, spiritual, documentation,
and preservation purposes only. The ultimate in
personal development. The most unbelievable depths of
fact, wisdom, and insight. The writer is not responsible
for what occurs. It is to create a one to one
relationship between you and Mother Nature and
the intentions of Life. For you: the person,
the individual, the being, to learn where you
all come from and where you are going.

The Contributors, Participants, Sponsors,
and all those who Help
in the works of this Space are:
"The Chosen."
Chosen by merit and by Destiny.
As the same is with Life . . .
This Is A Works In Progress.
The Intelligence community awakes.
There is A Catch 22 . . . Beware.
You are with it
or you would not be doing the job.
That is what makes the intelligence community
They do know better.
Even when the rest of the world
only has a slight idea of what is going on.
It is all about
"A Good Read."
A smart person would take care.
Keep all this protected and
Let no harm come to it.
If you hurt the source,
saith the Nucleus,
you only hurt yourself
and everything around you.
Something about: timing.
The lesson learned is . . .
better than ten fold.
It is beyond a Little ton.
The Earth Breathes,
The Killing Must Stop,
The Bloodshed must end.
Take someone's hand
it is time we understand.
Nature has the Power
to end your existence
All rights, amendments, and protections of
The United States Constitution, The Declaration of
Independence, all treaties recognized by the
United Nations and all other treaties recognized
by men, women, and children of Goodwill
are hereby invoked.

We all come together under one roof...
in a Dimension called Life Alive.
"Live and Let Live."

Care about each other.
Learn much. Learn it all.
Do not destroy each other.
In the balance of living things
all can be cursed
and some can even
be damned,
if necessary.
It may take you
another million plus Lifetimes
before you come to this very junction
The cleansing of the soul.
The cleansing of all souls.
Be wise.
Make no judgements.
You are being judged.
The Universe is in Control
even when you think it is not.
God is real and God is a living thing.
Without it you would not could not exist.
Good - Bad -or- Indifferent.
If you,
- any of you -
whoever you may be
go beyond this page
you do it at your own risk,
your own gain of knowledge.
you unlock your own
personal understanding
The Great Adventure.

Take- Your Time
When you Reach
The Inner Circle
of this place called cyberspace
bookmark your computer.
You have passage
You have begun a conscience journey to
The Core Of Creation.
Believe it or not.
What you will find is Faithful and True.
Official and on the record.

Good Luck.

Welcome to


- where I come from -

Nothing worth great value comes easy.
There is always a price to pay.
Please note: Hot Links are Red.
People forget what they have learned
from war.
Innocent People Die.
The domino effect
Nature will care about you.
Some people
still have
a heart.


Find yourself. And touch your soul.
The Master Designer. God is Real.
Now Find Out What God Really Is !
Welcome . . .

1971 -1978 1980 -1999 2000 -2001+
Richard David Renda
All rights reserved.
No reproductions or copies thereof of any part of this site may be taken
without the expressed written permission from the author of
The Word Of God TXu 87-738 December 4th 1981
The Word Of God SRu 75-464 December 24th, 1984
Known in Law "The Highest Order" - April 10, 1987 - secured Feburary 1998
the individual copyright holders.

If you are fortunate enough to
one day meet this person
who is known to others as " Him " ,
you can do the one thing he can never do:
It is only a reflection.
Recommended reading:
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(Window of Interruption)
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Along with
all relevant World News Events connected.
The power of
Then Mosquitoes Bite New York.

The Power Of Life Itself.
Time To Wake Up
All Ye Peoples Of This World.
We are living in these the Modern Days.
The Latter Day of The Law.
Now you have gone
- Millions of Lifetimes of Travels -
And so we meet again.

Who Am I ? Who Are You ???

All the people
and the power
it took to get you here.


The Story Of Today

" The Story Of Seven Generations. "

Five Five Hundred Years Later . . .


- The Meaning Of A Friend -


Do you dare to become an educated Being ?
To see is better than to
live in darkness or to have
the blind lead the blind.
Now see The Light.
See Yourself.

And Hello . . .
Jesus was not - is not - GOD.
He was a Prophet.
Remember: The Father, The Son, and,
The Holy Spirit ?
Get it right.
Sounds like a lot of people and a lot of
things involved. No one person is God.
God is the Mind - the intelligence - of The Universe.
The Supreme Being.

Now argue
with my maker.
Show Reverence. Be Humble.

The Universe is yours.
Care for it well.
I go back from whence I came.
Where you all go.

Just A Matter Of Time.

The Core Of Creation.


Define: The Word Of God.

Aside from "The Word Of God" being
the person clearly described
as Legend has it in Chapter 19 of
The Book Of Revelations,

"The Word Of God" is the very purest element
belonging to all of the Universe and all of time.
A constant.
It is also known as "The Word."
It is in plain language:
a vibration.
A very real thing.
- What would be called Hard Sciences -

The Word Of God is:
"A vibration that has a common denominator
with every molecule in the Universe."

(And just for your own information.)
You can
with it.
That you get in Time.

The Grand Design.
Now You and I Are Ready To Begin . . . Onward

- photo credits -
Totally Cool :
Alberto Rizzo
The Prophets' Prophet
"King of Kings" :
Catalina Leisenring

If you made it this far you have made it to when we count.
And Life has many New Doorways to come. This Space and
Time should prove something to you. You travel a Destiny.
You -yourself- were "chosen." You were meant to be here.

Look around. There is much to see. Be patient. The clock moves
in pace with ...your... Life. There is more. WaiTing To Happen.
It is all about time. A certain time. See ? We got here too.
Obviously. Sound, wallpaper, pictures are in. And the Story is
-being- told. How many ways can You read in to something ???
Life is. Going forward ...

"News To Talk About" and "Picture of the Day."

The Adventure has begun. Stay Tuned.

"The Word" ...that which is written here is in the artful form of
a literary tactic called. "Bullet Points." And they will lead to
The Next Level. Everything is revealed: in time.

There is a voice inside that speaks to you.
You must use your mind.
Life Is A Journey.
Like it or not - we do it.
Find . . . Peace.
But think about it.
Do not whisper away into the wind or eternal damnation only to wander
- in a real Hell -
never being able to find your way home . . . ever again.
An Example. Prophecy. Decree. This is.
" The place where you need not lie. "

As a friend would say, very much so -- "Enjoy The Journey"
- The Universe Is In Control -
People are " Entrusted " with the World around them.
Learn About
What You Do Not Know.
It will save Your Life.


The Doorstep to The Future.
The Doorstep to The New Millennium.
The Turn of The Millennium.
It is about time.


The Interaction.

Now You Have
Inside Your Self.
"The Blessed Spirits"
Prophet of Vibrations
Music Talent
Vanessa Mae
Virgin Records

"The Blessed Spirits"
Prophet of Vibrations
Music Talent
Vanessa Mae
Virgin Records

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