Laurie S. Schechter
Created The Rolling Stone Magazine Fashion
Section and Department; both The "View"
and "Living" Editor at Conde Nast American
Vogue and first Vogue Style Editor in 100
years, Creative Director that Launched Allure,
Freelance Interior and Fashion Stylist for
Many Magazines and Notable Campaigns.
In Memory of Rico Puhlmann
Flight 800
photo: Matthew Rolston
photo: Rico Puhlmann
photo: Neil Kirk - Esquire 60th
photo: Torkil Gudnason - Harper's Bazaar
photo: Philip Dixon - Harper's Bazaar
Spin Magazine - top clockwise
Teddy Riley, Black Sheep, A
Tribe Called Quest, En Vogue.

Fashion Stylists and Editors are mostly
misunderstood. Many people see the
job as glamorous. When in fact the
Stylist is like a pack mule with much
to carry. They are usually the first to
arrive on the set and the last to leave-
checking that they have not forgotten
anything. What is unique is the stylist's
point of view. If there is anything to
envy this would be it. "The Stylist is
always trying to make the picture better."
What is "The Stylist" ???
There are hair stylists, prop stylists, food
stylists, all kinds of Stylists. The Stylist's
Stylist is the fashion Stylist. The top of
the mountain. You must be the best there
is and have what is known as a "Trained
Eye." It is "an Art" which compliments Life
itself. Look at it like this. The client being-
a magazine, ad agency, manufacturer, or
an art director. They have an idea with a
vision. Now they want their specific vision
to come to life so they get a photographer
who will capture the vision and they get
a cast. Let us say 2 models (1 male and
1 female.) Now what you have is: an idea,
a photographer and 2 Nude models ...
nothing more. That's it. That's all there is.
The Shooter and the bodies. Here comes
the Stylist.

The Stylist brings the picture to Life. With
all of the other elements. And everyone
works together. But the Stylist brings
the needed things in. Most of the time,
everything- including props. Clothes,
shoes, jewelry, watches, handbags, cars,
everything- with exception of what a set
person might have to build. Their job is
to get it - and return it. In perfect condition.
The good Stylist will go to
market and then advise the
client as to what is happening
and what is up to date. The
Great Stylists will meet with
the client and learn what they
the client are all about, their
likes and exact needs and
then live to make that happen.
Even if the client is a huge
corporation or a magazine
page or an individual who has
the need to have the best in
Style. The Great Stylist makes
it religion - rule of thumb:
Make everyone happy.
An Artist once said, "Keep
lookin'. Keep lookin' good."
Fashion is Living Art.
What is "a Look" ???
The answer in one
sentence is: "A Look is
something that makes
you Look."
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Catherine McCord
"The Stylist is always trying to make things
better. And they don't try they do it."
Have you ever played the Grand Piano
at the Rainbow Room ? A City and a
Bride in a Square. Imagine NYC 2000,
Natasha. Revelation Comes Together.
"I see you on a Silver screen" made it
happen. When one forgets where they
have been, one forgets who they are.
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