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The Word Of God .com
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You really shouldn't be
seeing most of this until
the "notice" that has been
hidden in space since
Spring 1999 is "officially"
Open To The Public. But,
hey ... you are special to
me. So why not?
The Writings. Written by and from
the hand of ilana Fiorenza a/k/a
The Great Harlot ...Rev. 17:4
This was: An Unplanned Find.
From The Hand of: ilana (Lace) Fiorenza.
June 10th, 1983 --

This is the first notes on a man, a mystic ...
Out of his time and deep inside. He was sure
Anyway - we've been experimenting with
vibrations and the T.V.
note: The vibration Lace is talking
about is a physical vibration that is
produced on the breath of the
human voice. A sound "Hard
Science." Pure knowledge.
She was there. She saw ...
like many others have seen.
Been There. First hand.
Coalinga, the town in Calif. and
a town called Tissel disappeared
under a mudslide at the beginning
of May. (will have to refer to the
scrapbook of newspaper
articles) The 2nd time he was
playing w/ the CB and some
antenna, shit he was using
the top of my Wok as a
shell, a disc & the antenna
inside it. Then yesterday he
was playing w/ the T.V. again
(I watched today and it
moves a lot now) and Japan
had a few earthquakes today --
and they're on a tidal wave
watch -- I don't know why, >
note: when she says: "playing
with the T.V. again", she means
he himself without mechanical
devices is causing it, the full
screen, to oscillate.
page 2

but I know I've had a
pressing need to write what
happens and not let it whisper
away out to the wind --

It so hard to start at
the beginning when it's all
relevant but let's see ---

That's all she wrote folks !
For now.

John N. Mullin
John McSherry
Rev. 17:4
Rev. 19:13
The Word Of God.
The Great Harlot
The Music Credit (the Talent):
"Welcome To The Machine"
Wish You Were Here
on The Capitol Label
Pink Floyd ...
where records are stored !

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