Isn't it interesting how
things travel to get to us ?
If each person does one
nice thing for someone
it puts that much more
goodness back into
the world.
If each person does one
nice thing for someone
it puts that much more
goodness back into
the world.
And See What Happens
And See What Happens

But the question now is will the
man tell us what will happen next ?
Would anybody care ?? You were
But the question now is will the
man tell us what will happen next ?
Would anybody care ?? You were
- Life Protecting Life -
Monday December 27, 1999
New York
Daily News

December 27, 1999
What is interesting
about Nature's wrath is
the reality that Nature
is doing to human
beings in these times
what Nature has done
to the earth over a
period of thousands
of years.

Everything from
plagues to
earthquakes to
volcanos to
weird events and
weather is happening
all at once. Not over
a long timeline like it
has been naturally
though all past History.
But what are people all
about ?
A producer suggested that the
mudslides which killed 40,000
people in December 1999 was
helped along by industry chopping
down trees that would help prevent
these reactions.

But what if all this were prepared.
Waiting. Waiting to happen. As to
say Nature via the mathematical
equation already knew long ago
about the abuse individuals and
this human race would do to
Nature's Earth and themselves.

Therefore in destiny at a certain
point in time a road prepared by
Nature's God made it happen that
people would remove the trees
thinking they were doing it for their
own gain yet not knowing what
Nature really had and has coming
next. The prelude to Nature getting
even. Instead of it being the blind
leading the blind as it always has
been, some may see it for what it is
and they will learn. Life is alive.
Demonstrations and Examples

We are at a point in time where it is about as serious as it will ever get. In
November 1999, 4 weeks before the South American mudslides killed some
40,000 people and left 200,000 homeless,
a man appeared on TV in New
York. He
told a story about all the profound gifts Life has given us and
Nature being alive. He said over and over: Nature was trying to talk to us
and no one is listening. In the November 1999 telecast he asked if what
was needed next was for 40,000 people to die since 20,000 twice over was
not enough for Nature to get our attention that she is literally speaking to
us ?

So once the Piper began to play John F. Kennedy Jr. crashed in the sound.
Then being pushed the earthquake in Turkey took some 19,000 people and
Taiwan took nearly 20,000. And in fact more than 35,000 lost their lives in
Venezuela. Plus with bodies still buried under the mud the actual number
counted would be more than 40,000. Maybe we should all begin to listen.

At the end of August 1999 in New York this same man said Nature would
pay people back for the injustices and everyone would get bit. As fast as
The Word was spoken at that moment from the very same place where this
telecast was recorded in New York: mosquitoes launched a new event
carrying a virus that kills. Some would call that Nature biting back.
AIDS, Lyme disease, now mosquitoes. Do you want more ???

How stupid and disrespectful are we the human race being ??? It appears
it is too stupid to be "humble" and honor. We can stop all this reaction.
We can change. Or we can die. Either way the lesson will be learned.

We are guests on this Earth. Respect the world around you. Are we
living on the planet or killing it, along with our futures and families ?
Nature chooses the speaker, not you.

Did anyone ever think that
all the people sent to earth
to be there for the turn of
the second Millennium
were there because they
all had something in
common ... They all had
done something wrong in
the past. And that is the
purpose. To make things
right. There are two sides
to a coin. This can be the
time to learn or the time
where Life as we knew it
is no more. If we do not
hear the words we do not

If we learn how to put a
spoon in our mouth and
we learn how to eat and
we learn how to tie our
shoelaces and we learn
how to write we can learn
the meaning of prosperity.
We can learn to live and
preserve and keep the
human race with its Earth
alive. Did anyone ever
think that everything
that exists was a thought
first ...

Look around you.
Now think about it.
- Life Protecting Life -
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What Is In Your MInd ...
Isn't it interesting how
things travel to get to us ?
December 29, 1999
Fire in Hills Forces 500 To Evacuate in
by Barbara Whitaker
One of three helicopters and four tanker
planes fighting a fire in the San Gabriel
mountains above Arcadia, California.
Last week a fire in Los Padres, Ventura
County burned more than 4300 acres
and destroyed a home.

Photo credit: Associated Press

Both newspapers in
the City of The World,
The New York Times
and New York Newsday,
printed the upper right
photo. New York
Newsday's caption
reads: Nature's Fury.
Normandy, France
Zurich, Switzerland
Huddersfield, England
Fierce windstorms hit the
region killing dozens of
people in Western Europe.
In Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives,
France, at top, residents
make their way through the
debris of a building roof that
fell in the street. Gala winds
of 100 mph have torn through
the area since Friday. In
Zurich a crane toppled onto a
car. And in England, heavy
snow forced a driver to
abandon his vehicle.
photo credit: Ouest-France via AP
photo credit: Reuters
Above: Woodcutter works to free
a car after heavy wind toppled a
tree on Avenue Foch, in Paris.
" J - 4 "
December 29, 1999
New York Newsday
At right: Residents of a barge
secure their boat on the
swollen Seine River, which
flooded riverside roads in
Paris. Another powerful
storm hit France yesterday as
Western Europe struggled to
recover from fierce weekend
The display on the Eiffel
Tower reads "Four Days
Before Year 2000."
Versailles, France - Marie
Antoinette's much loved Virginia
tulip tree has toppled down a hill,
its exposed soil clotted roots
soggy in the rain. A Corsican pine
planted under Napoleon's orders
sprawls splintered in a field.
Heaps of tattered tree trunks litter
the oak canopied pathways where
kings and queens once strolled on
the grounds of France's most
famous Chateau. "It was like the
Apocalypse. In one hour 200 years
of trees were destroyed", Alain
Baraton, the head gardener said.
About 10.000 trees, many of them
historic, were lost. At least 3.4
million homes were without
electricity officials said.
If each person
does one nice
thing it does
make a difference.
photo credit: Associated Press
photo: Agence France Presse
New York Newsday
December 29, 1999
December 29, 1999 p. A 4

" 22 Die as France Is Hit by 2nd
Part of Weather's One-Two "
photo credit: Associated Press
A second
gale struck
Europe and
damage to
its spires.

One spire was blown away and a second was
blown over.
Paris, Dec. 28
by Susanne Daley

Another equally fierce storm overnight
killed 22 people raising the death toll
since Christmas ... Storms have left
more than 100 people dead in Western
Europe in the last four days, but France
has been hit the hardest. Television
crews recorded similar scenes
stretching from Bordeaux to the Riviera.

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