Nancy did not know why
The Word Of God wanted
to show this photo except
she knew the copy line it
told. "Talk About Getting
Your Heads Together."

When you look at it- the
vision is literal. A funny
moment and interpetation
in time. Talk about getting
your heads together.

Of course Nancy knows of
certain controversy - as it
is someone's middle name-
but Nancy is beyond the
controversy. She is here.
Why did this photo mean
so much that it is forever
showcased at The Word
Of God .com ??? Because
it did not only say fun copy,
"Talk about getting your
heads together." (Always a
.) If you look you see
deeper things, from these
eyes, a greater truth.

It also spoke this:
"Unity in Womanhood."

When you look at a good
photograph it will say many
things right in front of your
face. And the Universe
smiles again from the little
pleasures in Life like this.
Thank you Nancy... angels
preserved. Moments of
eternity. Can you believe
this ? 4 smiles on one page.
Now you have 5... mine.
Talk About -
" Getting Your Heads Together ! "

To The Beginning
Portal Opening
Be Unique.
You Are
Site recommendation: ages 13 and above.
Exercise Your Mind.
Be Here.
The Word Of God .com
c. 2000 Richard David Renda
All Rights Reserved
Picture of the Day
Picture of the Day
Many Worlds Of Paranormal
Many Worlds Of Paranormal
Site recommendation: ages 13 and above.
See ya soon ...
See ya soon ...
A picture speaks forever... if it is
not damaged and it is appreciated.
Be Unique.
You Are
The Photographers:
Millennium Twins - Andrew Richard
Nature = Beauty - David Hebble
India - Monique Frumberg
( you must ) pay attention
to Mother Nature. She has
her own way of speaking.

Images of experience.

Creative License- Here is an
excerpt, one paragraph from
Ernest Hemingway's short story:
"After The Storm", in which Mr.
Hemingway uses the word "and"
five times in one sentence and then
again another five times in a following
sentence. In total, for one paragraph
Mr. Hemingway uses the word "and"
13 times. According to rules you are
not supposed to use the word "and"
more than once in a sentence. Then
again- there are those born with the
Creative License "After The Storm."
Ernest Hemingway


IT WASN'T about anything, something about
making punch, and then we started fighting
and I slipped and he had me down kneeling
on my chest and choking me with both hands
like he was trying to kill me and all the time
I was trying to get the knife out of my pocket
to cut him loose. Everybody was too drunk
to pull him off me. He was choking me and
hammering my head on the floor and I got
the knife out and opened it up; and I cut the
muscle right across his arm and he let go of
me. He couldn't have held on if he wanted to.
Then he rolled and hung onto that arm and
started to cry and
I said:

" What the hell you want to choke me for ? "

Ernest Hemingway c. 1932
Winter Take Nothing
"After The Storm"

Take another breath. The
value of it.
Enjoy the day.

Be Kind To Someone.
And smile. You will like
it, if you let yourself, even
if it feels strange
. Try it.
No one is looking.
Did you like that ?
Try it from time to time.
It is good for you.
When you look at yourself
in the mirror,
every now and then just
smile (for no reason)-
The rest will come to you.
Time never forgets. And also...
It remains for a long Time-

And it is talking to you.
Depending on the picture,
if it is of fine interest, for
whatever reasons
, it may
be chosen to be posted
for: up to six days. But
it may also be gone in
a day. Depending on
what is happening.
Life is like that.
Stay Tuned.
Copy lines at top of pages are
written mostly by the Creator of
this site. Courtesy Placement is
for Companies chosen for their
merit. Copy lines are the exclusive
copyright property of the herein,
all rights reserved.

To participate in the Company
Placement Program contact:
The difference between a picture
and a memory is: The memory
exists even when the picture
does not ... with evermore
clarity when the
individual is gone.
The memory, in
Time, is always
Found. You will see.

A memory is like a
picture, sometimes it is:
Milla - Unnamed
-Fur Fur Fur Sure-
Bettina Cirone

" Getting Your Heads Together ! "

What's in a picture ???
Talk About -
This is a lot of Fun ! And if you
do not think so- just look at the
expression on the 4 girls faces.
The above photograph comes to this
resting place as the inside story would
have it
: by way of another coincidence.
Its timing and beauty will be
and recognized forever. The family of
Lenspeople. And ... The Elite.

...only of The
Very Best-

The Wonderful:
Nancy Brown

Richard David Renda

Nancy Brown is not only, as
you can see, an accomplished
with a Studio in
The Big Gotham's Photo District.
What makes Nancy -Nancy- is
that she sees more than just the
lens. She shows the hard edge
with a soft heart. Nancy Brown
in whole is a "Concept Person."
Concept. That is what all Life is
about. Concept. Add that with
vision and you have certain
wisdom, interpretation.
We can see that.
To Current ...
You Are Here
"Talk about getting
your heads together !"
Nancy Brown

March 3. Year 2000
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