ToTaLLy CoOL ! ! !
"A Gift From Within.
A gift for you from
God", saith The
Prophets Prophet.

Many Messages.
Life Has To
c. 2000+ Richard "david" Renda.
Be aware. Be very aware.

You are -
in deepest Space. The Journey of Human Life. "Save as." History. A Place in Time.
Reserve Your Seat. Interpret that to be. Literal. Do not let anyone take it ... It is
your Seat.
Let's have a little more
"Fun." And prosperity.

Enjoy Life.
The Home
"Life Continual."

A private place for (Peace)
Inner Space. More than
the wide range of sound
the Universe offers. As you
will ultimately find. Here you
are. Where ... in the Core of
the Universe ...the Core of
Space. The dimension in Time.
The Sounds Within. Live on. Live long.
" Life."
Where There Is No End.
- I know you -
You have been here before.
And this is for you. That's right ... you.
A taste of these sounds to make your
"every" day somewhat more interesting.
There is no beginning
and there is no end ...
Think about it.
Think Good Thoughts And
Good Things Will Happen.
If you feel something evil, know
look inside what is your soul.
You will find it in you. This will help
purify and balance what needs to be
attended to. Take the journey. This
is here for you. It is Pure Space.
a personal gift,

sent with Love
"Signed 4."
Oh, and this is Janice. I call
Janice a friend. A good
friend. A dream
inside a
All in Time.
Oh, this is Shannon. She is a Spirit Guide. She
travels with me in time as you can see. There
she is. And Shannon is a fascinating artist with
a clean innovative vision. And she does some
modeling from time to time as you can also see
here. Shannon is an interesting being. Why ?
Because the Lady is always good company,
good people. Not easy to find those of that sort
... in that world we call Earth. We will see more
of Shannon later ... in a certain Space. By the
way we did and do have something to say:
"Relax a moment and enjoy your day." Listen to
the sounds of the worlds around you. It is where
you come from.
Sit down.
Meditate a spell.
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