Who shall be on the top of the list as
we begin a new ??? And- are they of
the good guys or bads guy. You know
"Time Will Tell."
c. 2000 Richard David Renda
All Rights Reserved
All Rights Reserved
c. 2000 Richard David Renda
The Lawyers
See ... people do not
think things will come
back to them. But
where time is
it always
No one knew the internet would
exist way back in the 1900's. Nor
did the corrupt -in those times
know- or realize (nice word) - there
was The Court of a Higher Order:
The Highest Order. Yet they do
know Nature's greatest Powers
are around them. They can feel it.
And we all can feel Nature's Powers.
It is deep. For- to those individuals
this page reveals, The Highest Order,
it is: written In Law. The Authority.
Period. The Word is "official" as
they would say. In Law. Hurdles
already passed. Forever History. The
Power that controls Life is watching
you all ever so closely and when you
look at "The official Document" you
will notice every element that Life
had happen to achieve The Highest
in a true physical manifestation
was set up by Life itself (comprehend
that complication) and it is, if you
look- Permanent. It shows those
involved their true colors.

Now let's have some experiences.
And maybe the world will change.
And- learn something along the way.
Learn a lot.

part 2
" The Lawyers"
What Life has prepared is:
truths to be told. And
for Life to be as it really
was to be: preserved.
See ... people do not
think things will come
back to them. But
where time is
it always
Some of the people on this
page are good guys, some
are bad guys. Men or women.
It makes no difference. Still
good guys or bad guys. On
the lists there is one person
who at heart would be shown
as a good guy. Although,
he was not. And there is a
reason for him being labeled
"a good guy" even though he
was not. What happened is
very important. In the hall,
a discussion on Law and
Heritage and a certain long
term foundation in that
country called, America: The
Chosen One. Something
embedded. Extremely heavy.
A plan more than 200 years
old. And ultimately we will
tell all. For now we can see
those involved: the list in
progress . . . The story told.

Good guys will be listed with
4 stars ****
Bad guys will be shown with
2 or more hyphens --
And the good guy who was
not has 3 stars ***

The good guy who was not.
How can that be ? Well it
can. Like if someone made
the statement: "Nor different,
nor the same." That can not
make sense, can it ???

Nor different nor the same ?

Even things that do not make
sense make sense. Watch.
"Nor different nor the same."
You are "nor different, nor
the same." When you are 13
years old you are not the
same person you are when
you are 27 years old. But you
are. See ? Nor different nor
the same. Want one more
example of "nor different nor
the same" ? See if you can
comprehend this (whether
you agree with the fact of
the example or not makes no
difference. Just comprehend
this Revelation.

When you come out into this
world, you live in a physical
body - a human transport
device that takes you, the
being inside the body, from
place to place. Then when
a human body dies the
being makes a transition
into another transport device
- a human body of a different
sort - a different form - a
transport device that carries
you onto the next place ... The
Core of Creation. And you
are alive in that body - evenso
the being is the same. Same
person, different physical
elemental body.

After death you are "Nor
different nor the same."
Remember the first example.
See Life goes on. 2000 List.
The Judge

Need An Army. If you are
of a good heart you can
start with ...
There are more names
to add. This is just the
beginning. And the
future has all the time
in the world to tell a tale
written by God itself.

When the above
names on the list
go "Red" you know
they are Hot !
Never undermine
The Power of Life
and what it is about.
What it is all about.

And when you hurt
those who have come
to speak: what goes
'round -as they say- ,
comes 'round . . .
Bigtime. In many
shapes and forms.

This time and all time -
in this world going
forward- is not like it
has ever been before.
Welcome to The
Real Paradox.
A Journey Though The Universe
A Journey Through The Looking Glass
In 1987 I was in a Court, officially
on the record and said to the
Judge: " The Attorney did not
appear on September 20th."
When the minutes came back on
the certified official Transcript it
read: "The Attorney did appear on
September 20." See how one word
can make a difference ???

