With the Universe at every turn erupting War in your very own backyard you would think the message would have been
received. 2 feet of Snow paralyzes Washington D.C.; Metoroigist say 1 to 3 inches in New York City - JFK (airport) gets 25
inches; Space Shuttle blows up spreading Cosmic Debris from California to Texas and beyond; D.C. Snipers; The
Pedophile Church; Anthrax in the U.S. mail; West Nile Virus Mosquitos; School shootings ... and not to forget - down 2 Trade
Center buildings (that's the short list), no less covering up "the choke-hold". Karma after Karma, on top of Karma on top of
Karma. Some ask: when does the Land that leads the World begin speaking of healing ... after they destroy everything ???
There is an automobile television commercial that speaks this by-line: "Security. Cleverly disguised as Freedom." How
easily people are fooled. Yet, who is the biggest fool -- the fooled or those who have fooled ? A person should never forget,
there are many good things in this World ... and in this Universe. All these Wonders should not be tainted by evil people or
tyrants seeking more War. All War is bad. Looking at the list (above) from America's Capitol just slammed with 2 feet to
the 2 Trade buildings destroyed you could conclude, if the Universe thinks: it does appear quite angry at this point. The last
Point blew up over the Lone Star State of Texas (and not before). The wise would see it best not to force The Universe itself
to execute any more points. And realize ... you got the message. Stop killing people, stop hurting people. The Pen writes it
the way it is. Realize what you are. You are not white, black, yellow, or red. You are not buddhist, catholic, jewish, or muslim.
These are secondary to who you are. You are one thing. You are: A HUMAN BEING. And you belong to The Universe. Wake-
up already. Stop killing each other. Lest the Universe kills you -- sooner than you would like. And then ... you will find you are
alive after this World. Have you ever heard the Joke about "The truck, the boat, and the helicopter" ??? We should move on to
"good things". And stop wasting my time and this Space with horrors -- or this will get personal. And trust me ... that you don't
Let it be written. Let it be done. Signed, The Pen / The Word.
The World sees the 2003 President of the United States as the man being: a risk to Peace. The actions of this individual
saddens many deeply. The Universe wanted to consider that maybe this individual was more than that (as did "Signed 4",
Nature's Warrior). When a man says, with respect to all the peoples participating in a Worldwide Gathering against War, that
recognizing their concerns would be like
setting policy based on focus groups ... maybe someone missed the educational
classes that taught the lesson: setting policy on the findings of focus groups (especially containing millions and millions of
people) generally translates into one thing -- "good business." But not having to say much in words Life itself is speaking
extremely LOUD, and in the Masses. When a person ignores the voices of Life what that person brings to its own people is
tragedy that history never wanted to write. And then the debt owed to Life is calculated at levels in which even the prophets'
prophet would not want to speak of. A Nation of the Future was born to unite all Countries and unite the fabric of the family
itself. A Policy that divides is that of the people which prove themselves to be a contradiction to the power of Life itself.
On the 4th day of February,
year 2003 - the American
President said of Columbia's
7 Space Shuttle Astronauts:
"They go in Peace for all
mankind. And mankind is in
their debt." Then pay the
debt. As it is translated in
Isaiah: No war, no more.
Ozier Muhammad

New York Times

Bettina Cirone

Richard david Renda

Rico Pulhmann

Richard Renda

In Rockefeller Center

Richard david Renda

Fact: Who Wakes Up After
The Last Breath ??? Fact ...
EVERYONE. Everyone.
Music Credit:
Atlantic Records
Joseph Giarrusso

David Hebble

You must hear
the story of ... "Bizarre."
Time never forgets. And also...
It remains for a long Time --

To The Beginning
Portal Opening
Lady NYC
Richard Renda.

c. 2003. All rights reserved.
Be Kind. Buy A Child A Gift.
Be Unique.
You Are
In The Beginning. The
Age Of Vision. The Age of
Revelation. The Age of
Technology. The Door Is
Open. Year 2000. A Story
Told In Pictures.
In The Beginning. The
Age Of Vision. The Age of
Revelation. The Age of
Technology. The Door Is
Open. Year 2000. A Story
Told In Pictures.
"A penny for the truth. 2
cents for a heart." 41 cents.
Some call it ... priceless.
This will always remain.

Exercise Your Mind.
Be Here.
The Word Of God .com
The Word Of God (c. 1981)
All Rights Reserved
Picture of the Day
Picture of the Day ...
Many Worlds Of Paranormal
Many Worlds Of Paranormal
See ya soon ...
See ya soon ...
The Photographers:
Picture of The Day. If it is of interest, for
whatever reasons
, it may be chosen to be
posted: up to 6 days, with exception. But it
may also be gone in one day. Depending
on what is happening.
Life is like that also.
Stay Tuned. Copy lines at top of pages are
written by the Creator of this site. Courtesy
Placement is for Companies
chosen for
their merit.
Copylines are the exclusive
copyright property of the herein,
all rights
" What the hell you want to choke me for ? "
Ernest Hemingway c. 1932
Winter Take Nothing

Do you want to know a secret ...
do da do-

Learn about what you hear,
what is in the Universe. You
become better equipped.

" Which is the dream ...
how would you know ??? "
Red pill or the blue pill,
you took the Red pill.

Rev. 19:13 (KJV+ "official")
One thing about Life ... it is
interesting how things come
to you. The Institution of
Basic Scripture assist
for - your history - written
through generations. See.
The Official "KJV",
others altered.
We were told directly.
Or heed not warnings as one might
notice in these Modern Times The
Wrath of God in all of History tells
you -- "be Humble or individually
all individuals will be sorry." All in
Time. That you can see. Now you
are - Awake.
Life is truly Amazing.
Some things are just black and white. That simple.
And How did you get here ? Life brought you.
The Power Of Within.
photo credit both Black - and - White
below: Isis Wills
by Abbey Drucker.

