Ash Blankets Quito

New eruptions from Ecuador's Pichincha volcano sent heavy
showers of ash raining down onto Quito, the capitol, Friday and
prompted officials to close schools and order the airport shut for
at least six days.

A column of vapor, ash and gases blew nine miles into the sky late
Thursday and was carried by strong winds several miles east over
Quito, scientists said. The Volcanic explosion, the latest in a series
of eruptions, was followed by several seismic tremors and smaller
volcanic bursts throughout the night.

A coat of gray ash covered most of this city of 1.4 million people
by Friday morning and in some areas was as thick as a quarter of
an inch. The 15,840 foot Pichincha awoke from 339 years of inactivity
last year and has been errupting sporadically during the past seven

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Saturday, November 27, 1999
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