The need to have audio recorded
transcripts. What Technology is for.
Perfection. What Nature intended.
Expected. The Age of the Truth
Absolute. Preserved. It can not
honestly be discredited.
The Lawyers
The Basics
- Render My Name -
Top of The List
A Journey Through The Looking Glass
Home Of The Crystal Ball
Hey there ...
Contribute To Both
The Salvation Army
and The Red Cross.
People in Need- need.
Help any way you can.

And forget not the
peoples worldwide.

Be A Leader. Help
People. Help each
other. You may like
the way it feels.
The Spirit does not take
kindly to those who speak
untruths when there is
better knowledge- fact.
Who shall be on the top of the list as
we begin a new ??? And- are they of
the good guys or bads guy. You know
"Time Will Tell."
There are 2 names from the past that
will go here. The Adventure is best
as The Saga Continued. And some
would think certain Attornies are to
be trashed. Some may be right. Did
you ever see Star Wars ? The Saga
Continues. What- you thought "The
Force" was something of Fiction ???
Fiction can prove itself to be truth.
Ask he who wrote 20,000 Leagues
Under The Sea- Jules Vernes.
These 2 certain Attorneys damaged
and allowed others to damage things
belonging to The Word Of God and
afterward they lied -in writing- and
were found out - which they are yet
to hear about. Best is 4 months after
they were fired absolute: a bill was
received that had gone up $ 800 on
paper for the month when: no work
was done by Them. The hourly wage
in the World of Lawyers gets better
and better. You do not even have to
work. Just say you do. It does not fly.
Well, one of the two attorneys had to
be cut already- opened up. Should
it be that may be both should have
their hearts opened up next ? But
how, in what manner- through pain
or righteousness ??? Prophecy of
balance in writing. See ? In this
world a person need say little.
Written Documents speak History.
Fools learn nothing. We will have to
discuss the statement "seems to be"
one day.

It would be unrealistic to expect
any Attorney to tell the truth. It is
a contradiction to The Profession.
But an Attorney with either a
genuine heart or a good heart:
this is something. Earning a place
in the graces of God.
When the heart is dishonest
History documents the facts it
finds and if the dishonest find
not honesty as they are Judged
the Hunter becomes the Hunted.
Is that an old saying ? The
Hunter becomes the Hunted.
Written somewhere a long
long time ago. When Evil exists -
especially on what should be
Holy Ground: the Hunter is the
Hunted and hand of Nature
dictates... Not those who think
they rule from what is called The
Bench. Their Glory is vain and
Temporary. Those who know
little of the hereafter know little
of themselves (or where they
come from and: where they are
going). Justice comes in ways
Try this: you are a traveler
through space. If you are of evil
mind or are of bad karma and do
wrong you suffer in Life until
you come to the crossroads one
million or so lifetimes down the
line. At that time you are told of
the fact you have done wrong
but not given a chance to
correct the wrongs. You are
only told of what is. It is called
"a reminder." Then you are
sent back into the universe for
a hundred million Lifetimes. At
that point you are brought here
again to the cross roads and
at that time You Are given "a
second chance." That is the
Promise god hath given You:
"A Second Chance." And you
are Judged, final. If you find
your way - you are given riches
and you take your wealth with
you long into the hereafter. If
you are found with no or little
goodness in your heart you
are cast into Time eternal: never
finding your way home again or
ever finding your origin again,
for all Time. That is what Hell
really is. And that is only the

Time has forever. It Lives. And
it is constantly moving.
Those who suffer and have no karma,
they do it because they are a soldier of
Nature's God. Male or female, young or
old. Maybe you can find yourself... or an
understanding to what you are missing..
Borah, Goldstein,
Altschuler and Schwartz

Greg Vail, esq.

Are They Bad Guys
or Good Guys ? Will it be
good press or bad press -
waiting to happen.
Herald Towerss
Herald Towerss
New Names On This Page ... see ?
The New List begins ...
What does the future bring ? Mystery.
Many Universal Secrets Are
Being Told. Wisdom.