The Doorway you are about to
enter is literally the Doorway
to "The Word Of God." It is
something that only a few
people have seen until now.
Evenso, a well kept secret
hidden for more than 20

The Word Of God is a works
with "a name written" that
clearly identifies the modern
day Mystic who is foretold in
The Book of Revelation -
Chapter 19 and all religions.

Issued by the Universe it is in
a very real sense the official
Driver's License identifying
"Him." The copyrighted
works which is also officially
"known in Law" The Word
Of God itself is a roadmap
of spiritual guidance and
conviction. The Future told.
It is particular and unique to
each individual in its meaning.
Each being finds some deep
relationship in a personal sort
of way. The works speaks for
itself. It gives much to think

Will human beings and this
earth's future live for another
mere two hundred years or
may it be blessed to live more
than ten thousand years.
Ultimately it is you who will
be preserved in this outer
conscience world.

The memory of what you
brought to this world or the
wake of destruction you-
imposed. A balance that will
command the course of your
Karma far into the hereafter.
Which is a real thing. And it
repays you evermore. Good,
Bad or Indifferent.
The official works with a
name written, "The Word
Of God" is 12 pages
consisting of The Front
and Back 7 Seals, A Title
Page, 7 Profound Pages
of Content, and The Key.

Because the copyright
holder knew of the
controversy surrounding
possession of the works it
was hidden inside a Scroll
in a Lambskin case and
hung on a mirrored clock.
Four years later official
agents of the State of
New York found "The
Word Of God" and where
the secret was hidden.
But it did not end there.
This is Special
This is very Special. So
Special you could not
even imagine. That is
why you are being told.
Look at what you have in
your hand. Look at what is
happening all around you.
You are living in
a very special
What is about to happen
here happens only once
in the evolutionary scale
in the lifetime of a whole
human culture. Like a
second Millennium. It is
destined to be and then
The Story of Eternal Life
is complete. It becomes
Living Proof. First Hand
Knowledge. Rev. 1:18
We are here.
Life moves at its own schedule.
The Universe Is In Control.
Be Faithful to it.
You can never beat the clock.
But -- you can work with it.
And give honor to it.
Hence, it will work with you
and for you. Lots of Love.
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