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Now Justice Will Be Served.
This page will not come down
or be closed until it is resolved.
- This Is American History -
The Pervert Phone Caller :
State of New Jersey
United States of America
called from ...
Area Code and number -
this page is written in black
and white (with exception).
1 - 201
306 0729
"Your daughter has a nice pussy.

I really love your daughter's pussy.
I can't wait to Fuck your daughter."
He said, quote:
As seen by an unbiased official
government probation officer,
a few months later: the child
was found with "discoloration"
(the appearance of some sort of
bruising) on the entrance of her
genitals. This fact was further
confirmed -documented- on Court
transcripts and official records.

"Facts" never "change."
Or it would not be: a fact.

with respect to an 11 month
old little girl someone "stole"...
It's getting hotter. Water is getting
deeper. People suffering. Very
few care.
Everyone will
be affected.

Words of Wisdom.
"Prosperity is not only
about dollars and cents."

Who does this phone number 201
306-0729 belong to ??? Is it
someone connected to the mob
or is the phone number ...

-when the man stated his
intentions to literally "fuck" an
11 month old little girl-

... directly or indirectly connected
to and involving someone in the
United States government ???
This is the "cover up: uncovered."
And what part did the Mayor of
New York City at the end of the
1900's play in this ??? If the Holy
Bible can write in print the word
"whoremongers" Rev. 22:15 - so
then may the truth be written and
spoken, preserved, here.

Who is this man, The Pervert
Caller being covered up
for and
in a State that claims it uncovers
Perverts ? Christie Todd Whitman
because of this- a heavy weight
pushes you to the gates of Hell.
Woe, unto ye mockers ... it is your
family, your future, your children.
They need not suffer more
for your education.
Protect those guilty and
you are as guilty.
The children are suffering.
In reality: they are adults
growing up. And our
future dies a little more
each day.
What will you do to make it
better ? Try understanding ...
Hurt those who bring the gifts
of Life and the damage caused
- you will not see for years to
come. Yet it will come. And
those guilty will suffer. And all
with "Them." As you can see-
Justice does come. Like this
page happened. Mother Nature
comes to be. She is the Keeper
of The Pen that comes alive.
Came alive for everyone. Now
the computer preserves it. The
absolutes of "the truth" hidden
no more. The World can get
better. But it needs help ... not
opinions of vain human beings
serving themselves. This is a
If you come to this page-
please download and "Save as" file. This will put a "Big Brother" on
notice that this can not be covered up.
The Free World has it and does
remember. A Big Thank you.

How come the Vatican does not possess ???
Not their Destiny.
Visit a Church every now and then.
Say a prayer.
Light a candle.
It is good for your soul.
All this information was not
intended to come to the
public eye this way until
the site surfaces that was
prepared nearly 1 year prior
to this posting. In effect you
experience what happened
while things are waiting to
happen. It makes the puzzle
of Life clearer. And it defines
who we are. 2 + 2 = 4.

And so, in the Year 2000 in
America we -the world- can see
people may not get past the
first grade. They learned one
senseless thing: How to kill.

May Kayla
Rolland and
the Life she
had never be

Ye the people created that

Nature speaks louder
than words.

The Truth is the truth.
6 year old girl shot dead by 6 year old
boy at school like in what one wrote
on the record and called "a relatively
stable community with an excellent
public school system." Prosecutor
states "...Negative interaction."
Following day Man opens fire and
shoots fellow Americans dead: at

The School Shootings did not start with the
constant karma until Fall 1997: not before.
"The question" is: Who is the pervert
caller ? A male voice captured on tape.
Go ahead... "push the hand of
Nature's Creator again." Let's
see what happens.
FacTs: Kayla Rolland was 6 years old
when she was shot dead in school by a
6 year old classmate. In Fact: Kayla was
shot dead on a day that does not exist,
normally ... except once every 4 years.
The day that does not exist but does.
Leap Year 2000.

The Story of The Prevert Caller: After a resident of The State of New Jersey,
United States of America "stole" (as the Court transcript reads) the daughter
of The Word Of God and hid her, saying "just as well" - another person called
New York City -from New Jersey- and said "Your daughter has a nice pussy.
I really love your daughter's pussy. I can't wait to -Fuck- your daughter."

The State of New Jersey played the hand- to cover this up. For one, because
at least 1 government employee was involved and their family boasted they
were a mob family. But many hands were on it. And what seems to be some
sort of Monster in a place called "City Hall" let it happen.