- inner pic -
Forging an open field
of Splendor and Wonder.

This Link will take you
to the photos appearing
in the Year 2000 group.
They could tell a story
reading down the left
or right column or even
the center.

David Hebble
This Is Not
This Is Global.

photographer unnamed

Be Unique.
You Are
Cheryl Gorski

Morgan's Beach. Photo credit: Sony Press office.
Bettina Cirone


Richard david Renda c. 2003+
Richard david Renda

Pretty as a Postcard

The White Sphere


Water AP Alik Keplicz

Sanjay Kothari

Yahoo Internet Magazine
Sanjay Kothari

Take another breath. The value of it. Enjoy the day. Be Kind To
And smile. You will like it, if you let your self, even if
it feels strange. Try it. No one is looking. Smile. Did you like
that ?
Try it from time to time. It is good for you. When
you look at yourself in the mirror, every now and then --
just smile (for no reason). The rest will come to you.
Pay attention to Mother
Nature. Has its own way
of speaking.

Things waiting to happen are perfected.
In a certain manner. Life is ...
not about money.
It is about the "intellect."
You can take your money with you
all through time. Look around you.

September 12, 2001

Lyle Owerko-Gamma

News To Talk About
A picture speaks forever: if it is not damaged and it
is appreciated. The difference between a picture and a
memory is: the memory exists even when the picture
does not ... with ever more clarity when the individual is
gone. The memory, in Time, is always Found. You will see.
A memory is like a picture, sometimes it is: misplaced.

Richard Renda

Two Points of View

Many Photographers

Text on all this written at
the very end. Main photo:
February 15th year 2003,
100's of 1000's of people
gathered in the cold in
New York City to make a
point. Life speaks. No
War. In Rome, Italy a
million people gathered.
In Nations across the earth
there was even "MORE".
Multiple Lenspeople

Site recommendation: ages 13 and above.
Never forget the human beings coming.
Worlds ahead of you. Extremely smart:
and fast. Who taught them about what ?
They are holding massive inner secrets.
they will command true Justice.
They will forever remember you. All of
you. For your contributions ...or lack of
them. The wreck of destructions you all
did to this Earth for them to arrive into.
Leave a good future for those the adults
Your history. The record.
Forever recorded. A
Loop Continual.

Oh I forgot: The buck does
stop. Here... argue with
Maker. Only ...One...True...
God. That which is: The Core
of The Universe. Not my fault-
this is a front and center
seat --
looking out.
The Lights. The vision.
New York City

Do you really think
this is all a Coincidence --
Beware. Beware.
Journey of Spheres

From The Universe

The Word

The Record, L.A. TImes --
Enrico Ferorelli

The Village Voice

Brad Hick

Wilis Roberts

JFK Library

Destiny Special

Kali Hawk

The Universe Creates.
What's in a picture ?

Post Times

Richard Renda

How Do We Read What Is Being Said ?
In Black and White. And Living Color.
The Space Shuttle explodes. The
Universe speaks. If you can not get
Him to The Gathering ... bring The
Gathering to Him. And he will come.

Christian Haase

Humankind is warned. Do not kill one more innocent child in the name of War --
saith The Universe. Or "every" adult shall suffer. Sleep on it.
New York Post

Daily News, John Roca

Chris Calnek

The Daily News

Richard david Renda

Reuters & A.Detrich

Randy Brooke

R. Renda & NASA.gov

Sanjay Kothari

Richard Renda

Did you ever hear of "The Matrix ?
If the enlightened consider that they may have lived one or two lifetimes before being here now then
like the equation that is the example of pi - time would be endless. May be you have lived a million
lifetimes or a 100 million lifetimes before or even a billion lifetimes. Well. Maybe that is just a drop in
the bucket. A Revelation. And now
you are at the ... Cross Road. Again.
Imagine that. Imagine ... Time.
Interesting. The stories in this list are portals of time in the order they appeared
(were posted). From ... Year 1 (2001) onward completing 2002. 2+2=4. It comes
together. Pick a link. A Global Coincidence. Take the Adventure. When finished
with one read, click your back button and return to this selection. Pick another link.
And go deep within the layers of the Universe. A journey of learning much. V-e-r-y
interesting. This is a small group from the whole INDEX. Of what is Destiny.
Year 2003 ...
the slate evolves.

This is the next Adventure.
"The Greatest Adventure"
2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 ...

To Take the full Journey
This is where we left off.
Beginning the next Order.
Of Events

set monitor display
pan and scan look
800 X 600 pixels,
or ... whatever.
Rick Padden

After that appears ... 2 Feet. Like
Footprints. The Power of Nature.
Snow paralyzes
Washington D.C. -- what next ?
Music credit: Spy
Atlantic Records

"God please Bless
The Age of
But remember, these links are hidden
secrets being shared. Take care.
Learn to Be Who You
Are - instead of what
you are not.
Words of wisdom --
"It is not about what
you think. It is about
what is."
many documentarians

then came President's Day - N.Y.C. - 2003
First Avenue, New York City.
Second Avenue, New York City
The 59th Street Bridge and
57th Street were closed down
along with many Avenues by
the mass of gatherers Nature
brought to the street to oppose
War. It was said of the Mayor of
New York City: "He divided but
he did not conquer." At right is
another sad sign of the times.
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