A Place in Fashion, a place in
History, an Education in
things of Quality
Laurie S. Schechter
The East Village Look
The U S Open
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Special People
On these couple of pages
if you see four stars ****
those photographs are
by Christopher Callis.

photographer: Chris Callis
The Doorman Look ****
Bride's Magazine ****
Bride's Magazine ****
The Upper Eastside Ladies Look ****
The Wall Street Look ****
American Home Style
photo: David Lawrence
Bounty Paper Towels - The Quicker Picker Upper ****
Frito Lay's Ploids Campaign
This is the US Open.
Everybody is going.

It's Big ! (pardon the
props, clothes, everything ...
and make it Look good.
Watch out for those wrinkles.
This award winning Campaign is quite funny.
From the stylist point of view it may not be so.
Not only did they have to get clothes but bunk
beds - accessories - and even the wallpaper.
In the end even the stylist had to Laugh ! This
is The Hewlett-Packard Printer ad campaign.
The cat is making a copy of the wallpaper with
a mouse hole. Then the cat tapes it to the wall.
For the mouse ... it's a Smash. Photographer:
Chris Callis Fashion and Prop Stylist:
Laurie Schechter
The boys copy a spider and glued it to the ceiling at
the girls summer camp. It could make your skin crawl..
"School Spirit"
Learning who
your friends
are. You
never know
what will

A perfect example of the Stylist's challenge is
... now you have to add doggy prints.
Ploids wanted a Hot Air Balloon basket
(upper left) ... of a special type: pure quality.
But where do you get a hot air balloon
basket ? Quest around the world. You find
who makes -makes is the word - hot air
balloons. From them you find out where the
baskets come from. Then you go to those
people. And they lead you to a Distributor
company who can lead you to a Dealer who
may know someone who might rent you one
that they own. With a good
imagination- it flys
Need seats for a bus ? How about
an airplane ... Concord ?
If You Want To Get
The Most From Life
Learn From Those
Who Have Been
There. See The Big
Special People
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