By Joan Kelly

Even bankers and brokers turned out for
the dawning of the New Age yesterday.
After all, this was the Hamptons. But
the celebration of the much-heralded
Harmonic Convergence might have been
anywhere, matching dozens of reports
across the globe. Hoping to infuse
the world's consciousness with positive
convergers hugged, held hands
and hummed from Mount Shasta to
Mount Fuji, from Glastonbury to Central
Park, where about 1,200 gathered.
It's based on the notion
and this is a Buddhist
notion that we are one
mind, said Nora Safran,
a Manhattan designer,
all humanity is connected
psychically and by raising
the consciousness of one
segment you can raise
the consciousness of
the whole. At Sagg
Main Beach a thousand
gathered for the new-age
ceremony. A barely risen
sun cast a faintly yellow
glow over believers
holding hands and sitting
in circles within circles.

Ahhh's and Om's of
varying pitch resonated
through the odd mixture
of salt air and incense,
over sand and seaweed.
Here and there was a glimmer of crystal, held
to enhance the flow of energy. According to
a vision and then a book by a Colorado art
historian, Jose Arguelles Aug. 16 and 17, 1987
the dawning of a new age to culminate
in 2012 with peace and regeneration or chaos
and destruction,
depending which way the
psychic winds blow. Arguelles urged at least
144,000 like minded people to turn out on
those days to set the world's consciousness

In his book The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond
Technology Arguelles offers as proof for his
theories, a cosmic kitchen sink: the predicted
return of Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent
Aztec god; interpretations of the ancient
Mayan and Aztec calendars; Hopi Indian
legends and a once in 23,412 year alignment
of the planets.

"I think we'll make our 144,000 around the
planet easy," said Pearl Atkin of Briareliff.
After the "
Oming" the Ceremony included
15 minutes of silence, a prayer, an American
Indian song and the hymn Amazing Grace.

With numbers holding special meaning for
New Agers Bruce Poli of Manhattan told a
reporter that 144,000 was the exact number
of people evacuated from Three-Mile Island
from the immediate area surrounding the
plant. He was right, according to the
reference book Facts on File.

As harmonic convergence approaches some
scientists scoffed, while some adherents
predicted catastrophic events.

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'The answer is Elvis is Quetzalcoatl,
said Keith Gregory, a third-year law
student from Maine visiting relatives
in Southampton. He'll appear riding a
'57 silver Cadillac through the sky,
and then you'll know you're really

Despite the jest, participants were of
serious purpose. The fact that people
are here with peace on their minds,
said Gregory, that's a good thing. An
impromptu band struck up, and a Wall
Street trader joined in, clacking the
heels of his penny loafers.

Central Park, New York City
Sagaponack, N.Y.

Long Island
Postscript: Many millions of
people around the world
participated in this
event. Thoughts
travel long
like Hands
Across America.

A State of MInd.
The end of the line.
Take My Hand.

photo credit:
Newsday / Jeffery A. Salter
photo credit: Long Island Newsday / David R. Swanson
Newsday /
David R.
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