lynn Gilbert - Lynn Fiorenza

Lynn Ita Gilbert Fiorenza
ilana lizette firoenza
Ilana Fiorenza
Talia Renda
Talia Russotto
Talia Russotto Renda
Nicole Russotto
vincent Russotto
constance Russotto
l -- l
We'll fill it in later
Jodi drew the one above. My logo below before the one above was
painted by Jodi. I still have it. Hangs on my wall. Oil on canvas.
The song was written on
Long Island with someone.
The Chorus with the female singer is the
depth of the feel. Jennifer - don't know why I
call your name oh darling. Wasn't calling
Jodi. Was calling you. Guess it reached you
after all. Like it was supposed to.

Now, the Prophecy became -- the main dish:
russotto. Hence "Tali." Tali is a girl. And the
"Tali" ban came about in 1996. And the
peoples who created that worked in the
Trade Center (WTC). Not .................. any more.
Oh and there is so much
more material than this. I
just figured you needed to
have something to look at
while you were listening.
Hey Jodi -- forgot ... never
told ya I'm friends with
Governor Carey's niece:
Ellen Carey : )
Coincidence ?
Richard - Jodi -
Jimmy Carter
The Story of Aphrodite. Ilana - The Great Harlot - had a dream in Spring 1984 about a white cat named Aphrodite. She wrote some
words about it. And I wrote music to put to the words about the dream. And another song was born. A song called: Aphrodite. ilana
never knew i literally saved the life of a dying cat, a white cat named Aphodite until after the dream. Then I told her. Aphrodite was
my "Familiar." The Beastmaster in the movie The Beastmaster had a "Familiar." It was the Eagle. And who had Aphrodite.?
The picture below is one of two
pictures that were in the envelope
with the card above.
The " Tali " ban
The Harlot and The Word
Ilana Lizsette Fiorenza
Richard david Renda
Hey Jodi -- see what
is behind ilana ?
And Jodi - you may recognize this room.
It is where we last slept together April
1981. See the IBM Selectic Typewriter.
Pink Roses wallpaper.
Well Jen - what don't you know. Did you
know Jodi took these 2 people from me and
my home that went with it.
Fuck you Harriet.
What you might
figure out in the end
... is that "I" called
you into this world.
Just so you could
hear this song. If that
were not true ... you
would not being
hearing it today. Nor
would "you" have
asked to hear it
yourself. With your
own ears. Let's just
say: Life is Amazing.
There are billions of
people waiting to
come into this World.
Just like you were
waiting to come into
this world. Waiting to
happen. Just like this
day was. And you
know what ? It did
happen. Just as
planned. Well almost
as planned. But got
you into this world
one way or another.
That was the idea. To
get you here. Don't
believe ? Has nothing
to do with belief. Is
all about facts. There
is the proof. See the
words about. "I don't
know why I call you
name oh darling.
Jennifer." Weird
right ? Hope you
enjoyed the trip.
Now enjoy your life
and don't screw it up.
Need more proof ?
Just like I had the
female vocalist to
sing it : ) Prepared.
I trained her to sing
Rock n' Roll. Jennifer
was her first song.
When you are done
listening to the song up
top click this picture and
see what happens.
Rev: 17: 4 The Great Harlot
and the woman was dress
scarlet and purple Colors
Nicole Russotto
Bayonne, New Jersey.
- Soprano Land -
Did you ever see the Original
version of the movie "Miracle
On 34th Street" ??? What is
official ...
Ilana Shot Me
once. Bullets
in this tree.
"Shot Him
Once" link
at Picture of
The Day.
2500 New York Avenue
Huntington Station
Long Island, New York
2500 New York Avenue
Literally ...
The Burning Pit of Hell
for 9 months in The City
of the World. Call it 9-11.
At Liberty and Church
Welcome to The
Time of Revelation
And he had a name written that man knew but he himself, and his name is called ...
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