Each time people thought it was safe. But-- it only got quiet enough and then
another educational shooting on a long long list. A 6 year old girl shot dead
at school. Blood flowing like a river. Not nice to mess with Mother Nature.
A costly education for all. How many more must die ? Answer: The Question.
If Bill Clinton "The President of The United
States" can have a "cigar" and Congress show
it to The World without a content warning then
this page in History has a right to be: and is
told. But unlike Congress - this is a warning
The contents of this page are at the
level of at least a PG Rating. Please note.
Although the wrongs can be corrected, until
they are it would appear America is cursed.
Worse than when The Challenger blew up.
Haven't you noticed ? And the Halabaloo children's
wear sample line story is noted.
This Education is Justice ... at Nature's
Dictation. A new frontier. Learn The
Word "Humble." Have wisdom. It does
not come for Free. "There is always a
price to pay." Ever hear the statement,
not lip service: "God fearing person" ?
I am Humble ... sometimes.
The Court of The Highest Order.
That is a Court eternal. Where
"All Is Written." Not the tear drop
of a mere 100 years you might
call: "a lifetime." Kill me again.
I never end. Jules Vernes would
have thought O-B 1 taught you
something. About what is "within."
Real Science. Where you came from.
Still only at the surface level ... and
you thought this was deep.

All this was written inside The
Entry Level- prepared to be
revealed Spring 1999. But it
was held allowing the future
to catch up to the past. Set to
launch Spring Summer 2000.
Evenso... This shows. The
time is now. (42 months later.)
The 2nd Paradox.

The karma upon the peoples
and the Country called

Evil ones: Do not get so bold.
America only got lost out in
the wilderness for a while.
Beware the "Brave" will bring
her back, and, remind her she
was to: be all that she can be.
The finest example of people
helping people.

Make a difference. Change
the world. Show Love and it
may show you it in return. Or,
the fate is sealed.

Ye the people always wanted a
documented Millennium Prophet
Holy War. Now you have one. I
only write of it and wish it was not.
It is between The Universe and the
egotistical hubris of human beings.
Choose your weapon. I am The Pen.
The Universe has A Bolt of Lightning.
And Humans ... well.
They are killing each other.
Some have guns and weapons
of death - others have common
sense. See the cover of "Who
are you." "Not to be taken
away." The Power of
Coincidence. Learn.
Before it really is
too late.
"Stole" from the core
of the Universe itself.
That is not an issue
Personal to certain human
beings. It is an issue for
all human beings- between
you... each individual and
The Universe itself. Karma.
You allowed it to happen ...
Ignorance is not bliss,
it is stupid.
This page is also dedicated
to absolute pure slimey
"Corruption" (as you can
see -you get away with
nothing- eventually it ALL
comes back to you) and ...

To All Fathers or Parents
across all Lands who care
or have "2 cents" of a Heart
in their essence: blessed are
you. Some people should
bow their head in shame.
Did Jesus stop the LittleTon
killings from happening ?
No. Did Jesus stop a bullet
that killed a 6 year old girl ?
No. What is real. People
are dead. Are you getting
an education ?

When do we move onward -
to "what is good" ...
To be continued.

Who is the voice (captured on
tape)- the same who stated they
"...can't wait to Fuck" -have
intercourse with an 11 month
old child ... 201 306 0729.
Government looked the other
way. Perverted.
I see No Changes.
Truth needs not "believability."
Answer The Question. Who is
"the pervert caller" ??? Everyone
has a name. Who owned the
phone number and called from
1- 201 306 0729 as they said they
"can't wait to Fuck" an 11 month
old little girl ? You are obligated
to tell. And return what you have

Favorite quote:
a person wrote and said,
"Love the piece. Love the peace."

So do I. Thank you.

How bad do you think it
would be if literally: You
"stole" the daughter of
"The Word Of God" ???
Do you think The Powers
of The Universe would be
angry ?? The last straw of
ultimate hubris. Humanity
would suffer, is suffering:

A voice given Life to speak On
Air said: If you treat the Planet
like you are fleas on a dog
then Nature will just give the
Planet a flea bath. Simple.
It is about continuity.
True to form.
The Word Of God .com
A rose in Spanish Harlem.
A dirty pond needs cleaning.
Do not force the hand of God
to do it.
How does it go ??? In the
movie Twister they said
"a Force 5 tornado" is only
"the finger of God." When a
tornado lasts 4 hours guess
something is being written-
Intelligent TV For Intelligent Viewers.
Helpfut Hint: News to talk About.
Mosquitos bite.
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